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Broken English Club
White Rats

Will you just look at that incredible tangle of fishnetted legs? You'd think it would be sexy but it's just....disturbing.  It sort of suits the music of Oliver Ho though with it's mixture of synthwave, metallic acid tracks and guitar drone with a heavy industrial influence. This is part one of a three album trilogy. You have been warned.&n...view item »

Beau Wanzer

Chicago weirdo Beau Wanzer returns to Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems with a typically idiosyncratic EP. This self-titled affair...view item »

Market Values

Even by their usual standards, Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint are playing hardball at the moment. Around the same time as their rough-as-owt drops from Beau Wanzer...view item »

Collin Strange

No messing from Collin Strange (yep, with two ‘L’s) here. The producer’s self-titled second EP for L.I.E.S. (Beau Wanzer, ...view item »

Krikor Kouchian
Pacific Alley In Dub

Krikor Kouchian returns to L.I.E.S. with dubbed and clubbed out remixes from his Pacific Alley album. To clarify, yes, this is dub techno, wit hall the reverb and bass that keeps you coming back. The bass lines are particularly endearing, all funky and sun drenched, but ...view item »


After an extremely limited cassette run on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats back in 2017, Krikor’s Saudi now gets a vinyl pressing courtesy of Long Island Electrical Systems (Svengalisghost, Simoncino). The sides of Saudi...view item »


Spooky electro from the Brooklyn based experimental electronic music label L.I.E.S.. Fernando takes the long stagnant genre and twists it into something that feels new. There's a touch of the hauntological about these tracks too, as though Fernando has had to dig them up and rescue each one....view item »

Gone Fishing

Long Island Electrical Systems aka L.I.E.S. love a bit of obfuscation, and this latest LP from Maxxx Bass has heaps of it. The strange cover, the lack of track titles and the obtuse, drifting sonics within Gone Fishing will have been music to label-boss Ron Morelli&rsqu...view item »

Silent Neighbour EP

Pure carnage from Mick Harris (Scorn / Lull / Monrella / Napalm Death / Quoit / The Weakener etc.) on this 4-track EP from Ron Morelli's esteemed L.I.E.S. label. Mr Harris recently revived his Fret Alias for a devastatingly heavy and ice cold album on Karlrecords. If you've experienced the sheer joy of being pummeled by that record, or inde...view item »

Circling Vultures
Game of Chance

This four track EP is the follow up record by Circling Vultures called Game of Chance. Described as 'psychedelic machine music', this mini album is definitely one to add to your collection. A proper underground mix of club tunes that will make the impending apocalypse seem a little more real. Available on vinyl 12" and ...view item »

DJ Overdose
DJ Overdose

The Hauge electro stalwart Jeroen Warmenhoven AKA DJ Overdose returns to Ron Morelli's esteemed L.I.E.S. imprint for his second EP for the label. This is his heaviest output to date - four no-nonsense cuts with some mutant B-boy techno and bruising industrial strength electro up top, and some spacey sci-fi wave electro goodness ...view item »

Person Of Interest

This sleazy, grimy three-track EP from Person of Interest, out on L.I.E.S., bounces around the margins of house and techno intro POI style, blurring the lines of hammering broken beats, driving techno pulses and dark-leaning tribal sounds. A searing, exciting record from the stalwart Brooklyn producer....view item »


The debut full-length from Alex Suarez’s Cienfuegos project is named after a particular kind of military coup, so you can imagine that Autogolpe isn’t going to pull very many punches. Indeed, this is a heavy and dark listen, whether it is pummelling the listener with industrial beats or crea...view item »

Psychic Agony Ov Session

Tokyo native ZZZ is an artist with many aliases (DJ Nozaki, DJ Cornbeef) but his musical output is consistently killer. This limited-edition, one-time pressing of 'Psychic Agony Ov Session' fuses Chicago style beat tracks with rocking, old school house cuts in a slamming huddle that is sure to set dance floors alight....view item »

Delroy Edwards

Coming just a month after the release of his Rio Grande LP, meme-house cheeky chappy Delroy Edwards returns to L.I.E.S. (Simoncino, Terekke) for the first time since 2013 to drop another full-length. Aftershock doesn’t see Edwards switching up the fo...view item »

Krikor Kouchian
Pacific Alley

If you’re a fan of Lazerhawk, Timecop1983, College, or Com Truise’s retrowave stylings, french producer Krikor Kouchian’s new album on L.I.E.S. might be well up your street. Take the VHS 80s inspired and add a film noir low swung disco boogie g...view item »

Plant Age

After numerous releases on L.I.E.S. and operating in various projects (X, Entro & Terri,  Escape Force, Wabi Sabi...view item »


When not running their Paralaxx label, Tel Aviv duo TV.OUT like nothing more than to unwind with a little bit of doom-laden techno. The three entries on Further will all sound suitably portentous when eating up the club at four in the morning. ‘Moon’ brings to mind early Legowel...view item »

Gunnar Haslam
Lebesgue Measures

L.I.E.S. have been consistently releasing the most exciting, raw and experimental house and techno, and this vinyl LP from Gunnar Haslam continues their stunning run. Harsh walls of sound are blended with jackin’ drum machine workouts and warped 808 basslines. Lebesgue Measures is the the ...view item »

Florian Kupfer
Florian Kupfer

Back on Ron Morelli’s grinding L.I.E.S. imprint, Florian Kupfer returns for yet more lo-fi, industrially-flavoured, analogue madness that threatens to rattle its house and techno template until it falls clean apart. With track titles like ‘Random Chaos’ and a closer that’s ...view item »

TV Live

A straight to tape (or possibly DAW) recording from a live 2015 TV appearance in France, Svengalisghost’s spirit of Chicago is in line with the acerbic and unsettling sounds of Jamal Moss, rather than house’s founding fathers. Fiercely moody EBM-tinged material, you wouldn't hear this ...view item »

S. English

Eris by S. English features eight tracks of moody and spacious music from Austin-based DIY electronic musician, Shane English. Held together by the restrained use of percussion and English’s voice, the music is further punctuated by moments of industrial noise and dark ambience. LP on L.I.E.S....view item »


Under the curious moniker of Randomer, London-dwelling producer Rohan Walder has added to his sizeable discography with the release of 3-track floor-filler - Smokin. This fresh cut continues an evolution through post-dubstep, house and broken-beat. Now nearly 10 years in the game, this is a beat-maker ...view item »

TMO and Andy Butler

TMO is the Moscow based producer Lipelis and he works with L.I.E.S again, this time with producer Andy Butler in tow. The two tracks on here, Coca Cola Jam and Pepsi Cola Jam are good ol’ Bleep Techno/House tracks, harkening back to the &l...view item »

Collin Strange
Private Room

Diiiirty acidic techno with a heavily distorted industrial edge. Collin Strange brings Punishing virility of Unit Moebius layered with analogue squelches, trashy offset hihats, crushing kicks and sonar-like synth stabs. Raging energy thats equally at home in Tresor as it is on a dystopian future movie. Vinyl on ...view item »

Device Control
Most People

Device Control is the latest solo project from New Yorker Jake Reif (Upsetting Keys, Savage Hymn). After cutting his teeth with releases for Snuff Trax and Rong Music, L..I.E.S. snap him up. It blends an industrial 80s Coil snap and a broken Kraftwerk ...view item »

Nick Klein
Rhinestone Cowboy

Nick Klein is an electronic producer with a fondness for the more bludgeoning ends of techno-derived musics. Rhinestone Cowboy has him dabbling around for four tracks of hard-hitting dancefloor deviance, oscillating between minimal and maximal but always holding the attention. Imported 12” on US label L.I.E.S....view item »

S. English
S. English

The S stands for Shane and leftfield electronics is his game. Over on the actually very trustworthy L.I.E.S. label, S. English offers a new batch of terse, blood-curdling beat exercises, with his self-titled 12" certain to interest those who like their dance music twisted into a new shape. Bl...view item »

Parrish Smith

Fresh from making waves with releases on Knekelhuis and Contort Yourself, as well as with his projects Volition Immanent and Sige Bythos, Parrish Smith brings us his Esplendor...view item »

Broken English Club
The English Beach

Although Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label seems quintessentially New York, here it is releasing an album that is specifically about Dungeness, Kent. Broken English Club explores this desolate English Beach via heavy industrial acid attacks and crackling vocal samples. It doesn’t feel very pastor...view item »

Melted Fuel

Adam X’s more downtempo output as ADMX-71 takes a darker, harder and more industrial road than his other works. With releases on Sonic Groove Experiments and Hands he returns to L.I.E.S. for his third release with them. Melted Fuel houses three tracks of hard industrial techno that provides anvil ...view item »

Eric Copeland
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect

Eric Copeland has been exploring fractured grooves for years now, both solo and with his main outfit Black Dice. But here he lands a double LP on ‘proper’ dance label L.I.E.S., showing a serious intention to get folks moving. Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect is a twelve-track set of weird ...view item »

Sketch I

The limited L.I.E.S. black label 12”s seem to arrive unannounced and then vanish in the blink of an eye. The story goes that German factory workers Sandro Stebnitz, Manito Rotschild, and Dieter Flegel aspired to make electronic music like Gary Numan. This is pretty...view item »


Translating to Invincible East, 東方不敗 by chinese producer Tzusing is his first full length and after releasing three EPs with the label, it makes sense for it to be released through L.I.E.S.. An intriguing mix of Blackest Ever Black/early Coil territory minimal post industrial with a col...view item »

Pvre Matrix

Pvre Matrix like to keep things as all-about-the-music as possible, and hence has given this release no track titles, no real EP title, and no press release. Hardcore. What this does is shift all out attention to the contents of the wax: hard and fast percussive workouts that can swallow you whole if you’re not careful. On...view item »


Spotted! Mysterious anonymous techno producer with only a couple of letters and a piece of punctuation for identity. Well it's all about the music I suppose, and this time round the beats are overdriven and gloriously break-y, with lead track 'Dread Nox' focuses on sliced 'n' re-pitched amen breaks and vocal stabs to irresistible effect. 3 track...view item »

Murray CY

Those Glaswegians know how to make extra-strength tracks don’t they? Murray CY, who runs the Contort Yourself label, has four new cuts for the people to enjoy, put into circulation by US label L.I.E.S.. The material on Conformist isn’t for timewasters: it's only for those who want their bodies jacked up, dow...view item »


Wonderfully named 33.10.3402 continues to make colourful and psychedelic club music that splinters and splatters towards the party, doing the excellent L.I.E.S. a solid with weird but forthright techno. Their EOP from last year was a big one so these ones are not to be missed. ...view item »

Eric Copeland
Jesus Freak

Black Dice man Eric Copeland returns with another set of solo jams. I love this guy’s sensibility for scrambling up fragments of broken samples and all manner of unidentifiable audio bits-and-pieces into weirdly party-friendly pieces. Your head will nod, you may even dance! Jesus Freak is on L.I.E...view item »

Marcos Cabral
Buried Alive Twice

Under the Chemotex moniker, New Yorker, Marcos Cabral made some massive club sounds that recalled the days of Rush and Cajual. Under his given name, Cabral released the album L.I.E.S. in 2013 which went largely unnoticed but set him on a new roots-drive...view item »

No Payments Rejected

New York’s trusty L.I.E.S. label presents a hot round-up of their current favourites here on No Payments Rejected. The roster includes Pure Matrix, Cienfuegos and Nick Klein, each whipping up their own micro-storms of dirty electronics. The genre approaches vary (some beats groove...view item »

S. English
General Dimensions

This second solo full-length from S. English is released by the L.I.E.S. label, and the tracks have rhythms running through their core. But don’t be mistaken: S. English is more informed by the history of sinister industrial electronics as by anything centred on dance. General Dimensions’ ei...view item »

Cities Of Illusion

After a couple of releases on L.I.E.S and Russian Torrents NGLY returns to L.I.E.S. for his debut full length. Sitting somewhere between the techno and straight up electronica worlds, NGLY’s productions are perfect late night club or headphone pieces, good to wind down with or slowly keep the party going....view item »

Black Dice
Big Deal

So Black Dice have been flirting with dancing rhythms for years now, albeit from a weird and joyously-messy perspective. So what a well-deserved pleasure to see them dropping tunes on the L.I.E.S. label! Big Deal’s two cuts are groovy and less noise-blasted than you might expect, though make no mistake, there is l...view item »

Jahiliyya Fields
Pleasure Sentence

‘Aeon Aeon’ is pretty sexy demented early Transmat abusing psychedelic ear drugs. A brain mushing fourteen minute sci-fi house/ techno odyssey. ‘2013’ sounds like a found tape Prurient chucked in a skip when he was 12 years old. Meanwhile undern...view item »

Faster Action
Faster Action

Usually a pairing with Robert Bergmann, Interstellar Funk goes it alone under the Faster Action title for these cheeky tools many DJs would be thankful for. Two tracks offering strong beds of rhythm, the first a 909 explosion and the second a heavier metallic affair. Great backbone stuff for any...view item »

A Name Out Of Place III

Tzusing is a pretty new producer, but they’ve worked up a name for themselves pretty quickly with fierce industrial tracks. A Name Out Of Place III, their third EP for L.I.E.S. keeps up the quality with 4 new cuts, each with a bottomless low-end and drum-work that’s both steady + pounding and frantic + break...view item »

Greg Beato

Greg Beato starts this EP off with his trademark sound, and then guides it carefully around an obstacle course of styles, leaning hard enough into the genre corners to allow them to colour the sound. 5 tracks are squeezed onto this 12”, so Beato makes every second count. High level operations here on the L...view item »

This Coercion Pt. II

Hard-jacking new tracks from Shawn O’Sullivan’s Vapauteen guise, working the project’s signature style of relentless beat-pummel and acidic synth lines. This Coercion Pt. II neatly complements the recent Pt. I: taken as a pair, they add up to some of the year’s most form...view item »

45 ACP
Graveyard Shift

4 interesting new cuts from 45 ACP. Graveyard Shift is a sleek old thing with a special interest in texture: a lot of what we hear feels like it is coming to us through a heat haze, and the synths feel lazily reclined all over the drum machines. As the EP progres...view item »

Beyond The Dance - Mr. Fingers Remixes

Chicago house overlord Mr. Fingers has been smashing it since the 80s, and L.I.E.S. have sat on these cheeky numbers since the release of Simoncino’s EP back in 2014. With the first take beefing the original up to rattle that chest, and flip over on to the dark side for a cleaner tighter groove out....view item »

Circling Vultures
Circling Vultures

Whenever you see a release by L.I.E.S., you know it’s going to be a piece of hard-hitting techno. Circling Vultures deliver nothing less, and this self-titled 12” is sure to blow up your speakers if you turn it up as loud as you want to. Heavy 808 beats combine well with paranoid bass lines, and...view item »

This Coercion Pt.1

Vapauteen is Shawn O’Sullivan, who has also released material under his own name and as 400PPM. This Coercion Pt. 1 completes a hat trick of strong EPs on L.I.E.S., a banging set of te...view item »

Common Purpose

M Rav is happy to turn up on plenty of labels under plenty of names in plenty of styles: he’s released for the cream of US underground labels, using monikers including Patricia and real name(?) Max Ravitz. Common Purpose finds him pulling together his wide practice with the help o...view item »

Silent Servant
Hypnosis In The Modern Age Vol. II

As a former operative in Sandwell District, LA producer Juan Mendez has nothing to prove. But that need to create just keeps on pushing, and his latest work as Silent Servant finds him working at as high a level ...view item »


Producer 33.10.3402 can’t rely on a catchy name to stir up attention, so it all has to be in the productions. That’s no problem, as he has an intuitive sense for which rhythms can be laid on top of each other and how to make a headspace with waving background synths. After releases for...view item »

Locks & DDM
Locks & DDM

It seems that Locks & DDM is what L.I.E.S. have decided to call the anonymous duo behind this music. Apparently these two decided to jam out some skipping records and a drum machine at some point in the 80’s, and they do seem to have hit on some real fine territory. Several sweet cuts on...view item »


Argentinian producer NGLY drops a triple-threat of club tunes on the L.I.E.S. imprint, carefully prepared to push the right kinds of dancefloors over the edge. These tracks aren’t showy, but their thick groove can’t be resisted once you get locked in. 12” imported all the way fro...view item »

NHK yx Koyxen
Sparrow's Gardens

Japanese producer Kohei Matsunaga slips on his NHK yx Koyxen persona again for these 4 svelte cuts on L.I.E.S.. The material on Sparrow’s Gardens is slick and adventurous, equally ready to oil up the dancefloor in the club or tweak the mind at home. Kick drum pulse and future-city synth-tones Whit...view item »

Jorge Velez
Animals Disk

Jorge Velez delivers a curious set of “animal-themed electronic exploration”, utilising only, a Microbrute synth and samples from a Fairlight CMI. Animals Disk is overtly digital, almost plastic in tone, but Velez does a ...view item »

Deep Florida

See the menacing alligator on the sleeve art of Deep Florida and imagine the humid, murky depths of sound that Inhalants manage to reach on this release. Together, Jahiliyya Fields and Max Ravitx creep their drum machines and synths along the bottom of the swamp, making for compelling m...view item »


YYYYYYYYYYes this is a repress of a 2013 L.I.E.S hit featuring some low-slung house . This means that most of you die hards will have got hold of this during the first run, then it got hyped and the only copies that you could get were being sold on discogs by TANMUSHIMUSHI for hundreds of £££. You can see why it has gai...view item »

KWC 92
KWC 92

More L.I.E.S. goodness with this vinyl LP from KWC 92. This self-titled album embraces the raw, analogue and uncompromising electronic sound that has come to define the label. But KWC 92 also dabble in off-kilter ambient passages and surreal drones. House and techno elements are fractured and reordered until the...view item »

45 ACP
Change of Tone

Parisian producer 45 ACP has just turned out a full-on double LP album on the L.I.E.S. label, and Change Of Tone makes a pretty strong case for the guy being someone to pay attention to. Six tracks tooled for contemplative but highly-active dancefloors, and with an excellently unusual-for-a-dance-LP sort of cover too....view item »

Jean Nipon & Magendie High School presents
Industry Steal Vol. 2

3 tracks of weighty house thrills here from Jean Nipon & Magendie High School. The dancefloor will be very happy with this one, where the propulsive drums override all mental instincts other than the need to dance. Industry Steal Vol. 2 follows up on the good recent work Nipon has done for ClekClek ...view item »

Coherent Abstractions

ADMX-17 is the name under which Adam X makes industrial music. A bit of label hopping saw him work with the legendary Hands label and his own Sonic Groove Experiments label. In 2014 he recorded Redacted with for L.I.E.S. A 12” of EBM, but taut, sl...view item »

Kid's Play

Randomer obviously had fun making Kid’s Play, a neat little five-track 12” set on L.I.E.S. He seems to have purged out any sound that isn’t percussive: the melody, bassline, and any other flourishes are sourced from drums. This is therefore a super rhythmic listen, enough to put you in a total danceflo...view item »


33 ½ rpm 12” white label vinyl on L.I.E.S.. Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.) present the debut by Slugbug on their white label series. To be filed under their self professed genre of “Psycho house”, though I’d say it would be closer to “Trashy/Manic” or “Paranoia House&rd...view item »

Gavin Russom

‘Lies-025.5’ is a beautifully crafted three track EP by New York master synth veteran, producer Gavin Russom, released on the outstanding Brooklyn based electro label L.I.E.S. The EP Features three thoughtfully crafted, deliberately economical and precise club tracks that venture tentatively into a world of psychedelia and electronic...view item »

Person Of Interest
Person of Interest

The L.I.E.S. label is always about the techno that walks the dirty side of life. Person of Interest’s self-titled 12” will, of course, be no exception, PoI being renowned for straightforward but somehow elusive techno beats, surrounded by haunting instrumentation. Time to get your ...view item »

DJ Overdose
Hero's Gone Mental EP

Four new tracks from Holland’s DJ Overdose. The contents of the Hero’s Gone Mental EP have particularly prickly drum programming: highly danceable, but you’ll be kept on your toes. In fact there is a certain energised angst in these tracks, represented in the title cut’s anxious breathing sample....view item »

Let That Shit Breathe

Four tracks here from New York / Philadelphia producer M/R, and at least four genres represented. The self-titled EP achieves the impressive feat of sounding fully accomplished despite the ambitious stylistic range. A lot of talent packed into this 12” on the L.I.E.S. label, probably worth paying attention to M/R...view item »


Straight outta Moscow, Lipelis has a couple of hard and fast Edits for you to blast dancefloors with. Three tracks, each with a vocalist, explode out of the starting blocks and take all the disco lovers with them. This is a very limited release, so only one copy per customer! 12” vinyl released on the L.I.E.S. lab...view item »


Bookworms is a bouncy techno project hailing from New York. I always enjoy it when techno, which has a tendency to be somewhat strict in adherence to the 4/4 (no bad thing by the way) is deviated somewhat, and Bookworms excels at this, subtly changing up tempos and playing around with rhythms. Lots of fun this 1...view item »

Jahiliyya Fields
Chance Life Moon Dance

Known for his exploratory work into the potentialities of analog synthesizers, arpeggiators and mustaches, Jahiliyya Fields is one of today’s techno avant-gardists. Hopefully, Chance Life Moon Dance will live up to the high expectations his past productions has given us plenty reason to foster....view item »


What is super-rad about this release is that Antenes reportedly crafts these tracks out of homemade electronics, lending the synth sounds and the sequencing a delightfully off-kilter DIY edge. What she’s achieved on LIES-026.5 is a set of super-percussive odd-techno that I found myself wanting to put on again and ...view item »


Originating from a nostalgia for early '90s techno and house, DJ Deep releases this homage to his early days as a French radio DJ, setting the scene for decades of electronic music to come. Composed recently but with that avant-garde mindset, Rebeval is sure to make you long back for the days that you still discovered new tunes ...view item »


Now here’s some techno with a heart. Sometimes transcending the 4/4 measures, sometimes making space for arrhythmic synthesizers, Ngly’s 019.5 on the LIES label knows its moments of subtlety. But do not fret, for this 12" will never let you forget that the word of kick and hi hat is law in the world...view item »

Daywalker & CF
Supersonic Transport

This is the second 12” on L.I.E.S. from this duo which pairs Willie Burns and Entro Senestre both of whom have also has solo releases on the label. Supersonic Transport is probably the main cut to head for with chunky drums and celestial ...view item »


Terekke is the project of Brooklyn-based producer Matt Gardner's; following on from 2013’s ‘YYYYYYYYYY’ EP, Gardner returns in the same uplifting vein with this self-titled 12”. Equally suited to home-listening or in the club, 'Terekke' is purportedly darker than previous efforts, and veers towards the more ambient side o...view item »

Eric Copeland
Logo My Ego

Eric Copeland is best known for his work in the weird noise bands Black Dice and Terrestrial Tones, which he founded with Animal Collective's Avey Tare. On his own, though, he likes to take the disciplines of dance music and mess them up, making rhythms go off-kilter, looping sounds over and over and reinventing the disco wheel. This m...view item »

Gunnar Haslam
Mirrors and Copulation

Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S give us the 2nd LP from New York science mover Gunnar Haslam. Mirrors and Copulation has a toothpaste clean production. All shining synths, blistering drums and stone cold jack workouts. Unknown yet if his more tribal elements come into play, but...view item »

A Name Out Of Place Pt. I

'A Name Out Of Place Pt. I' is a ferocious melding of excellent EBM technique and industrial percussion, with metallic beats pouncing on dark underworld synth lines. Tzusing is the dude responsible, making the usual gruesome noise out on the L.I.E.S. imprint, concentrating on marching drums that fill in any available space....view item »

Dan Physics
Dan Physics

Dan Physics self titled 12" on Brooklyn's L.I.E.S Records, is a dark outing into the past 3 decades of dance music. The New York native is unafraid of cranking up the tempo on this vinyl - the scientist combines spooky and squelchy synths with jacking kicks, hats and snares. It relentlessly grooves whil...view item »

Abele Dance

Old school deep house from Italian producer and DJ Simoncino. You can hear shades of Detroit techno and Chicago house, genres which have been hugely influential. Simoncino has also amassed a 10,000 piece vinyl collection according to his bio, which makes him alright by us!  This 4 track vinyl 12" is out on L.I.E.S and is strictly limited.&n...view item »

Florian Kupfer

Dark, minimal tripped-out jams from Morelli's celebrated stable. Some fiercely effective shades of cerebral techno dirt, experimental ambience and raw eerie electronic psychedelia. Not a weak track here, don't sleep. Da tunage: 1. HEAD2. PROBLEMS3. THIS SOCIETY (BETRAYAL MIX)4. K ...view item »

The Redacted Files

New Tork Techno legend (and brother of Frankie Bones) Adam-X hits the amazing LIES imprint with this brooding, malevolent three-headed beast. Dingy, hypnotic industrial flecked grooves and weird sonic shit from a true master of techno game. ADMX is the man's alias for his more experimental material.  1. Disentangle Me...view item »


Out of nowhere collaboration between Matthew Morandi and Max Ravitz aka Opal Tapes Patricia and Jahiliyya Fields who’s already done a coupla records for L.I.E.S. The illusion that sexy ladies are making these tracks has been shattered. If you’re familiar with these producers then you know the score - techno primed for the dancefloor,...view item »

L.I.E.S. Present Music For Shut-Ins

Like its predecessor ‘American Noise Volume One’ this two disc set rounds up tracks from  a whole bunch of releases on the first disc and then complies unreleased tracks on the second.L.I.E.S. put out a ton of records in 2013 to the point it was pretty difficult to keep up. If you’re n...view item »

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