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Border Control EP

As a highly industrial and ambient slab of noise, Pinch releases his 'Border Control' EP. There's really no pulling back here, no creative limits and no concern for appealing to the masses. Out of the three tracks contained within its eerie and mysterious cover, it's hard to decide which is the most insidious.
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  • Berceuse Heroique

Jay Glass Dubs
Nyx EP

Jay Glass Dubs previous release The Safest Dub had something of the '80s pop about it but for this subsequent 12" he's heading deep into mystical pulse of the likes of African Headcharge blending their deep dark sound with the steady repetition of German kosmische music. Blend in some traditional Greek music and you have another slab of wonder from the boy king. Five tracker on Berceuse Heroique. 
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  • Berceuse Heroique

The Marzahn Versions

Berceuse Heroique presents a new four-track 12” vinyl EP from Bristol-based producer Ossia. A member of the city’s Young Echo Sound, he’s the head of a range of specialist record labels, and brings all of his influence and experience to the exceptional The Marzahn Versions. Supreme steppers!

Don't DJ
All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End EP

Wise words from Don’t DJ there. All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End is a somnambulant, wistful collection of techno-noir. Don’t DJ’s originals range from purring electronica in the vein of Jan Jelinek (‘Veles’) to lengthy and pensive synth ambiences (‘Two Of Pentacles’). Newworldaquarium provides a deep, minimal and ethereal re-rub of ‘Veles’.

Zibaldone III Of CVX

The third instalment of Rupert Clervaux’s Zibaldone Of CVX series is a collection of ‘multi-angle audio mosaics’ from the London-via-Mallorca sound artist. While Zibaldone III may initially seem obtuse and hostile, if you persevere you’ll stumble on some rather profound stuff. Synthesising snippets of spoken text - poetry, radio broadcasts, lectures, you name it - with everything from lo-fi techno to closing-time piano jazz, CVX has made an oddly compelling work here. Imagine Karlheinz Stockhausen if he’d ever hooked up with Jan Jelinek.
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  • Berceuse Heroique

Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth And The Brigantes Orchestra
Introspettivo EP

Three killer electro tracks on this 12” EP from Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth and The Brigantes Orchestra. Introspettivo is the title track and it puts some fun into what can often be a cold and clinical sounding genre in electro. There are some ‘80s vibes going throughout which remind me of someone like Jovonn’s glistening house synth but with some cosmic jazz layered on top. The B side ventures further into experimental jazz and the connection with Sun Ra is undeniable.    Limited 12” EP, limited to one copy per customer.  
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DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa
F Planet

Spacious and claustrophobic at the same time, DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa's 'F Planet' gives us grumbling, percussive techno, rising and dipping in sonic height. The free manipulations lend the tracks a unique sense of life, patches of noise here, wild frequency and filter shifts there, evolving in two directions at once. Includes a killer remix by the mighty Shifted (Avian, Mote-Evolver, Hospital Productions).
  • Vinyl 12" (BH042)
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