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We Are

Lucidvox (no relation to Ultravox) are a big name in the thriving Russian underground rock scene. They are known for a mixture of psych-rock, heavy riffing and traditional music from their native land. They've already conquered their home city of Moscow and the environs of their country, 'We Are' - their first international LP drop - now brings them to the attention of the rest of the world. 

Global Control / Invisible Invasion

Global Control / Invisible Invasion is the second album by AMMAR 808, AKA Sofyann Ben Youssef,  following on from his 2018 album Maghreb United. This time out the Tunisian producer found himself in Chennai, India, absorbing Southern Indian Carnatic Music and the hypnotic sounds from the temples. The resulting album is equally mesmerising and endlessly listenable.

The Pace Setters

One for fans of Brian Eno and David Byrne’s genre-splicing My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, the 1981 debut album from Ghanaian outfit Edikanfo is getting its first-ever vinyl re-issue, with extensive liner notes. Produced by Eno himself in Ghana’s capital Accra, The Pace Setters is a psychedelic meeting of highlife music and afro-funk. 


Tamikrest are a blues / rock / world music band from Algeria. They are made up from the Sahara-dwelling Tuareg people. On Tamotait, their music gets louder as well as incorporating influences from further afield. Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra makes an appearance along with a group of traditional Japanese musicians. 

Trupa Trupa
Of The Sun

Trupa Trupa beams are gonna blind me. Well, if the beams in question are coming Of The Sun I suppose you’d expect nothing less. This Polish quartet serve up big, reverb-drenched post-punk on their latest LP. The cavernous sound of tracks like ‘Remainder’ is somewhere on the sliding scale between mid-period Deerhunter and Protomartyr at their most bullish. Somewhere in the crowd there's you.

BaBa ZuLa
Derin Derin

A swirling cauldron of krautrock, dub and psychedelia, Derin Derin is the successor to BaBa ZuLa’s acclaimed retrospective XX. The Istanbul-based collective, led by founder Osman Murat Ertel, has always made politically switched-on music influenced by the state of the world, and Derin Derin is no different. 

Altin Gun

With Altin Gun, first impressions can be deceiving. Despite the unmistakable Turkish rhythms and sounds, the majority of the band are from the Netherlands. Despite the gorgeous '60s/'70s album cover, Gece is a new release following on from their debut, On, which was released last year. But there is no deception in the electric rhythms, bold vocals and gloriously addictive blend of Turkish folk, psych and rock.


Look everyone, it's Mekons, but now with brand new material! The inventive Leeds punk / post-punk group went to Joshua Tree in California in order to record Deserted (it's a desert, geddit?), but managed to avoid absorbing too much of the ghost of U2 into their sound. It’s brand new Mekons guys, what more do I need to say? On Glitterbeat.

Bixiga 70
Quebra Cabeça

Bixiga 70 are a many-handed group, with ten members all pouring their heart, soul and funk into vivid, multi-hued music. Quebra Cabeca is African music made via Brazil, positively drenched in groovy vigour and fun. They sound like the kind of band who would absolutely slay at a festival, but this fourth album of theirs will do very nicely if you aren’t in a summer field. Out on Glitterbeat.

Mandala Brush

Spain return to Glitterhouse Records with their seventh studio LP. Josh Haden wanted to capture the energy of the band’s concerts on Mandala Brush. As such, all songs were recorded live and without a click track. This results in a nice ebb and flow to the brooding Americana-noir of tracks like ‘Maya In The Summer’.

Stella Chiweshe
Kasahwa: Early Singles

This is a good one. Stella Chiweshe is well-known in her native Zimbabwe as a master of the mbira (thumb-piano). As the nation spent the 1970’s gearing up for revolution, Chiweshe released a run of mbira recordings that became soundtracks to the Chimurenga. Now Glitterbeat have collected some of her best early singles - none of which have previously seen releases outside of Chiweshe’s home continent - for Kasahwa.

Maghreb United

AMMAR 808 is a fantastic proposition: North African music pulled through the vortex of a Tunisian producer with his eye on the bass bins. Maghreb United has a range of excellent singers from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia sitting at the centre of an ecstatic whirl of traditional instrumentation, distorted treatments, and big booming bass and drum patterns. Brilliant, energetic stuff, out on the Glitterbeat label.

Samba Touré

The third LP from Malian guitarist and songwriter Samba Toure finds him streamlining his sound. Wande largely eschews the high-energy call-and-response desert blues of his previous work for a taut, funky synthesis of Sahel sounds and Western rock tropes. The likes of ‘Yerfara’ feature strutting grooves that contain as much Jimi Hendrix as Ali Farka Toure.

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba
Ba Power

Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba team up once again for a wonderful collection of blazing jams, louder and more willing to lean into distortion than ever before. Kouyate leads with his ngoni, and the band follow him with loose-but-tight afro-rock grooves. Jon Hassell and Chris Brokaw are the Western guests making appearances, but the African guests are where it is really at. Ba Power is out on Glitterbeat.

Jon Hassell
Dream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two)

Here is an album that displays Jon Hassell’s early conception of Fourth World music: an attempt to step outside of rigid cultural boundaries. Dream Theory In Malaya was recorded with Brian Eno and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on board, and uses an engaging combination of electronically-affected trumpet, field recordings, glitches and drones, and much more besides. Reissued with a bonus track, on Glitterbeat.

I Can Be A Clay Snapper

Slovenian band Sirom bring us their second album of wildly sculpted folk-infused sounds, on I Can Be A Clay Snapper. Their hand-fashioned collection of instruments emit fantastical noises outside of constraints like geographical land borders. A huge, mesmeric blast of fun. Mixed by Chris Eckman, for Glitterbeat, on LP and CD formats. Two tasty choices.

Abatwa (The Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?

This compilation presents a variety of treasures from Rwanda, performed by members of the Abatwa peoples. Why Did We Stop Growing Tall features not only single-string violins and traditional harps and vocals, but also lo-fi battery-powered looping machines, which gives these recordings a delicious variety. CD and LP editions on Glitterbeat.

Jupiter & Okwess
Kin Sonic

Throughout Kin Sonic,  Jupiter and Okwess put a modern twist on the usually traditional style of Congo music. This album is a produce of all Jupiter & Okwess' encounters and influences throughout their lifetime. Okwess (meaning 'food' in Kibunda) is the fruit of his journeys throughout his lifetime, and the album is a perfect creation from many different inspirations.

Ifriqiyya Electrique

Ifriqiyya Electrique is a post-industrial spin on traditional Sufi trance music, wherein the chanting vocals, nagharats, krakebs and hammering percussion of the Sufi musicians are bolstered by electric instruments and dense industrial production. It's a curious blend, but rhythm is at the core of it all, so Ruwahine is a success.

King Ayisoba
1000 Can Die

King Ayisoba’s new album is a particularly powerful statement from the Ghanaian musician. Produced by regular associate Zea (aka The Ex’s Arnold de Boer), 1000 Can Die takes ‘hiplife’ (the Ghanaian blend of highlife and hip-hop) as a starting point and flies yet further from there. Funky, high-energy African music. Out on Glitterbeat.


Fourth album from Tamikrest, the Tuareg nomadic group with the tight desert rock sound. Kidal is named for the Malian town that is at the core of Tuareg identity, and it carries the heat and the hope of the culture in its deep grooves, its vocal chants, and its sweetly meandering guitars. CD and LP release on the Glitterbeat label.

Bargou 08

Bargou 08 is the band formed by Nidhal Yahyaoui to circulate the unique music of his home region, situated near the Tunisia / Algeria border. Targ was recorded at home with a set-up of Moog, loutar, bendir, drums and flutes. Yahyaoui sings these traditional songs passionately, richly representing the Bargou tradition. Targ is released by Glitterbeat.

Noura Mint Seymali

Noura Mint Seymali builds new shapes on top of the music of her Moorish griot heritage, with the intention of forging a new Mauritanian sound. It seems to be working: Arbina is a fantastic listen, packed with electrified vigour, traditional and non-traditional rhythms, and Noura’s huge voice. Arbina is released by Glitterbeat.

Khmer Rouge Survivors
They Will Kill You If You Cry

If you were expecting Khmer Rouge Survivors to be the name of another edgy white indie band, think again: this music was recorded by traditional Cambodian musicians who lived through the murderous Khmer Rouge regime. These folk musics are powerful, beautiful, and increasingly rare, but They Will Kill You If You Cry makes them available outside of Cambodia. On Glitterbeat.

Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra
Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra

Putting different musicians together is always a great experiment, and the Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra is no different. Thrown into a five-day recording session in a transatlantic culture promotional effort, musicians from Nigeria and Haiti made this high-energy, positive-vibe filled poly-rhythmic musical experiment with no idea what to expect. And it turned out great.

M.A.K.U Soundsystem

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem is an 8-piece band of New Yorkers with Colombian roots. They ground their music in the body-dominating rumbling rhythms of cumbia, but throw afrobeat and hip-hop vibes in as well. The result is a super-rhythmic juggernaut of impossible potency. Mezcla is the collective’s third album. Out on Glitterbeat.

Aziza Brahim
Abbar El Hamada

Super groovy and far-out West Saharan rock ‘n roll from Aziza Brahim. On Abbar el Hamada she has built a wonderful band to perform her varied songs. Now Saharawi rhythms, meet Senegalese drums, Afro-Cuban arrangements and emotive blues. Glitterbeat release this scorching album on CD an vinyl LP.

Chimurenga Renaissance
Girlz With Gunz

Girlz With Gunz is an international collection, taking in sonics from Zimbabwe and the Congo, where the two members of Chimurenga Resistance (one of whom is Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces) have their respective roots. This half-hour EP is packed with energetic elements from hip-hop, Shona music and more. LP release on Glitterbeat.

Bixiga 70

Relatively speaking, Sao Paulo is close to the African coast. When you listen to III, you can almost forget about the tectonic rifts that have separated the two continents. Effortlessly merging funk, afrobeat and samba, Bixiga 70 have produced a copper-packed smorgasbord. Not just world music, but world-class music. 

Hanoi Masters - War Is a Wound Peace Is a Scar

Hanoi Masters: War is a Wound, Peace is Scar is a recording from 2014 from producer Ian Brennan, who has worked with names such as Tinariwen, Malawi Mouse Boys, and The Good Ones. Recorded live by Vietnamese musicians on traditional instruments and capturing the haunting fractured psyche of what the Vietnamese called the American War. Vinyl and CD from Glitterbeat.

Noura Mint Seymali

A joyous tomato party from Noura Mint Seymali. Tzenni is the new genre redefining exploration from North Africa. Her deeply emotive and technically brilliant voice is at the heart of each piece being accompanied by Mauritania instruments mixed with electric guitars, drums and modern production. She bridges the gap between traditional music of North Africa with 20th century western sounds to make a truly unique and contemporary record. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Glitterbeat.

Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions I

Straight out of the Glitterbeat Records vaults is their new vinyl double LP Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions I. A fantastic compilation of various artists releases from the label, and packed full of excellent collaborations from an array of monster producers. Focusing on Mali and West Africa - these originals and dubs are a must for any groovophile looking for some deep afrobeat, dub and afro-funk.

Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance

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Jon Hassell & Brian Eno
Fourth World Vol 1: Possible Musics

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Daega Rek

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BaBa ZuLa

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Gaye Su Akyol
Hologram Imparatorlugu

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Dennis Bovell
Dub 4 Daze

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Hayvanlar Alemi
Visions Of A Psychedelic Ankara

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Mark Ernestus Meets Ben Zabo
Wari Vo Dubwise

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