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First release since 2013 from Philadelphia experimental electronic duo Metasplice. On Mirvariates the pair approach the genre in a similar way to Autechre, making music that is endlessly changing, and is constantly slipping through your fingers, rendered in gloriously detaile...view item »

DJ Residue
211 Circles Of Rushing Water

DJ Residue is the latest alias of the shape-shifting Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse, The Siege Of Troy). 211 Circles of Rushing Water continues in the vein of recent releases on The Trilogy Tapes from Parris and Metasplice...view item »


The truth of the matter is this is the record I’m gonna have on my shuffle all year, accompanying me whenever destiny decides it’s time for a little more home comfort. With their self-titled debut, Rezzett do away with surprises and deliver the kind of record that leaves listeners cocooned: their grainy, ghostly iteration of techno a...view item »

Bogdan Dražić

He means dagnabbit, but that’s fine. Bogdan Drazic may only have a couple of releases on Giallo Disco to his name thus far, but his sound comes fully-formed on his debut release for Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes. Dangnabbit continues in the vein of recen...view item »

J. Albert
Envy Turned Curiosity EP

Exotic Dance Records co-founder J. Albert comes through with this tetchy EP for The Trilogy Tapes (Bullion, Bass Clef). Envy Turned Curiosity has a fair bit in common with the recent TTT drop by Parris in that it uses c...view item »

Dolo Percussion
Dolo 3

In releasing the third EP from Dolo Percussion aka Maximillion Dunbar aka one half of Beautiful Swimmers aka Andrew Field-Pickering...view item »


Techno collabo from John T. Gast and Tribe of Colin as Docile. It's on the ever excellent Trilogy Tapes so you know that this is both good, and very likely to sell out. 'Empty Fury' is like a nightmarish version of another Trilogy T...view item »

Super Siziy King

Paval Milyakov dons his Buttechno alias for this six-track EP on The Trilogy Tapes. Super Siziy King is quite techno, but not as fully submerged into the basement clubs as you might expect from the project name. We also get ambient, house, dub and even some electronic folk in there. 12” of inquisi...view item »

MTv (NHK yx Koyxen & DJ Nobu)
Hollywood EP #1

Japanese producers NHK yx Koyxen and  DJ Nobu between them have releases on Raster Norton, Skam, Pan, Bitta and Grasswaxx bring their debut release as MTv. Hollywood EP #1 brings their atmospheric and experimental leanings together into industrial techno with an immense clarity. 12...view item »


Hailing from the Netherlands, DJ and producer Roel Dijcks, AKA Ekman lays down some excitable old school beeps and beats on his new EP Onomatomania. This is acid just like you want it. Having previously released on Solar One, Berceuse Heroique and Panzerkreuz puts this four track 12” EP out on Trilogy Tapes....view item »

2 Vultures EP

South Londoner Parris releases his debut on The Trilogy Tapes, a 4-track EP packed with crackling, experimental sub-heavy dub and itchy micro-house. Flashes of jazz and computer-game-blips show his more playful side, while sparse grooves and anaemic percussion highlight the soundman’s light touch....view item »

John FM
Ricochet ...And Then Leave

After two EPs with FXHE, John FM brings his brand of house to Trilogy Tapes for a third slab of wax. Ricochet…...And Then Leave comes highly recommended by those in the know and is even to said to better his previous efforts. Ricochet has an old skool, rela...view item »

Harmonious Thelonious
Apakapa EP

Stefan Schwinder has been on a roll of late, recently dropping 12”s for Kontra Musik and Disk, the label he runs with fellow Salon Des Amateurs rhythm wizard Don’t DJ. This link up with Trilogy Tapes finds Harmonious Thelonious on exceptional form, bringing the outernational heat in ...view item »

Dillon Wendel

This 12” is the work of Beatrice Dillon and Kassem Mosse, two producers with universally-admired skills. Pulse is a surprising and amazing move from these two, being (sort-of) beatless. That is, it is full of pulsations and feels rhythmic, but never quite kicks into an actual beat. What a wonderfu...view item »

Blue Pedro

London based producer Bullion has had releases on Young Turks, Deek, R&S, and Honest Jon’s with his synth heavy, melody driven, tropical boogie house. Always injecting a bit of sunshine in Blue Pedro does actually seem to be a sort of rework of the Blue Peter theme tune. Backed with two '80s synth glam heavy d...view item »

Aaron Dilloway
Psychic Driving Tapes

Psychic Driving Tapes, first released in 2010 as a cassette on the Medusa label, has been plucked out of the gorgeous mass of Aaron Dilloway’s back catalogue for special treatment by Trilogy Tapes, who are pressing it to vinyl. The former Wolf Eyes member carves wonder out of treated and cracked t...view item »

World In Action

Another suite of electroacoustic trickery from Helm, who is very reliable with this sort of thing. World In Action features field recordings of Snaresbrook Crown Court alongside blurts of free-jazz woodwind, Valentina Magaletti’s percussion, and stacks of electronics. Hard to pin down, so just fol...view item »

The Mother Funk

The moody sleeve photograph might make this one look like a heartfelt folky record, but actually, The Mother Funk is a pulverising dancefloor destroyer from the industrial funk school of production. The B-side has lots of tracks on it, but the A holds its focus on the powerful title track, which has had its levels cranked all the way to...view item »

Bass Clef
Interform Untunnel

Bass Clef can always be relied upon to provide fun, banging, creatively-thought-out dancefloor tunes, and the pair we receive on Interform Untunnel are no exception. These tracks duck and swoop and shuffle atypically, with addictive melodies and rhythms routed through the Bass Clef assembly of synths an...view item »

Anthony Naples
El Portal EP

We’ve got some very tasteful techno in this week from the mysterious Anthony Naples, last seen remixing Fourtet and this time showing off his minimal skills in a quartet of crisp, warm and restrained cuts that he made all by himself. The opening title track has womby synth drones and quite a l...view item »


Maybe we’d be speculating more on mystery producer Rezzett if their music didn’t affect and stirr on such a visceral fucking level. I know visceral is a lazy word, but to listen to “Doyce” is to be shaken awake while retaining the dream. It feels equal parts earthy and elliptical, its electronics spitting and sneezin...view item »

Bass Clef

Two new cuts from Bass Clef, the ever-reliable project of Ralph Cumbers. Typically for a Clef production, Entendrillar is exuberant, fun and addictive, weaving a dense nest of synths and rhythms that’ll get you nodding and / or shimmying. And B-side ‘Transprism’ is no ...view item »

5ive, Samo DJ & Powder

Smart and coolly groovy release from the team-up of 5ive and Samo DJ, this time with Powder also contributing. Drunkenstein is an addictive cut of inventive deep house, with lovely synthesiser melodies that duck and weave around the sturdy central throb of the track. 12” released ...view item »

Elmo Crumb
I'm Still Dizzy

Elmo Crumb is another pseudonym from JR Seaton (who is also Call Super and Ondo Fudd): another delivery mechanism for high-quality melodic techno that reaches lovingly into the depths. I’m Still Dizzy has firm 4/4’s, but so much more going on besides that yo...view item »

Baba Stiltz
Keep It Lit

Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus regular Baba Stiltz continues his foray into UK ears and hearts after last year’s Unknown to the Unknown release with a new EP for Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label. “Keep It Lit” is a sprightly, soulful house jam, whilst “BB 1-2” contrasts deeper grooves...view item »

Anthony Naples
Slice Of Life

Anthony Naples provides some tasty goods via The Trilogy Tapes label. The two tracks on Slice Of Life, ‘Lekker’ and ‘Momentos Mágicos’, aren’t in any hurry to get anywhere: they simply settle into some warm grooves and keep on working it. Gorgeous luxury house music, plenty to enjoy ...view item »

Have you Seen Them?

Also known as Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse and with solo releases on Spunky Monkey and Honest Jon's they join forces through Trilogy Tapes as MM/KM. Have you Seen Them? Brings skeletal rough and ready techno-come-house tracks with percussion and burping rubber band basslines knocking over o...view item »

Accident Du Travail
Très Precieux Sang

Trilogy Tapes and drone in ominous opus shocker! Accident Du Travail is the project of Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux, two artists screwing with traditionalism by playing ondes Martenot and church harmonium... as if it were doom. Recalling the Cageian approach to classicism, ambient and art in general that ...view item »

Bored Young Adults
Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach

Bored Young Adults, believe it or not, is the man Blawan himself. Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach is the debut of his new moniker, which finds him going extra deep into acid techno sounds. Although it should be noted that the pace is slow, considered, and heavy. 12” release on The Trilogy Tapes....view item »

Ondo Fudd
Coup D' État

This is the work of JR Seaton aka Call Super (Houndstooth, Five Easy Pieces, Throne of Blood etc.) I’ve been meaning to check out those Call Super 12”s for a while but ...view item »

Tropa Macaca

After three years of absence since 2013’s Praga De Urubu Só Pega Em Cavalo Magro, the guys behind Tropa Macaca are back with more wild experimental tunes, this time on Trilogy Tapes. Expect haunting synthesizers that meander around minimal beats. All in all, Vida is a five-sta...view item »

Anthony Naples

This American producer has been a quick-blooming success story over the past few years with five releases alternating between techno influenced houses releases and some full-on Chicago house stuff.  'Zipacon' see-saws between tough patterns and smoother spans of vaporous house showcasing synth motifs, for scratchier, ...view item »

Never In Doubt

The driven, thumping beats of Zennor's 'Never In Doubt' are tempered with the kind of measure and reflection you'd expect from an artist honing their craft on the Trilogy Tapes label: in the background there are ambient washes that juxtapose the dancefloor miasma and turn it into something gorgeous. It's like listening to EDM fall down a waterfa...view item »

Four Legs
Clarky Cat

Little seems to be known about the production mind(s) behind Four Legs, apart from that they must be Chris Morris fans if they are titling EPs Clarky Cat. But who cares about the personnel when what they have produced is so fully-functional? 4 tracks of crisp, clear techno, pressed to vinyl and released...view item »


Here's just the second outing for the mysterious Rezzett, like the previous 12" this sucker is out on The Trilogy Tapes. As soon as the intro gets going I begin to think it sounds like an intro on an old LTJ Bukem tape or something and the...view item »

A Made Up Sound
Night Owl

I’m mostly familiar with Dave Huismans’ work through his 2562 moniker from a few years ago. My mate Talbot played me a track called ‘Techno Dread’ which was one of the early successful attempts to cross-pollinate the darker, harder edge of dubstep with the essence of pounding techno. It had the hairs on the back of my nec...view item »

Imaginarium Essai EP

4-track EP of blurry house music from Nicolas Olier whose previous output has come via Parisian label ClekClekBoom. ‘Into The Silly World’ goes to work with submerged, warped chords that seem to struggle along giving an almost aquatic feel. ‘Imaginarium Essai’ has a tougher stomp with ha...view item »

EP 2

‘EP2’ despite the potentially confusing title is actually the fourth vinyl outing on The Trilogy Tapes from this London duo. Opening with the Detroit techno of ‘Afyon’ with rough as a badgers arse lo-fi production - sounding like a moldy Derrick...view item »

EMG & Battista
The Bridge EP

Italian analogue-techno pair EMG and Battista team up for their first effort on Will Bankhead's ever-excellent Trilogy Tapes label for a 4-track offering of hard-hitting, trigger-happy blasts of sludgy techno. It's a natural fit for the label, with EMG previously outing on similar outfit Berceuse Heroique. The EP keeps up TTT's love-affa...view item »

Thulsa EP

Chemotex is a pseudonym of Marcos Cabral, and the Thulsa EP is some of his most danceable, club-listener-accessible work in some time. The four tracks of this 12" duck and thrust around, sparring with the dancers and giving them a good time. Chemotex's Thulsa EP is r...view item »

Aphasia EP

Roel Dijks a.k.a Ekman follows his crushing Entropy EP with an equally devastating thump of electronics on Aphasic. Abstract and at times a-rhythmic it’s a stifling collection of skittering sonics right across your headspace. Sound design at its finest. Out on vinyl 12” EP from The Trilogy Tapes....view item »

Slack DJs
Glasshouse Mountains EP

An interesting and engaging outing for two familiar faces on the ever excellent Trilogy Tapes. You may be forgiven for not recognising the Slack DJs, who make their debut on The Trilogy Tapes, but they're not new faces. Slack DJs are, in fact, the pairing of Low Jack & D.K. a.k.a 45 ACP. It's not the first time the two have collabora...view item »

Schrade Knives

Barnstorming club-focused 12" from Marcos Cabral under his Chemotex alias. He employs a sparser sound palette than when working under is own name here, essentially consisting of just a drum kit and white noise, but utilises his saturation and distortion pedals to devastating effect - a real assault on the stamina of those poor clubbers' ears and...view item »

DJ Spider and Marshallito
Contest for Supremacy

Available on 12” Vinyl. Contest for Supremacy EP is the second joint outing on The Trilogy Tapes imprint for NY based Producers DJ Spider and Marshallito. Mixing the harsh, head in hands pounding kick with funk tinged lo-fi surroundings. With the difficult to define monologue on Nuclear Winter...view item »

Mix Mup
Skip Intro

Available on 12” vinyl LP from The Trilogy Tapes. The perfectly named title track, Skip Intro heads these four tracks of tape crackly 808 rhythm experiments from Leipzig artist Lorenz Lindner’s Mix Mup moniker. Poly rhythms galore with cold analogue synthlines and textures swaying back on fo...view item »


Underground label The Trilogy Tapes have made a big impact on the British techno scene by building a distinctive house style through the symbiosis of flawless design, music and skate culture, earning a reputation for nurturing some of the best leftfield techno, noise and house acts along the way. Rezzett’s latest release ‘Goodness&rs...view item »

Low Jack
Imaginary Boogie

Paris-based producer and Rinse France regular Low Jack follows his first release for Trilogy Tapes - a lengthy mixtape on cassette which followed in the footsteps of contemporaries Ben UFO, Kassem Mosse and Dean Blunt -- with a new six-track 12-inch Imaginary Boogie. Ex...view item »

Willie Burns
Tab Of Acid

This is the second 12” on The Trilogy Tapes from US producer William Thomas Burns. The ‘Tab Of Acid’  EP is so hot you’ll need to wear sunglasses just to play it. When I first clocked the title I was expecting early 80’s Chicago inspired acid house but as soon as the need...view item »

Snake Inside My Leg

L.I.E.S affiliate Marcos Cabral back here as Chemotex for another solid Trilogy Tapes 12". Texture-heavy, grainy techno that growls and hisses before going straight for the jugular on Side A. The flip is stranger, twitching all over the place before settling into a raw but infectious industrial groove. All packaged in a nice screen printed sleev...view item »

Maxmillion Dunbar
Drizzling Glass

Max D, also known as Maxmillion Dunbar, and further known as part of the duo Beautiful Summers, hooks up with Trilogy Tapes for this brand new EP, entitled 'Drizzling Glass'. His recent work has been joyous and fluorescent in tone -- if "Calvin & Hobbes" is anything to go by, with its squeaky, toying synth work, then that continues here....view item »


The well-loved Trilogy Tapes is back, bringing us Ekman's minimalist offering 'Entropy', with is skittering, syncopated beats and understated atmospherics. Not much word about Ekman for this one, or their particular goals on 'Entropy', but the sound has much the same anonymity.  It's dark, slowly climaxing music with little interest for kee...view item »

Dario Zenker

Dario Zenker fronts the Ilian Tape label based out in Munich, which has released esoteric house and techno works from Zenker and his brother (as, well, the Zenker Brothers), as well as minimal techno artists such as Jichael Mackson. Instead of release more work for Ilian Tape, though, 'Mörsin' is an entry for the famous London-based label T...view item »

Slain EP

I remember the days when techno and house producers used to strive for a pristine production sound, but things were kept raw through necessity and lack of budget. It almost seems the opposite way around these days with all and sundry intentionally coating their productions in additional layers of dirt. As a longtime fan of the ...view item »

Hither, Pappy

Not a clue. On the sleeve a big papier mache head. In your ears comes a kind of bleepy soundclash, firing along in a wave of bass and fired up voice samples. Second track keeps low end bass to the fore joined by the sound of cutlery. All of it is joined by a big buzz. Flip it over and you get some monumentally fizzy hardcore and finally the soun...view item »


Little is known about this artist other than the stuff he/she/ they have posted on Youtube, collected here on wax and sounding so utterly filthy and distorted that they could have been ripped from Youtube. That raw dirty style is however part of the charm of these tracks. Sounding like tenth generation cassette dubs played through a Fisher Price...view item »

DJ Spider and Marshallito
Deadly Structures EP

DJ Spider & Marshallito are no strangers, having corroborated on several records. However, they team up for their first outing on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes label for four tracks of wonky, intriguing techno. Each of the record’s tracks takes its name from a chemical compound, and we begin with "C17H21NO2". The trac...view item »

Lowjit Vagrants EP

Here’s the latest 12” on The Trilogy Tapes which I have woefully little information about. The artist is _moonraker and there are four songs of spooky minimal techno here. This is just the kind of thing our resident electronics/spookiness expert Ant would have a lot to say about but sadly I&rs...view item »

Dro Carey
Leary Blips

Dro Carey a.k.a Eugene Hector is a fairly fresh entity in these modern post-dubstep times. This Sydney based producer impressed with his hyper mental ‘Journey Of The Heavy’ 2x12” on Ramp last year and I’m pleased to...view item »