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The Dial

Brighton quintet the Squid may have more limbs than their namesake, but at least they put them to good use. They’ve finally thought us worthy for a proper release of live-set favorite the Dial. Imagine a tightly compressed Talking Heads track, which slowly gives way to suppressed, and rather noisy, post-rock ...view item »

Speedy Wunderground – Year 3

I hope you don't think I'm ageist when I say I was astonished that Dan Carey is 47. I had him down as a young whippersnapper. It only makes me respect him more for his worth ethic producing all the spontaneous recordings for the likes of Melt Yourself Down, Warmduscher, Flamingods etc etc a...view item »

black midi

I know that we're always being accused of being ageist but who knew that Dan Carey was 48? I always had him down as some young whippersnapper. I'm kind of glad actually. Anyway here he produces a debut record by this 'enigmatic' London band. It's one of those things that people like me say is the worst thing they've ever heard then it becomes re...view item »

Sustained Threat

The idea behind speedywunderground is simple. Dan Carey, who has produced for Franz Ferdinand and Bat For Lashes, will record a record in a day, then mix it the next day. It’ll largely be done live, sans overdubs, and he has a synth called a ‘Swarmatron&rsqu...view item »

Hyperborea (Part 1 + 2)

Flamingods’ spiralling psychedelic super-international sound has enticed many over the years, especially with their ecstatic live shows. Those who’ve enjoyed said shows will want to hear this expanded re-recording of their favourite set-closer Hyperborea, which spans thirteen minutes and a stack of multi-lay...view item »

Loch Linnhe

Dan Carey’s (Sexwitch) Speedy Wunderground label has a very strict set of rules to follow when it comes to recording processes. Upon discovering London based multi-instrumentalist DEWEY his instantly snapped her up for her debut single, catchy and odd pop filled with spontaneity, think of ...view item »

Scotti Brains
Keep Your Eyes Open Boy

Speedy Wunderground honcho Dan Carey and pals Oli Bayston and Beth Buxton make up this curious babbling psych trio Scotti Brains, caught here spreading a single track over two sides of a 7”. It’s warm, driving krautrocky psychedelia with repetitive bass octaves and pounding drums anchoring so...view item »

The Guy With The Gammy Eye

More ecstatic musical adventure from Speedy Wunderground, here. Peluche take silvery guitar riffs a la Beach House and wrap them around proggy ambient textures that wouldn't be out of place on either an old Kayo Dot record or a newer Camel one, before a dr...view item »

Melt Yourself Down
Another Weapon

Famous sax stomper party crew Melt Yourself Down shake hands with the enigmatic singles club Speedy Wunderground for a tune called "Another Weapon", written shortly after the band's first, immensely celebratory record and played live a lot to very happy people. The danceable post-punk crew fit c...view item »

JW Ridley
Everything (Deathless)

JW Ridley brings his playful dream rock to Speedy Wunderground with the Everything (Deathless) vinyl 7”. Imagine a rich Fleetwood Mac sound, but sadder, more introverted and experimental. 1980s pop and rock textures are clearly a reference point, but updated with luscious synths and electronics....view item »

Mr Dan feat. Guilty Simpson
I'm Gone / I’m Gone (instrumental)

I’m Gone is a very fun new track from Mr Dan, with a properly thumping beat and traces of some lovely samples from somewhere. Vocal flow is provided by Guilty Simpson in the second collaboration between this producer and this MC, though the first one for which they were in the same room. The track...view item »

Warmduscher / Meatraffle

Two bands from the South London / Fat White Family / Trashmouth Records axis team up for a split single on Speedy Wunderground. Both Warmduscher and Meatraffle produce rough-edged noisy post-punk with aplomb. The double A-side split is caused Meatduscher, which puts images of washing me...view item »

Speedy Wunderground - Year 2

Speedy Wunderground is a label set up by South London producer Dan Carey. The idea is to produce 7” as quickly as possible. Year 2 is a compilation of the singles released in the label’s sophomore year. Includes now established acts such as Teleman and Kate Tempest...view item »

Boxed In (featuring Formation)
Running Out

New release on producer Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Django Django)'s new label Speedy Wunderground. Boxed In (otherwise known as Speedy collaborator Oli Bayston) do electro rock indie which is sort of in the Keane vein. This was apparently written and recorded in under three hours, for that 'spontaneous' feel. ...view item »

Loyle Carner + Kate Tempest

A 7” from Kate Tempest, everyone’s favourite British gal rapper, and Loyle Carner, an MC from London town, another of those found through a youtube video, 20 something rappers. Together, Tempest and Carner hit a good, ballsy balance of British grit layered onto a classic hip hop beat. 7&rdquo...view item »

Mr Dan (featuring Guilty Simpson)

We apparently have Run The Jewels to thank for Mr Dan’s new musical angle, presented for the first time on this 7”. Seeing them play put Dan on a heavy, aggressive beat-making tip, and Firewater is a strong example of such. MC duties provided by Guilty Simpson...view item »

I'm Down With That

Boss joins up members of Warpaint, All We Are, veteran session player Sarah Jones, and Speedy Wunderground label-head Dan Carey (who has recently collaborated on Bat for Lashes’ side project Sexwitch). The resulting synth ...view item »


In the tradition of producer Dan Carey’s 7’’ label Speedy Wunderground, this 7’’ release from enigmatic Swedish/American four piece Fews was recorded in a day, mixed within twenty-four hours and mastered immediately afterwards. A track in two parts, the composition builds upon searing guitars and slowly emerging voc...view item »

Strange Combinations

Teleman are the latest band to take part in South London producer, Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground project with their song, Strange Combinations. The B-side features a dub version of the track. Strange Combinations is a brand new three minute burst of dynamic rhythms, with synths that bui...view item »

Inside Outside

Close your eyes, and allow yourself a little dream. Save up for a few weeks on your paper route, and use your reserves to buy a new punk 7” single. Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful memory of days long passed? Now’s time to relive that, except now the wait is for the release date: Telegram’s latest sing...view item »

Natalie Bang Bang
Dangerous When Wet

It starts with a muted riff and a foggy programmed drum beat before Natalie Bang Bang's sturdy, confrontational vocal comes in talking about what kind of boy she wants (spoiler: not a shit one). 'Dangerous When Wet' sulks along at this pace, incorporating vocal harmonies and glitches that evoke the obscured and distorted bedroom punk of Atlas So...view item »

Speedy Wunderground - Year 1

Producer, Dan Carey started the record label Speedy Wunderground with the idea of recording and releasing singles very quickly, without months of over-production or a heavy marketing machine. The songs are recorded in one day and mixed the next, then released ASAP. Speedy Wunderground Year 1 is ...view item »


"LIVE GIRL BAND" JUCE like capital letters, apparently, but don't let that get in the way of your good times because 'Braindead' is a thoroughly entertaining single. It's a mid-paced funk/soul bouncer with a '70s disco beat and a cheeky staccato funk bassline and a subtle bit of dub echo on the diva-ish vocal lead. It's funky and fun but with a ...view item »

Archie Bronson Outfit
I Was A Dead Duck / Dead Duck Dub

I could swear last time I saw the Archie Bronson Outfit they were just your competent indie rock journeyman types, but it would seem that they’ve since decided that chugging repeato-kraut indie pop is the future, as this single sees Bronson yelping his way through an insistent Germanic rhyt...view item »

Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini
I Go Out

This 7” is a two-parter with a long song spread over two sides. It’s smooth gliding synthpop with a big ‘80s-styled sound kind of like I’d imagine early Human League might have sounded if they had the benefits of modern day DIY production tools. Dense, swirling indie-dance type s...view item »