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Alice Coltrane
Lord Of Lords

Superior Viaduct with a superior record from a superior artist. Alice Coltrane has finally been getting her dues from the reissue game in recent years, and 1972’s Lord Of Lords is another crucial re-pressing. The last record of the trilogy that includes Universal Consciousness and Wor...view item »

Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina
Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo

Serial reissuephiles Superior Viaduct (Spacemen 3, The Mekons) get hold of the rights to this rare slice of Italian avant-gardism. Francesco Messina’s title composition for Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo is a woozy stroll through various New Age and post-min...view item »

John Bender
Pop Surgery

Pop Surgery was the last album German eccentric John Bender recorded. It was originally released in 1982. He brought together tape experiments, drum machines and analogue sequencers to deconstruct the idea of the pop song - Pop Surgery perhaps containing his best attempts at doing so. Fans of Suicide, Th...view item »

Steve Reich

What collection of the great works of Steve Reich would be complete without the mighty Drumming? The piece, scored for a percussion ensemble of marimbas, glockenspiels, tuned bongos etc., moves beautifully through an array of rhythms and counter-rhythms, following Reich’s simple-but-complex patter...view item »

This Kind Of Punishment
This Kind Of Punishment

Following the demise of their previous band Nocturnal Projections, New Zealand brothers Peter and Graeme Jeffries began to deconstruct their post punk sound into something more pastoral and intimate. This became the handful of recordings they made as This Kind of Punishment. This is superb, intimate and thoughtf...view item »

Glenn Branca
Lesson No.1

Well this is a welcome development. Superior Viaduct have reissued the 1980 debut solo album by everyone's favourite no-wave curmudgeon Glenn Branca, and as a special bonus they've included a second one-sided 12" of 'Bad Smells', originally commissioned as a dance piece in 1982 and featuring the talents of a certain ...view item »

Franco Battiato

Franco Battiato’s 1974 album Clic is back in print thanks to the efforts of Superior Viaduct: check it out. Clic is a ...view item »

William S. Burroughs
Call Me Burroughs

Superior Viaduct reissue William S. Burroughs’ recorded debut, Call Me Burroughs. On this vinyl LP the avant garde master reads from his work. Merging politics, satire, sci-fi, cut-up techniques, beat culture and more, the words are utterly incomparable and Burroughs’ voice is equall...view item »

The Fall
Live At The Witch Trials

Originally released through the legendary punk label Step-Forward in 1979, Live At The Witch Trials by The Fall finally gets the reissue treatment for a new generation of fans. As a debut album it’s rugged and repetitive forging the template that Mark E. Smith would become famous for. Out on 2CD and 180 gram ...view item »

This Kind Of Punishment
A Beard Of Bees

New Zealand's finest gloom brothers, the Jefferies, worked their way around post-punk swirl in a variety of bands and had the pleasure of releasing it for classic labels like Xpressway and the esteemed Flying Nun. Their best project was This Kind of Punishment, where their more experimental inclinations came to life; ...view item »

Charles Mingus
The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady

Superior Viaduct are doing an admirable job bringing rarer slabs of the great Charles Mingus back into print with a set of new vinyl reissues. The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady is a composed piece spread over six parts, with occasional blasts of full-ensemble free improvisation. Sounding great too, after being remaste...view item »

The Fall
Hex Enduction Hour

Arguably the single greatest album in The Fall’s 41 year history, 1982’s Hex Enduction Hour documents Mark E. Smith at the peak of his powers, fronting the most powerful lineup of the band. Steve Hanley’s bass is generally to the fore, flanked by guitarists Craig Scanlo...view item »

Alice Coltrane
Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness, originally released on Impulse! Records in 1971, is finally back on vinyl. Reissued on CD in 2002, a 12” reissue was highly overdue. Sprawling with free jazz and transcendental improvisation, Alice Coltrane can be heard at her peak. Time to take the aural express back to the ...view item »

Tony Conrad with Faust
Outside The Dream Syndicate

This collaboration between minimalist composer and violinist Tony Conrad and krautrock collective Faust was first released in 1972 and, if you hadn’t already guessed from the people involved, the main focus of Outside The Dream Syndicate is drones. There’s harsh drones, beautiful dro...view item »

Alice Coltrane
A Monastic Trio

Perhaps the most accomplished harpist ever, Alice Coltrane's jazz was unique, moulding together the traditional aspects of the genre with free new innovations and suspenseful, almost droning capabilities. A Monastic Trio is her first work as a band-leader and is a shimmering, patiently unfolding work....view item »

First Rehearsal Tapes

Check out this chunk of alternative music history: Suicide’s first ever rehearsal, captured on tape in 1977 as Alan Vega and Martin Rev were just starting up their legendary dirty NYC synth-punk project. These formative recordings contain quite a lot of what was to come in embryonic form, ...view item »

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Pollution, from 1972, is the second of his ...view item »

Basil Kirchin
Worlds Within Worlds

Here’s a fab vintage cult classic from Basil Kirchin, first released in 1974 on Island Records, despite being a veritably strange piece of work. Worlds Within Worlds is all about wildly manipulated field recordings, using the hottest tape techniques of the time to create highly atmospheric ambientish sound passage...view item »

Sun Ra and His Arkestra
Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Black Harold

This cracking 1964 live set from New York’s Judson Hall was released in 1976 and became one of the rarest El Saturn LPs. The 12-piece Arkestra features a young Pharoah Sanders sitting in on a for an absent John Gilmore, and flautist Black Harold shines on ...view item »

Franco Battiato

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer. His trippy experimental approach to music has plenty of advanced sonics going on, but still displays has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in there somewhere as well. Fetus, released in 1971, is a concept album...view item »

Franco Battiato
Sulle Corde Di Aries

Exciting times: new reissues of essential rare LPs by Franco Battiato, the Italian electroacoustic composer with a trippy abstract experimental sonic approach that has trace elements of a pop mind hiding in their somewhere. Sulle Corde Di Aries is his 1973 album, and it explores some truly fantastic moods and sounds. Re...view item »

Tony Conrad
Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain

Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain began with image before sound. Tony Conrad premiered this record way back in 1972 at The Kitchen in New York, and it was seen as a masterpiece of strings and drones that piled up together to create two hours of solid and genuine music. Available on Vinyl double LP and CD....view item »

Peter Jefferies

Sad news this week on the passing of Peter Gutteridge, the maverick New Zealand musician who produced one of the finest albums ever to come out of the island with Snapper’s ‘Shotgun Blossom’. A reminder that these guys aren’t getting any younger and we s...view item »

John Coltrane / Alice Coltrane
Cosmic Music

The first couple of spiritual jazz share the bandleader role here on Cosmic Music: two tracks are from John Coltrane’s final quintet, and two are from Alice Coltrane’s first bandleader session. With pedigree like that, and with  extra legends like Pharoah Sanders and ...view item »

The Pin Group
The Go To Town

The Pin Group are an early classic example of New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun label sound: underground DIY indie with bright pop melodies pushing through the guitar fuzz. The Go To Town, released in 1982, was only their third release, but it was already to be their last. Five fabulous tracks, featuring an expan...view item »

Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Excited Strings
Propellers In Love

Arnold Dreyblatt was part of New York’s fertile 70’s minimalist scene, utilising just intonation and precise rhythmic structures to exploit remarkable overtones and resonances. 1986’s Propellers In Love, recorded with his Orchestra of Excited Strings, is a thick mass of transc...view item »

Jon Gibson
Two Solo Pieces

Dating back to 1977, Jon Gibson’s record Two Solo Pieces has since earned itself a coveted place on Alan Licht’s Minimal Top Ten list, and this reissue makes plain why. These pieces, for organ and flute, are deeply rich in their tonal and timbral explorations, and are crucial to a full under...view item »

Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album In The World)

It seems like ages and ages since I added Scientist's 'In The Kingdom Of Dub' and 'The Best Dub Album In The World' to the site. Now finally they have arrived and it was a most welcome sight to behold as I clocked them in my review pile. For seasoned dub freaks this man needs no introduction. Remastered fo...view item »

The Pin Group

The Pin Group are an early classic example of New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun label sound: underground DIY indie with bright pop melodies pushing through the guitar fuzz. Ambivalence was the first Pin Group record and one of the first Flying Nun releases, and the two track single is now being r...view item »

The Pin Group

The Pin Group are an early classic example of New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun label sound: underground DIY indie with pop melodies pushing through the guitar fuzz. The Coat 7”, released in 1981, is total post-punk power, and is now reissued by Superior Viaduct in a limited edition of 1000....view item »

The Fall
Grotesque (After The Gramme)

Really rather early material from The Fall here: Grotesque (After The Gramme) is only their third album, putting it in the first ten percent of their studio catalogue. 1980 Fall are still extremely direct, with the line-up including Steve Hanley and Marc Riley at this p...view item »


The 1977 debut by Alan Vega and Martin Rev is a conceptual and sonic assault. Vega’s pithy lyrics and echoed rockabilly vocals over Rev’s seething, primitive beatbox and fuzzed-up synths are a simple and devastatingly effective combination. Ghost Rider and Rocket USA is a killer double whammy to open...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Un Uomo Da Rispettare

Still the reissuers keep digging, and still the vast soundtrack archives of Ennio Morricone keep providing high-grade goods. Un Uomo Da Rispettare, a 1972 crime flick starring Kirk Douglas, drifts into some real deep avant territory: eerie atmospheres and dissonant orchestrations, very nice indeed. Reis...view item »

A Taste Of DNA

At last, a vinyl reissue of the storming no-wave classic A Taste Of DNA. Led by Arto Lindsay and with sharp talents like Ikue Mori learning drums on the job, their sound was an explosion of tight angular crunch that sounds fresher with each passing year. 1980’s A Taste Of DNA is only 10 m...view item »

The Fall

I love the Fall, some of their later records have gone by the wayside for me (they are outrageously prolific - and like Captain Beefheart - largely a vocalist songwriter surrounded by a variety of musicians). The six songs had 4 downright poppy and unforgettable hooks in them - and the lengthy ponderous "slates" was - while droning on and on lik...view item »

The Bill Dixon Orchestra
Intents and Purposes

Avant-jazz man Bill Dixon played with a lot of greats during the 60s, but this is perhaps his crowning achievement. The Bill Dixon Orchestra was a large ensemble (including Jimmy Garrison and Reggie Workman!!) performing Dixon’s compositions, which swing b...view item »

The Fall
Room To Live

Although this looks like a 7-song E.P., the songs are long and there are two unlisted bonus tracks! (The single "Lie-Dream/Fantastic Life"). Room To Live is not an essential Fall record, but worth a spin or two. It's nice to see it re-issued with some bonus flub. The music of The Fall is on occasion both engaging and off-putting... it can be equ...view item »

Alan Vega Martin Rev

The follow-up to Suicide's 1977's legendary eponymous trail blazer. 'Alan Vega Martin Rev' (named after the two members of Suicide, in case that isn't obvious) was originally released in 1980 and produced by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. A lighter and fluffier animal than its predecessor, but still bearing a healthy kick of venom. Reissued on vinyl....view item »

John Bender
Plaster Falling

Plaster Falling is an under-appreciated work of weirdo synth-song, produced by one John Bender back in 1981. The songs on this record feel isolated, built in a bedroom rather than a studio, according to Bender’s exact specifications. This is the first time that Plaster Falling has been re...view item »

The Flesh Eaters
Forever Came Today

Forever Came Today was originally released in 1982, standing proud as The Flesh Eaters’ third album. Non-nonsense punky rock business with plenty of swagger and spit. Forever Came Today has never been reissued before, so this remastered vinyl pressing is cause to celebrate. On Superior Viaduct....view item »

This Kind Of Punishment
Radio Silence

This Kind Of Punishment were a dusty gem of a band from the 1980’s New Zealand underground, and the title track of Radio Silence has just been dug up from the archives for its first ever release. Fuzzy-feeling, highly melodic but covered in lovely murk. Limited edition of 1000 translucent orange vinyl copies, on S...view item »


Eagerly awaiting its 40th birthday, Barricade 3 is being reissued by Superior Viaduct. The debut by Hector Zazou and Joseph Racaille, better known as Zazou ‘n’ Racaille or just ZNR, is a collection of dreamy synthesizers, toned-down guitar shreds, a...view item »

The Fall

The second album from The Fall gets the reissue treatment here. Dragnet, recorded in 1979, established the routine to which Mark E. Smith would indefinitely adhere; new music and new members. In contrast to Live At The Witch Trials, Dragnet features decidedly muddy production, setting a precedent for future albums. Out ...view item »

John Bender
I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It

I Don't Remember Now/I Don't Want To Talk is the ultra-rare first album from early electronics experimenter John Bender. Originally released in 1980, Bender’s primitive punk electronics fed into electro-punk, no-wave and synth-pop. This release is a mixture of bonkers tape experiments, proto-electro and ha...view item »

Ellen Fullman
The Long String Instrument

Ellen Fullman has been crafting long weaves of sound with her Long String Instrument for almost 35 years now, and this LP from 1985 was the first recorded document of her work. By long, we are talking in the region of 70 feet, so these string drones sound like little else. LP reissued by Superior Viaduct....view item »

Hardcore Vol: 2

This is a bit special. Superior Viaduct have only gone and done a first ever vinyl pressing of DEVO’s Hardcore Vol I and Hardcore Vol II, with three LPs worth of four-track recordings from Akron, Ohio’s finest documenting their pre-punk de-evolved blues b...view item »

Harry Pussy
Harry Pussy

Reissue of the self-released debut of Bill Orcutt and Adris Hoyos’ Harry Pussy, one of the greatest acts in the whole noise-rock game. Totally raw and blasted in playing and in production, this 1993 statement includes a few tracks that are less than 30 seconds long, as well as their cover ...view item »

Chris Marker
La Jetee

The completely unique soundtrack to Chris Marker’s science-fiction/essay film hybrid La Jetée released on vinyl LP for the first time. The elusive score for La Jeteé is a crucial element in the atmosphere Marker created and has long been impossible to track down. Supe...view item »


Cheree is an entirely crucial tune by the legendary Suicide. Martin Rev’s relentless synths pound on while Alan Vega’s breathy moans croon his love for the titular Cheree. Released as a single, with non-album track ‘I Remember’ on the b-side, on tasty red vinyl. ...view item »

Dream Baby Dream

I had absolutely no idea that 'Dream Baby Dream' didn't appear on any Suicide full length album. This is the first time in fact that this classic song has been re-issued on 7".  For the uninitiated Suicide kind of sound like Elvis Presley singing over a Trio backing track and this simple song is wonderfully effective.  ...view item »

Ornette Coleman
To Whom Who Keeps A Record

This is a rare slice of Ornette Coleman, a collection originally only released in Japan and made up of outtakes from the classics Change of the Century and This Is Our Music. Needless to say with that pedigree (and with the same astonishing band line-up, including Don Cherry and Ed Blac...view item »

Steve Reich
Four Organs / Phase Patterns

Classic Steve Reich pieces presented in the form of classic 1971 recordings, reissued by Superior Viaduct. Both Four Organs and Phase Patterns utilise Reich’s patented phased repetition techniques, each performed by an ensemble including both Reich himself and fellow mini...view item »

10 Suicides

Ilitch (aka Thierry Müller) released 10 Suicides in 1980. The record is made up of unusual songs, driven by over-cranked guitar and lots of synth, plus vocals from both Müller and Ruth Ellyeri, his own female alter-ego. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, al...view item »


Ilitch (aka Thierry Müller) released Periodikmindtrouble in 1978. The record is a collection of bedroom instrumentals, using tape loops, guitar and synthesised ‘scapes, the whole thing sounding rather atmospheric and unusual. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, nestled within a gatefold sle...view item »

L. Voag
The Way Out

L. Voag is the solo project of Jim Welton, who played bass in spectacularly-named band The Homosexuals. Initially released in 1979, The Way Out is an odd-rock spectacular, like the punk rock of the time but with weird bits: hauntingly-tuned strings on ‘Kitchen’ for example. ...view item »

Departmentstore Santas
At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since

At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since by Departmentstore Santas implies with its title that this might be a weirdo outsider trip, and boy, it certainly does not disappoint. Bedroom pop unmediated by any concerns from outside the artist’s own head: also rather catchy and wonderful. Reissued on Su...view item »

Milk From Cheltenham
Triptych Of Poisoners

Milk From Cheltenham sounds like the name of a band that would only make one album doesn’t it? Well, 1982’s Triptych Of Poisoners was indeed the sole full length the group put out, and it is a bizarre and wonderful thing. A series of sound collages made from a mad melange of stuff, you really need to hear th...view item »

Jon Gibson

Rich and organic minimalism from Jon Gibson (not the Christian songwriter). With the remarkable accolade of having performed in the world premiers of works by Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Gibson followed in some humongous footsteps. Visitations was released in ‘73 and presents a much looser, fre...view item »

Liquid Liquid

Legendary post-punkers Liquid Liquid reached a peak of dance-floor intensity with Optimo, their 1983 EP. Reissued here on wax it’s a timely reminder of the New York band’s high-quality output and influence on future dance-punk outfits through the years. Out on vinyl 12” from Superior Viaduct....view item »

Liquid Liquid
Liquid Liquid

A truly iconic piece of work from New York’s post-punk pioneers Liquid Liquid. Equal parts avant-garde and dance-floor oriented, this debut EP remains remarkably relevant in its single-minded pursuit of urgency. Uncompromising yet eminently welcoming at every turn. Out on vinyl 12” from Superior Viaduct....view item »

Liquid Liquid
Successive Reflexes

A handful of Liquid Liquid releases get the reissue treatment this year thanks to Superior Viaduct. Successive Reflexes quickly followed their 1981 debut and showcased a deep knowledge and appreciation for afrobeat, riding out grooves with meticulous attention to detail. Out on vinyl 12” from Superior Viaduct....view item »

Areski / Brigitte Fontaine
Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme

Superior Viaduct dropping another vintage '70s reissue, this time Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme (I do not know this man). The 42 year old collaboration between Areski and Brigitte Fontaine represents the French avant-garde at its finest, using haunting vocal harmonies and sparse instrumentation t...view item »

The Germs

Early early early L.A. punk from The Germs, first hammered onto tape (in an actual garage, no less) in 1977. Basic, direct, skronky, lo-fi, and altogether true to punk ideals. This 7”, Forming (an appropriate title given that the group had just formed at this time) is reissued on Superior Viaduct....view item »

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra
Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra

Liquid Idiot and Idiot Orchestra were two bands that eventually became one as the seminal New York post-punk band Liquid Liquid. Neither band on this split LP ever locked into a groove like the band they became, it’s way more freeform, experimental and, well, odd. It was music played for t...view item »

Craig Leon

I checked a bit of this online a few weeks ago and it sounded so awesome that I decided to get a few in to see if you, the general public agree. One thing I didn’t realise about this release is that it originally came out on John Fahey’s Takoma label back in 1981. I though...view item »

Charles Mingus
Mingus Plays Piano

Superior Viaduct are doing an admirable job bringing rarer slabs of the great Charles Mingus back into print with a set of new vinyl reissues. Mingus is of course renowned for his double bass playing, and yet Mingus Plays Piano is just that. Turns out he is a wonderful, sensitive pianist as well, though...view item »

B.C. Gilbert / G. Lewis
Ends With The Sea

Taking a break from Wire between 1980-84, B.C. Gilbert and G. Lewis took the opportunity to release a handful of experimental material drawing from industrial and electronic sounds. Available for the first time on 7” vinyl, these songs are more form-friendly, with the detached lyrics and robotic bass lines which made Wire ...view item »

B.C. Gilbert / G. Lewis

Imagine being part of one of the most daring, influential and radical post-punk bands and still having a side-project to really get stuck in to experimental material. That’s exactly what B.C. Gilbert and G. Lewis did when Wire went on hiatus in the mid 1980s. Combining Wire’s distinctive atmosphere and textures ...view item »

Electric Eels
Spin Age Blasters / Bunnies

Straight-up punks Electric Eels had only released "Agitated" before they got around to releasing their sophomore effort, "Spin Age Blasters", which continued their irreverent discharge of coalescing guitars and jazzy, experimental diversions. Both tunes -- the A-side and its pal "Bunnies" -- sound defiantly of-their-time punk rock, but ...view item »

Inflatable Boy Clams
Inflatable Boy Clams

Esoteric ravings from Inflatable Boy Clams. Their hard to find, self-titled 7" is getting reissued after a three decade plus wait. It's got a DIY ascetic throughout, from the production down to the song-writing style. These art-punk jams are a mix of lo-fi synths, minimal drums, wailing spoken vocals, some bass li...view item »

Pink Section
Pink Section

Abrasive art-school-dropout-post-punk from San Francisco’s Pink Section. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, this LP collects an early single, EP and unreleased and live material from this unfairly overlooked group. Jagged rhythms and shouted male and female vocals; this is extremely dense and complex, confrontational mu...view item »

Pip Proud
Adreneline & Richard

This is Proud's debut album. He was kind of Australia's answer to Syd Barrett despite recording his two albums prior to Barrett's solo work. Its made up of home made percussion, badly strummed guitars and wierd nursery rhyme like vocals and lyrics. Vocally he's not that far away from Donovan but the instrumentation sometimes seems to consist of ...view item »

Pip Proud
A Bird in the Engine

Pip Proud was kinda Australia's answer to Syd Barrett. He made two of the most bizzare records ever to come out of Australia and then promptly disappeared for three decades. 'A Bird in the Engine' is his second album and has been even more hard to find than his debut. This is the first time it has been re-issued in its original format and when y...view item »

Philip Johnson
Youth In Mourning

A pioneer of industrial and noise music, Philip Johnson has been releasing his own deranged compositions since the 1970s, creating sounds that could at times be gorgeous, at others crafting soundscapes that were uninhabitable. 'Youth In Morning' was originally released in 1982, a collection of jarring field sounds and blustery percussion, with a...view item »

Electric Eels
Die Electric Eels

Die Electrophorus Electricus. Terrifying looking bunch of "proto-punk" dudes from Cleveland, Ohio circa early to mid seventies. These guys are the stuff of legend having only rolled out five live performances in their entire life whilst in turn upsetting everyone with their fuck-you attitude to both audiences and each other. Basically they were ...view item »

Murder By Guitar

No good rock 'n' rollers with a punk attitude, Crime were a San Francisco band made famous by their 1976 single, "Hot Wire My Heart". 'Murder By Guitar' is a compilation of the early, snarling singles that caught the attention of San Fran, as well as nine tunes they recorded around the same time. There's a song on here called "Piss On Your ...view item »

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza

Not for the faint-hearted, this Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza self-titled vinyl is the sound of the Italian mid-late 20th centuary avant-garde. Continuing and developing on from the traditions of Stravinski, Schoenburg, Pierre Schaeffer and Ornette Coleman, this record is a real treat in abstract sonic and artistic ...view item »


The ever-canny Superior Viaduct of Craig-Leon-pissing-off fame have unearthed another kosmische masterwork here in the form of Frenchman Richard Pinhas and his second stab at a long player, 'Allez-Téia', released under his cult Heldon guise. Truly lovely stuff is this, beyond the realm of mere words suffice to say. Records like th...view item »

Brigitte Fontaine
Brigitte Fontaine

Dubiously and speculatively labelled an avant-garde artist, purely because no one really knows where to put her, Brigitte Fontaine makes a variety of sounds about jazz, traditional folk, vocal chanting, poetry and anything free-form. Her self-titled record, being issued on vinyl for the first time, was originally released in 1972, and starts wit...view item »

The Flesh Eaters
Minute To Pray A Second To Die

Ye olde punk rock supergroup, here: the Flesh Eaters brings together John Doe and DJ Bonebrake -- respectively the vocalist and drummer for seminal punk band X, who were behind the classic 'Los Angeles' -- with Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman of the Blasters. And they've thrown in Steve Berlin of Los Lobos for good measure, becausewe all need a litt...view item »

Leslie Winer

Why isn't there a copyright 'c' on keyboards? I'm glad this re-issue is now available under the artist's proper name Wesley Liner or I'd be stuffed here. So yeah, "difficult" NY model/profound wordsmith lady makes early 90's art-dance-poetry album and it's a classic, seminal disc by all accounts. The ever-hysterical NME called her "The Grandmoth...view item »

Hardcore Vol: 1

This is a bit special. Superior Viaduct have only gone and done a first ever vinyl pressing of DEVO’s Hardcore Vol I and Hardcore Vol II, with three LPs worth of four-track recordings from Akron, Ohio’s finest documenting their pre-punk de-evolved blues b...view item »

Edward Artemiev
The Mirror / Stalker

Right,  more of that soundtrack gear. Artemiev's eerie soundtracks to Tarkovsky's 1976 and 1979 films 'The Mirror' and 'The Stalker' are presented here respectively on a beautifully packaged album. The gatefold opens out to feature lovely hi-res glossy photos from the films. From what I've heard of the music is sounds like the sort ...view item »

The Residents
Santa Dog

Not much is known about the bizarre experimental weirdness that is The Residents. Although it is believed that they originate from San Fransisco, their origins and identities have remained a well kept secret which seems appropriately mysterious for such an enchantingly strange band. 'Santa Dog' is essentially a Christmas record, complete with a ...view item »

The Residents
Residue Of The Residents

If only all music could be this skronky and weird. More Devo than Devo, ‘Residue of The Residents’ features rare tracks, experiments and outtakes from this legendary and obscure San Francisco collective. This is the first vinyl release of this record and it has been beefed up to a double LP that documents the Residents most creative ...view item »

Brigitte Fontaine
Brigitte Fontaine Est...Folle

Do you really have enough in the way of French Chanteuse music in your collection? I doubt it. If you did want more, Brigitte Fontaine’s Brigitte Fontaine Est… Folle would be a great place to go. For a debut album, the arrangements are often rather experimental: light, but also very interesting. Reissue LP ...view item »

Brigitte Fontaine
Comme a la Radio

Comme a la Radio is the second album by Brigitte Fontaine. It features collaborations from Areski Belkacem and Art Ensemble of Chicago. The latter provide a perfect backdrop allowing Fontaine to explore free-verse poetry which she does arhythmically and often spoken rather than sung. Th...view item »

Alain Goraguer
La Planete Sauvage - Original Soundtrack

Long renowned as one of the most dazzling and original animated films to burst forth from the European quarter, Its soundtrack is actually as celebrated as the beloved film from 1973, Re-issued on wax by J Saul Kane's DC recordings around the Millennium and again a few years back, this is the latest definitive version from crate diggers extraord...view item »

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