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The Posies
Frosting On The Beater

Frosting On The Beater is arguably the best album by Seattle power pop stalwarts The Posies. It’s full of blissful guitars, joyful melodies and perfect harmonies. It was the band’s third album and was originally released in 1993. The album has an edgier, rockier sound than its two predecessors due to Don Fleming (Gumball, Velvet Monkeys, Dim Stars) being handed the production reins and he did a marvellous job. It contains some of the band’s most well-known songs such as Dream All Day, Flavor Of The Month and epic brooding closer, Coming Right Along, which has been used to great effect on several TV shows. Reissue LP on Omnivore. Mastered from original analog tapes and cut at 45 rpm.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0816651012473)
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Big Star
Live On WLIR

Big Star’s Live On WLIR gets a reissue. Recorded for NYC’s WLIR broadcaster in 1974 but not released as a record until 1992, this album finds the power pop pioneers running through tunes from their first two full-lengths. They also throw a nifty Loudon Wainwright III cover in there. This new edition includes extensive liner notes and an interview with Big Star bassist John Lightman. The vinyl release is the first time that Live On WLIR has been put to wax.
  • Vinyl Double LP (816651017232)
  • CD (816651017225)

The Posies
Amazing Disgrace

The final album that The Posies made for Geffen subsidiary DGC Records gets a re-release. Originally put out in 1996, Amazing Grace channelled the group’s major label frustration into an LP of top-notch post-grunge. The guitars on tracks ‘Daily Mutation’ and ‘Ontario’ sound huge. This reissue sees the original tracklist given a nice old remastering job. The CD edition comes with a heap of bonus numbers.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0816651012411)
  • CD (0816651012466)
  • Label(s):
  • Omnivore

Alex Chilton
A Man Called Destruction

Following on from his wildly successful stints in the Box Tops and Big Star, Alex Chilton spent his remaining years as a kind of musical troll, constantly switching styles and annoying his audience. A Man Called Destruction was his 1995 comeback and featured an eclectic mix of garage rock, jazz and r&b.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (0816651013425)
  • CD (0816651013340)

Big Star
9Complete Third: Vol. 2: Roughs To Mixes

Big Star Complete Third is the result of a decade-long search to find all the recordings from the 1974 sessions that would become Big Star’s Third album. The album has been released with differing track listings and different titles, such as Sister/Lovers, since its original release in 1978. As well as all of the music there are extensive liner notes from those involved and artists who have been influenced by the band. Vol. 2 Roughs To Mixes, one of three vinyl editions, contains the rough mixes by producer Jim Dickinson and Ardent Studios engineer John Fry, and a version of Velvet Underground’s After Hours sung by Lesa Aldridge.

The Legal Matters

Conrad is the latest power-pop missive from The Legal Matters: so much melody and such big choruses that you can hardly handle it! And if you really really like the voices of The Legal Matters, boy are you in luck: the vinyl version includes a download code for a vocal-only mix of the whole album! Perfect for mash-ups. Released on the Omnivore label.
  • CD (0816651014460)
  • Vinyl LP (0816651014453)
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Game Theory
The Big Shot Chronicles

This isn't even the greatest Game Theory album but is still one of the finest most energetic bursts of oddball future thinking power pop seen in the '80s.  Scott Miller and pals had the route to my heart back then and this record contains some of his most direct pop bursts such as 'Erica's Word' and blitzkrieg opener 'Here It Is Tomorrow'. If you like early R.E.M, Sparks and Let's Active then this is for you. Contains loads of bonus tracks too. 
  • Vinyl LP (0816651014910)
  • CD (0816651010653)

East Of Venus
Memory Box

East Of Venus is a new band formed out of members of Luna, The Feelies, Winter Hours and plenty more besides. The resultant alt-rock super-brew is sure to satisfy fans of all of the above as well as newcomers, with bold originals mixed together with covers of The Rolling Stones, Tim Hardin and Red Buckets. Memory Box is out on Omnivore.
  • Vinyl LP (0816651014699)
  • CD (0816651014521)

Game Theory
Lolita Nation

Game Theory’s Lolita Nation was released in 1987 at the prime of U.S. dream-pop and has been out of print since then. So, Omnivore have got involved and pressed this lost-classic to translucent green double vinyl LP and CD, with new material (it has 48 tracks!). This dense and experimental pop music is full of wit and luscious orchestration.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0816651015320)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (0816651015337)

Emitt Rhodes
Rainbow Ends

Rainbow Ends is the fifth album, but first since 1973, by Emitt Rhodes. Rhodes was the principal songwriter in the short-lived ‘60s American psych-pop band The Merry-Go Round. He followed his time in the band with four solo albums of melodic, McCartney-esque sunshine pop. On Rainbow Ends he is backed by a band that features Roger Joseph Manning Jr of Jellyfish, Jason Faulkner and Taylor Locke. Guests include Susannah Hoffs, Jon Brion and Nels Cline and Pat Sansone from Wilco.
  • Vinyl LP (0816651014927)
  • CD (0816651014866)

Sam Amidon
But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted

I’ve not seen a title that suggests an interesting story quite so vividly and concisely as this one for quite a while: But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted. Excellent stuff. The record is the 2005 ‘true’ debut of Sam Amidon, and it had never appeared on vinyl before this reissue. The CD also comes with a bonus 10 tracks of demos (as does the vinyl’s download card). On Omnivore.
  • Vinyl LP (0816651015047)

Spain 3-in-1 Value Pack

Do you like Spain? (I mean the band, not the country) Well then you’ll love this bargainous release, which collects the group’s first three records in one nifty 3-in-1 Value Pack. The slowcore heroes’ records were originally CD only until some 2012 vinyl reissues, so these albums are still pretty vinyl-fresh. On blue, clear, and translucent orange vinyl, courtesy of Omnivore.
  • Label(s):
  • Omnivore

The Music City Sessions Volumes 1-3

The Music City Sessions is a three volume collection of rare, early ’70s Bay Area funk, soul, and R&B. Volume one, ‘Richmond Experience’, features 10-tracks of previously unreleased material based around the working-class, blue-collar landscape that created the street funk of Richmond and the East Bay Area.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (0816651015214)
  • Label(s):
  • Omnivore

Memphis Development Foundation Presents: Beale Street Saturday Night

Saving the beautiful Memphis music scene, James Luther Dickinson had Memphis musicians record their heritage when Beale Street fell victim to urban renewal programs in 1976. These tracks have stood the test of times with this reissue of the 1979 release of Beale Street Saturday, featuring, on clear vinyl no less, the finest of blues and soul heard on the streets of Memphis.
  • CD (0816651016754)
  • Label(s):
  • Omnivore

TV Eyes
TV Eyes

Alright! Power pop revival! Let's all have a good time! TV Eyes! Let's go! Taking time off from his work making terrifying abstract compositions for television's 'Hannibal', Brian Reitzell meets up with pals Jason Falkner and Roger Manning Jr., so they can reissue their self-titled 2006 record, which was only ever released in Japan. On record, they pay respects to their not-so-secret favourite era of music: '80s. Expect the word new wave, and feel good with this new self-titled work. 
  • CD (0816651016396)

Big Star
Live In Memphis

Big Star were rock 'n' roll's most spectacular failures, ignored in their time but widely beloved now for their underdog story and inspiring power pop hooks. 'Live In Memphis' was one of their only recorded live shows, showing them off in 1994 when the stakes were low and the emotions ran high. Plenty of high points for Big Star are gifted to the crowd, here, along with random T. Rex covers. Those are important.
  • CD (0816651016624)
  • Label(s):
  • Omnivore

The Posies

Here is a nice re-issue of The Posies’ 1988 debut. It was originally released on cassette back in 1988, later to appear on vinyl and then CD. this vinyl re-issue contains 8 bonus tracks on a doanload card. There's also a booklet including press clippings and essays from the band. A nice package for what was a landmark album, the duo performed a very straight down the line brand of catchy power pop with nods towards The Hollies, Marshall Crenshaw and Elvis Costello. Yet they had really, really long hair. Later on they became integral members of the reformed Big Star but this is where it all started.  
  • Vinyl LP (0816651016303)
  • Coloured vinyl

Harry Dean Stanton
Partly Fiction

Harry Dean Stanton has appeared in so many cool films it's impossible to list them. But he's also a musician you know, and there is a documentary about him, 'Partly Fiction' now, in which he sings and talks about his passion for country and folk music. His voice, we discover, is distinctive and unexpectedly strong. This accompanying album was recorded in his living room. 
  • CD (0816651016136)
  • Vinyl LP (0816651016143)

Spilt Milk

Early ’90s power pop at its finest—commercially available for the first time on vinyl in the U.S! After the demise of Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning’s Beatnik Beatch, the two recruited Roger’s brother Chris and former Three O’Clock guitarist Jason Falkner to create Jellyfish. While Jason and Chris left after the first album and tour—the follow-up, Spilt Milk, was created by Andy and Roger with help from Jon Brion (Aimee Mann, Kanye West, Fiona Apple, Spoon), Lyle Workman (Todd Rundgren, Bourgeois Tagg, Beck), and T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates). Even though the group lasted for only two albums and four years, their influence on power pop bands since has been as profound as the bands that Jellyfish were influenced by: Cheap Trick, Big Star, Badfinger, Raspberries, Brian Wilson, and more—all part of the power pop tradition being handed down one generation at a time. Omnivore Recordings’ release of the two Jellyfish albums on LP marks the first time either have been commercially available on vinyl in the U.S. Bellybutton was only released on vinyl as a promotional item in 1990—its only official release at the time was on CD. The first 1,500 copies of the Omnivore release carefully replicates the original tri-fold gatefold packaging and is pressed on translucent blue vinyl. Spilt Milk has a similar story. It was only released on vinyl in the U.K. The U.S. release was, again, only on CD. This time around Omnivore is pressing the first 1,500 copies on translucent green vinyl

Bob Mould
Workbook 25

Just over a year after Husker Du split, Bob Mould released his first solo album, Workbook in 1989. Mould wrote and sang everything on here. He played most of the instruments too, but shared drumming duties with Anton Fier (Golden Palaminos) and bass with Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu). Jane Scarpantoni (Tiny Lights) was drafted in to play cello too. The album is a cult classic and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Omnivore Recordings are reissuing the album as Workbook 25. The CD will feature extra tracks and a second disc of Bob Mould’s live performance at Chicago’s Cabaret Metro in 1989. The double vinyl LP will feature a bonus track, All Those People Know.
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  • Omnivore

Townes Van Zandt
The Late Great Townes Van Zandt

The Late Great Townes Van Zandt was originally released in 1972. It was Townes Van Zandt’s sixth album and the follow-up to High Low and In Between. The album is most notable for containing one of his most famous songs, Pancho and Lefty, which was covered by Emmylou Harris on her 1977 album, Luxury Liner. The Late Great Townes Van Zandt is available on clear vinyl LP.

Townes Van Zandt
High, Low And In Between

High Low and In Between by Townes Van Zandt was the county/folk songwriter’s fifth album. Townes Van Zandt’s music his held in high esteem by those that are lucky enough enough to be initiated. The hope is now, with this reissue, his music can reach a wider audience. Townes Van Zandt died on New Year's Day in 1997 aged 52. High Low and In Between is available on 180g orange coloured vinyl LP and is limited to 1000 copies.

The Blue Moods Of Spain

In the '90s, for many record companies and music fans, the CD was the format of choice and vinyl was mostly forgotten about. Because of this, none of the Spain albums were originally issued on vinyl. To right that wrong, the slowcore heroes albums are now being reissued on 180g coloured vinyl through Omnivore Recordings, starting with their debut The Blue Moods Of Spain, which will be appositely pressed on clear blue vinyl.

Radio Jellyfish

Radio Jellyfish is a live album by one of the greatest '90s power-pop bands, Jellyfish. The band only lasted two years but in that time released two classic albums, Bellybutton and Spilt Milk. It is believed that Jellyfish were as influential as the likes of The Raspberries and Cheap Trick who had, in turn, influenced them. Radio Jellyfish was recorded live in The Netherlands and Australia in 1993.

Live At Bogart's 1991

Live At Bogart’s 1991 sees Jellyfish as a four-piece, recorded before Jason Falkner left the band. This classic set features a cover of Wings’ Jet. Live At Bogart’s 1991 is an essential document for power-pop fans and aficionados. Live At Bogart’s 1991 is available on double vinyl LP.

Camper Van Beethoven
Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

When indie superstars Camper Van Beethoven signed with Virgin Records in the late 1980s, it seemed inconceivable. How could that band move to a major label without “selling out” and sacrificing all that made them great? The first three tracks on Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart were a pop song, an instrumental and an adaptation of a folk dirge about death. Heck, the release even had a love song for Patty Hearst. No, Camper Van Beethoven didn’t sell out. They just had better distribution now. Featuring new liners and photos in the CD and LP, both Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart and Key Lime Pie are being reissued with full cooperation and input from the band themselves. These are the releases CVB fans have been dreaming of.  

Camper Van Beethoven
Key Lime Pie

When indie superstars Camper Van Beethoven signed with Virgin Records in the late 1980s, it seemed inconceivable. How could that band move to a major label without “selling out” and sacrificing all that made them great? The band returned  with what most deem their masterpiece— Key Lime Pie. Once again produced by Dennis Herring, Key Lime Pie continued the journey into the world of CVB, but with higher production value and sound than had been heard before. From a track about Jack Ruby to a cover of Status Quo’s “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”, Key Lime Pie was a slice above the rest and a fitting dessert for the 1980s. This reissue finds nine bonus tracks on the CD. The nearly hour-long album was originally pressed on one LP, but Omnivore has expanded it to two LPs (for better sound) and added a bonus track to Side 4.
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  • Omnivore