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Cat's Eyes
The Duke Of Burgundy

Enchanting and fairy taleesque, the soundtrack to The Duke of Burgundy is characterized by floating vocals and a pretty orchestration upon which they drift. Cat’s Eyes offer a small window into a weird and pretty world, just like actual feline eyes. Here’s a chance to step through the iris.
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  • RAF

Cat's Eyes
Treasure House

Cat’s Eyes has turned out to be a remarkably durable collaboration: Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan (him from The Horrors) recently soundtracked Peter Strickland’s film The Duke Of Burgundy. New album Treasure House is a lush and dramatic piece of audio cinema: all rather enveloping. Released by RAF.
  • Vinyl LP (RAF007VL)
  • CD (RAF007CD)

Cat's Eyes
Chameleon Queen

This is a special Record Store Day 7" from the Horrors longhair and his pal/ladyfriend as Cat's Eyes. Cutely, they've drawn the sleeve themselves and in a move that makes me want to scream "sell out" at them the B side is a cover of ‘Das Verlassene Ma╠łgdlein’ by Austrian composer Hugo Wolf. 

Rachel Zeffira
The Deserters

  • Vinyl LP (RAF001LP)
  • CD (RAF001CD)