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Dead Horse One
The West Is The Best

Dead Horse One have quite the pedigree. Their first album was recorded by Mark Gardener of Ride. They then went on tour with Ride and the Brian Jonestown Massacre now Gardner has returned to help mix this, their third LP. They've also played Liverpool Psych Fest. Hopefully all this is giving you some idea of where they are coming from musically but singer Olivier Debard helps further by suggesting that this is informed by the '90s bands they loved and adds in tragic US based weepers Sparklehorse to the equation.  

The Young Sinclairs
Out Of The Box

Virginia band The Young Sinclairs are a four-piece led by Sam Lumsford. They use a starting point ‘60s folk rock, Madchester, C86 and Paisley Underground influenced sounds but claim to be a rock ‘n’ roll band first and foremost. Out Of The Box is an album that, as the title suggests, refuses to be tied down to any genre, there’s a whole mix of sounds going on here.
  • Vinyl LP (RPUT31X)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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  • Requiem Pour Un Twister

Entracte Twist
Entracte Twist

Self-titled album on Requiem Pour Un Twister from Parisian band Entracte Twist. Post-punk in the 70s style which means: jangly guitars, driving drums and a tasteful amount of synthesiser. This is the sort of music that is described as being effortlessly cool, which certainly isn't helped by the band singing in the language of effortlessly cool, French. 

Dead Horse One
Season Of Mist

Shoegaze en Francais from Dead Horse One, presenting their second full-length album of richly-hazed psych-pop songs. Season Of Mist doesn’t mark out any new territory, but sometimes sinking back into a gorgeously-textured and richly melodic shoegaze bath is just the right thing to do isn’t it? CD and LP editions available, via the Requiem Pour Un Twister label.

39th & The Nortons
Mourning Waltz

Straight outta Paris come 39th & The Nortons, led by enthusiastic band creator Nick Wheeldon with a mission to resurrect the sixties in sonic form. Specifically, the group are after that lovely overlap between psychedelic guitars and organs, folky songcraft, and symphonic sweep. Mourning Waltz is released by Requiem Pour Un Twister.

Vinyl Williams

Following a couple of LPs on Chaz Bundick’s Company and another for No Pain In Pop, the fourth album from Vinyl Williams comes courtesy of the wackily-named Requiem Pour Un Twister. Opal is a lovely psych-pop record that arrives just in time for summer. The ten tracks take in hypnagogic pop, MOR rock and chillwave alongside more conventionally psychedelic flavours. Williams’s old mate Bundick is invoked here along with Mild High Club and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
  • Label(s):
  • Requiem Pour Un Twister


Triptides are just great and I'd be prepared to go into battle with anyone who says otherwise. They play superb jangle-some '60s inspired guitar pop with nods to the Byrds, REM and Pink Floyd. Their last album 'Azur' saw them at the top of their game so our entire office is on tenterhooks waiting for this to hit.  
  • Label(s):
  • Requiem Pour Un Twister

Halasan Bazar

Halasan Bazar are a Norwegian group who have done pretty well thank you in France. They probably need to be heard in other parts of the world too as this is lovely acid-drenched folk rock with nods to the Velvet Underground and the Byrds. Timeless psych and folk...perfect for swaying to on a hot summer's day.  
  • Label(s):
  • Requiem Pour Un Twister


Colour-splashed, like its singular and mysterious sleeve, Supermercado ushers Corridor in a new direction whilst retaining the group's trademark sound. The melodies are poppier and more potent than any previous, and so Quebec's most exciting art-pop outfit continue to make international waves.

Beat Mark / The Proper Ornaments
Flowers / Two Weeks

Flowers/Two Weeks is a split single that represents the culmination of a beautiful Anglo-French union that has built up over recent years between British band The Proper Ornaments and their french counterparts, Beat Mark. Beat Mark have an indie-pop jangle that recalls Orange Juice and Aztec Camera whist The Proper Ornaments, who feature Max Claps from Let’s Wrestle and James Hoare of Veronica Falls and Ultimate Painting marry the 12-string chimes of The Byrds with the poppier moments of The Velvet Underground. This is an indie-pop lovers dream!
  • Label(s):
  • Requiem Pour Un Twister