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The Cop Killers
The Cop Killers

  • Vinyl LP (ELP038LP)
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  • Ecstatic

Jay Glass Dubs

  • Vinyl LP (E039LP)
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Abul Mogard
Above All Dreams

Who is Abul Mogard? We're inclined to believe the elaborate backstory of an old Serbian Factory worker is a wind-up, but it matters not. Whoever this artist is, they have an immense talent for embedding their emotions into their haunting, cinematic strain of forlorn modular synth constructed ambient music. You can feel the yearning in these six heart-melting pieces - best keep a box of kleenex next to the turntable.

Abul Mogard

Abul Mogard used to work in a factory in Serbia. Upon retirement, he missed all the factory noises so much that he decided to recreate the ambience through the medium of electronic music. What resulted is this kind of reassuring, repetitive, very laid-back sound. Man and machines in perfect harmony. Well worth a listen, especially when it's on double vinyl. 

Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving
Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving

On track per artist on this essential dance floor collision of three of the finest minds in electronic music. Pye Corner Audio are known for being excellent with synths, Not Waving makes very good robo funk and Silent Servant finishes things off with some glistening dramatic techno moves. You need this. 

Head Technician (Pye Corner Audio)
Profane Architecture

Not Waving’s Ecstatic Records (Sterile Hand, Jay Glass Dubs) drops the second LP from Head Technician, an artist you may know better as Pye Corner Audio. Profane Architecture is more rough-and-ready than the stuff Martin Jenkins makes as PCA, with gear limited to a drum machine and a couple of synths. It has a retrograde bleep ‘n bass flavour that wouldn’t sound out of place had it dropped via Central Processing Unit.

Crocodiles in the Ceiling EP

Using his L/F/D/M alias, producer Richard Smith (who also works with Dom Butler of Factory Floor as Bronze Teeth and Green Gums) hits hard with the Crocodiles In The Ceiling EP, 4 tracks of take-no-prisoners, all-night banger-party music. 12” on the Ecstatic label, served up in a poly bag with an art insert.
  • Vinyl 12" (E019)
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Abul Mogard
Circular Forms

Circular Forms is the debut LP from Abul Mogard. It’s a collection of four abstract, expansive analogue synth pieces from the Serbian, a worker in a metal factory who only started making music in his retirement. It doesn’t sound that way. It sounds like Mogard has been making these soundscapes for awhile as they build and crash like waves of sonic fuzz.

Sterile Hand (Silent Servant)
Sterile Hand

Potter Natalizia Zen
Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out

Here are PNZ (Potter Natalizia Zen) catapulting listeners into deep space with a mixture of kraut influenced synth rock, disco, floating dub and library sounds. The trio combine all these influences to make a heady and original brew of seductive rhythms and arpeggio melodies. Strap yourself in.   

Primitive World
White On White

  • Vinyl LP (ELP033)
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Jay Glass Dubs

Novo Line

  • Vinyl LP (ELP029)
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Daniele Ciullini
Domestic Exile : Collected Works 82-86

‘Domestic Exile Collected Works 82-86' is a collection of previously self released cassette recordings by Italian mail-artist and member of art and music collective Trax, Daniele Ciullini. It is the first reissue release for the Ecstatic records (label project of Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis aka Walls). His music is ambient industrialism with a strong visual quality evocative of decadent, elaborate works of sculpture and towering architecture.

Music Without Discipline

  • Vinyl LP (ELP025)
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Head Technician

Head Technician is Pye Corner Audio’s outlet for extra-vivid old-school acidic workouts. The materials of Zones were first issued as a cassette in an edition so limited that you probably didn’t get your hands on one: now these acid jams have graduated to fully-fledged vinyl! Edition of 500 on Ecstatic.

Gavin Russom (Paper Eyes)
Lost Tape Archive

Not Waving

Originally released on cassette in 2013, Redacted is a brooding and dystopian album. Like a machine kicked into life it chugs through atonal techno mechanics, washes with noise until radio crackled harmony presents itself. There’s elements of John Carpenter and Tarkovsky. I think we should just stay in the bunker and wait it out.

Paper Eyes
Source Cognitive Drive - Transmissions 1996-1998

Sharp, lo-fi synth experiments from Gavin Russom, released under the name of Paper Eyes. Russom has made instruments for LCD Soundsystem and Black Dice, so he knows his way around a circuit board: the recordings on Source Cognitive Drive - Transmissions 1996-1998 were made when he’d just moved to New York, using whatever he had to hand. Double LP on Ecstatic.

Novo Line
Live Aus Der Spielothek

Novo Line produced the audios heard within this cassette at a show in Berlin (Live Aus Der Spielothek), relying on, we are told, 1988-era computer technology. That makes the overlapping rhythms and shiny textures all the more impressive. Cassette tape released in a limited edition of 100 on Not Waving’s label, Ecstatic.

The Tapes
Selected Works 1982 - 1992

The Tapes finally get the reissue treatment with this double LP compilation of extremely rare Italian industrial and no-wave music. The Ecstatic label are pressing the material on Selected Works 1982 - 1992 to vinyl for the very first time. On this compilation the duo blend hardware synths and noisy drones to create a woozy, DIY electronic music.


Third and apparently final album from Walls, an electronic duo who have always been good at mining the territory that lies between ambient-synthscapes and outright technoid dance music. Urals is very accomplished stuff, icy in that beloved synth-led coldwave way, but also maintaining a pleasing warmth. CD or white vinyl on Ecstatic Recordings.

M Is A Shape

With M is a Shape, L/F/D/M will hopefully bring us more of the minimal acid house that we’ve grown to appreciate. Reminiscent of the warm, comfortable house we remember from the sadly defunct Basic Channel label, L/F/D/M has brought us artful, cozy masterpieces before and may well do so again!

Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving

Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving, available on limited edition pink vinyl. Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers.