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Domiziano Maselli

One of the most compelling things music can do is tell a story, and it's a story you'll find among Domiziano Maselli's Ashes. Noise and static gives way to throbbing bass which is joined by momentous drums. It's difficult not to imagine a journey when listening to this. And like any good journey, the j...view item »

Crowd Surfing

The latest cassette is in from Opal Tapes, and it’s a set of throbbing pulse-sound from $$$TAG$$$. Crowd Surfing flares and tumbles through all sorts of exciting textures, always propelled by dance-worthy beats. As ever, Opal Tapes present the work to the w...view item »


Sweet Lord, this tape has proper caved my head in. It’s as though AJA’s mind had literally exploded onto tape, resulting in a blistering and glorious cacophony of relentlessly powerful, unhinged, and cathartic racket. ‘Rattles’ opens the tape with menacing drum machine eruptions and vocals that appear to be utteri...view item »

Yeah You

Sound saboteurs Yeah You are kinda like a hardcore band with none of the genre template or instrumentation -- someone yelling with twisted knobs providing the loud detritus below. Coming off a really excellent new record of scrape-shouts, the father-daughter noise duo have this new tape KHOT< to o...view item »

Particles Of Life

Ok so this is not the sometime Cliff Richard fronted guitar twangers but instead a duo of of Andrew Bowen & Dimitri Ploumpidis who also play hard techno as AnD. Here they explore freeform electronic explorations all smudgy and smeared with detritus. It's bloody ugly but that's what you are here for right?  ...view item »


Hungarian producer/songwriter/sound artist Gosheven drops the follow-up to his well-received 2017 debut LP Leaper. As on its predecessor, Bivaq has Gosheven utilising unusual tunings - from the schools of La Monte Young, Wendy Carlos and more - to create these off-kilter number...view item »

Hollow Body

Hollow Body is Manchester based Acre debut on Opal Tapes. As well as being a proper good DJ, you can probably tell from the track list that Acre is also dab hand at production. Hollow Body is a high concept s...view item »

Cosmin Nicolae

You might know Cosmin Nicolae better as the Hessle Audio/50Weapons/Tempa artist Cosmin TRG. His first release under his given name sees the producer indulging some more experimental and erstwhile urges than he allows loose in the soundsystem techno sound of TRG....view item »

David Terry

Opal Tapes (Gosheven, Perfume Advert) bring forth a new tape of arcane drones from David Terry. The Bong/Trollman Av Ildtoppberg member has created three lengthy pieces here, each one full of dark portent. Utilising organs, throat singing, accor...view item »

The Harvest Of A Quiet Eye

Opal Tapes present this stunning double cassette featuring some of the labels core artists and fresh new blood from the underground. The eye-popping cassette shells loook freakin' amazing too. Peep the tracklist below! 1. Angelo Harmsworth - Blanch2. Rian Treanor - UOI-10-120 3. Sciahri - Solarity4. J Albert - Tran...view item »

Emra Grid
Shay’s Vacation House

Emra Grid’s ‘Shays Vacation House’ is a work that feels suspended in time - both ancient and modern -- a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece ‘Land Is’ emerges like a newly discovered fossil or relic with all th...view item »

Chafik Chennouf
Dual Aspect

6-track EP from Chafik Chennouf (previously spotted on Leyla Records) featuring 3 original cuts plus remixes from Lucy, Mondkopf and Katsunori Sawa. ‘Ferroequinologie’ kicks the tape off, creeping like a cavernous smacked out olde Ed Rush & Optical...view item »

Lux Campaign

E-Saggila, aka Rita M, presents an Opal Tape of some of the densest noise-blasted industrial techno music going. Lux Campaign sometimes feels like it is fu...view item »

No Need For Rain

Stefan Paul Goetsch’s Hainbach project crafts deep textures and sonic landscapes that hold an unflinching emotional weight akin to Leyland Kirby. A large difference here is the use...view item »

Binary Digit
Acid Drop

Get involved in juicy old school acid action with this new Opal Tape from Binary Digit, who fully delivers on the promising title Acid Drop. No pretence and no messing arou...view item »

Imperfect Charm

Bulgarian producer Evitceles treads the path of Arca, Zuli, and Visionist in reimagining cl...view item »

Persian Electronic Music Volume 2 / Sacred Horror In Design

A new one from the most intense and hardcore mixer of all time, Sacred Horror In Design sees Sote follow-up the unbelievable and unprecedented Hardcore Sounds from Tehran. This record comes as a commission for Sote, who is joined by Arash Bolouri and Behrouz Pashaei, th...view item »

Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight

Short review for our time on this earth being short so i have to be quick. This record moves everywhere. Some dark places and then a slight piece of light goes through the dark area and turns everything around but then back we are left alone. we fall out of the womb and sing a song. this piece of music (both sides) could be for all people that s...view item »

Cold Slab

The Opal Tapes label continue to explore the weird gaps between harsh noise, drone, electronica and techno with Cold Slab, a limited cassette release from XCDVR. This recording captures a frantic, avant garde drum machine workout that is part serious experimental collage and part playful junglis...view item »

Basic House

Holy fucking mother of God… Listening to this disc from Basic House aka Opal Tapes bossman Stephen Bishop, is like spending forty-odd minutes inside Gustave Doré's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy... From the depths of Hell, ascending the freakin’ ...view item »

Finn McNicholas

On Concrescence, Finn McNicholas combines melancholic string drones with almost imperceptible tape manipulation and electronic flourishes. The composer’s background as a sound recordist and foley artist is also obvious through his incorporation of haunting found sounds and field recordings. More lovely stuff on cassette f...view item »

K. Reinshagen
Dominati Symbols

Opal Tapes bring K. Reinshagen’s rough-edged EBM to cassette with Dominati Symbols. This limited release is industrial electronica that veers erratically into drone and harsh musique concrete. When not exploring bleak, dark-ambient soundscapes K. Reinshagen also runs the impressive Nostilevo label....view item »

Basic House
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

Second full-length album from Basic House. I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me delivers on the simmering threat of its title with a set of creeping collages that push out-of-focus beats into an ooze of dubby abstract sounds. High on atmosphere and low on resolution, that’s what we like t...view item »


Opal Tapes continue bringing the most exciting lo-fi electronica, tape experimentation and drone to cassette with Gosheven’s Leaper release. This Budapest-based artist blends his submerged vocals with distorted snares and droning synthesizer to create a thick brew of industrial pop music that constantly shifts in unexpect...view item »

Man Of War

The debut release from Toronto based visual effects artist Andre Edwards-Roderique under his moniker R. Four tracks that cover all corners of experimental and heavy electronics. From pounding techno and footwork kick flurries to acid squelches and 909 trash cymbals there’s dark sweaty rave to breakcore to ...view item »


‘Miccaotli’ is the second release from Andrea Taeggi under his Gondwana alias. The first of which ‘Aum’ appeared on Opal Tapes in 2015. You may recall his recent album for Type, or be familiar wi...view item »

Brutal Disciplin

If the Rancor monster (large semi-sentient reptilian carnivores native to the planet Dathomir) from Return of the Jedi was a DJ, you can bet he’d have a copy of ‘Brutal Disciplin’ in his crate. Any DJ looking to tear shit up would be wise to follow his example.Hailing from Sweden, Vargdöd is the duo of Anders Karlsson a...view item »

Domenico Crisci
Body Punishment

Falling into the second month of the year and Italian producer Domenico Crisci is already on his second release, with previous outings on L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent and Jealous God he brings the aptly titled Body Punishment to Opal Tapes. Relentless, cold and nerve wracking techno that shakes the foundations....view item »

D. Glare
Four Oscillators and 130 Samples at 130 BPM

D. Glare, who is also a member of Chrononautz, presents a hefty double tape release that sounds rather less utilitarian than it’s title (4 Oscillators And 130 Samples At 130 BPM) might suggest, though the music was indeed made with these elements. This is swirling wild-time psychedelic electronic ...view item »

Bronze Teeth

Made up of L/F/D/M and Dominic Butler (ex-Factory Floor) Bronze Teeth cut their, errr teeth, back in 2014 with their cold modular synth jams A Waif’s Rent on Diagonal. Moving over to Opal tapes, the boys haven’t warmed up but there’s a raw industrial g...view item »

The Onedin Line

Facialmess release The Onedin Line on cassette only via the mighty Opal Tapes label. This mysterious group dabble in harsh noise and power electronics, but here mostly explore a rich and dynamic drone, where found sound and surreal tape manipulation are mashed together to strange and beautiful e...view item »

German Army
Te Ano

German Army, who are not, in actual fact, a national military at all, have been jamming around with their shelves of lo-fi electronics again, and Te Ano is what they have to show for it. The textures are thick and grey, but also full of life: we even have vocals and songs swirling around in the murk! Cassette release fr...view item »

Muscle Trax

Anti LAD Bible drone from the Död duo whose extra-strength compositions vary from sustained long fades to bolstered and acidic techno tunes. All the songs are about muscles and protein shakes and point to the absurdity of that dude you lived with who was trying to bulk up via consumerism. Sounds heady, do...view item »

Old Orders Of Beauty

Bleak and foreboding electronics from Toronto’s E-Saggila. Crunching futurist industrial landscapes are laid out in front of you, with slow-evolving pads and drones with crisp mechanised beat work sounding like something you could expect on the soundtrack to a Cronenberg film, on a drive up to a broken city....view item »

Emra Grid
The Same Face

Look somewhere between Tim Hecker, Rameses III, and Machinefabriek, and up pops Emra Grid’s stunning debut cassette for Opal Tapes. Fluttering hisses and indefinable bassy creaks and scrapes move around whirring electro-acoustic soundscapes. Remarkably haunting, but probab...view item »

Shadow Medium

YancityGurl from Yekaterinburg, central Russia presents her debut full-length, for Redcar’s finest cutting edge label. ‘Shadow Medium’ contains 8 tracks from the darker end of the house-techno continuum. Brooding synths, iridescent vocals and earth-shaking bass jostle for space across the cas...view item »

Your Planet Is Next
Virgo Moon

Your Planet is Next -- aka Kropp from Stockholm -- follows up the collage of sounds that was last year’s Grafiti Tape #3 with a new full-length 'Virgo Moon'. It's a mad mix of weirdo acid, decaying machine elegies and dance-floor bombs. There are snippets of voicemails in there too. Crazy cool cassette o...view item »

Rapa Nui Clan

Kaumwald are too rhythmic to be a full-on electroacoustic / noise group, but too gorgeously messy to be straight techno producers. This isn’t some cheap ‘noise techno’ either, but a thick morass of textures: harsh bass blasts, fiddly clicks, heavily-processed vocals and plenty else besides. Something you can re...view item »

U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)

Compiled by YancityGurl and released through Opal Tapes, USSR features various contemporary electronic producers/experimenters coming out of Moscow, Kiev, Kazan and beyond. If you are into Russia’s Love Cult, Buttechno, Inga Mauer this is a good place to scratch u...view item »

Gultskra Artikler

Gultskra Artikler is the project of Alexey Devyanin, who intuitively blends all his favourite musical approaches together into one surprisingly coherent whole. So Industria has some unpredictable field recordings of natural processes like water droplets on metal later massively processed allowing the el...view item »

Pierrot Lunaire
Dog Chakra

Sparse info out there on this release, although please do yourself the favour of googling the phrase Dog Chakras and spend some time enjoying the first website that comes up… Pierrot Lunaire makes cool, looped-up spirals of semi-electronic semi-groove, and...view item »

Helm & Decimus
We Will Meet At Other Human Parties

Helm (of Luke Younger and Alter Records) & Decimus (Put Murano, NNCK, Kellipah) sees the two come together for a collaborative album, interestingly called; We Will Meet At Other Human Parties. The cover artwork for this one is unnerving enough but the looping, grinding and gurgling sounds wi...view item »

Central Heating

Louis Johnstone’s second LP for Opal Tapes arrives some four years after his well received ‘Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight’ album from the label. During the time that has elapsed, this modern Musique concrète practitioner’s sound has definitely evolved -...view item »

Transmissions from Revarsavr

Fresh from a subdued acoustic noise experiment on Helm's Alter Shock label, Lumisokea creeps into the Opal Tapes fold for a new record; this time the heart isn't bleeding but beating, with rhythms  ordering the drone about the place. Transmissions from Revarsavr continues to establish a ver...view item »

Hardcore Sounds From Tehran

The title Hardcore Sounds From Tehran ain’t no lie: Sote is an producer based in Iran, making impressive electronic sonics. His tracks are kind of for the club, but only the most out-there ones, as he has an experimental ear for texture and a relaxed attitu...view item »

MCMXCI (1991)
Skogen, Flickan och Flaskan

I know nothing of MCMXCI (1991) other than that it’s the handle of a Swedish chap. What we have on ‘Skogen, Flickan och Flaskan’ are six tracks of raw, rugged and uncompromising warehouse techno. Throughout the tracks feel very mechanical and rigid but wander off here and there into noisy and quirky territory. ...view item »

Body Boys
Hood Spectrum

Intense synthesizer drones on the Opal Tapes label. On Hood Spectrum, Body Boys builds scratchy percussion from manipulated tapes and then layers ice-cold,minimal drones over the top. The melodies and mangled samples are buried under sheets of hiss and white noise. Fittingly, this release is on ...view item »

Bem Inventory

EP on 12” Vinyl. It’s been pretty much a year since the last Patricia release, with the Side Piece EP. Now returning to Opal Tapes Bem Inventory offers six tracks of thick pounding techno, but Patricia always manages to add a warmth to the cold-defined genre, with tracks seemingly h...view item »

Marginal Virgin

Fresh new releases are in from Opal Tapes: here we have CAO, with a set of sinisterly swirling songs. Drones, distant murmured vocals and rhythm-keeping synth-pulses add up to an enticing sound mixture that nevertheless leaves you uneasy. Opal Tapes present Marginal Virgin to the world on cassette, with the handy additi...view item »

D. Glare
68 Samples At 68 BPM For Phased Heads

Another fresh new release from Opal Tapes arrives. It seems to me that D. Glare isn’t kidding when he titles this tape 68 Samples At 68 BPM For Phased Heads: presumably samples are being tweaked, speed-checked and manipulated here? Although whether the ‘Heads’ are tape-heads or people’s heads, I ...view item »

Basic House / Metrist
The World Is Order, Incarnate

Essential free-form drones and kick-drums from Opal Tapes boss Basic House and new friend Metrist. This short run cassette finishes off a killer year for both artists. Within The World is Order, Incarnate we get slow-burning noise epics, disorientating field recordings and abras...view item »

Basic House
Caim In Bird Form

‘Caim In Bird Form’ was previously issued on cassette by Digitalis and is the work of Stephen Bishop who runs the Opal Tapes label. The pitched down dialogue sample that opens up this record sounds really familiar to me. I just can’t put my finger on...view item »


Another slice of 2013-era leftfield sort-of-techno from the Opal Tapes roster. OOBE (which stands for ‘Out Of Body Experience’) can work it at all sorts of different tempos, and always with beautifully subtle melodic synth-lines hovering overhead. SFTCR is re-pressed and back on the streets in cassette form,...view item »

Basic House
Cryptid Binaries

Opal Tapes head honcho Basic House re-releases his own brutal Cryptid Binaries cassette, but in a larger batch than the original buy-on-sight 50. The thought that only 50 people got to hear this raw, funky and downright industrial house music is a sad one, that is thankfully being rectified. Thi...view item »


Personable is a project of M. Geddes Gengras, a busy collaborator with the likes of LA Vampires and Sun Araw. His Alternate / Other tape, first issued in 2013, finds him modular-synthing his way to gnarly techno glory: on-beat enough to dance too, off-kilter enough to s...view item »

Naka Naka
Juan Pestañas

Ñaka Ñaka is a Mexican / American producer who crafts electronic music that falls somewhere between techno and ambience: Selected Ambient Works-esque synth melodies circulate over dusty post-industrial drum machines. Juan Pestañas was first issued in 2013, and the tape has now been re-press...view item »

Michael Vallera

Michael Vallera, formerly of the group Cleared, produces a synth-led dark ambient sound-world for his debut on Opal Tapes. Droning synths and thudding vintage drum machines stalk a pathway to the door of your subconscious fears. Distance implies one of those old Italian gothic horror films, something I&...view item »

Body Boys
No Face

With No Face, Body Boys make a return to the recorded arena in style, with six new tracks of precision-tuned techno. Pieces like ‘First Time’ throw in plenty of sonic action (including odd conversational samples) to keep things interesting over the pounding beats. Released as an LP by the Opal Tapes label....view item »

Ford Foster & William Watts
Ford Foster & William Watts

Some danceable terror from Ford Foster & William Watts. Ford Foster & William Watts are the new sounds from these two chaps. Having a half each, the tape kicks off with Ford Foster tumping out his gloomy peak time grit with enough kick to beat Schmeichel in the 90s. On the second half William Watt...view item »


Not to be confused with the Jamaican reggae pop outfit! Gondwana’s Aum focuses on discovering new electronic textures, new landscapes even, within the world of sound by consistently broadening the definition of music. Mastered by Rashad Becker, Aum is sure to bring a diverse and challengi...view item »

Future Ready

Some music is just aggressive, even if there’s not a lot going on. Future Ready is in that category rather securely. O/H have released a dirty and haunting EP that might as well be delivered with a flask of testosterone (but isn’t) as far as being pleasant and cosy goes. Definitely one for the aficionados....view item »

Food Plus Drug (II)

Despite the name, it’s public knowledge that Masks comprises the duo of Max Ravitz (Patricia (Ghostly / Opal Tapes), Inhalants (L.I.E.S)) and Alexis Georgopoulos (...view item »


The Trilogy Tapes is to London what Opal Tapes is to the Northeast, or Redcar to be more specific.  I can’t explain what a pleasure it was to find out that the person I’d seen bellowing into the microphone fronting ‘Boro Scum’ outfit Drunk In Hell was in fact label head Stephen Bishop, also responsible for the music ...view item »

Holo Earth

Holovr slots in with the esoteric world-view of Opal Tapes with this jagged collection of electronic experiments that bleed dubstep, ambient and IDM in a distantly encoded industrial framework. Holo Earth is a record of waiting, the feeling of being suspended mid-air, and never expecting to come down....view item »

Alley Catss & S Olbricht
Alley Catss & S Olbricht

Opal tapes continue a fantastic run with this off-kilter mixture of ambient techniques and cut-up breakbeats. A split cassette, both Alley Catss and S Olbricht bring eerie drones and strange rhythms to their miniature electronic experiments. This is lovely and light-headed stuff for playing loud at night....view item »

James Place
An Entire Matchbook A Night

Tape experiments on Opal Tapes? Nonsense. This mysterious little release, entitled 'An Entire Matchbook At Night', comes from James Place, who is probably a person but in most press shots appears to just be a shard of pure colour. This debut shows off a minimalist approach, some tracks merely taking whirring sounds and zoning in on them, while o...view item »


Belgian-Italian duo Lumisokea have an LP out this week on Opal Tapes for you to scratch your head at. The pair concoct baffling passages of dark cerebral techno with skittering, flickering, twitching electronics carving out stumbling beats like someone who's been trapped in a bunker with no access to sunlight for the last 20 years listening to l...view item »


Aha! I knew it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon something truly weird in this week's review mountain. This LP from Kaumwald has five tracks of creeping, grating, clanging dark ambient electronica with touches of post-dub, kind of like Forest Swords' sinister ambience crossed with the visceral d...view item »

Yves De Mey

It's a crime that this is only the third solo release from Yves De Mey as this guy is an excellent producer. Last heard on the now defunct Sandwell District label with the brilliant 'Counting Triggers' 2x12" and earlier on...view item »