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Love Is A Basic Need (Orchestral)

It’s the semi-final of the 2018 Fifa World Cup™, and it’s Germany vs. England. After a thrilling contest that involved a bust-up between Gundogan and Henderson, a perfectly good goal by Draxler that was disallowed despite the use of VAR and Marcus Rashford nutmegging Mats Hummels, it’s finished a draw and gone to penaltie...view item »

The Orb
No Sounds Are Out of Bounds

After two techno albums for Kompakt, The Orb’s main man Alex Patterson wanted to create something more expansive and less predictable. He was keen to work with more people and use more vocals too. The result is No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds, The electronic duo’s guest-heavy 15th album. It features gues...view item »

Fantastic Negrito
Please Don't Be Dead

I know Jack White is angry but does that justify his newest album? All I'm saying is that Fantastic Negrito is also angry and he's managed to avoid making a confused mess. Please Don't Be Dead is a furious, righteous, and most of all hopeful beast of an album. Blues rock...view item »

The Gun Club
Mother Juno

These weird avant punks blended a garage rock sound with rockabilly and raw energy to subvert the expectations laid down by their genre, taking influence from post-punk and all its weird offshoots. The Gun Club originally released the often more traditional 'Mother Juno' in 1987, and it now sees reissue by Bang! Records....view item »

The Gun Club
Lucky Jim

Reissue of the last album recorded by The Gun Club founder Jeffrey Lee Pierce, first released in 1993. They are still unique in their vicious combination of post-punk and country. Lucky Jim is by far the darkest entry in their discography as the band grappled with identity, death, and belongi...view item »

The Fratellis
In Your Own Sweet Time

After the release of Costello Music in 2006 and the success of that song that everyone sings….er….*consults Google*….Chelsea Dagger, I thought Scottish lad rock band The Fratellis had disappeared. It turns out I had just stopped paying attention. They have now released four successful albums, with a fifth, I...view item »

Love Is A Basic Need

Brighouse Britpoppers Embrace have reached the seventh album of their career, and in doing so they reckon they’ve gone back to their roots, doubling down on their instincts and their own sound. Love Is A Basic ...view item »

The Apples In Stereo
Velocity Of Sound

'Velocity of Sound' was where the Apples in Stereo took all their Ramones and power pop influences and went full on buzzpop. The Georgian collective ramped up not only their amps but their songwriting chops too on an album jam packed with fun and fuzzy guitar miniatures. Insanely catchy power-pop that should rea...view item »

The Rifles
Singles Collection

London-based indie band The Rifles were inspired to put a band together by seeing Oasis at Knebworth. Since then they’ve released five albums, a few EPs and a load of singles, the best of which are gathered together on Singles Collection. So, if you were wondering what an ...view item »

The Cult
Choice of Weapon

One thing for sure is that The Cult never make the same album twice. If you go through their stuff you will find that each album sounds quite different to the one that preceded it in terms of style and overall sound. This can make it a little hard at first to really get into whatever their latest offering is because it's never what you expect, r...view item »

The Bronx

Ah The Bronx: a band who can be relied upon to blast the listener with fierce hardcore fury (well apart from when operating as Mariachi El Bronx that is). Album number five, titled ...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
The Death Of A King

Jon McClure et al took a leaf out of the book of Pete and Carl for this one. Decamping to Thailand for the recording of The Death of A King seems to have breathed new life into a group now on their sixth LP. Cuts like ‘Too Tough To Die’ have a great rock ‘n’ roll swagger to them in the fashion of...view item »

All This Life

Great news for fans of music as Starsailor release their first album since 2009. We may mock but these lads from Wigan have sold an incredible amount of records over the years  - over three million of the buggers shifted. So how will they fare in 2017? We're not sure. This is out on Cooking Vinyl  - the label bands go ...view item »

Fantastic Negrito
The Last Days of Oakland

Let me tell y'all about some Fantastic Negrito. From the first note to the last , you will be engaged in real, black roots music and the bluest of blues....if he comes within 100 miles of where you live, gas up the jalopy and get there quick. Heartfelt, honest, original music from a cherished artist. Breathtaking Blues modern style, merging Grun...view item »

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel
I Can Spin A Rainbow

The busily creative Amanda Palmer here teams up with Edward Ka-Spel, who you’ll know from The Legendary Pink Dots, for their first full-length collaboration. I Can Spin A Rainbow is a work of subtle theatre, with both artists bringing their A-game in terms of lyrics, production an...view item »

The Rifles
The Rifles Unplugged Album: Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

The time had come for London indie band The Rifles to step through the doors of Abbey Road Studios. Joined by a string quartet and choir they played stripped down, unplugged versions of tracks from each of their five albums, covering all corners of their songwriting. Available on double vinyl or CD from Cooking Vinyl....view item »

The King Blues
The Gospel Truth

After disbanding in 2012 and reforming in 2016, ska-punk Londoners the King Blues hit the ground running and are now releasing their second full length since being back. As wever they delve deeply into personal and social commentary, shining light on some dark points and presenting them in raucous party ready ska anthems.  ...view item »

Me And That Man
Songs of Love and Death

Me And That Man is Nergal, the main man of major black metal band Behemoth, operating solo. Songs of Love and Death takes a slightly different tack, bringing that genre’s darkness into a rock songwriting tradition: think Johnny Cash one one of his late period bad ...view item »

The Rifles
Big Life

The Rifles are one of those bands who do very well for themselves thank you despite generally being under the radar. This is their 5th (!) album of driving anthemic mod-ish pop rock. You can see why they are popular on the live 'circuit'. They better watch out though as this is on Cooking Vinyl, the label where bands go to die. ...view item »

Deap Vally

Deap Vally are a punk-poppish LA duo. Like most punk-poppish LA duos, they have stackloads of swagger and a tasty fuzz on their guitars. Femejism rattles through 13 tracks, some of which veer away from noisy pop songs into more experimental / proggy zones. Good time music with kick-ass attitude! On Cooking Vinyl....view item »

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry
Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad

Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad is a collection of classic American Railroad songs recorded by Billy Bragg and American singer/songwriter Joe Henry as they travelled, by train, the best part of 3000 miles in four days between Chicago and Los Angeles. The recordings were ...view item »

No Manchester

No Manchester by Mexrrissey is a Mexican tribute to Morrissey. Camilo Lara, a Mexican DJ, producer and founder of M.I.S.(Mexican Institute of Sound) and bandleader Sergio Mendoza, who has worked with Calexico, have gathered together a crack team of top ...view item »

Reverend and The Makers

Yes it’s true, Reverend & The Makers are up to their fifth album! Who would have thought it? Them Makers have maintained their indie rock sound, although a 23 minute dub version of the track ‘Mirrors’ (exclusive to all formats apparently) shows us what could have been. Plus a DVD with the d...view item »

The Cult
Hidden City

Hidden City is the 10th studio album by The Cult. The album is the final part of a trilogy comprising of 2007’s Born Into This and 2012’s Choice of Weapon. The duo of Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy have been proving they still have what it takes as a live band too with last year’s perfor...view item »

Turin Brakes
Lost Property

Veteran indie guys Turin Brakes are back with album number seven: Lost Property. Eleven new songs that track the band’s journey through life with typically warm guitars, or occasionally something a little darker (as on the last track, ‘Black Rabbit’). Released in a vinyl edition (but also, contrary to ...view item »

The View

The 5th studio album from The View, Ropewalk is produced by some of The Strokes boys and mixed by Justin Gerrish from Vampire Weekend. The View sound a lot more like Vampire Weekend, with that chilled out indie music that washes over you with the occasional catchy hooked laced i...view item »

The Fratellis
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

The Fratellis are still around! Who knew? Album number four is Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, and they travelled all the way to LA to make it, arguably giving it a sunnier sound than earlier material recorded in the Scottish homeland. 11 tracks, or 18 if you spring for the deluxe edition or the LP. On Cooking Vinyl....view item »

Signal Sparks

SEAFOOD have turned into a Snow Patrol you'll be delighted to learn. Once practitioners of machine gun shambolic indie pop (much like Snow Patrol!), they're now going for the smooth anthemic radio pop ticket ('Signal Sparks' has hints of U2 even) whilst retaining a modicum of cre...view item »

Frank Black & The Catholics
The Complete Recordings

7 CD box set. Black Francis, the frontman of The Pixies has a number of side projects, one being Frank Black & the Catholics. This Box set contains all 6 of their studio albums as well as a bonus disc of what they describe as “Technical demos”. The tracks are arranged alphabetica...view item »

Ron Sexsmith
Carousel One

With his perfectly spherical head and mop of ash coloured hair, Ron Sexsmith cuts an unlikely figure for one of pop/rock's most endearing singer songwriters. Always an artist who seems to appeal to other singer songwriters over people who actually buy records, Sexsmith has seemingly achieved the impossible and not sunk into obscurity. His new al...view item »


Bonxie is the third full-length studio album by Oxford’s own indie-folk band, Stornoway. Having self-produced their first two albums, they decided to get help this time in the form of Gil Norton, the man famed for producing Pixies classic, Doolittle. As with their debut, ...view item »

Carl Barat And The Jackals
Let It Reign

Apparently Carl Barat elected to form his new band The Jackals by posting an ad online and seeing who responded. I don’t know how much input the resulting crew had to the sound of this record, but they certainly seem to know how an ordinary Carl Barat record should sound, because that is w...view item »


Embrace return after seven years with their eponymous 6th album. The band disappeared after the unprecedented success of two number one albums, Out Of Nothing and This New Day, returning to their hometown near Huddersfield to reconnect with their roots. Embrace still has all the trademarks of t...view item »

La Petite Mort

James are back with their with their 11th full-length album and first in six years, La Petite Mort. The album was produced by Max Dingel who has previously worked with the likes of The Killers and White Lies. Tim Booth suffered loss of him mother and a close friend shortly before work commenced on the album. It ...view item »

Billy Bragg
Live At The Union Chapel London

Live at the Union Chapel by Billy Bragg is a CD and DVD package of a special performance he gave at the London venue in March 2013. The set featured songs from his most recent and highly acclaimed Tooth & Nail album. Billy Bragg also revisited many of his classic tracks from his 30 year rec...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
Thirty Two

Thirty Two is the fourth album from Sheffield indie-rockers, Reverend and the Makers, following on from 2012’s @Reverend Makers. Thirty Two was produced by Jon McClure, James Welsh and Ed Cosens from the band with the experienced hand of ex-Killing Joke bassist and super producer...view item »

Refugees EP

They are back. As the plethora of reviews that have littered our website over the past few weeks show, Embrace have a huge following who are really pleased to see the band back making music again.... or their record company is using our open site as a marketing device which, if true, in the fairness of things is not really on. We can always fuck...view item »

The Rifles
None The Wiser

None The Wiser is the fourth studio album from indie/mod rockers The Rifles. The album was recorded by the reformed original lineup of Joel Stoker, Lucas Crowther, Grant Marsh and Robert Pine. Celebrity fans include Paul Weller and Oasis and the production team have previously worked wi...view item »

Billy Bragg
Life’s A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy (30th Anniversary Edition)

Record Number One from Billy Bragg, reissued in a plush remastered version, available on vinyl or CD. The original is only 17 minutes long, so this release bolsters the seven tracks with live versions of the same seven, neatly performed as one encore at a show a few years ago. Perfect for Bragg fans: and at such...view item »

The Pigeon Detectives
We Met At Sea

Leeds quintet The Pigeon Detectives are back with their fourth studio album: We Met At Sea. This record sees the band go back to basics, in a search for the simple indie sound that defined their earlier success. An upbeat sound paves the way on this record; it sees the popular noughties band reach new heights. ...view item »

Billy Bragg
Tooth & Nail

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed Billy Bragg's "Tooth & Nail" as much as I did. It was much more my thing than I had come to expect. There are a few differences between this an his previous albums: It was recorded in the US and the lyrics are more personal than his usual political themes and therefore, musically it's more folk/country ...view item »

Lee Scratch Perry & The Orb
Golden Clouds

Here’s one that could go badly wrong, hey? I have to admit that before I put the needle down on the groove I had massive reservations about this...I mean, it’s a dub reworking of The Orb’s classic ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’...view item »

The Nightingales
No Love Lost

I'm not sure how I feel about the opening line on this album, it's darkly funny and kinda erm...challenging and has been readily reported elsewhere. You're ears will "blink" in disbelief I assure you. Coming from anyone else but from the barbed, surrealist mind of Robert Lloyd I'd be very confused indeed. This is probably the 'Gale...view item »

The Travelling Band
Screaming Is Something

Do you like the group Fleet Foxes? Well, go listen to some of their stuff and if you like it then you will also like this album. Frankly, if I wasn't paying attention I could believe that this is something from Fleet Foxes for many of the songs. The lead singer's voice is fairly close and the phrasing is darn near identical at times. Folksy is a...view item »

Black Francis
Threshold Apprehension

Frank Black's solo stuff has never really lived up to anything he did with Pixies. His first album was Ok I suppose. His new single (under the name of Black Francis) is indie rock which sounds a bit like the Blues Explosion. Who'd have thought it. Threshold Apphension is 7" only!!...view item »

Cowboy Junkies
The Trinity Session

Cowboy Junkies famously recorded The Trinity Session in just one night with just one microphone in 1987, and yet thirty years later we are still listening to this beautiful suite of Americana / country music. This reissue of The Trinity Session adds two tracks that didn’t feature on the original release, ...view item »

The Lemonheads

Starting as a silly and irreverent punk band before twisting and turning themselves into something more alt rock, The Lemonheads are continuing their legacy in the best way possible: getting other people to do it for them. 'Varshons', as well as having a title that's really fun to say, offers eleven covers from a variety of punks and crooners a ...view item »

The Broken Family Band

The broken Family band have an illustrious history as a hard working group of folks. 'Salivating' is the first single from their seventh studio album 'Please and thank you'. I remember the band being far more whimsical and folky than this single suggests yet it appears that time has made the band leaner. No sign of the cute backing vocals, accordia...view item »

Art Brut
Alcoholics Unanimous

Oh, someone has to plumb the depths and the champs of uselessness this week are the buzzy cockney indie yawnfest that is Art Brut. Now, when they unleashed the brilliant 'Formed A Band' we were quite taken with their lightly cynical brand of novelty guitar pop but now they've hit a creative brick wall and are actually emulating tedious F...view item »


Cooking Vinyl kindly bring us a bunch of Pixies tracks which were recorded around the Come On Pilgrim time. Nine tracks in total and these are apparently the tracks or demo versions which never made it onto Come On Pilgrim but some of which surfaced onto later albums. The majority of these have ...view item »

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