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Brush Your Teeth

Munich duo Beisspony have an LP of quirky experimental pop here. The first thing I'm reminded of is CocoRosie - this is very melodic and playful music with a very clear sense of identity, but the sonic experimentation here is more earthy in an almost arts and crafts way. There's typewriters and sewing machines and...view item »

Chicks On Speed

Avant-punk electro-artpop mavericks Chicks On Speed are back once more this week with a daring new album which is being heralded with a series of live-art events as well as concerts, encouraging the band's audience to become "PROSUMERS". As usual they've got an interesting array of famous friends helping out from the worlds of art, media and act...view item »

Verlass Die Stadt

Gustav is the latest release on Chicks On Speed Records. She apparently is Austria's answer to Bjork and she won the Amadeus award in 2005 (Austria's answer to the brilliant Mercury Music prize award). Also she's a massive icon of the feminist music scene (I have to admit to not being aware of that particular scene... typical bloke) and is a media ...view item »

Anat Ben David
Virtual Leisure

Anat Ben David CD on Chicks On Speed records... It's called 'Virtual Leisure' and it's a journey through theatre on a CD. One of the more theatrical releases we've stocked in a while... hints of electro and classical music peer through this lovey. Anyone remember that Planning To Rock album that came out on the same label? That's a lot like...view item »

Chicks On Speed
Art Rules

This Chicks On Speed 'Art Rules'sleeve has a picture of a damn fine rear on it. In fact it's such a good quality ass it's up there with that Spank Rock sleeve from a bit ago. We seem to sell lots of records with big bubble butts on the cover. That Shit and Shine record we sold loads of. So this Chicks single features Douglas Gordon and Christopher ...view item »

Have It All Stringed Up

I love that PLANNINGTOROCK album on Chicksonspeed Records. You all largely ignored me though... This new CD Ep (called Have It All Stringed Up) is one of those enhanced jobs that has videos on there well. I believe you need a computer for that. Mind you if you're reading this then you'll probably sorted on that one. A potentiall...view item »

Client, Chicks On Speed, Various
Girl Monster

We have the 'Girl Monster Extended Play One' EP in on Chicks On Speed Records which is 5 tracks by various artists. Scream Club vs Ben Adorable feat. Peaches' effort is a little cringeworthy, Peaches is so over rated. One for the Mullet crowd me thinks. Also on here are Kids on TV,...view item »

The Slits, Chicks on Speed, Delta 5, Various
Girl Monster - 60 track 3xCD comp with 40 unreleas

I tell you, since the Spice Girls started chelping about girl power, all the ladies seem to be at it these days, making music and what not. Well bloody good on 'em I say. The 'Girl Monster' compilation features an all star cast, infact it reads like a who's who of girlies making cutting edge music. It would take me ages to get through the 61 t...view item »

Have It All

Planning To Rock had a wicked little 7" out some time back on Chicks On Speed Records and it's been followed by their blinding new album. It's like someone has planned all of this???? This is a wholly quirky affair and I've been listening to listening to this on my MP3 player for weeks now (upsetting the folks who sit next to...view item »

I Wanna Bite Ya

Summat really odd just landed in on Chicks On Speed recs. It's a white vinyl 7" by Planning To Rock. It's like Kate Bush & CocoRosie duelling on The B-52's favourite intergalactic destination, Planet Claire. With minimal neo classical synth backing fiercely punctuating the most bonkers multi-tracked v...view item »

Ana da Silva
The Lighthouse

Fans of The Raincoats will be pleased to see the return of Ana da Silva with a new solo album on Chicks on Speed records. My worries that this album would be the sound of a 50 year old woman singing over crap electro are unfounded on the first tune that recalls both Weekend and A.C.Marias. The second track sim...view item »

Dat Politics
Go Pets Go

Speaking of Dat Politics here is their new CD and as you might expect its as mad as a horse filled with custard. Its crrrrrrrrrrrazy cut up electronic pop music that re-defines the word 'quirk'. It can be a bit annoying at times but its very clever and there's a lovely haunting track towards the end called "Micro Rainbow" which...view item »

Chicks On Speed/ Kreidler

The long awaited Chicks On Speed Vs Kreidler sessions is in and I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by this. It's not bad but then it's not good. I expected great things. It's like going to a restaurant which someone told you was great and only finding it average. That sort is disappointment...view item »