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Project Pablo
There’s Always More At The Store

Six months on from his first release on Ninja Tune sub-label Technicolour - the excellent Hope You’re Well EP - and Project Pablo is back with the follow-up. Once more the Montreal producer serves up some breezy - but not lightweight - house jams on There’s Always More A...view item »

Theory of Colours - Versions

Dauwd revisits his Theory of Colours album with an EP that investigates and reconsiders three of its tracks in four different ways. Rouge Mecanique remixes...view item »
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Minimal Violence
MVX / U41A

After releasing via labels like Lobster Theremin and 1080p, Vancouver’s DIY techno duo Minimal Violence turn up on Ninja Tune's club-orientated sub-label Technicolour. The group’s name sets the scene nicely for these two brooding rave tunes which mix...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings
A​.​R​.​E. Project

Ever-prolific techno stargazer Hieroglyphic Being continues his endless trajectory on a collaboration with drummer Sarathy Korwar, who has previously made records involving both Sidi folk music and electronic fusion. Also on the record is saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, the three a...view item »
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Project Pablo
Hope You’re Well

Canadian producer Patrick Holland’s Project Pablo has had releases on 1080p, Let’s Play House, Spring Theory, and Club Lonely with his energetic deep house productions. On hi...view item »

Machine Woman
When Lobster Comes Home

Machine Woman is an actual woman (unlike Machine Drum who may be many things but is certainly no drum) who makes splendidly innovative electronica influenced by late night listening. It's chopped, melodic and haunting and she has a way with crazy, lengthy song titles. Get on board -- you won't be disappointed by...view item »
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Peggy Gou
Seek For Maktoop

A luxuriously produced trio of electro nuggets makes up Peggy Gou's dancefloor-ready EP - Seek For Maktoop. Characterised by juddering apreggios, sweeping synth flurries and glugging basslines, the offering provides every justification for the Korean-born producer's rising star status in the Berli...view item »
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Hieroglyphic Being
This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View

A the title claims on This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno Hieroglyphic Being brings two storming tracks that aren’t just looking back at the birth and growth of rave culture and appropriating but taking it on and using it’s tremendous freedom of creativity to unleash these free thinking techno slammers. ...view item »
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Theory of Colours

Renown to create a techno and house meld that's equally as enjoyable in both home and club environments, Dauwd returns with seven-track release: Theory of Colours. As a producer with Iraqi roots and who was born in the US, raised in Wales and based in London, his sprawling influence...view item »

Symbolic Use Of Light

A full album of music from UMFANG, the producer behind the Discwoman label and the Technofeminism residency. Symbolic Use Of Light’s nine tracks are sleek, precise, and adventurous, mapping out a form of techno that is comfortable inverting the usual forms. Symbolic Use Of Light is released on Technicolou...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
The Disco's Of Imhotep

Jamal Moss has never been shy with releasing music (how many aliases does he have again?), but word is that new Hieroglyphic Being full-length The Disco’s Of Imhotep is a proper statement, worth serious attention. It certainly has that hypnotic blown-out Being vibe, pitched toward...view item »

Jay Daniel
Broken Knowz

What's this? House's rising star Jay Daniel is releasing a full album? I'd say that he's risen to new heights, but his house is deep. Deep down low in smoky basements. The smoke has been upped on this one, with an emphasis on jazzier vibes that stray pretty far from the dangerous lounge territory, retaining natural drum sounds, rhodes-esque...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
The Fourth Dimensions of a Nubian Mystic

Recently voted "The Worst DJ Of All Time" by some disappointed club-goers who couldn't deal with how real he was, Hieroglyphic Being continues to do literally whatever he wants with another smattering of good old acid. This 12" continues to prove Jamal Moss a titan of whatever he wants, with jazz percussion on the b-side and the same old house p...view item »
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Florian Kupfer

Florian Kupfer has had a busy and respectable couple of years, dropping fine platters on labels like L.I.E.S. and Russian Torrent Versions. Now he’s got another set of thoughtfully put-together hardware tracks: the ratio on Unfinished is 3 parts simmering club action and 1 part beatless odyssey. 12” released...view item »
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Nathan Melja
No No No

Straight outta Paris, here comes Nathan Melja. No No No contains 4 tracks that will act as sheer power-fuel for any dancefloor wise enough to deploy them, with amazing drum bounce and a smooth bass-flow that would make many a producer envious. Released by Ninja Tune’s 12”-focussed spin-off enterprise Technic...view item »
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Dollar EP

4 new tracks from Newcastle producer NY*AK. The Dollar EP was made on a delicious array of vintage analogue synths and drum machines, and the sonic feel throughout is warm, slippery and plenty groovy. Featuring guest-work from Mark Hand, Misumami and Ian Blevins. 12&rdq...view item »

Romantic Psychology 1

First ever full-length release under the Levantis name. The name might be new to you, but you’ve almost certainly heard this producer’s material before (Whisper it, but this just might be Actress…). Romantic Psychology 1 has 11 tracks of expanding murky electronics, with that expert t...view item »

Anaconda Flow

Legowelt AKA producer and performer, Danny Wolfers, has represented many different dance sub-genres. All of which have had his identifying stamp and been executed with a touch of class. His dynamic approach keeps him relevant without him having to follow every trend. His latest EP, Anaconda Flow demonstrates his approac...view item »
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Florian Kupfer

An atmospheric set of tracks here on Explora the latest dance  outpouring from Florian Kupfer. The track titles suggest violence and darkness, and this is something the music subtly edges towards, holding back from the brink but near enough to activate your nerves. Released on Technicolour, a Ninja Tune imprint....view item »
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We Decide Who Comes In

U keeps their identity under wraps, but that hardly matters when they put themselves out there like U does on this record. We Decide Who Comes In is a firm collection of tracks that you can practically feel reverberating around the big room in a major techno club, even if you are listening at home on he...view item »
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London based record label Technicolour sees the return of BNJMN with ‘IV’, following releases on Rush Hour and Stolen Kisses. Comprised of three distinct off kilter techno tracks, this 12” showcases BNJMN&rsquo...view item »


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