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Deaf Wish
Deaf Wish

The Australian noise rock scene has been erupting with bands lately, and Melbourne's Deaf Wish are yet another band who open the curtain with dissonant guitar chords, snarling vocals and a strong dedication to rhythm that keeps the whole thing from falling apart. Their only recording process is to "go to feedback", and these ten songs crackle with a post-hardcore energy that's only interrupted by bitty noise nonsense. In short: graaaaaaaaaaagh.
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  • Homeless
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  • Homeless

Kewdi Udi

Brisbane punks Clever make a raucous high-speed music with strange math-rock structures and eccentric shouted vocals. Kewdi Udi is a horrifically great fusion of nihilistic hardcore and fearsome noise rock, where every song is a two-minute explosion of ideas and distortion. On vinyl LP from Homeless.

Spray Paint / EXEK

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas post-punk group, with a music that is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. Here they share a split with Australians Exek, who synth up their post-punk sound. 400 7" copies pressed up for an Australian tour, released by the Homeless label.

Spray Paint
Punters On a Barge

Unpolished, and harsh, Spray Paint pack a lot of energy. From the barren streets of Austin, TX, they have chosen vinyl as their medium for unleashing their no wave punk upon us: Punters on a Barge harbors paranoid, atonal tracks that will have you jump awake in the night. Which is totally our kind of jam.

Force The Zone

Cuntz are, obviously, well hardcore, spitting out noisy garage punk with not a care in the world. Third album Force The Zone offers more of the Australian trio’s gnarly thrashing: they sound like they’ve spent too long in the Yabba and it has warped their minds. Limited edition of 600 copies of this LP on Homeless.
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  • Homeless

Yes I'm Leaving
Mission Bulb

'Mission Bulb' is the record and Yes I'm Leaving are the band -- and they are pissed off pretty much all the time. A straight-up noise rock act with only the grittiest elements of their post-hardcore influences, they've created something pummelling and punishing with 'Mission Bulb'. It recalls early era Unwound, back when the notorious noise rockers weren't dispirited and quiet and still screamed their heads off. Homeless Records are releasing the Sydney band's record once more, hoping it won't go unnoticed this time, and will knock out at least half of the people who listen to it. Recommended for fans of rackets and guitar tones that don't want to be your friend -- 'Mission Bulb' is kind of like the second coming of Shotmaker.