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Loose Tooth
Keep Up

The much-touted Loose Tooth drop their debut LP. Keep Up is coming out via Courtney Barnett/Jen Clohe...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Nameless, Faceless

Excitement alert! We've scored some copies of the brand new 7" by Courtney Barnett. This is the first taster of new material from her upcoming as yet unannounced LP. This lass is getting very popular indeed and her recent collaboration with Kurt Vile was something of a winner here at the towers. Get in quick as ...view item »

Jamie Isaac
(04:30) Idler

Croydonian jazz-popper Jamie Isaac is ready with a second album proper in (4:30) Idler. This one is largely informed by the young fellow’s troubles with insomnia, as evidenced by such sober titles as ‘Doing Better’, ‘Maybe’ and indeed, ‘Sleep’. Vintage synth electronica and R&am...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Tell Me How You Really Feel

This here offering is Courtney's second album following up {long title}, but also that thing she did with Kurt Vile. Here her witty observations are matched with a more serious tone capturing more obviously the beauty and warmth in her delivery. She's becoming increasingly popular so this will be a big 'un....view item »

By The Water

Mike is just 18 years old, and he’s clearly spent all his time developing his skills, as both the verbal flows and sampled-up beats on this EP (Mike self-produces his own instrumentals) are damn potent. He certainly didn’t waste any time thinking up a memorable or distinctive name… By The ...view item »

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
Lotta Sea Lice

Though they have a lot of hair in common this collaboration would have been hard to predict yet these two songwriters voices intertwine rather well. Neither opens their mouth properly so they both co-drawl over some rather lovely folk rock. Mick Harvey, Warpaint and Dirty Three folk help keep ev...view item »

Jagwar Ma
Every Now & Zen Remixes

A three-track release from Jagwar Ma entitled Every Now & Zen Remixes. In all fairness, it isn't too hard to find chilled out, head bobbing music when it comes to electronica and techno, yet these remixes really do add something great to the genre. This limited edition white label 12" EP on Marathon Artists includes...view item »


Tasty new disco indiepop quintet ALASKALASKA have created quite a hype in anticipation of their full-length debut. To help us bridge the wait, the playful Londoners are releasing a limited edition indies-only self-titled 12” EP. Expect catchy grooves, sexy saxophones, and intricate danceability....view item »

Shock Machine
Shock Machine

Remember the Klaxons? Of course you remember the Klaxons! James Righton was in that band and here he debuts a new project that tributes the weirdos of mainstream pop with unabashed sentimental fervor. Inspired by ELO and Roxy Music and even a bit of later-on McCa...view item »

Jen Cloher
Jen Cloher

As a leading pioneer within Melbourne's rich DIY scene, Jen Cloher offers a self-titled ten-track which easily justifies her burgeoning reputation. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Courtney Barnett and Fraser A on Milk! label, it's onwards and upwards for this bold, witty and punk-tinged songwriter....view item »

Jagwar Ma & Dreems
Another Day In The Sun

Another Day in the Sun was originally by The Moffs. It was a jangling slice of ‘80s Australian psychedelia. Here, Dreems aka Angus Gruzman and Jaguar Ma aka Jono Ma, have collaborated to make a slow and beautiful, dream-like version that they've stripped down and rebuilt with infl...view item »

Jagwar Ma

Much-lauded Aussie duo Jagwar Ma release their debut album this week, apparently the product of a period of seclusion in France with “an 808, a Fender Jaguar, a laptop and a pair of vintage Neve console channels”. The result is a hazy mixture of classic synth sounds and summery indie-dance. The...view item »

Jagwar Ma
Every Now & Then

Catchy vocal hooks, groovy electronic pop and all with a big hats off nod to 90s dance culture. Jagwar Ma bring heady euphoric acid bass lines, warehouse club chords stabs and vocal loops and vibrant and drug-laced energy of Madchester. Deserves long exposure trippy music videos with vibrant cartoons, melon twisting....view item »

Universal High

After a successful debut, bands either go two ways when creating a sophomore: stick with the initial blueprints, or twist and reinvent. Nottingham outfit Childhood have done the latter with their new rebirth, Universal High. This new sound is a soul-soaked concoction of classic pop songw...view item »

Hazel English
Just Give In / Never Going Home

Hazel English was originally from Australia but more recently has been sunbaked in California where she has concocted this heady brew of blurry jangle pop. Amid the jangling guitars and sweet melodies, her voice soars which has led to comparisons to DIIV and to her touring with hat wielding reformed shoegazers ...view item »

Max Jury
Under The Covers

Max Jury is a young songwriter with a notable talent, but this single finds him taking on the songs of two of his most crucial influences. Under The Covers features one Kinks song (‘Afternoon Tea’) and one David Wiffen song (‘One Step’), both treated with ...view item »

The Weather

Pond present The Weather, a concept album dedicated to their hometown of Perth and its colonial city brethren around the world. It has a bright and exciting psychedelic flavour: you can almost hear the influence of their producer, Tame Impala...view item »

Forth Wanderers

Forth Wanderers are a New Jersey band who bring back the pleasingly laid-back and lo-fi vibes of slackerish 90’s indie rock. Fuzzy guitars and dryly-plaintive vocals fit together like coffee and a warm sweater on the Slop EP, which looks to be a promising beginning for these young guns. 12” EP pressed to lil...view item »

Hazel English
Never Going Home

Hazel English has been building up a certain amount of buzz with some online-only tracks, meaning that the time is now right for a fully-fledged release. The English sound is melancholy melodic pop, sung from behind a warm curtain of shoegazey haze. The Never Going Home EP is released by the Marathon Ar...view item »

Jamie Isaac
Couch Baby

Understated electronic songcraft from Jamie Isaac here, with contemporary textures building on solid structures (Isaac apparently always grounds his tracks in piano). Both the CD and the vinyl editions of Couch Baby come with a nice little fanzine thrown in, which also contains a download for a mixtape ...view item »

Max Jury
Max Jury

Max Jury is a singer/songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa. He is only 23 but his classic piano-led ballads on his eponymous debut that fuse country, soul and gospel would seem to come from someone a little longer in the tooth. His sound is honed by hip-hop producer Inflo and a crack team of musicians that usually pl...view item »

Max Jury
Numb / Standing On My Own

Max Jury is a singer/songwriter with a soulful, alt. country vibe. Both tracks on this limited edition 12” are taken from his forthcoming self-titled debut album. B-side Standing On My Own gets the full production treatment from Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb collective and is awash with horns...view item »

Elliott Power
Once Smitten

Once Smitten is the debut album from London native Elliott Power. The album explores the dark, hidden recesses of his hometown through the genre mashing of soul, trip-hop and UK bass music, recalling classic sounds that may have been heard on the Mo-Wax label in its heyday. Power is signed to the ambiti...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Sometimes I Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit is the debut album by Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett. It follows on from the brilliant Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas which was released in 2013. Filled with lyrically sharp, catchy songs, this album confirms Courtney Barnett...view item »

Real Lies
Real Life

Real Lies release Real Life, their debut full-length. Perhaps some meaning suggested by that parallel eh? Well the band do say that they set out to capture the paradoxical experience of young people today: and what better medium for that than electronic pop, which can be ecstatic and melancholy all at once? On Marathon ...view item »

Elliott Power

Elliot Power is a new young producer who caught the ear of James Lavelle, who apparently reignited his Mo’ Wax label just so as to release the guy’s stuff. Murmur is a bass-loaded and bouncing club number, topped off with on-edge-sounding vocals. 12” single backed with an instrumental ...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party

Courtney Barnett gives a piece of hard, grounding wisdom with her new single: Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party. Harsh but quite possibly true. Taken from recent debut Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, this track features Barnett’s beautifully rambl...view item »

We Are Shining

Producers Morgan Zarate and Acyde are collectively known as We Are Shining. Their spontaneous and unpredictable nature makes their music impossible to pigeonhole. Both have put records out on the Mo’ Wax label in the ‘90s, whilst more recently Zarate...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Kim's Caravan

You love her. You absolutely love her. We've sold a billion of her recent album with the long title. This is a 12" with one of the highlights from said opus as lead track. There's other stuff on there too but we're not sure quite what yet but there's only 1500 or so of these so it will be worth an investment. ...view item »

Courtney Barnett
Pedestrian At Best

Pedestrian At Best is the new single by Courtney Barnett. It is the first single to be released from the Australian singer/songwriter’s highly anticipated debut album, Sometimes I Sit And Think Sometimes I Just Sit. Fans of her EP collection, A Sea Of Split Peas will be delighted to know that she...view item »

Fraser A. Gorman
Book Of Love

With bright organ keys worthy of Wilco, a percussive shuffle reminiscent of Kevin Morby's work and the dust-bowl sadness of Cass McCombs, Fraser A. Gorman has served up a slice of heavily referential but nonetheless sweet and pleasant rock 'n' roll. "Boo...view item »

Real Lies
North Circular / Dab Housing

The title North Circular kind of sums it up. This sits somewhere between Blue Nile, Burial and The Streets -- all evocative synth/string drenched late night melancholy but with North London vowelled spoken words on top. Like the Streets the 'poetry' is kinda clumsy but it works pre...view item »

Max Jury
All I Want / Black Metal

Some pita and hummus from Max Jury. All I want / Black Metal are two plodding alt-country/americana tunes about the same old experiences and songs about ladies into black metal. Full of the regular line up of bluesy guitar riffs, gospel style piano and Max's soft croon. Sounds a bit like Ryan Adams. Out on 7" v...view item »

Max Jury
Something In The Air EP

Sounding something akin to Elliot Smith performing The Band's 'The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down', this young man has been gathering plaudits amongst the twitterati for his soulful countryish numbers. I was enjoying opener 'Christian Eyes' right up until the moment he mentio...view item »

Jagwar Ma
The Time And Space Machine Dub Sessions

Do you like Jagwar Ma? Do you like Richard "Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve" Norris (Time and Space Machine, The Grid)? Then there's a goodly chance you'll also enjoy this head-nodding 12" of dubby psych-kraut reinventions of songs from Jagwar Ma's debut album. The concep...view item »

Jagwar Ma
The Throw

The attempts to turn Animal Collective/Panda Bear’s euphoric brand of rave like psychedelia into something approaching chart friendly (circa 1991 maybe) continues unabated with this brash burst of pop music. Starting off somewhere like the beginning bit o...view item »