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The only reason I’m certain Cienfuego’s ‘Autogolpe’ isn’t a Vatican Shadow side project is that the track titles, obviously political as they are, are never longer than four words. This is an album that is self-consciously about powerful. An autogo...view item »

Psychic Agony Ov Session

Tokyo native ZZZ is an artist with many aliases (DJ Nozaki, DJ Cornbeef) but his musical output is consistently killer. This limited-edition, one-time pressing of 'Psychic Agony Ov Session' fuses Chicago style beat tracks with rocking, old school house cuts in a slamming huddle that is sure to set dance floors alight....view item »

Silent Neighbour EP

Pure carnage from Mick Harris (Scorn / Lull / Monrella / Napalm Death / Quoit / The Weakener etc.) on this 4-track EP from Ron Morelli's esteemed L.I.E.S. label. Mr Harris recently revived his Fret Alias for a devastatingly heavy and ice cold album on Karlrecords. If you've experienced the sheer joy of being pummeled by that record, or inde...view item »

Person Of Interest

This sleazy, grimy three-track EP from Person of Interest, out on L.I.E.S., bounces around the margins of house and techno intro POI style, blurring the lines of hammering broken beats, driving techno pulses and dark-leaning tribal sounds. A searing, exciting record from the stalwart Brooklyn producer....view item »

Delroy Edwards

Coming just a month after the release of his Rio Grande LP, meme-house cheeky chappy Delroy Edwards returns to L.I.E.S. (Simoncino, Terekke) for the first time since 2013 to drop another full-length. Aftershock doesn’t see Edwards switching up the fo...view item »

Krikor Kouchian
Pacific Alley

Krikor Kouchian’s ‘Pacific Alley’ is kinda like a lost soundtrack to some 80’s VHS Miami or Los Angeles cop thriller. The palm trees, neon lights, hookers, mirrored sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts... Imagine a whacked out Harold Faltermeyer and Torn Hawk making sun warped, lo-fi electro boogie ...view item »

Plant Age

After a few EP releases on L.I.E.S Terekke finally drops the big one after 5 years of experimentation with beats and basic equipment. It's a slow moving burble of an album, eight patient tracks which blend simple beatwork with dubby atmospheres. Standout is the gorgeous 'Need U' a lengthy drift into dub techno perhaps with nods to the dubbier en...view item »


When not running their Paralaxx label, Tel Aviv duo TV.OUT like nothing more than to unwind with a little bit of doom-laden techno. The three entries on Further will all sound suitably portentous when eating up the club at four in the morning. ‘Moon’ brings to mind early Legowel...view item »

Gunnar Haslam
Lebesgue Measures

L.I.E.S. have been consistently releasing the most exciting, raw and experimental house and techno, and this vinyl LP from Gunnar Haslam continues their stunning run. Harsh walls of sound are blended with jackin’ drum machine workouts and warped 808 basslines. Lebesgue Measures is the the ...view item »

Florian Kupfer
Florian Kupfer

Back on Ron Morelli’s grinding L.I.E.S. imprint, Florian Kupfer returns for yet more lo-fi, industrially-flavoured, analogue madness that threatens to rattle its house and techno template until it falls clean apart. With track titles like ‘Random Chaos’ and a closer that’s ...view item »

S. English
S. English

The S stands for Shane and leftfield electronics is his game. Over on the actually very trustworthy L.I.E.S. label, S. English offers a new batch of terse, blood-curdling beat exercises, with his self-titled 12" certain to interest those who like their dance music twisted into a new shape. Bl...view item »

Eric Copeland
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect

Hey look, it’s everyone’s favourite Avey Tare collaborator Eric Copeland making another record about rude punctuation. I swear I just saw that pair of brackets flip me off. This 2LP hamper of dancey delights is out on LIES, the home of left of the field house/techno musicks. Courtesy, Profe...view item »

Sketch I

The limited L.I.E.S. black label 12”s seem to arrive unannounced and then vanish in the blink of an eye. The story goes that German factory workers Sandro Stebnitz, Manito Rotschild, and Dieter Flegel aspired to make electronic music like Gary Numan. This is pretty...view item »

Marcos Cabral
Buried Alive Twice

Under the Chemotex moniker, New Yorker, Marcos Cabral made some massive club sounds that recalled the days of Rush and Cajual. Under his given name, Cabral released the album L.I.E.S. in 2013 which went largely unnoticed but set him on a new roots-drive...view item »

Faster Action
Faster Action

Usually a pairing with Robert Bergmann, Interstellar Funk goes it alone under the Faster Action title for these cheeky tools many DJs would be thankful for. Two tracks offering strong beds of rhythm, the first a 909 explosion and the second a heavier metallic affair. Great backbone stuff for any...view item »

This Coercion Pt. II

Hard-jacking new tracks from Shawn O’Sullivan’s Vapauteen guise, working the project’s signature style of relentless beat-pummel and acidic synth lines. This Coercion Pt. II neatly complements the recent Pt. I: taken as a pair, they add up to some of the year’s most form...view item »

Circling Vultures
Circling Vultures

Whenever you see a release by L.I.E.S., you know it’s going to be a piece of hard-hitting techno. Circling Vultures deliver nothing less, and this self-titled 12” is sure to blow up your speakers if you turn it up as loud as you want to. Heavy 808 beats combine well with paranoid bass lines, and...view item »

This Coercion Pt.1

Vapauteen is Shawn O’Sullivan, who has also released material under his own name and as 400PPM. This Coercion Pt. 1 completes a hat trick of strong EPs on L.I.E.S., a banging set of te...view item »

Jorge Velez
Animals Disk

Jorge Velez delivers a curious set of “animal-themed electronic exploration”, utilising only, a Microbrute synth and samples from a Fairlight CMI. Animals Disk is overtly digital, almost plastic in tone, but Velez does a ...view item »

Dan Physics
Dan Physics

Dan Physics self titled 12" on Brooklyn's L.I.E.S Records, is a dark outing into the past 3 decades of dance music. The New York native is unafraid of cranking up the tempo on this vinyl - the scientist combines spooky and squelchy synths with jacking kicks, hats and snares. It relentlessly grooves whil...view item »

Samantha Vacation
Samantha's Vacation / Postcards From Mssr Perdu

Twisty mutated house from Samantha Vacation. Here first 12” release for L.I.E.S, White Label consists of two side long tracks that fuse Detroit techno, bass music and a definite leaning towards a headphone listening experience. It’s wickedly warped and a little uneasy. Out on 12” vinyl from L.I.E.S....view item »

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