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The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol originally released Pathfinder in 2014, and with their latest release selling out in 2 weeks, Birdman and Cardinal Fuzz are giving it a much deserved repressing. Expansive and ever developing TBWNIAS could share the stage with everyone from Hawkwind to ...view item »

White Manna

White Manna are fuzzing out again! Time to dive into Pan, their newest record, filled with distorted psych rock. Mixed by Phil Manley, the album is packed with raw energy. Cruise through the ancient forest of Northern California while sounds distort into colors and light. Released on vinyl in a bunch of...view item »

The Left Outsides
All That Remains

Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz have united for a limited vinyl pressing of the new album by undervalued UK duo the Left Outsides. Theirs is a unique take on folk rock with a vocal, harmonium and viola blend which along with more traditional rock instruments creates a misty folk classicism that most recalls Opal,...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Box Set II

A deluxe dose of hard rockin’ freaky-deekiness from Ottawa psychsters The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol here. Their second box set to be released by Cardinal Fuzz (The Left Outsides, Cosmic Dead) collates their already-released LPs Superficial Marks, Biker Smells an...view item »

Stephen Bailey

The Australian public’s insatiable thirst for psychedelia has spawned a solo LP by Mt. Mountain frontman Stephen Bailey. Silo is full of pretty, melodic, well-crafted psych-pop. Tame Impala, Galaxie 500, that sort of thing. The people have spoken. Out via ...view item »


Hi, welcome to Fuzzworld, may I take your order? If you like your psych swamped in Sleep-y stonerisms and disorientating Wurlitzer organ then Hills is the kick you’ve been looking for. Largely wordless, the single-minded grooves that characterise this self-titled record are built on lolloping bass, smokey ...view item »

The Left Outsides
The Shape Of Things To Come

Husband and wife duo The Left Outsides get their 2015 LP The Shape Of Things To Come reissued by Cardinal Fuzz (The Cosmic Dead, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol). The sounds here echo the earthy, stormy mid-90s output of PJ Harvey and Nick ...view item »

Demian Castellanos
The KYVU Tapes Volume II

Cardinal Fuzz front this selection of exploratory ambiences by The Oscillation driving-force Demian Castellanos. The KYVU Tapes Volume II collects tracks Castellanos put to tape in the 90s and sees him setting aside the formal constraints of his main group. Entries like ‘Shimmer&r...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

Freeform psych improv collective The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol hail from Ottawa, Canada and have been expanding and blowing minds for a decade now. Whilst not a political band per se, the closing track of the aptly named new album, Droneoverdose, is called Tsunami Of Bullshit and I can’t help thinking that it was inspire...view item »

Dead Sea Apes

To the casual listener, Dead Sea Apes sound is dripping with heavy psych. The Manchester band don’t want the casual listener though, they want the people who’ll draw back the curtain and look inside to find the subtleties hidden beneath their weighty quilt. Recondite compiles choice mo...view item »

The Myrrors
Lunar Halo

Tip: If you want to be psychedelic then replace the 'i' in your name with a 'y'. This is just what the Myrrors have done and it has stood them in very good stead. This latest release sees them in firm raga/freak out mode, an extended thirty minute transcendental improvisation cut over two sides of wax. ...view item »

The Final Age
The Final Age

The Final Age are a creation of Bristol based drummer Jesse Webb, who enlisted musicians from a host of disparate underground bands including Gnod and Kuro. What spilled out takes the listener into noisy guitar scree, pulsing synths and drums and wild forays into instrumental abandon, all grippi...view item »

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom

Big hairy freaky rock music from Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, jamming on the whole history of weirdos playing wigged-out sounds, from Hawkwind to Faust...view item »


Heavy, decade spanning psyche rock from Brisbane's Zong, on an album which connects together historic fuzz and doom. Sabbath is an obvious reference point, but modern outfits like Eternal Tapestry and Astra also have kinship here. It's a vivid, totally tripped-out journey for horizon gazers everywhere....view item »

The Left Outsides
There Is A Place

The Left Outsides’ latest album was released earlier this year on a limited cassette run, and now receives a vinyl reissue from Cardinal Fuzz. Inspired by the forest, There Is A Place confidently earns its place within the folk inflected tradition of British psychedelic music. Limited to 250 copies with a ...view item »

Moths & Locusts
Intro / Outro

Basic rule for garage rock: if there’s more guitar than fuzz, there’s not enough fuzz. Enter Moths & Locust, who are making, if nothing else, a huge fuzz. Brace yourself for some heavy and noisy psychedelic rock on their new album Intro / Outro, produced by Rob the Viking. Out soon on beautiful ...view item »

Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Passage To Agatha

Hotel Wrecking City Traders are Australia’s answer to bands like The Cosmic Dead or Hey Colossus: big, brash psychedelic rock madness that gets seriously heavy without taking itsel...view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

I’m the worst treated reviewer ever. Appalling! With this one I even had to go and find the LP which has been sat in the stockroom for two weeks and remind us all it was out. Phil had not a clue. And do I get any thanks?  Well the thanks is that I get ...view item »

Jason Simon
Familiar Haunts

Familiar Haunts is the sophomore, and ever-so-slightly warped, brainchild of ex-Dead Meadow member Jason Simon. As intimate and sparse as its predecessor, the creator's solo project continues to defy the brooding rock of Simon's background with a haunting and laid back take on old folk/country vib...view item »

Dead Sea Apes
Soy Dios

Psychedelic buddies Dead Sea Apes peak their heads over the pennines and decide to contribute an extra bout of hypno-action for Cardinal Fuzz. Soy Dios is as cosmic as you like it, using the standard broth of aggressively monotonous guitar jams and interluding drone to create a remote, ponderous soun...view item »

Return Of Son Of Gutbucket - Canadian Underground Psych Explosion

Return of Son Of Gutbucket is a tribute to the Gutbucket compilations that used to be around in the UK in the 70’s, and it follows the same formula: exclusive tracks from some of the best current psychedelic bands that a certain scene (in this case the Canadian...view item »

Mt. Mountain

Cardinal Fuzz bring you an older release from Perth’s Mt. Mountain: 2013’s OMED, the band’s debut. They mine that sweet grungy psych territory with aplomb...view item »

Mt. Mountain

Incredibly heavy psych rock from Perth, Australia. Following up from their self-released debut album, Mt. Mountain follow the grandeur of their title with Dust. Slow building drones groan in and out before culminating into crushing and then expanding heavily doped up riffage, Atmospheric as... For fans of Earth...view item »

Mt. Mountain

Cardinal Fuzz bring you an older release from Perth’s Mt. Mountain: 2014’s EP. Over the course of five tracks the band manage to be heavy and psych-rock enough ...view item »

Cobra Family Picnic
Magnetic Anomaly

New Sulatron / Cardinal Fuzz doings for you tenacious psychlords to dig into: Arizona's Cobra Family Picnic have been hanging around with all the best and brightest and most stoned contemporary psych bands, and now they follow up their EP with a full-grown albu...view item »

The Janitors
Horn Ur Marken

Returning to Cardinal Fuzz for their second full length with the label, Horn Ur Marken from Swedish psych band The Janitors plays ever closer to the doom spectrum. Very heavily fuzzed out guitars become a psychedelic wash with the constant marching pace of the drums turning it into a slow grooved driving force....view item »

Dead Sea Apes
Sixth Side Of The Pentagon

Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes don’t seem comfortable in whatever shape they are given, and pure points for balls on this one. Taking elements of psych, krautrock and drone always pushed them slightly out of the field, so they’ve taken the last track from their previous album Spectral Domain and injected a...view item »

The Cosmic Dead
Exalted King

The Cosmic Dead’s second album, Exalted King, gets a well-deserved re-pressing on Cardinal Fuzz. A simple glance at the tracklisting will show you what we are dealing with here: Exalted King has just three tracks stretching out over seventy minutes and two LPs! That means the band have plenty of time to t...view item »

Centralstodet / The Myrrors

Transatlantic heavy psych team-up between the Arizona-based drone-rock gang The Myrrors and the progged-up Swedish crew Centralstödet. This split features epic new material from each band, and it must be said that the two sides complement each other ...view item »

Demian Castellanos

Demian Castellanos (of The Oscillation fame) recorded the material that makes up Ether back in 1995. He then left the recordings to mature and ripen for twenty years, before mixing them for release in 2015. This is psychedelic music for guitar, four-track and effects pedals, and it reaches some lovely o...view item »


Lamagaia are a Swedish psychedelic outfit that successfully reunite the twin German 70’s sounds of krautrock and kosmische. They’ve been kicking up a storm within their scene, and this self-titled full-length is their most widely-distributed slice of heavy to date. Proper tune-in-drop-out stuff. Co...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

The Band Whose Name is a Symbol and whose music sounds like a composite of The Stooges, fuzzy psych rock and a drum-circle freakout. They’re now a dozen LPs deep and have only put stuff out on vinyl, so one to snap up early for the kudos alone. ‘Loomis’ is a particularly thrilling slice of doomy garage. Only 35...view item »

Strange Pleasures

The sound of psychedelic young Brisbane! Dreamtime are deep into their psych-rock (I mean have you seen the sleeve art?), approaching those third eye realms from lots of different angles, with as much in the way of grooves, komische synths and weird fizzles as riffs. Strange Pleasures is a gatefold double LP re...view item »

Is God's Creation

These heavy / heady psych jams by Nudity were recorded between 2005 and 2010, meaning that they’ve had many years to mature in a cupboard somewhere. The tracks on Is God’s Creation have only grown more potent in that time: now they’ll blast you to the cosmic regions in no time at all. 350 double LP cop...view item »

Big Naturals & Anthroprophh
Big Naturals & Anthroprophh

Big Naturals are a duo and Anthroprophh is mostly a solo deal, but you wouldn’t know it from the thick weight of sound on this split LP: the whole frequency range is bursting with blackened psych-rock gunk. Ferocious shit from noisy quarters. This self-titled outing is released in a limited edition on Card...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Vs The Purveyors of Conspicious Authenticity

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol originally released Versus The Purveyors Of Conspicuous Authenticity in 2010, with their latest release selling out in 2 weeks, Birdman and Cardinal Fuzz are going through their limited pressed back catalogue to the world. Recorded in a single take, with absolutely no overdubs ...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Scrappy Little Jaw

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol originally released Scrappy Little Jaw in 2013, and only pressed 100 copies. Birdman and Cardinal Fuzz are giving it a much needed repress. For fans of Hawkwind and mind expanding psychedelic instrumentals TBWNIAS constantly kick the krautrock formula&rsq...view item »

Glitter Wizard
Solar Hit

It must be the season or something, because it seems May is a great time for psych rock debut album enthusiasts. From San Francisco we present to you Glitter Wizard’s debut Solar Hits, reissued on pretty pink 150 gram vinyl. These intense riffs won’t listen to themselves, and there’s only 200 copi...view item »

Sonic Attack At Liverpool Psych Fest - Stay Holy

Here we have a sort of preview of this year’s Liverpool Festival Of Psychedelia in LP form. Acts like Carlton Melton, White Manna and Dead Sea Apes all contribute, and the results make Sonic Attack At Liverpool Psych Fest a nice whirlwind blast of riffs and freakouts. Black and go...view item »

The Oscillation
Cable Street Sessions

Originally conceived by Demian Castellanos, progressive, kraut-psych warriors The Oscillation has taken on a full time rhythm section consisting of previous collaborators Tom Relleen (bass) and Valentina Magaletti (drums). This new line up gives the wild torrent of Castellanos’s effect pedal assault a hallucinogenic pulse that you can danc...view item »

Shooting Guns
Spectral Laundomat

Spectral Laundromat is the second release from Shooting Guns and might even be heavier and rawer than their debut Born To Deal In Magic: 1952 - 1976 (but it’s a tight competition). Their long, slow riffing and amplifier worship borrows from doom metal and drone in equal measure. Repressed ...view item »


On Dreamtime’s second album they continue their quest for maximum distortion and acid-fried weirdness. Sun is a very heavy mixture of groovy drones, ferocious freak-outs and messy garage guitars. They’ll incorporate anything as long as it’s loud and trippy, so here they also dabble in Tibetan m...view item »


You haven’t heard fuzz until you’ve heard Dreamtime’s scuzzy, psychedelic rock ‘n roll. The fuzz on this self-titled debut from the Australian band is like a thick fog that surrounds you. Aside from the great distortion they also write heavy, weird and long songs with plenty of stoner drone elements. ...view item »

Shooting Guns
Born To Deal In Magic: 1952 - 1976

Captcha Records and Cardinal Fuzz reprint the tough to find debut from Shooting Guns. The title Born To Deal In Magic: 1952 - 1976 (the album came out in 2011) is a clue to the band’s doom riffing and hazy hard rock, but their over-driven drones are also distinctive enough...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Masters Of The Molehill

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are all about combining heavy psych-rock with the aesthetics of improvisation. Most of their releases have been super limited edition, but Masters Of The Molehill reaches wider levels of distribution (350 vinyl copies) thanks to Cardinal Fuzz. A classic psychedelic sound, expertly deliver...view item »

Black Bombaim
Live at Casazul

Black Bombaim teamed up with some friends (Isiah Mitchell, Shela and Rodrigo Amado) for a sun-blasted Portugues jam. Apparently this flaring psych-rock occurred in a garden outdoors, which may explain why the live recording ends with police intervention. Live At Casazul...view item »

Minami Deutsch
Minami Deutsch

Beware: krautrock is on its way back. And this time, it’s coming from Japan. None-to-subtly indicating their inclinations in their nomenclature, Minami Deutsch combine Japanese thoroughness with German thoroughness. The result is a hypnotically straightforward debut, with tireless drum(computer)s carrying distorted vocals ...view item »

Dead Sea Apes
Spectral Domain

Dead Sea Apes return with a third record of exploratory psych sonics. Spectral Domain has the group flaring through riff explosions, naturally, but they also wander through dubby areas and simmering atmospheres. Lots going on. Released on Cardinal Fuzz as a purple / milky (mmmm) coloured vinyl LP, in a limited edition....view item »

Dead Sea Apes

Space rock, eh? It’s like stoner rock but set in space. “It’s the new drone,” says Phil. I know this one by Manchester's Dead Sea Apes is space rock because the cover is a giant picture of the moon, and also because of the sounds it contains within its mystical analogue gro...view item »

Cathode Ray Eyes
Eyes in the Melancholy Palm

The debut LP from Cathode Ray Eyes, Eyes in the Melancholy Palm is a mix of strange melodies and general freakiness with brooding psychedelic guitar repetition, winding it’s way deeper and deeper. It feels very much like the soundtrack to some disturbing monster film, with the protagonist slowly losing the...view item »

Demian Castellanos
The Kyvu Tapes Vol.1 (1990-98)

Main man of The Oscillation, Demian Castellanos, has been exploring the furthest reaches of his electric guitar for decades, making private 4-track recordings from solitary bedroom sessions. The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (1990-98) delve deep into this process, showing the world what Castellanos ...view item »

Pretty Lightning
A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain

A psychedelic blues duo here on Cardinal Fuzz records, Pretty Lightning release their second LP, the wonderfully named, A Magic Lane of Light and Rain. It’s got all the clout of deep, slouching blues but with psychedelic instrumentation which gives the whole album a krautrock feeling of he...view item »

Dead Meadow
Peel Sessions

From the vaults of the esteemed Radio One stalwart DJ John Peel comes the recording of the Peel Sessions, the first one recorded outside the UK, by Dead Meadow in time for their upcoming European tour. Recorded in Fugazi’s practice space, this recording includes all six songs from the session as well as a couple of other l...view item »

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons
Population IV

No beating around the bush with You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons. Population IV is the new offering from Hampshire's finest riff lords. Packed with fuzzed out guitars, grooving bass lines, propulsive drums and a tripped out wail over a psychedelic back drop. Think Sabbath, Jerry Garc...view item »


Vinyl LP Limited pressing of 500, all come with an OBI spine strip, an insert and a code for a digital version. Former Heads guitarist Paul Allen, alongside Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner create a noisy drone-laden psych-rock soundtrack to witness testimonies from UFO sightings ar...view item »

Dead Sea Apes
High Evolutionary

New LP from the psychedelic space pilots Dead Sea Apes. Out on Cardinal Fuzz, High Evolutionary is as eerily spooky as it is skull crushingly heavy. The mancuian's take you on a journey through their own brand of polychromatic sludgey-stoner-post-rock. One emerges melted and at peace. Head nodding of the slowest or...view item »

Transmissions From Telos Vol. III

Brand new album from intense Oakland lot Lumerians who play an intergalactic style of other worldly psych bringing to mind the electronics of Raymond Scott and Jean Jacques Perrey interpreted by the Isaac Hayes Movement. The very limited electric blue colour vinyl edition is sure to swish out fast. ...view item »

Old Testament
Old Testament

Stoner-psych dudes Dead Meadow paved the way for Old Testament, with Jason Simon heading up both but deciding some of his immaculately crafted songs were too beautiful for the heavy and unforgiving world of his main band. Those now go to Old Testament, who seem to know more about Americana than they do riffage and rawk. ...view item »

White Manna
Live Frequencies

Psychedelic nerds White Manna have some live excursions for you with 'Live Frequencies', which collects performances from their European tour, namely their appearance at Liverpool's psych fest. Cardinal Fuzz, who are releasing the record, were particularly interested in the intense punk rock aesthetic White Manna brought to their performance, as...view item »

The Myrrors
Solar Collector

Psychedelic desert rockers Myrrors follow-up to sell-out debut album Burning Circles in the Sky. Shimmering, laid-back and fuzzy, the spaced-out sound conjures up images of the Arizonan landscape the band inhabit. Basement-vibed, 60s influenced sonic cowboy sounds. Limited edition screen-printed sleeve. Only 350, so be quick. ...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Mammatus Clouds

Cardinal Fuzz is proud to present Kikagaku Moyo – Mammatus Clouds. Previously available as a cassette only edition on Sky Lantern Records, Mammatus Clouds gets the deluxe vinyl treatment presented in a spined Metallic Gold screen printed sleeve with a 2 sided insert and download code. ...view item »

Vision Fortune
Night Jukes

Here's Li'l Biz's review of the original cassette release from June 2012!   Not heard Vision Fortune before but they’ve got the approval of the increasingly strange Italian Beach Babes label so I’m wil...view item »

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons
Contact High

Psych rock specialists Cardinal Fuzz have this week finally pressed You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons' 2009 stoner fuzz opus 'Contact High' onto vinyl in this tasty 2LP package, surely the format for which it was always destined. This is very much an album of two halves, with the first LP containing eight short(ish) tracks of r...view item »

Sun, Broken...

Hypno-rock stalwarts Mugstar are back again this week with yet another album, beautifully presented with a foil-stamped sleeve, swirly black and white vinyl and a hand-numbered insert, and they’re quick off the blocks in opener ‘Technical Knowledge As A Weapon’, settling into a clanking, head-batte...view item »

Black Bombaim
Far Out

As a special treat, I get to start this week with a little stack of records that are relevant to my interests. There's stuff from In The Red and Castle Face and Siltbreeze and Hardly Art but I'm kicking off my day with a couple from psych rock specialists Cardinal Fuzz, who this week have LPs by Heads-related space rockers ...view item »


Here's the second Cardinal Fuzz offering for the week. This one is the sophomore LP from The Heads' Paul Allen's Anthroprophh, and this time his touring rhythm section, aka Big Naturals, seem to have become a proper fixture in the band rather than merely peripheral players. ...view item »

Ragged Barracudas
Ragged Barracudas

Here’s a single of dirty hairy man rock from Ragged Barracudas. On side A is ‘Living the Dream’ which is a lo-fi ‘70s bulldozer riff with a bit of a cocky glam swagger to it. Everything is all muddy and distorted and there’s some sloppy squealing guitar solo bits. Enjoyable....view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
The Second Bardo

Psych-rockers Cult Of Dom Keller impressed us all last year with their debut LP on Cardinal Fuzz, a label which has established itself as a safe pair of hands in the last couple of years with releases from The Heads, Lantern, Vision Fortune,...view item »

The Shine Brothers
Hello Griefbirds!

Mr Cardinal Fuzz has been at it again; this week he's got a limited UK pressing of this debut LP by masked Los Angeleans The Shine Brothers, who feature alumni from the likes of The Black Angels and Woven Bones. It's a heady mix of Nuggets-esque garage fun and '60s vocal g...view item »

The Janitors
Drone Head

Leeds’ new psych microlabel Cardinal Fuzz seem to be pushing all the right buttons lately with desirable discs by the likes of The Heads and The Cosmic Dead and Hookworms and ...view item »

Rock 'N' Roll Rorschach

Sophomore Lounge are an interesting label - they’re so dizzyingly diverse that every time we get something new from them I have to re-evaluate them, but more often than not I love what they’re bringing out, be it the anarchic noise punk of Tropical Trash ...view item »

The Cosmic Dead
The Cosmic Dead

Leeds psych label Cardinal Fuzz seem to be making quite a name for themselves over the past few months with mega-limited releases from the likes of The Heads and Hookworms (and a live Goat album on the cards!), and it’s becoming i...view item »

The Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest
The Sun Behind The Sun

At first I thought this record was a split between soundtracky doom-mongers Dead Sea Apes and cosmic tinkerer Black Tempest, but actually it’s a collaborative LP where everyone plays on all the songs. We just listened to the first side and I got so tranced out that I forgot to write anything, and now I d...view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
The Cult Of Dom Keller

Sensing potential in these The Cult Of Dom Keller chaps after giving them a good listen over on Soundcloud, Phil ordered so many copies of their new album - the also-titled ‘The Cult Of Dom Keller’ - that we feared we’ll be stepping over piles of 'The Cult Of Dom Keller' LPs ever...view item »


Leeds label Cardinal Fuzz have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with very quickly, putting out sought-after records by the likes of The Heads, Hookworms, The Cosmic Dead and eve...view item »

The Heads
Inner Space Broadcasts Vol.1 Part 1

Still in its infancy, Cardinal Fuzz is a Leeds-based label doling out absurdly limited psych platters by sought-after names, and here finally is their first from the band who gave the label its name, The Heads. Altho...view item »