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Those psychlords behind the Fuzz Club might be the most hardworking people we know. Their commitment to churning out churners is admirable, offering us a whole range of artists who use guitar effects to meander and hypnotise. Housing their records with a simplicity that lets them rock you on their own terms, it's worth digging deep into this label's treasure trove of underground garage trippers.

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Medicine Boy

Berlin-based Cape Town duo Medicine Boy are now members of London’s Fuzz Club - just in time for their second LP! This one’s called Lower and positively brims with tension. When not actually tipping over into angsty, swirling noise-pop, the songs often sit anxiously right on the edge, ready to go....view item »

The Oscillation
Wasted Space

London psychedeliacs The Oscillation drop their second LP of the year on Fuzz Club (Lumerians, Sonic Jesus). Wasted Space is a record of slightly proggy space-rock jams that are powered by some cracking work from the rhythm section. The likes of ‘Drop&rs...view item »

Throw Down Bones

When you get a Fuzz Club release in you usually expect it contain a dose of long-haired psych-rock freakiness. So it’s quite a surprise when, instead of that, you find yourself dealing with the screeching industrialism of Throw Down Bones. Two is the sort of thing you more readily associate with a...view item »

RMFTM / 10000 Russos

Dutch psych-rock scuzzers Radar Men from the Moon descend from their lunar abode for supplies and to collaborate with Portuguese men o’ drone 10,000 Russos. This is all at the invitation of the splendidly-named Fuzz Club label. The result sounds like a huge car repairs warehouse on a busy day. Great EQ on ...view item »

The Myrrors
Fuzz Club Session

The Myrrors got their name by putting the word ‘Mirror’ into an online psychedelic band name generator and pluralising it….or so I heard, anyway. The Arizona band, whose sound evokes the desert landscape they call home mixed with Eastern psychedelic rock and expansive instrumentation that includes violins and ...view item »

The Oscillation

Famed world over [citation needed] as both psychlords and punks, it's good to see Demian Castellanos' band The Oscillation back in business. It's their fifth LP and you better believe it when we tell you it comprises two songs, twenty minutes each, leaning in on Castellanos' solo approach to electronica a...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
Fuzz Club Session

(8) Ohhhhh say can you see Fu-fu-fuzz fuzz fuzz fuzz-yyyyy? (8) *Guitar solo for a minute or so longer than it should have lasted* As the National Anthem Of Fuzz noodles away in the background, we turn and salute the flag of Fuzz Club. Wiping a tear from our eye, our hearts swelling with pride, we l...view item »

The Underground Youth
Fill The Void

The Underground Youth play a brand of post punk influenced by The Velvet Underground, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus and Leonard Cohen. It’s fair to say that they look to the past for their ideas. Their new single, Fill The Void, found the Berlin-based band l...view item »

Call Of The Void

The Void has clearly called up Lumerians and just told ‘em to keep on doing what they’re doing, man. The Californian space-rockers have heeded said Call Of The Void...view item »

Silent Animals

The latest freaky tome to be released by Fuzz Club is the debut LP by Italian trio Crimen. Despite Silent Animals be...view item »

You Said Strange
Salvation Prayer

We didn’t actually, but that’s fine. You Said Strange, the newest paid-up members of the Fuzz Club, cut their debut LP with Dandy Warhol Peter Holmström after the bands toured together back in 2015. No prizes for guessing who Salvation Prayer sounds like. Fortunately fo...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Neither Virtue Nor Anger

Hailing from sunny Italy, Sonic Jesus create dark, heavy psychedelic/kraut music reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, TOY and Icelandic, ritualistic psych band, Dead Skeletons. They have a hint of Anatolian psych about the instrumentation too; with some of the woozing or...view item »

Routine Death
Parallel Universes

You expect a sense of intimacy from a husband / wife duo, but Routine Death complicate the proposition by living 7000 miles away from one another, despite being married! But, like with any good relationship, they make the band work, using file-sharing approac...view item »

RF Shannon
Trickster Blues

The 2017 debut LP from RF Shannon gets a UK release via Fuzz Club (Sonic Jesus, The Underground Youth). Band leader Shane Renfro has come up with eight evocative psych-pop cuts for Trickster Blues which will appeal to those of a Tame Impala/...view item »

Sherpa The Tiger
Great Vowel Shift

Great Vowel Shift (a pun on ‘graveyard shift’? Hard to tell) drop their debut release via Fuzz Club (Tales Of Murder And Dust, The Cosmic Dead). This Ukrainian group use a bunch of Soviet-era synths to forge these stiffly funky Motorik tracks that also draw influence...view item »
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The Third Sound
All Tomorrow’s Shadows

You’ve heard of All Tomorrow’s Parties. How about some of All Tomorrow’s Shadows? It’s the fourth album of The Third Sound, aka Hákon Aðalsteinsson, who is known from Singapore Sling and as a live member of Brian Jonestown Massacre. Th...view item »

New Candys
Stars Reach The Abyss

New Candys’ 2012 record Stars Reach The Abyss, originally released on Foolica, here receives a welcome reissue on deluxe vinyl. Heavy motorik psych-rock is the name of the game, with everything swimming around in an narcotic haze of delay, decay and distortion. You know the drill. Stars Reach The Abyss is...view item »
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The Myrrors
Burning Circles In The Sky

The Fuzz Club label repress The Myrrors raw debut, Burning Circles In The Sky. The group make a powerful, and often bleak, drone rock built from repetitive guitar and harsh organ. Tom Hayes’ mantra-like vocals turn the songs into dark folk that recalls Comus at their most ...view item »

Medistation EP

Medistation is Eric Strand from Swedish band The Orange Revival. The self-titled EP ploughs the noise pop and alt. rock furrows conjuring up something Alan McGhee would have loved to sign to Creation. We’re talking The Jesus and Mary Chain, early Pri...view item »


Portuguese krautadelia band Dreamweapon (a single reference to Spacemen 3’s double-reference to Angus “Velvet Underground” MacLise and La Monte Young) return with SOL, a four-stage zone-out blowout recorded in a single take. You’ve got your phase...view item »

Las Cobras

The Uruguayan  duo of Las Cobras release their debut LP in the shape of Temporal. This nine track LP is the band's first release since their formation in the Summer of 2016. Temporal is a psychic movement, sure to draw the attention of any psyche-heads looking for a new album. The album is influe...view item »

Nest Egg
Nothingness Is Not A Curse

Boy howdy that name is a lot huh? Nothing Is Not A Curse is the new album from a trio of North Carolinian nihilists who go by Nest Egg. They groove hard to a motorik beat and a brick house bass line leaving the top end to turn the psychedelia up as high as you'd expect from anything on the ...view item »

Night Beats
Fuzz Club Session

Now surging upon an upward momentum, Seattle-incepted garage-rock band Night Beats have become a key player in their scene. Fuzz Club Session is the first installment of a new series, and there's not many better bands to kick off this collection than this innovative trio - who take the best o...view item »

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5

Those of you who still want to join the Fuzz Club get another chance with their fifth edition of Riffslemania, aka The Reverb Conspiracy Volume Five. Like the previous four, this is full of blown-up, fuzzed-up, bunged-up, backed-up, f*cked-up psych/garage/kraut riffery. The vinyl are a nice colour. One for the frea...view item »

Black Lizard
Celebration Of A New Dawn

Celebration Of A New Dawn is the third album by self-proclaimed leading Finnish garage rock band Black Lizard. They’ve made what could be their best record yet, taking the best psych rock bits from the Nuggets compilations and ‘90s shoegaze as their influences to make an album relevant for today. LP on Fuzz Club....view item »

Dead Vibrations
Dead Vibrations

I’m pickin’ up dead vibrations. What are dead vibrations, exactly? Do dead vibrations continue to vibrate? Hopefully, Sweden’s Dead Vibrations can help; the Stockholm hairgaze outfit named themselves and their debut LP after such deceased oscillations. In any case, this lot sound very much alive, plugged in and...view item »

The Vacant Lots

This psych-rock duo from Burlington, Vermont seem to have been doing everything right so far. They've already got singles on Mexican Summer and Reverb Appreciation Society and an appearance on the cult 'Psych for Sore Eyes' 2x7" comp alongside Hookworms and Lorelle Me...view item »

Pretty Lightning
The Rhythm Of Ooze

Some may call it psych, some may call it rock, some may call it drone. I would call it all three. The Rhythm of Ooze is the ten-track release from Pretty Lightning and is a cracking addition to most - if not all - collections of any of the above mentioned genres. Available on vinyl LP and released on Fuzz Club. ...view item »


The key words when needing to describe this band are 'punk' and 'Sweden', so you can pretty much come to your own conclusions about the nature of this record. This ten-track release is a cracking addition to most - if not all - punk/kraut music collections and is available on vinyl LP and released on Fuzz Club. ...view item »


Bringing music from the underground Glaswegian music scene comes the self-titled record from Helicon. Formed back in 2009, they have been a staple, a necessity if you will, of the 'up-and-coming' music scene in Glasgow and this record does not disappoint. Available on vinyl LP - download code included - and is released on Fuzz C...view item »

The Entrance Band
Fuzz Club Session

Power trio The Entrance Band headed up by Guy Blakeslee features members of Pixies, A Perfect Circle, QOTSA. They take the stoner come psychedelic route that Kyuss roamed and go further down that path. Part of Fuzz Club’s Sessions, it was ...view item »

Dead Rabbits
Everything Is A Lie

Southampton shoegazers Dead Rabbits (that's Dead Rabbits UK, not to be confused with the metal band from Arizona) release this throwback effort, more than slightly reminiscent of Loop, Spacemen 3, etc. The band themselves describe it as "...the only honest thing you’ll hear in a world full of lies and hate." So probably worth investing in ...view item »

The Underground Youth
The Perfect Enemy For God

On The Perfect Enemy For God, the sixth album from The Underground Youth, the band really perfected their blend of two extremes; post-punk sharpness and shoegaze softness. On this repress from Fuzz Club Craig Dyer’s group push their minimal Joy Division-inspired guitar lines...view item »

The Orange Revival
Black Smoke Rising

...From the terrifying to the more sedate, The Orange Revival, or TOR, peddle some sort of Stones-esque indie rock. It's full of strummed acoustic guitar and occasional bleating electric guitar lead riffs coupled with folky style vocals and thudding drums. It has retro pasted all over its face. It reminds me of The See See or summat. It's ve...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth a.k.a Craig Dyer presents another psychedelic record from the industrial bowels of Manchester. There’s a sense of 90’s reverence on display without cosying up to outright nostalgia. Mesmerising and texturally rich, Haunted is just that. Out on CD and limited Coke Bottle colour vinyl LP ...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth are a band for whom demand has always outstripped supply, so don’t hang around on this Fuzz Club release of Mademoiselle! This 2010 record was only ever released online before, so this is the first opportunity to get a physical copy of this particular strain of lo-fi psych-folk. CD and 1000-c...view item »


As a life long fan of Bolivian psych-rock, I was naturally sceptical of Vuelveteloca, the supposed legends of Chilean psych-rock. Yet here they are, on Fuzz Club Records with their fifth album Sonora, smashing the doomiest, most stoned rock together with the hyper connectivity of a heavy metal Kraftwerk operating suicidal sevent...view item »

The Underground Youth
Fuzz Club Session

As The Underground Youth were touring their eighth album, What Kind OF Dystopian Hellhole Is This? They dropped in at the studios of London-based label, Fuzz Club. As with previous Fuzz Club recordings, it was a celebration of all things analogue, putting the live band directly onto tape. This raw interpretation makes the Berlin...view item »

New Candys
Bleeding Magenta

After two albums and several years of touring with the likes of Slowdive, The Vaccines and Savages, dark psych-rockers New Candys release their third album, Bleeding Magenta. Whilst the music is brooding, it is imbued with enough pop sensibility, fuzz and atmospherics to make th...view item »
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Fuzz Club Session

RMFTM are the Dutch guys who love both motorik post-krautrock and proper Detroit-style techno! Here on their installment of Fuzz Club’s live-in-the-studio Fuzz Club Session series, the group do not hold ba...view item »

Holy Wave
Fuzz Club Session

Following the release of their 2016 LP, Holy Wave have been taken in by Fuzz Club to create another Fuzz Club Session. The band has moved on from their previous garage rock vibe towards a much more 1960’s psychedelic-rock sort of sound, a great little transition for the band. Available on vinyl LP....view item »

Our Mother Was A Plant

Hot on the heels of their 2016 debut LP, Gioele Valenti’s JuJu are back with eight more wacky tracks. As well as plenty of the classic psych-rock subject matter - man’s relationship with nature, shamanism, that sort of thing - Our Mother Was A Plant also touches plenty on the refugee crisis currently having ...view item »

Acid Baby Jesus
Lilac Days

Greek garage-rockers Acid Baby Jesus return from Athens after 3 years with their 3rd album, Lilac Days. The four-piece manage to distil warm, fuzzy 60s psych-pop and infuse mystic Eastern folkology with the dirt and grit of classic rock 'n roll -- these guys love the likes of The Stooges as much as Ravi Shankar. Well, s...view item »

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3

Some bygone righteousness on The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3. Another top draw compilation from those cats at Fuzz Club, with four sides of pure mysticism. One for the serious revivalist, full of tripped out acidic guitars, spirit cleansing drones, horns, drums and all the requirements needed for enlightenment. Sounds of the past an...view item »

The Underground Youth

Psychedelic shape-shifters the Underground Youth release a hundred thousand records a year so it's important they keep things fresh; with this repress of 2011's Delirium that's actually achieved by going back to their original sound, a low-key and slow-cooked psych rock with hints of blues and stoned-out space...view item »

Sonic Jesus

As we know too easily psych rock will never die. Labels like Fuzz Club and Rocket are bringing all kinds of shades of it to our attention. Take Sonic Jesus for example. The brain child of one Tiziano Veronese out of Italy. On his second album he matches the earlier barrage of gruesome psych with a newfound pop sensibility with p...view item »

The Oscillation / 10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 9

The Oscillation and 10,000 Russos join forces to produce 14 minutes of distorted and sinister psychedelia. Titled Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No.9, the coming together of two pioneers doesn't disappoint as their murky and avant-garde brainchild is an exhilarating and fuzz...view item »

Spirit Valley

Amsterdam’s very own Spirit Valleys have released a cracking new nine-track full length record entitled Negatives. A cross over of Ian Curtis-esque vocals and the gothic fuzz of Dead Skeletons makes this record a really good listen and an essential in the psych/pop record collection. Available on ...view item »
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Saccades is in fact Nicholas Wood, he of The KVB. When that band took a break last summer, Wood snuck in a bit of recording time in order to craft his debut solo record, and now here it is! Compared to his other work, Saccades is brighter, dreamier and poppier, very eff...view item »


Fuzz Club begin to sonically diversify the fuzz with new band NONN, who cover coldwave and post-punk territory reminiscent of Suicide and New Order. If you're expecting endless psych dirges, then you'll probably be refreshed by this debut release from a band that's taking the label to fresh places. There's more to life than psych??...view item »
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Tales of Murder and Dust
The Flow In Between

Tales Of Murder And Dust are a band of heavy Danes who have moved into darker and weightier territory with each release. The Flow In Between was apparently ‘forged’ on an island whose name translates to ‘Death’, which appears to have seeped into the ma...view item »

The Underground Youth
A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape

This hazy and ambient collection of instrumentals is A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape, thought up by Berlin creative The Underground Youth aka Craig Dyer. The release was intended to accompany a short story, awash with damming and fateful melancholy, that was never f...view item »
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The Gluts

Italian crew The Gluts have a second album to show off, and it comes at you even noisier than ever. The good thing about The Gluts is that they know just how far they can push that pysch-rock-punk sound into the regions of noise-collapse, making for an intense rollercoaster listen. Estasi is out on Fuzz...view item »

Fuzz Club Session

Michigan based four piece Heaters pack a whole lotta surf fuzz energy. After a few full lengths on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records and Dizzybird Records London based label Fuzz Club had them over into their studio for some live sessions laid down on some truly analog equipment. Rough, ready, driving and warm as hell....view item »

New Candys
As Medicine

New Candys’ 2015 record As Medicine here receives a welcome reissue on deluxe vinyl with new artwork. Heavy motorik psych-rock is the name of the game, with everything swimming around in an oozy sea of delay, decay and fuzzy distortion. You know the drill. As Medicine is reissued by the dependable Fuzz Cl...view item »

A Place To Bury Strangers / The Telescopes
Split Single No. 6

More Fuzz Club split single action, this time extolling the rather more industrial sounds to normal of A Place To Bury Strangers. Blazing, gritty stuff it is too. They are teamed up with The Telescopes, whose foreboding little cover of The Stooges pairs fabulously. 10 more inches of top action ...view item »
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The Cult Of Dom Keller
Goodbye To The Light

Filling the footsteps of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with their amplifier-worship, The Cult of Dom Keller only care about sounding like a huge lumbering stone giant. If ever there was a fitting title to their album, it would be Goodbye to the Light, because their sound is so massiv...view item »

The Black Ryder
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

The Black Ryder’s debut album Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride was released the first time around in 2009. These two Australians managed to swirl up a whole ocean of psych-shoegaze, rich with all the noisy-melodic flavours that we ‘gaze fans love so dearly. Reissued by Fuzz Club in an edition of 800 double LPs ...view item »

Tales of Murder and Dust
Hallucination Of Beauty

Re-issued by London label Fuzz Club on limited edition 180g black vinyl, Tales of Murder and Dust are back with their first LP, “Hallucination of Beauty”, originally released in 2012. Indeed, the Danish band, whose seismic amalgam of varied instrumentation and hallucinogenic psychedelia, return with this climactic heavyweight of an a...view item »

10,000 Russos
Distress Distress

10,000 Russos cast another album of darkly fuzzed-up psych-rock into the world. This one is distinguished by its techno-industrial throb and the tendency to push the echoed vocals so far back in the mix you feel like it might be bleeding through from the other side of the record. 10,000 Russos’ second albu...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Locomotive (Remixed By Sonic Boom)

Following up popular debut album Neither Virtue Or Anger, Sonic Jesus now land a quick and sharp little 7” single on eager audiences. One exclusive new track, and an exciting remix of Locomotive by Sonic Boom, aka Spectrum and a founder of Spacemen 3. He ...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Live In Rome

Not quite live as in not in front of a studio audience but live in a studio in Rome. The band wandered in shuffled about then proceeded to blow the engineers mind with two tracks off their debut album 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger'. An album described as 'incredible' on the press release and worthy of a 7/10 review from us. Expect otherworldly psych...view item »

10,000 Russos
10000 Russos

Hailing from the economically barren Portuguese coast, 10000 Russos create haunting, droning and scary psychrock. Inspired by didgeridoos and empty shopping malls, their self-titled debut brings six tracks and 43 minutes of thumping drums and unsettling groaning. In other words, a welcome guest in today’s psych-scene. Limi...view item »

10,000 Russos
Fuzz Club Session

10,000 Russos, a Portuguese band, offer up a live-in-the-studio session for release on the Fuzz Club label. The band are playing songs here, but they aren’t too hung up on song structure: loooooong droning intros are very welcome here. 10,000 Russos’ Fuzz Club Session is pressed to heavyweig...view item »
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The Underground Youth
What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?

The Underground Youth deliver their eighth album, the cheerfully (and topically?) titled What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? Those gloomy vibes are transmitted to the listener via goth-vocalled, shoegaze-guitared post-punk music. The songwriting standards are very high, ...view item »

Singapore Sling
Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)

Singapore Sling are one of Iceland’s premier purveyors of psychedelic music: they’ve been vibing hard for nine albums and seventeen years now. Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) is a particularly messed-up version of their sound, with their gnarly rock chug bein...view item »

The Third Sound
Gospels of Degeneration

The Third Sound are a strong indie-psych band with Brian Jonestown Massacre associations: they’ve toured together, and Tess Parks appears on one of these new tracks. Gospels of Degeneration is their third album. Released as a CD or as delicious-looking ‘Coke Bottle’ st...view item »

Al Lover

If you are going to tread in the tracks of the greats for the sheer joy of the resulting sound, why bother disguising where you are coming from? Al Lover embraces the mighty twin pillars of Neu! and Suicide by na...view item »
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Shaun Nunutzi heads up Tau, taking a well-earned sabbatical from touring his crusher monotony with Dead Skeletons. Following up from the Wirikuta EP, he works with Gerald Pasqualin for a quickly made, easily done 'n' dusted collection of psych folk tunes -- I imagine there might be some r...view item »

Has A Shadow
Sorrow Tomorrow

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Has A Shadow release their second full-length dark offering of gothic, grunged-out post-punk on a black, 180gm slab of vinyl. And CD. Theirs is a sound that haunts and stalks the night, with stark, eerie vocal chants and murky bass rhythms serving as undercurrents to moonlit riffs and scuzz of &...view item »

Radar Men From The Moon
Strange Wave Galore

Those lovely people at the Fuzz Club have sent us this platter of crunchy psychedelic spacekraut by Eindhoven's Radar Men From The Moon and it's on very snazzy looking black and white splatter vinyl. Once you stop staring at it and put it on your record player you get to hear the trio cutting loose with some cosmic rock which moves from patient ...view item »
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The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4

The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4 is a powerful round-up of the vividly flourishing European psych scene, put together by the Fuzz Club label, who certainly know what they’re doing. Twelve tracks, from artists including Soft Walls, The Oscillation, My Invisible Friend and Pre...view item »

My Invisible Friend
My Invisible Friend EP

Glorious! There’s driving noisy rock, hi-fidelity pop joy, speedy krautrock rhythms, and moment of discordant spaciness. Italian trio My Invisible Friend push all this together into long expansive tracks that push the 18 minute mark and fuse the walls of sound of My Bloody Valentine with the pace of ...view item »

Throw Down Bones
Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones are a fresh new coldwave duo with a harsh industrial edge to them, and this self-titled record is their debut full-length. It isn’t only cold synthesisers they use however: there is a notable bass guitar heft to the sound, and you sure can shuffle to this. CD and vinyl on Fuzz Club....view item »

Dead Skeletons
Live In Berlin

Dead Skeletons played the first show of Berlin’s restored SO36, opening proceedings in style with ecstatic psychedelic drone-rock. Live In Berlin is available as a CD, or as a lushly-packaged double vinyl set pressed to coloured wax, wherein the D-side is attractively screen-printed. 1000 copies on Fuzz Club....view item »

The Wands
Faces EP

Here come Swedish psych guys the Wands with a 10" on 10" loving label Fuzz Club. Nothing can prepare you for how much the vocals sound like Suede but they match Brett Anderson's whinny with big dark psych rock that reminds us of the Doors. So cosmic that they even have that word...view item »

Sonic Jesus
Sonic Jesus EP

Indies only coloured vinyl re-issue EP from Italy's psychedelic noisemeisters Sonic Jesus. Originally released in 2010, it sold out almost instantly. Heavy, droney, shoe-gazey psych rock at its finest. Debut album 'Neither Virtue nor Anger' got some great critical attention and this is just as loud. ...view item »

Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked

Part 2 in a promised trilogy of albums from Radar Men From The Moon (or RMFTM if you are in a hurry). Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked starts off with a steady droning, but soon surprises with a big groovy motorik-party beat. And from there, we’re off into a psychedelic melange of heavy propo...view item »

The Myrrors / Cult Of Dom Keller
Fuzz Club 10" Split Single No. 7

This is the seventh release in the Fuzz Club 10" split single series featuring Arizona experimental psychedelic rock band The Myrrors and Nottingham DIY sound experimenters Cult Of Dom Keller. The Myrrors began as something of an underground phenomenon via YouTube with their first album ‘Burning Circles in the Sky’ finally getting pi...view item »
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White Hills / RMFTM
Split Single No. 8

A very limited vinyl 10” split from the Fuzz Club label. Split Single No. 8 sees RMFTM contributing a psychedelic piece of industrial-drone full of colossal guitars and hazy textures, whilst White Hills give us a stoner epic of blues riffs and dizzying feedback. This is mo...view item »

One Unique Signal

On Hoopsnake, One Unique Signal prove that they are the heaviest and most repetitive noise-rock band in existence. Every song on the album is built from a single crushingly loud and minimal riff that is explored, destroyed and rebuilt by a range of collaborators and gear. Somehow they turn a single riff into a work of art....view item »

Radar Men From The Moon
Subversive I

Radar Men From The Moon are, not entirely surprisingly, a space-rock band, travellers on psychedelic lunar pathways. With lots of distortion and riffs.. On debut Subversive I they keep it instrumental, to let the power of the band’s sound really fly unimpeded Just 500 copies of this 12” out there, released b...view item »

Dead Rabbits
The Ticket That Exploded

This is the debut album of British band Dead Rabbits, first released in 2013 and now back in circulation courtesy of Fuzz Club. True to the label, The Ticket That Exploded is full of hazed fuzz-rock: bleak lyrics seek comfort in warm organ drones and throbbing rhythms. The LP edition of this reissue is limited to 500 co...view item »

Singapore Sling
Psych Fuck

Icelandic group Singapore Sling pin their flag quite firmly to the mask with this title and that sleeve art: Psych Fuck emblazed in giant capital letters. There’s more to this record than a garagey torrent however: the group have a great feel for dark, simmering, Suicide-esque vibes. Out on the Fu...view item »

The Orange Revival

The Orange Revival make psychedelic, droning blues rock. Futurecent is a slab of acid-soaked fuzz, buzz and thump that recalls The Stooges and Brian Jonestown Massacre. To add more authenticity to their sound Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectru...view item »

Wirikuta EP

Psychedelic trip-tunes here from TAU, formerly of Dead Skeletons. His EP Wirikuta is deeply inspired by the desert, specifically the deserts of North-West Mexico, where it is implied that he has had some wild experiences. Some of the tracks build on traditional medicine songs, some build that vibe up fr...view item »

The Black Angels / Sonic Jesus
Fuzz Club Split Single No. 5

In this edition of the Fuzz Club split single series, both bands are given a side of 10 inch vinyl to loosen up with a single long song. The Black Angels psych it up with a mid-pace stomper, whilst Italians Sonic Jesus up the haze quotient. Fifth record in this limited series, with sleeves black...view item »
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The Reverb Conspiracy Volume II

Once again the awesome London label Fuzz Club Records have come up with another great release! This time it is in the form of a compilation of many great bands mostly in the psychedelic and shoe gaze genre. One of my personal highlights is the great opening track by the band The Janitors called "Mssg" which is an exciting great trac...view item »
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The Underground Youth
Beautiful & Damned

New 10" vinyl from The Underground Youth. When The XX began I wonder if they would have envisaged the current woebegone revival they seemed to have sprouted? This is about as self pitying that one could possible get. Reverby guitars, mournful lyrical content, sparse electronics and driving percussion. It's all things Robert Smit...view item »
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The Underground Youth

Craig Dyer-fronted The Underground Youth play an understated, post-punkish, cinematic take on psychedelic rock. First released in 2010 on CDr, Fuzz Club give 'Sadovaya' the 180g vinyl treatment it deserves, in white too. Aficionados of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, The KVB, etc. will find plenty to like here. Limited to 400....view item »
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Alan Vega / The Vacant Lots
Split Single No. 4

This is the fourth in the "Split Single Series" from Fuzz Club Records featuring rock and roll legends paired with new up and coming acts. This 10" comes in an edition of just 400 copies.  So here is legendary Suicide man Alan Vega with Vermont lo-fi psychsters The Vacant Lots. This is Vega's first recording in quite some time ...view item »
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The Wands
The Dawn

Stoner undulations from haze-mongers The Wands. The Dawn is hot off the current psychedelic-americana renaissance that appears to be in full swing. Both tracks sound like Ryan Adams, The Doors and The Beta Band got left behind after closing time. Some Indian sounds in there too, why not? Out on vinyl LP and CD from Fuzz...view item »
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Singapore Sling
The Tower Of Foronicity

On their seventh record, Singapore Sling deliver a nice bout of shoegaze with deeply-sighed lyrics (because that's the only way you can be heard through feedback -- when your vocals sound like more of it) and yawning guitar riffs. 'The Tower Of Foronicity' continues the band's smoke-and-mirrors renaissance with little fuss but a lot of heart....view item »
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Lola Colt
Away From The Water

London sextet Lola Colt have a debut album here, produced by Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos. They've been making waves with their dramatic psych-droning darkpop sound led by a steel-lunged hippie-rock diva which is a bit Grace Slick, a bit Florence, a bit Siouxsie & the Banshees, a bit PJ Harvey. Their debut single was very impressive so hopefully t...view item »

Electric Eye
Pick Up, Lift Off, Space, Time

Here’s a great little mini LP from Norway’s Electric Eye on the Fuzz Club label. This is full-on bluesy space rock with more emphasis on the rock then the usual stuff, ‘6 am’ is like an instrumental (ahem!) Kula Shaker...please don’t let ...view item »
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Dead Skeletons

Stoner rock ritualists Dead Skeletons have another limited 12” this week in ‘Buddha-Christ’, which comes in a fancy gatefold sleeve and boasts two songs on its 45rpm A side and a screenprint on the B side.They’ve really put the effort in where presentation is concer...view item »
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