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Yu Su
Watermelon Woman

Watermelon Woman by Yu Su is her most dancefloor focused release for a couple of years. Last time she went in this direction was with 2017’s Infi Love - the track that got her noticed. Watermelon Woman is inspired by Herbie Hancock’s classic, Watermelon Man. It will be released on Technicolour - a Ninja Tune imprint.
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  • Technicolour

Minimal Violence

Massive techno with ridiculous arena synths and squares riding the bass lines. Pretty old school sound that also approaches perhaps even the hardstyle flavor from Minimal Violence. The duo, consisting of Vancouver local heroes Ashlee Luk and Lida P, covers just about every base of the heavy techno spectrum on their debut album InDreams.

Octo Octa
For Lovers

Octa Octa is one of the leading proponents of emotional house music and here bares her soul once again on a series of tracks which bring real life vulnerabilities to dance music. What we get is exquisite house dub and sensuous loops  -the sort of music that has an uplifting but melancholic quality to it and make you feel better about your own life.  

Theory of Colours

Renown to create a techno and house meld that's equally as enjoyable in both home and club environments, Dauwd returns with seven-track release: Theory of Colours. As a producer with Iraqi roots and who was born in the US, raised in Wales and based in London, his sprawling influences drip feed into this works.
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  • Technicolour

Symbolic Use Of Light

A full album of music from UMFANG, the producer behind the Discwoman label and the Technofeminism residency. Symbolic Use Of Light’s nine tracks are sleek, precise, and adventurous, mapping out a form of techno that is comfortable inverting the usual forms. Symbolic Use Of Light is released on Technicolour, a spin-off label of Ninja Tune.

Hieroglyphic Being
The Disco's Of Imhotep

Jamal Moss has never been shy with releasing music (how many aliases does he have again?), but word is that new Hieroglyphic Being full-length The Disco’s Of Imhotep is a proper statement, worth serious attention. It certainly has that hypnotic blown-out Being vibe, pitched towards dancefloors somewhere in between a Chicago basement and the outer cosmos. Out on Ninja Tune spin-off label Technicolour.

Jay Daniel
Broken Knowz

What's this? House's rising star Jay Daniel is releasing a full album? I'd say that he's risen to new heights, but his house is deep. Deep down low in smoky basements. The smoke has been upped on this one, with an emphasis on jazzier vibes that stray pretty far from the dangerous lounge territory, retaining natural drum sounds, rhodes-esque keys and vocal percussion - yet still so danceable.

Dollar EP

4 new tracks from Newcastle producer NY*AK. The Dollar EP was made on a delicious array of vintage analogue synths and drum machines, and the sonic feel throughout is warm, slippery and plenty groovy. Featuring guest-work from Mark Hand, Misumami and Ian Blevins. 12” vinyl on the Technicolour label.
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Romantic Psychology 1

First ever full-length release under the Levantis name. The name might be new to you, but you’ve almost certainly heard this producer’s material before (Whisper it, but this just might be Actress…). Romantic Psychology 1 has 11 tracks of expanding murky electronics, with that expert touch guiding things. Out on Technicolour.
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  • Technicolour


London based record label Technicolour sees the return of BNJMN with ‘IV’, following releases on Rush Hour and Stolen Kisses. Comprised of three distinct off kilter techno tracks, this 12” showcases BNJMN’s talent for the experimental side of the genre. Housed with new artwork, Technicolour make a surprise turn with this release. 180g vinyl in reverse board house bag. 
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  • Technicolour