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Stephen Bailey

The Australian public’s insatiable thirst for psychedelia has spawned a solo LP by Mt. Mountain frontman Stephen Bailey. Silo is full of pretty, melodic, well-crafted psych-pop. Tame Impala, Galaxie 500, that sort of thing. The people have spoken. Out via ...view item »

The Left Outsides
All That Remains

Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz have united for a limited vinyl pressing of the new album by undervalued UK duo the Left Outsides. Theirs is a unique take on folk rock with a vocal, harmonium and viola blend which along with more traditional rock instruments creates a misty folk classicism that most recalls Opal,...view item »

The Left Outsides
The Shape Of Things To Come

Robin's review corner is so comfortable. There's a blazing fire, wires wandering everywhere and a load of psych records. I'm over here to take a listen to this latest release on Cardinal Fuzz which I'd normally pass to Robin on sight but I realised these two are out of bands I remember from my late 30s  - Of...view item »

Demian Castellanos
The KYVU Tapes Volume II

Oscillation frontfreak Demian Castellanos made a gem of a record in his first Kyvu Tapes edition, exploring discrete and personal takes on the cosmic with homespun drones named after his boyhood village. In a side-project I’d argue is greater than anything his full band have ever done, he offers another re...view item »

The Myrrors
Lunar Halo

The Myrrors delve deeper into their endless slew of basement tapes for the first in a Cardinal Fuzz archives series. I mean, this is all excessively relative: can you actually use terms like “delving deep” and “archives” when the music was released less than a year ago? Whatever the case, some transfer deadline ne...view item »

The Final Age
The Final Age

Cardinal Fuzz’s lean to the leftfield lately has been more than welcome. It feels, in some small way, like the psych landscape is moving on, casting its gaze with a lil’ bit more aspiration. At least, that’s how it feels when you get a record like this one: Jesse Webb’s Final Age project is a record both ornate and noisy,...view item »

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom

Another heavy-psych record. We seem to constantly have a stream of men who play guitars trying to mix the music of their youth with the music of today. Still trying to keep that psych/shoe-gaze vibe, whilst at the same time trying their very hardest to sound relevant. This may sound like a harsh beginning, but it is with good reason. On occasion...view item »


Now, the first thing to mention about this record is that it can genuinely be played at 33 rpm or 45 rpm, depending on your mood. I'm too sure if this is an official feature, but honestly give it a try. If you're feeling more like you want to listen to something more grunge-y and a little chilled out listen to it at 33, but if you're feeling up ...view item »

Moths & Locusts
Intro / Outro

Just a lot of fuzz, really. Makes sense when you consider that Moths & Locusts are releasing this one on Cardinal Fuzz, but boy there’s a lot of it. A garage rock band whose howling vocals shimmer in obscurity, whose drums feel fizzy, and whose groovy setup is out in the dusty distance somewhere, their sound is gonna appeal to those am...view item »

Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Passage To Agatha

Further validating my theory that the only good lengths for an album are less than ten or over seventy minutes, Hotel Wrecking City Traders make a destructive behemoth shaped around nothing more than a good, long stretch of the arms. With shoegaze more in focus than the psychedelia, this record meanders and churns through a story as pretty, ugly...view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

I’m the worst treated reviewer ever. Appalling! With this one I even had to go and find the LP which has been sat in the stockroom for two weeks and remind us all it was out. Phil had not a clue. And do I get any thanks?  Well the thanks is that I get ...view item »

Mt. Mountain

Cardinal Fuzz’s slowest and saddest do psychedelia as emo on ‘OMED’, a record of wide open spaces filled with wah-ing tragedy. With the usual garage rock schematics and a typical understanding of meandering, skygazing guitars, the band sound like they’ve taken the aesthetic of their label and repurposed it for a melanchol...view item »

Dead Sea Apes
Sixth Side Of The Pentagon

You have to hand it to Dead Sea Apes. Whilst many psych rock bands are happy to plough the same old furrow forever and a day this band are restlessly trying to twist their sound into new shapes. Here they take sound elements from one song on their previous album and contort them into eleven dub influenced pieces. Yes folks it's the return of the...view item »

Vision Fortune
Night Jukes

Here's Li'l Biz's review of the original cassette release from June 2012!   Not heard Vision Fortune before but they’ve got the approval of the increasingly strange Italian Beach Babes label so I’m wil...view item »

Ragged Barracudas
Ragged Barracudas

Here’s a single of dirty hairy man rock from Ragged Barracudas. On side A is ‘Living the Dream’ which is a lo-fi ‘70s bulldozer riff with a bit of a cocky glam swagger to it. Everything is all muddy and distorted and there’s some sloppy squealing guitar solo bits. Enjoyable....view item »