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Living Space

The shadowy figure of Eleh, closely protective of his identity, hasn’t released any music since his last album for Touch Records, Location Momentum, way back in 2010. Released on CD only, Living Space has been seven years in the making, and sees Eleh hone his cinematically rendered drone music even further.
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Live at the Jazz Cafe

Recorded only a few months ago in the wake of Fennesz’s Agora album release, Live at the Jazz Cafe finds our Austrian hero in full flow, working and re-working sounds and structures from Agora into a fresh, juicy, in-the-moment sound-mass. A great document of where Fennesz is right now, on a cassette from Touch.

Bana Haffar
Genera - Live at AB Salon, Brussels

Really impressive Touch Records debut from Bana Haffar here. Genera, a single-track recording of Haffar’s synth-tastic 2019 performance at Brussels’ AB Salon, is a delightful skip through various electronic phases. Steve Reich’s motorik minimalism, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s synapse-expanding new age and the fourth-world soundscapes of Tropic Of Cancer are but three of the sounds scuttling in the background of Genera.

There Where the Avalanche Stops

Held over the course of one week every five years, the Festivali Folkloric Kombelar is held in a mountain castle in Gjirokastra in southern Albania, and plays host to some of the most interesting and talented folk musicians. There Where The Avalanche Stops collects 15 tracks from the 1988 edition of the festival. 

The Debatable Lands

Touch Records (Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck) drop an LP of phasing experiments from Howlround. Howlround mastermind Robin The Fog created all of the sounds on this record with nothing other than some loops of tape and a microphone. Stretching and bending his tape ala Steve Reich, the resulting record is a set of jittery concrete pulses.


UnicaZürn, aka Stephen Thrower (of Coil and Cyclobe) and David Knight (a key Lydia Lunch collaborator), present another suite of deep textures on Touch. Sensudestricto might very well appeal to lovers of Jim O’Rourke’s recent Steamroom work, or indeed any fan of rich, electronic-led and saxophone featuring ambience.

Zachary Paul
A Meditation on Discord

Debut album on Touch for Los Angeles-based musician and composer Zachary Paul. A Meditation On Discord collects two improvised live recordings made last year - titled ‘Premonition’ and ‘Slow Ascent’ made with just his violin and a selection of pedals - plus the soundtrack for a short film. Paul has previously worked with the likes of Simon Scott.

Simon Scott

Simon Scott recently got back into his old role, as drummer for the freshly reformed Slowdive, but he never stopped with his more abstract work. Soundings was put together in many hotel rooms during tours, and mix together evocative field recordings with all manner of electronic sounds and processes. Soundings makes for a properly Touch album.

Jana Winderen
Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone

Norwegian artist Jana Winderen makes field recording like no one else. It was her mission to search for sounds that were hard to reach, or hard to hear. Spring Bloom In The Marginal Ice Zone is not a poetic title - it is what it is - the sounds she has recorded reflect the goings on in the Barents Sea as plankton matures, sea ice cracks, orcas and humpbacks find new homes for the season and cod hunt and spawn. CD on Touch.

Ipek Gorgun
Ecce Homo

Turkish sound artist Ipek Gorgun signs with Touch for her second LP. Ecce Homo is a record of lush, large, sometimes abrasive electro-acoustic music. It swings from moments of grandiose granular synthesis to experiments with distortion to majestic drones - and that’s all within the space of opener ‘Neroli’. Despite the frequent changes of pace Ecce Homo never feels rushed. Equivalent creators include Yves Tumor and The Haxan Cloak.

Mark Van Hoen
Invisible Threads

After an enlightening and enriching tour with a number of Touch luminaries, Mark Van Hoen channeled his inspiration into the pieces that would become Invisible Threads, which have been layered up out of a mass of modular synthesis, sound samples from records, domestic life and YouTube, various instruments, and computer processing. The resulting seven tracks create an extremely immersive soundworld all of its own, despite its many crucial roots. CD on Touch.

The Eternal Chord
Semper Liber

Interesting release from Touch here. Spire is a project run by organist Charles Matthews and curator Mike Harding that intends to update the organ for the 21st Century. In the case of Semper Liber, Spire recorded new duets from artists including Anna von Hausswolff and Clare M Singer back in 2009, and presents them here as a four-movement work. The press release warns of ‘extreme low bass frequencies’, so don’t be alarmed if your speakers start fuzzing.

Philip Jeck

A new Philip Jeck record is always welcome: the man deals in turntables and old dusty records, but in a way that moves beyond the mere “ooh, sounds crackly!” He loops his source material up into whole new structures. This sense of composition and craft is very much in evidence on Cardinal, his new double LP on (where else?) Touch.


UnicaZürn is the imaginative sound collaboration between Stephen Thrower and David Knight, both of whom have participated in some notable experimental musics (with Coil, Lydia Lunch and more). Transpandorem, their new LP for Touch, drifts around some spacey territory with synths, mellotron, guitar, clarinet, leaving behind a music that is hard to pin down.

CM Von Hausswolff
Still Life - Requiem

For this record, Swedish experimentalist CM Von Hausswolff used one sound source and one sound source only: processed emission spectroscopy from “specific physical solid state material”. Still Life - Requiem spins and whirls these sounds out into a melancholy slab of abstraction, tapping into the energy of the world around. On Touch.

Biosphere & Deathprod

Biosphere, one of Touch’s big ambient players, shares an LP with Deathprod, currently of Supersilent and formerly of Motorpsycho. Interestingly for a split release, the artists alternate tracks, which juxtaposes their sounds together, each bringing out new angles from the other. Premium Norwegian electronic sound.