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Advance Base
Animal Companionship

Advance Base is Owen Ashworth, whom you’ll know from his previous project, the insular DIY electro-pop outfit Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. With Advance Base...view item »

Good Nature

Turnover have been growing and growing since the release of their first, much more aggressive album years ago. Good Nature is the third record from the US band and it brings with it eleven whole new levels of emotion- each song belonging to its own. Keeping with the direction that Turnover have found themselves going in...view item »
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Hailing from Gothenburg, Makthaverskan are a punk band veering into a dream pop soundscape of gripping intensity and verve. III is (unsurprisingly) their third LP and is a barrage of Smiths guitar riffs, punchy vocals and moments of Curve Shoegaze blurs and Bjork ...view item »
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As You Please

Citizen’s third album As You Please sees the band experimenting with their usual indie/emo sound. More instruments and effects have been used this time, but the Michigan five piece remain grounded under the direction of their usual producer Will Yip. It would seem that despite the experiment...view item »

Whirr / Nothing

Nothing are that noisy shoegaze band who were very mean about poor old Slowdive once. They blend the aggressions of noise punk with heart-melting melodies and hope it all comes together in the moment -- one of the songs here kind of sounds like their take on Interpol, to be honest. They're joined here for a split with Whirr, who make a kinder, d...view item »

Captain, We're Sinking
The King of No Man

It sounds like the setup for a joke about the German navy, but Captain, We’re Sinking is actually an American post-something punk-rock band. Trying Year, the first single off their new album King of No Man immediately demonstrates their penchant for dissonant chords that have your head bobbing right away....view item »

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Based in Chicago but sounding like a real country-dweller, Spencer Radcliffe has a second album out, recorded with his band Everyone Else. Enjoy The Great Outdoors is a real fine set of slow and easy alt-country indie music, giving off a sense of stoic relaxation. CD and LP editions on Run For Cover....view item »
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Everything So Far

Everything So Far contains everything that New Jersey folk-rock band Pinegrove have released so far, hence the title. That means their debut album plus a bundle of EP and single tracks from these compelling songwriters. This collection was originally put out as a cassette, bu...view item »
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Teen Suicide
Bonus EP

Bonus is an extended collection of songs originally only available on Teen Suicide’s dropbox account. Hand picked, the six track EP contains a truly mind-opening medley of psych, pop and indie influenced tunes that have become part of band’s sound as...view item »

Walter Schreifels
An Open Letter To The Scene

Walter Schreifels has plied his trade in hardcore / post-hardcore bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksands and Rival Schools. But get this: he also plays song-based melodic stuff on his own! An Open Letter To The Scene was his solo debut, released in 2010 but long since ...view item »

Beyond The Fleeting Gales

Crying is a thing we do lots of here at Norman Towers especially when someone dings the bell every two seconds but this Crying is an indie pop three piece out of New York which makes sweet pop music influenced by Motown, prog rock and electronics. A crazy mix but one which is as easy on the ear as a cotton wool ball or a ...view item »

Katie Dey
Flood Network

Katie Dey’s music is a busy psychedelic scrawl with bright pop songwriting projected onto it. So many bits and pieces flowing past your ears that you just lie back in the sun and go with it. Flood Network follows on from the acclaimed asdfasdf, and feels like just as much of a winner. A co-release between...view item »

The Sun Days

As band names start to run out we begin to get subtle variations. This is not in fact 90s dreamers the Sundays but instead the Sun Days. see what they did there? Musically it sounds like a rather rambunctious the Sundays with the type of good time indie pop that bands like the Hummingbirds and ...view item »

Pity Sex
White Hot Moon

Michigan’s Pity Sex shift to a slightly different gear on this album, the follow-up to their debut Feast Of Love. On White Hot Moon the scope is larger, the grungey indie-punk being better spread out, through both production and songwriting. Released by Run For Cover on CD and coloured vinyl editions....view item »

Teen Suicide
It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot

Recorded in just over a year with a sizeable group of collaborators and performers ‘It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir The Honey Pot’ is the latest album from Maryland rock outfit Teen Suicide and according to the band it will be their last. Consisting of 26 tracks covering an array of genres including punk, nois...view item »

Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family’s new EP is a dark one. Over 4 tracks, Superior grinds out heavy atmospheres using a slow post-hardcore sound-pallette, apparently dealing with a certain region of Michigan. Patrick Kindlon’s bleak, forsaken-sounding howls set the tone powerfully. 12” EP on nicey ni...view item »


Having given themselves a good number of EP’s and tour dates to build themselves up, Pinegrove are now ready to present to us their debut full-length. Cardinal is an array of rocking indie-country songs that feel rooted in lived experience and feeling. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Run For Cover....view item »

Pity Sex
Feast Of Love

Awesome band and album name alert! Feast of Love is Pity Sex’s debut LP from 2013, now being reissued on coloured vinyl in a cracking gatefold which also comes with a 7” of two non-album tracks. The album is punky indie rock at its finest, with swirling guitar, driving drums and some deadpan ...view item »

Camera Shy
Camera Shy

Awwww listen to this. It's like it has been made by a nice group of cuddly teddy bears. Lovely soft jangly pop with breathy vocals and summery vibes. Fans of late '80's indie pop will know what I'm talking about if I say it's a cross between The Apple Moths and The Artisans. For anyone with half a life think the Sundays, the Smiths and Sarah Rec...view item »

Pale Horses

Aaron Weiss and his band of galloping existential explorers return for Pale Horses, their sixth record. mewithoutYou have always offered a unique perspective on spirituality through their shared links of Christianity, Judaism and Sufism, ruminating on their religious experiences through ecstatic post...view item »

Further Out

Coloured vinyl, double LP debut from Indiana trio Cloakroom. Their waves of slowcore distortion and riffing are held together by twisting Stephen Malkmus style melodies into a completely unexpected hybrid. The band’s own term, ‘stoner emo’ can’t really contain all the crushing drones, wal...view item »
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Little Big League
Tropical Jinx

Little Big League are pretty accomplished when it comes to the whole indie rock thing: they've changed their name a couple of times, for starters, and each member comes from a stellar band in another corner of the genre, be it Post Post, Titus Andronicus or Strand of Oaks. So on 'Tropical Jinx', they just rip through these songs like they didn't...view item »

Adventures / Pity Sex

 Adventures come through on this split EP, where they join in on the year's obligatory emo proceedings with an open and expressive tune called "Flowing Through". The tragically named but ever fantastic shoegazers Pity Sex get it back to straight up fuzz rock after that, though, gnawing through the noise with some sweet melodies on "Acid Ref...view item »
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Further Sky

Further Sky breaks Basement's musical silence following their final acclaimed 2012 full-length Colourmeinkindess.  Boasting two new songs and a cover of Suede's Animal Nitrate, the EP updates the band's alternative rock explorations with a decidedly British flavour. Recorded spring 2014 at North London's Livingston Studio (The Clash...view item »
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Pulling Chain

New waver David Lindell continues to mark his Anne project with electronic grandeur and vocal show-boating, offering Pulling Chain up as an opportunity to dance 'til your feet disintegrate and sing 'til you reach the highest possible octave. A suggested serving for those goths who hit up the club....view item »