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Sweet Lord, this tape has proper caved my head in. It’s as though AJA’s mind had literally exploded onto tape, resulting in a blistering and glorious cacophony of relentlessly powerful, unhinged, and cathartic racket. ‘Rattles’ opens the tape with menacing drum machine eruptions and vocals that appear to be utteri...view item »

Yeah You

Sound saboteurs Yeah You are kinda like a hardcore band with none of the genre template or instrumentation -- someone yelling with twisted knobs providing the loud detritus below. Coming off a really excellent new record of scrape-shouts, the father-daughter noise duo have this new tape KHOT< to o...view item »

Particles Of Life

Ok so this is not the sometime Cliff Richard fronted guitar twangers but instead a duo of of Andrew Bowen & Dimitri Ploumpidis who also play hard techno as AnD. Here they explore freeform electronic explorations all smudgy and smeared with detritus. It's bloody ugly but that's what you are here for right?  ...view item »

Hollow Body

Hollow Body is Manchester based Acre debut on Opal Tapes. As well as being a proper good DJ, you can probably tell from the track list that Acre is also dab hand at production. Hollow Body is a high concept s...view item »

Cosmin Nicolae

You might know Cosmin Nicolae better as the Hessle Audio/50Weapons/Tempa artist Cosmin TRG. His first release under his given name sees the producer indulging some more experimental and erstwhile urges than he allows loose in the soundsystem techno sound of TRG....view item »

Emra Grid
Shay’s Vacation House

Emra Grid’s ‘Shays Vacation House’ is a work that feels suspended in time - both ancient and modern -- a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece ‘Land Is’ emerges like a newly discovered fossil or relic with all th...view item »

Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight

Short review for our time on this earth being short so i have to be quick. This record moves everywhere. Some dark places and then a slight piece of light goes through the dark area and turns everything around but then back we are left alone. we fall out of the womb and sing a song. this piece of music (both sides) could be for all people that s...view item »

Cold Slab

The Opal Tapes label continue to explore the weird gaps between harsh noise, drone, electronica and techno with Cold Slab, a limited cassette release from XCDVR. This recording captures a frantic, avant garde drum machine workout that is part serious experimental collage and part playful junglis...view item »

Finn McNicholas

On Concrescence, Finn McNicholas combines melancholic string drones with almost imperceptible tape manipulation and electronic flourishes. The composer’s background as a sound recordist and foley artist is also obvious through his incorporation of haunting found sounds and field recordings. More lovely stuff on cassette f...view item »

Man Of War

The debut release from Toronto based visual effects artist Andre Edwards-Roderique under his moniker R. Four tracks that cover all corners of experimental and heavy electronics. From pounding techno and footwork kick flurries to acid squelches and 909 trash cymbals there’s dark sweaty rave to breakcore to ...view item »


‘Miccaotli’ is the second release from Andrea Taeggi under his Gondwana alias. The first of which ‘Aum’ appeared on Opal Tapes in 2015. You may recall his recent album for Type, or be familiar wi...view item »

Rapa Nui Clan

A new LP on Opal Tapes can only spell more weirdness for your already warped ears and mind. This time, it’s from a patient duo hailing from France, Ernest Bergez and Clement Vercelletto. Discogs tells me that there’s a third member called ‘Sourdure’ but I’m pretty sure this is what they’ll be making the next g...view item »

Pierrot Lunaire
Dog Chakra

OK, I’ll cut to the chase just to save everyone’s precious time. Droning electronic grooves, looped and chopped up and spliced side-by-side with organ miniatures mangled by distorted, hissing tape. Opening track, ‘Elegy for a Plastic Bag’, on this latest Opal Tape by Pierrot Lunaire sequences these spiralling elements sed...view item »

Helm & Decimus
We Will Meet At Other Human Parties

Both Luke Younger and Pat Murano have set the bar high with their solo productions as Helm and Decimus - so a collaborative record is a tantalising proposition for devourers of freaky sonics. On paper ‘We ...view item »

Central Heating

Louis Johnstone’s second LP for Opal Tapes arrives some four years after his well received ‘Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight’ album from the label. During the time that has elapsed, this modern Musique concrète practitioner’s sound has definitely evolved -...view item »

Michael Vallera

Bringing us his Opal Tapes debut is US producer Michael Vallera, who is one half of Cleared where ambient things are made with Steven Hess, who must have spurred Vallera into activity with all his shenanigans with Pan American, Anjou and Locrian among others. Distance...view item »

Yves De Mey

It's a crime that this is only the third solo release from Yves De Mey as this guy is an excellent producer. Last heard on the now defunct Sandwell District label with the brilliant 'Counting Triggers' 2x12" and earlier on...view item »

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