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Marquis Hawkes
The Marquis of Hawkes

Like many of today’s electronic artists, Marquis Hawkes bases himself in Berlin. On his new album The Marquis Of Hawkes he takes us on a journey through beatless drones, deep dub, body jerkers and some retro bass jabs. Jamie Lidell and Ursula Rucker make guest appearances. Double LP on Hou...view item »

Here From Where We Are

Pariah makes his long-awaited return with his even-longer-awaited debut LP. The reason that the one born Arthur Cayzer has taken so long to drop Here From Where We Are is down to the fact that, after getting a little jaded by music, he took time to rediscover the sounds that really made him tick. As such, this record is...view item »

Special Request
Belief System

Special Request is Paul Woolford’s project for exploring his love of raved-up pirate radio, and new album Belief System is something of an epic relea...view item »

Aisha Devi
DNA Feelings

Danse Noire co-founder Aisha Devi drops the follow-up to Of Matter And Spirit via Houndstooth. In DNA Feelings, Devi has created a visceral LP which bends rave styles to her will. The manner in which the sounds of the club are re-purposed as platforms for Devi’s powerful ...view item »

Soft as Snow
Deep Wave

They may be called Soft as Snow (cue My Bloody Valentine comparisons) but in fact this Norwegian band are more in tune with the industrial and coldwave groups of the early 80s. Think Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle-influenced clank matched with IDM, techno and something of ...view item »

Call Super

Fresh from a collaborative 12” with Beatrice Dillon, here is the new full-length statement from Call Super. Arpo is his second album, and it inhabits that super-textured ambient-leaning techno space that we’ve come to love from the producer. Eleven tracks deployed across CD and double LP edi...view item »

Second Storey
Lucid Locations

After releases on R&S and Trust, Second Storey returns to Houndstooth for his second full length album. Lucid Locations forces identity into the forefront, shifting itself from angular and fiery percussion to ambient abstracted glitches down to a Drexciya inspired groove. A genre mixer with bass and...view item »

They Remixes

18+ generously handed over a load of stems to some respected producers, and what they got back is represented on They Remixes. Suicideyear, Mr. Mitch, Tia Maria and Audri Nix do the duties, representing sounds from trap to grime and countries from Puert...view item »

Shift Work
Document II

Shift Work are a pair of analogue synth tweakers making tightly flowing pieces of hypnotising arpeggiations. Document II contains Two Shift Work originals and two remixes, one a slowed down jam from DVA Damas and one a quintessentially Factory Floor-esque Factor...view item »

Throwing Snow
Mosaic VIPs

Three tracks from Throwing Snow’s full length LP Mosaic, remixed for Record Store Day. On this limited edition EP (340 for the UK and Ireland) his tracks have attained a catchy feel, geared towards opening sets or the last songs you listen to before you head out to the party. A must-have for the collectors!...view item »

Snow Ghosts
A Wrecking

Some genre bending from Snow Ghosts. A Wrecking is the second full length from the trio. This one sets to be a journey into layered vocals, wilting synthesisers, electronics and acoustic instruments working in sinister harmony. Mixing dark electronica with folk-ish melodies and expansive arrangements. Out...view item »

Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow is a County Durham project, pulling field recordings of the local area into the middle of the sound, until synth and landscape become a fine-grained blend. Embers is a semi-aleatoric piece of process music, but it is also damn groovy, reaching peak-hour dancefloor levels of ecstasy at some points. CD and d...view item »

Snow Ghosts

British folktronica duo Snow Ghosts' latest offering is a collation of their two 2016 single releases, Lied and Vetiver. The release also includes a bonus remix from noise artist Prurient. Formed in 2008 as a merger of their aliases Throwing Snow and Aug...view item »


Once anonymous duo 18+ return to Houndstooth for their sophomore album following 2014’s Trust. Recording and collaborating split between Berlin and Honolulu Justin Swinburne and Samia Mirza pour this separation into their work together. Sonically sounding like The Streets...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Social Housing

Proper house for proper dancers, with a huge bounce to the kick drums and a rubbery boogie in the synth-lines. Marquis Hawkes works wonders on his debut full-length album, pulling together the different strands of his beloved genre into a triumphant whole, including disco-leaning tracks and vocal ...view item »

Guy Andrews
Our Spaces

Guy Andrews became frustrated with his musical direction. His DJ sets weren’t quite doing it for him anymore. Starting from a clean slate with his debut album Our Spaces, he has created an album of electronica that shakes of the shackles of working within one genre. Our Spaces balances aggressiveness with...view item »

Aisha Devi
Of Matter and Spirit

Aisha Devi is a producer who stands somewhat apart from most of her peers. Of Matter And Spirit mixes Devi’s unusual vocals with hovering synth patterns to make tracks that skirt up against much contemporary electronic songcraft whilst remaining crucially different. A spiritual trip well worth you...view item »

HTH040 (Regis / Fis Remixes)

Finally pressed to vinyl due to great demand, ‘HTH040’ is the final chapter in Akkord’s ‘HTH035’ package consisting of two remixes, both sourced with elements of tracks from the ‘HTH020’ EP. The first track is a left field experiment in drum and bass drone, the second an atmospheric sludgy arrangement of...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Raw Materials

Dancefloor beat pioneer Marquis Hawkes’ latest release ‘Raw Materials’ revisits the primal house rhythms he made a name for himself with during his time with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Citing influences such as house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt and Roy Davis Jr, ‘Raw Materials’ title track is a dreamy analogue...view item »


Reminiscent of Cex or Hrvatski dropping acid, HTH035 features time-warping beats, paranoid pads and an inexplicable catchiness to it all. Akkord is here remixed by Fis and OG Regis, the first leaning more towards the psychedelic electronica, the latter responsible for a slowed and disto...view item »


Single the second from 18+’s Trust album. Dry is a slinky beast, trapped up percussion production poured over a sexy core. 18+ turns out to be an appropriate name for the duo: this is suggestive stuff, highly stylised and monochrome. Pretty compelling aesthetic all round. This 7” si...view item »

Throwing Snow

A gooey tart of electronics and acoustics from Throwing Snow. There is a lot to be said for Avarice; loads of drones and violins set the mood, whilst some sort of Oud shit and a grumpy sub-fart plow along the bottom of this slow-mo trip-hopper. Don't worry, they actually sound great together. Out on 12" vinyl from Hound...view item »


Menacing techno 12" vinyl from Houndstooth label. HTH030 are two reworks of Akkord's HTH020 EP, via The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. Taking the HTH020 tracks a their own weird and foreboding directions, HTH030 sees both artists showcasing their esoteric production models, churning out two c...view item »


18+ return from mixtape hell with a whole lot of fresh ideas and their debut record, 'Trust'. The duo spend most of the record's runtime breathing and hyperventilating over delicate and sensual electro-pop tunes, leaving the textures and eclectic amples sparse and intimate, their vocals rising and falling against solid ground. Not for the faint ...view item »

Soft as Snow
Glass Body Remixed

Houndstooth makes way for their old friends Soft as Snow, a duo whose name doesn't quite fit with the next-generation, sci-fi sounds they bring to their electro-pop. 'Glass Body Remixed' takes one of their prime cuts and reroutes it twice; first, Lucy of Stroboscopic Artefacts unleashes it onto the floor, and then Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey ex...view item »

Call Super
Suzi Ecto

Call Super is Joe Seaton, a Berlin-based house and techno newbie about to release his anticipated debut record 'Suzi Ecto' for Houndstooth Records, an in-house of Fabric (pretty sure we're all familiar with that one, right?) where his EPs have been appearing. Seaton and Houndstooth have warned that 'Suzi Ecto' is gonna b...view item »

Second Storey
Shaman Champagne

Alec Storey ditches the comedy name for something a little more sensible and delivers a kicking, dark cosmic techno freak-out that has its roots still slightly submerged in the outer reaches of what was once dubstep but spikes his Shaman Champagne with some filthy old warehouse dust and mind-spangling trippy ephemera. Another track wor...view item »


"Minimal but nice". I'm liking this 12" Smoky late night dub-inflected atmospherics. The opening track 'Gravure' is like smoke twirling off a 'funny' cigarette and colliding with a set of windchimes. Really 3AM after-the-party stuff. 'Continuum' get the party going again with some classic drum & bass moves. 'Typeface' is also beat driven &nb...view item »

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