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Pia Fraus
Empty Parks

Estonian shoegazers Pia Fraus return with Empty Parks. It is an album that sees them welcoming two former members of the band back to the fold in drummer Joosep Volk and Kristel Eplik on backing vocals. The band add a bit of tension to their otherwise bright outlook here, but it’s perfectly balanced. Aided by John McEntyre in the producer’s chair who, alongside his role in Tortoise, has probably worked with one of your favourite bands at some point.

Bill Wells
Remixes For Seksound

The Seksound label gets parts of its catalogue reworked by the legend Bill Wells, who applies his particular approach to ‘remixing’. With material put together over the last fourteen years, this compilation release includes originals by Imandra Lake and Pia Fraus, given new arrangements, total reworkings, and considerate tweaks. Released by Seksound.

Pia Fraus
Field Ceremony

Estonian dream-pop shoegazers Pia Fraus enter their 20th year with the release of Field Ceremony, their first album in 10 years. Sweeping melodies glide over ethereal instrumentation whilst their gaze is fixed to their feet. If you like My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, The Pastels or The Pale Saints, you should probably give this a go.

Pia Fraus / Rocketship
Outer Otherness / Cloudy Eyes

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Imandra Lake
Vood EP

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Pia Fraus
Silmi Island

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