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Jared Wilson
Ghost Miners II

Floating between acid techno and a haunting IDM, Jared Wilson is back. Praying to the spirits of the underground workers of decades past, he has summoned forces unknown to create Ghost Miners II. This is a follow-up to his debut album (feel free to guess its title) - these 4 twitchy and almost paranoid tracks will leave you with a deep respect for miners, and a great appreciation for the open space above ground.

DMX Krew w/ Yuri Suzuki

Proper white label with a proper white label un-name. 013 matches up DMX Krew with Yuri Suzuki for four-track workout of house and acid. Everything is in its right place, from the vintage drum machine to the chewy, rubbery synth sounds. Ooooh baby. This 12” is the thirteenth release on the 7777 label.


Who loves analogue techno? Kel loves analoge techno! And we do too, which is why we’re so happy this half of Skudge is treating us to a sweet little solo EP, packed with more thumping and organic techno. I’m not sure whether it’s retro or avant-garde, but it sure is pretty darn catchy.

Todd Osborn
Over & Over

Spectral house producer Jared Wilson also has a label, the dial-for-some-tunes 7777. Todd Osborn is in the mix with 'Over & Over', with some cuts that get delivered straight to the dancefloor. He melds together the most physical elements of garage and Detroit techno and hopes you'll get down; then acid house artist MRSK fucks up the whole thing with a weird and wonderful remix.

Jared Wilson
Ghost Miners

Acid producer and DJ Jared Wilson does about a hundred different things with his time, including running his own label 7777. His newest record, 'Ghost Miners', will be self-released, and offers up a unique concept: the record is a homage to all those who have literally worked "underground", mining or living as mole people. The sound is raw and minimal, while the themes are heady, political and insightful -- just what you'd expect from one of Detroit's most crucial over-thinkers.