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Glyn Hendry
Escape Club 99

  • Vinyl 12" (POLY009)

Raft Living

Raft Living is the new EP from brothers Truss & Tessela who make up Overmono. In these tracks you will find breakbeats, 130 bpm hardcore jungle, and an earworm to die for. This is the first time the brothers have recorded for their own Poly Kicks label as Overmono and it’s follow-up to the Arla EPs which came out via XL in 2017.

Hackney Parrot (10_Ton_Mix) / Headland

Blade Runner, Twin Peaks - everything’s game for a reboot these days, and why should Tessela’s world beating breakbeat revival monster be any different? Four years on from the original release of “Hackney Parrot” this new “10 Ton Mix” decides the best course of action is to chop the parts up, scatter the remains over a relentlessly rolling break and chuck in some fresh synth flashes for good measure. “Headland” meanwhile goes all-out ‘UK techno’ on our arses, riding the loops and pads like it ain’t no thing.

Sorbet / Diving

A firm and thorough pair of productions from Tessela. Both Sorbet and Diving are minimal in their construction but seriously heavy in their impact. Diving is perhaps especially notable, as it was apparently built out of five different takes of a single break, grabbed from Lynn Collins’ track ‘Think’. 12” release on Poly Kicks.

50 Locked Grooves

True to its billing, here are 50 Locked Grooves from Truss. Using a drum synth and an Octatrack, the producer has come up with 50 micro-tracks that will play on and on and on if you let em’. For extra flexibility, the set comes with 2 12”s of the same material (though at different tempos), so you can play the loops up against each other! What a fun tool to play with. On Poly Kicks.

Haroon Mirza
50 Locked Grooves

Yes that’s right, 50 Locked Grooves make up this record, meaning that you’ll need to actively interact with it if you want more than 3 seconds of music at a time. Haroon Mirza’s packaging encourages this, by including 2 12” copies of the same material: play them together to set loops against each other and see what happens! On Poly Kicks.

With Patsy / Swimming

2 new cuts from producer Tessela, operating with as much dancefloor techno strength as you could hope for. With Patsy features what sounds like a mechanical beast rearing up within it, and Swimming is a rhythmically complex thing. Both are built with a nimble touch. 12” on the Poly Kicks label.

Luv Mix

Following perhaps 2013’s most hyped single, Hackney Parrot, Tessela returns to his Poly Kicks label. This vinyl 12” is more of his unique brand of playful, hardcore continuum experimentation. Luv Mix and Tenner Eclipse splice together tough techno drums and rolling jungle bass-lines, but always in unexpected ways.
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