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This is a lot better than song titles like ‘Stepped in Shit’ and ‘Pissed Myself Twice’ might have you believe. ‘Flushing Problems’ (....yeah, I know) comes across a little like a punkier take on Devo’s jerky music or at other points a grittier man Bis....view item »

8 Girls

Alumni of Total Control, Dick Diver, School Of Radiant Living and Mick Harvey Band make up Terry, and that list should assure you, without any doubt, that this will be high-grade indie pop-punk from people who know their business. 8 Girls doesn’t ...view item »

Order of Operation

Garage rock duo Jake Robertson and Billy Gardner thrive off a backbone of furious guitar-drum exchanges, some truly juvenile synths and super saccharine vocals that make them Ty Seagall's twee equivalent. A collection of sparkly clean punk exercises for the most part, 'Order of Operation' presents a gleefully silly band making well-calculat...view item »

Band Of The Future

Although their press release locates themselves outside of most vaguely relevant genres, I’d have to identify Ausmuteants as punk / post-punkish, with a vigourous slab of synth right there in the middle of it. Band Of The Future is their fourth full-length, all shouty and punchy. Released on the Aaarght! Records l...view item »

Leather Towel
Leather Towel IV

Leather Towel. That's a great name for a band. Imagine trying to dry yourself on a Leather Towel? Anyway these lads all emerged out of various Melbourne punk rock bands and have come together to make what the press release describes as a 'clanging mess' and the most bonkers release the label has ever released. Promising.  ...view item »

Shit Love

I’m going to throw some names at you, and you are going to guess what kind of music might lie behind them. Cuntz, Leather Lickers, Bits Of Shit: members of all these bands are now in Wh...view item »

Parallax Error

Heirophants are an Australian rock group with strong garage leanings and a fondness for brevity. Parallax Error bounces along neatly, occasionally disrupting itself as in ‘Nervous Tic’s weird psychedelic electro-organ breakdown. Very welcome. Released by Aarght! Released on pink and black vinyl and due ...view item »


Get knocked over by some honest-to-god, present day No Wave! Exhaustion doesn't know what year it is which is absolutely a good thing, with some eschatological guitar abstractions and grizzly un-riffage. Take what you know about guitars and throw it out of the window like a TV cop who refuses to play by the rules....view item »

Ooga Boogas
Ooga Boogas

In my ignorance I hadn’t been aware of this band before today, but they contain members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control, The Onyas and The Sailors and this is their second LP so I guess I just don’t have my finger o...view item »

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