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Sophie Hutchings

Australian composer Sophie Hutchings stays with the Preserved label for her fifth full length album Yonder. Easily placed in the shelf with Dustin O'Hallaron, Max Richter and Nils Frahm, Hutchings crafts delicate and solitary pieces that tilt the modern classical genre ...view item »

Luke Howard / Nadje Noordhuis
Ten Sails

For Ten Sails pianist and composer Luke Howard recruited trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis and Nils Frahm’s Berlin piano. Together these artists make a delicate and minimal neo-classical music that borrows from ambient music as well as traditional chamber music forms. This vinyl L...view item »
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Here they are coming through a waft of fuzz and haze are six Australians who, following on from their debut, wanted to make something noisier....and simply more. The record apparently is about dreams. ghosts and the sort of scary stuff that haunts your sleep. Such as.......did I switch the oven off? ...view item »
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Tilman Robinson
Deer Heart

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tilman Robinson has released his second full length record entitled ‘Deer Heart’. It can be described an uneven mix of optimism and pessimism, hope and dread, dark and light. A mix of acoustic-electro and experimental post-rock tha...view item »

Luke Howard
Two & One

Australian composer Luke Howard uses his piano in a number of ways over the course of Two & One, from subtly plucking out single notes to swathing it with a cloud of crackling ambience. It feels like supporting music for a narrative, although what narrative exactly is hard to say... Pressed to transparent vinyl in a...view item »
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I Don't Want To Be Anywhere But Here

Raucous indie pop anyone? Yes, I know it’s not 2004 anymore but Ceres are still rocking with some hard indie rock on I Don’t Want to be Anywhere But Here. Driving drums and thrashing guitars gel with some punchy vocals to make an album for a little hidden-bedroom-headbanging. CD or yellow col...view item »

Charge Group
Escaping Mankind

Escaping Mankind is the debut for Australian four piece Charge Group and has been pressed by Hobbledehoy Records to 180 gram vinyl LP. The group make a an emotive indie-rock with added electric violin and some post-rock crescendos too. This album is equal parts catchy melodies and frantic build-...view item »

Eleventh He Reaches London

Hobbledehoy Records release the third album for post-hardcore enthusiasts Eleventh He Reaches London. Banhus sees the band’s trademark dynamics tied to sharper song structures and an emphasis on melody. The current line-up even incorporate some folk and pop elements alongside their lo...view item »

Fourteen Nights At Sea
Minor Light

More epic material from Australian group Fourteen Nights At Sea, who lay out 5 tracks of grandiose post-rock for the listener to get swept up in. The tone of Minor Light is as gloomy as the cover art, but redemption lies within the careful arrangements. CD or LP in a limited edition of 300 copies, on Hobbledehoy Records...view item »

Ghost Town

Michael Kinsella, going again under his moniker Owen has continued to deliver his own unique brand of folky, guitar music. Ghost Town begins with one of the most beautiful tunes Kinsella has written in “Too Many Moons”, finger-picked guitars with playful violin accompaniment and French lyrical sections sees a departure from his last ...view item »
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At Home With Owen

How Michael Kinsella continues to be so prolific and still so good astounds me. With his hand in the bands American Football, Owls and Joan of Arc – Michael Kinsella doesn’t feel he has too much on his plate to create beautiful acoust...view item »
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