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Erik Satie
Et les nouveaux jeunes - Version 2

The perennially sublime, serene and superb French composer Erik Satie is covered, interpreted and re-worked by a whole three discs worth of musicians on this remarkable collection. Et le nouveaux jeunes - Version 2 contains the likes of Nils Frahm, Fred Longberg-Helm, Hauschka...view item »

We Are Singing For Hurrays

On the same label (Arbhouse) we have a CD by Hopen.  This is a wierd kind of electronic thing that sounds initially quite ambient but is often interrupted by other strange sounds and voices coming out of the ether. Bits of cut up guitar, piano, voice etc. Its definitely an unusual mix and is otherwise quite indescribable in t...view item »

Joan Cambon
Reshaping the Seasons for Kaori's Body

This is an interesting piece of music made for contemporary dance, each track of which represents a different part of a dancer's body (Kaori Ito), with titles like 'Plexus', 'Lung', 'Hair', 'Blood', 'Chest', 'Hand', 'Ears', etc. There are 11 pieces in total and they're constructed from samples of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', hence the title. ...view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Live In Museum

The shadowy Thomas “Benoit Pioulard” Meluch contributed a chunk of loveliness to the gorgeous ‘Musique Pour Statues Menhirs’ compilation on Arbouse into whi...view item »


Here’s a delightfully understated CD of delightfully silky and soothing future-drift with elements of ‘90s electro acoustic IDM type stuff from Akamatsu, which is like a gentler and more fluid take on early Warp style glitch-pop experimentalism. Soft synths glide delicately around clicky, detailed bea...view item »

Music For

Astrïd then. Who they you say?? We have a CD in by 'em/ him/her/it on Arbouse recordings of sunny France. It's called 'Music For' in case you struggle to find it on the site but I've spelt it as Astrid too to help those without special keyboards. Nice instrumental stuff so far.... am thinking of Sigur Ros, Rachels...view item »


I think the pianist is officially back on the list of cool musicians to be again, what with the likes of Nils Frahm and Hauschka and ...view item »

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream

Now I thought these guys were called Canopy just cos who calls a band Silent Whale Becomes A Dream? That's mental. Well apparently not as these guys are called Silent Whale Becomes A Dream. Hey you live and learn... This is apparently a reissue of their 1st release though I can find cack ...view item »

Various (Max Richter, Rafael Anton Irisarri, etc)
Erik Satie et les Nouveaux Jeunes

This really is marvelous. I've always got time for some Satie, the legendary 19th Century composer and Pianist. His compositions have been reproduced by many over the years but to my knowledge this is certainly the most comprehensive collection of interpretations by contemporary players. The audio and Satie's work really speak for themselves so ...view item »


Onto Astrid who have a CD out on French label Arbouse. It's annoyingly titled "&" which probably wouldn't annoy most folks but try searching for that title anywhere on the internet and watch the unrelevant results unfurl before your bloated frustrated eyes. Fortunately that is where the annoyance ends cos here's a gorgeous double...view item »

Jasper TX, Fennesz, Various
Musique Pour Statues Menhirs

OK here's a belting 2 CD on France's very own Arbouse Records. There's been some top releases on the label and this one seems to be about the best I've heard so far. Musique Pour Statues Menhirs is a 2 disc beast featuring exclusive (oh yes I said exclusive) tracks by Fennesz, Rafael Anton Irisarri, parlous, Serafine Steer, Benoit Pioulard, Astrid,...view item »

Free Deal

Fancy some more of that dark, funked up French hip-hop that we like here at the towers (see next week for our shameless plugging of Greek funk-punk & Belgian neo-classical doom metal) FreeDeal's 'Anticipation' on Arbouse, home of rabid Hood fanciers, Acetate Zero. This is interesting notably for the way the col...view item »

Son, Father And Son

Here's a CD by Oldman on the French Arbouse label. This is an odd beast. It starts off with a throbbing solo bass which reminds me of a Neubauten track from Tabula Rasa. Some eerie theremin noise and then some shuffling kicks in making one of the oddest tracks I've heard in a while. Then comes the old twiddly dee folk guitar. I swear I didn't know ...view item »

Premiers Froids

Ant here fresh from my mega healthy lunchbreak... A chip butty and a jam donut. I could feel my lifespan decreasing with every delicious bite... I'll kick off this week with Inlandsis who have a CD out on Arbouse Recordings. 'Premiers Froids' is lush, deep, warm, melodic electronics juxtaposed with icy colder parts. I'm reminded of Russia's Novel 2...view item »

Thousand & Bramier
The Sway of Beasts

Thousand & Bramier next then. A CD called 'The Sway Of Beasts' is upon us through French label Arbouse (Are those cross channel pals of ours trying to swamp Blighty with music in an effort to distract us from our boys world cup hopes??? CONSPIRACY ALERT!!!!) This is really well constructed, loose & soulful alt country / do...view item »

Acetate Zero
Hesitation Blues

Acetate Zero have previously been tagged as the french HOOD by the staff here at Norman's. New Long Player 'Hesitation blues' on Arbouse Recordings bares no relation to HOOD in my opinion but strenuous connections could be hinted at. The band are subtle in their approach and share a lot in common with the post rock groups of the late nineties early...view item »

40 Miles of Rough Road

Arbouse records treated us last week with a quality album of the week and this week we have more goodness in from 'em. Yes even more. How on earth do these labels quite do it? Anyway it's a Limited CD job pressed in an edition of 100 these days. Have you noticed almost everything aside from chart crap is limited to 100 copies or less these days? Re...view item »

My Mind is Falling To Pieces

I wanted to look at what I'd written before about Melodium but the site is sick as a dog so I'll have to make do with the fact I know he's of the French persuasion and writes some beautiful trippy ambient stuff from hypnotic and searching to occasional glitch & gently experimental. These sections flow between charming acoustic folk lullabies fo...view item »

WW Lowman
Plain Songs

Here is W.W LOWMAN and Plain Songs on Arbouse Records. Phil's been told its like Bonnie Prince Billy. Its quite slow and down beat and reminds me of being over tired with lolloping bass and repeating vocals.. Really interesting drums intersperse the the EP which I've read took him 3 years to finish. Its certainly sounds l...view item »

Acetate Zero
We Deny This

But we have a newie on the label from ACETATE ZERO called 'We Deny This'. This is a live CD numbered of 250 copies and for the uninitiated they sound like Hood. For all intents and purposes they are the French Hood. They're not as good as Hood but then you wouldn't expect that...Defo one for the fans as it's...view item »

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