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Touch are a label blessed with a wonderful roster of regular / irregular contributors, so any kind of compilation from them is well worthy of attention. Movements contains brand new and exclusive tracks from thirty-three artists, with weighty names like Jim O’Rourke, Mika Vainio, Chris Wat...view item »

Mark Van Hoen
Invisible Threads

After an enlightening and enriching tour with a number of Touch luminaries, Mark Van Hoen channeled his inspiration into the pieces that would become Invisible Threads, whi...view item »

The Eternal Chord
Semper Liber

Interesting release from Touch here. Spire is a project run by organist Charles Matthews and curator Mike Harding that intends to update the organ for the 21st Century. In the case of Semper Liber, Spire recorded new duets from artists including Anna von Hausswolff and ...view item »

Strafe F.R.
The Bird Was Stolen

Having built on the legacy of artists like Einstürzende Neubauten in the 80s and 90s, German duo Strafe F.R. (Für Rebellion) have returned to the fray in recent years after a couple of decades ...view item »

Seven Stars

Always lovely to get some vinyl from Touch and this I believe is their first 10" record, perfectly suited to contain these four tracks from the esteemed Christian Fennesz. Here he's operating with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths and of course computers. Opener '...view item »

Mahler Remix

Mahler Remix: in which erstwhile electro-acoustic guitarist Fennesz builds a performance mostly out of samples from the symphonies of Gustav Mahler. Billowing orchestral clouds come in and out of view, along with granulated tones and mangled shards of guitar. A hazy freefall into classical music history...view item »

Philip Jeck

A new Philip Jeck record is always welcome: the man deals in turntables and old dusty records, but in a way that moves beyond the mere “ooh, sounds crackly!” He loops his source material up into whole new structures. This sense of composition and craft is very much in evidence on Cardinal, his new double LP ...view item »


UnicaZürn is the imaginative sound collaboration between Stephen Thrower and David Knight, both of whom have participated in some notable experimental musics (with Coil, Lydia Lunch and more). Transpandorem, their new LP for Touch, drifts around so...view item »

Fennesz: Venice (10th Anniversary Edition)

Fennesz continued his glitch 'n' fuzz operations on 'Venice', zapping listeners with more white noise and temperamental synth melody. The record was made out in the waterlogged city itself, and while it dabbles in some of the same pop disciplines as its predecessor, 'Endless Summer', it feels more like an experimental soundscape, the soundtrack ...view item »

Yann Novak
The Future is a Forward Escape into the Past

Looks like Yann Novak’s been reading Terence McKenna again. The latter’s remark, quoted in the title, refers to a modern age at a dead end and for whom the only sensible direction is backwards. Using highly restrained combinations of field recordings and subtle laptoppery, Novak weighs in on time, memory, context and...view item »

CM Von Hausswolff
Still Life - Requiem

For this record, Swedish experimentalist CM Von Hausswolff used one sound source and one sound source only: processed emission spectroscopy from “specific physical solid state material”. Still Life - Requiem spins and whirls these sounds out into a melancholy slab of abstraction, tapping into the energy of t...view item »

Claire M Singer

Fairge means ‘the ocean’ in Scottish Gaelic. The sweeping soundscape, performed on organ and cello with addition electronics is the second album by Claire M. Singer, a Scottish musical polymath who did every little thing on this record. It was commissioned by Oude Kirk, Amsterdam&rsquo...view item »

Philip Jeck

Philip Jeck is a reliable purveyor of vinyl-crackle eerie-loop dreamscapes, building remarkable pieces out of unidentifiable dusty 78’s. This latest release of his on the Touch label documents a live performance at London’s Iklectik gallery, so you can hear the construction of this magic in real time! CD on ...view item »

Thomas Koner & Jana Winderen

Live recording of Thomas Köner and Jana Winderen’s performance at Evreux Cathedral, Normandy in 2014. Made available on CD for the first time by Touch. Tracking strongly down Köner’s sound colour path of non-rhythmic non-melodic sound art, painting audible scenes and locations with field re...view item »

Yann Novak

Interesting stuff from Yann Novak here, with a record that is intended as a specific response to the modernist theoretical writings of Adolf Loos. Ornamentation is about rejecting the exclusive elitism of Loos by using supposedly ‘low quality’ elements like field recordings ...view item »

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is an album of the darkest dark ambient from dark ambient expert Lustmord. In fact, the album was actually constructed using audio data derived from deep space: blackest ever black indeed. Lustmord has done a great job of summoning the infinitely isolated feel of dark energy in the far cosmo...view item »

Bethan Kellough

A marriage of untouched field recordings and arranged stringwork brings Bethan Kellough's Aven together. These tracks came into existence via captured sound from Iceland, a great spot to capture the audibly intense "geothermal activity" that goes on in the ground. By using violin alongside these sound discover...view item »

Claire M Singer

Though she has been making music for 14 years, Solas is the debut album release from Claire M Singer, a composer / performer of electronics, organ and more besides. Solas is a double CD collection (presented in typically beautif...view item »

Simon Scott

Cambridge based multi instrumentalist Simon Scott has releases on 12K, Miasmah and As International, as well as being the drummer in Slowdive. Floodlines was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London, and plays on themes regarding nature and technology. Washes of warm noise and manipulated field samples, defi...view item »

Daniel Menche
Quanta of Light

Ahh yes another of those limited edition Touch white label LP's, this time from long-time favourite Daniel Menche. The grooves on the vinyl are so fine that I though both sides were blank to begin with! Thankfully that's not the case, where dropping the needle onto the grooves has Daniel...view item »


Cool field music type stuff here called 'Project' by AER. It seems as though it was composed as the soundtrack to a video installation so maybe we're only getting half the story here, but all the same this is an enjoyable little listen. I say 'little' because there's only the one track here with one side mixed for listening on headphones and o...view item »

CM Von Hausswolff
800,000 Seconds in Harar

Listening to the audio here on face value is an engaging listen but takes on a new resonance once the concept has been understood. Von Hausswolff was asked by a friend to create music for a play about the life of poet Arthur Rimbaud. Based on a famous letter by Rimbaud, the play studies his life which would conclude with him dwelling in the city...view item »

Chris Watson
Oceanus Pacificus

This Chris Watson 7" on Touch is a strange one. I like listening to his field recordings but on a 7" it is a bit weird. 'Oceanus Pacificus' is a recording of the underwater currents of the Humboldt around the Galapagos islands. Brian reckons it sounds like he's drunk 8 pints of Guinness and then swallowed a microphone. Phil says you may as well g...view item »

Mike Harding

The wacky folks at Touch have only gone and sent us a record without any music on it. When will they learn? The A side of this single is entitled 'Broken Window', and in true literal sense it contains a recording of a broken window, with wind whistling through it. Flip it and you've got ...view item »

Bruce Gilbert

These freaking things, they are sent to torment me surely? Always too short to really unfurl round your mind, you are left trying to describe a pulse or a metallic whirr for 3-4 lines. I recently heard 'The Shivering Man' by this ex-Wirester and rather liked what I was he...view item »

Heitor Alvelos

Heitor Alvelos at last steps up from providing visual accompaniment to / theorising about music to produce his own material, bringing out a full length album on the aesthetically superb Touch. Faith is a highly personal release, processing a wide range of sonic content into new and powerful shapes. A very intense set....view item »

Joséphine Michel & Mika Vainio
Halfway To White

Audio-visual splendour here from photographer Joséphine Michel and austere electronic noisemaker (and ex-Pan Sonic man) Mika Vainio. High-grade coffee-table-standard hardback book and a 60 minute disc of new sonic material, presented with Touch’s usual high levels of attention to de...view item »

Biosphere & Deathprod

Biosphere, one of Touch’s big ambient players, shares an LP with Deathprod, currently of Supersilent and formerly of Motorpsycho. Interestingly for a split release, the artists alternate tracks, which juxtaposes their sounds together, each bringing out new angles from the ...view item »

Mika Vainio
Behind The Radiator

Mika Vainio is sometimes known as half of Pan Sonic, a technoid sound manipulator of seriously revered proportions. He's got a 7" out on Touch, 'Behind The Radiators' which plays with your stuck record paranoias, it's got that glitch techno loop/fuzz/click thang going on like a Raster Noton "classic". Opening with a clicking locked g...view item »

Hildur Gudnadottir

All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Hildur Guðnadóttir in Berlin, except Heyr Himnasmiður (track 4), composed by Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson, lyrics by Kolbeinn Tumason. Cello made by David Wiebe in 1991. Track 6, bass by Skúli Sverrisson, string fretted cello built by Hans Jóhannsson, resona...view item »

Jacaszek & Kwartludium
Catalogue des Arbres

I have some great stuff on this week. Last week was a little underwhelming but a new Touch release is always gonna to have this old pooch wagging his eager tail. I won't harp on too much about this guy's work. I have a huge place in my heart for the astonishing 'Treny' and also the 'Glimmer' album he delivered for Ghostly was pretty awe-...view item »

Thomas Ankersmit
Figueroa Terrace

Extending the form with Thomas Ankersmit. Figueroa Terrace are four new compositions from the Berlin sonic sculptor. Using an analogue only set up, Ankersmit has woven these thick tapestries of hertz, scattering around the frequencies before rolling out into abstract waves. He's expanding the medium ...view item »

Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall

This 2013 crusher from Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall comes back around to squash us all over again. Originally issued on Touch and now reissued on Nordwall's own iDEAL Recordings imprint, mastered at EMS, Stockholm and now with new artwork by Philip Marshall. This collaboration had the duo recording back in 2010 in Einstürzen...view item »

Phill Niblock
Touch Five

Minimalist composer Phill Niblock releases his latest for Touch Music, now at the grand old age of 80 (yes that’s right folks, 80!), he has been making groundbreaking music and art since long before you and I were born. ‘Touch Five’ is a double CD set comprising fi...view item »

Bruce Gilbert and BAW

This morning I sat down, armed with my Hibernate mug full of the milkiest tea known to man, bowl of cereal at the ready and attempted to write about this solo album from the Wire man and his collaborators BAW. And then you know what? I just couldn’t be arsed. No Excuses, just could...view item »

Chris Watson
In St Cuthbert's Time

This is not music, except of course it is, if music is sounds chosen and organised to provoke or reflect emotional or physical responses. This 'music' makes me hear the wind and sea and bird and ship sounds outside my own door on the NE coast (of Scotland) afresh again, makes my own ears open up again at finding patterns in the everyday. I respe...view item »

Jacob Kirkegaard

Always a treat to get a vinyl release from the Touch camp. This I believe is the Kirkegaard’s second release for the label and consists of two of his pieces transformed into scores using classical instruments by the capable hands and ears of Denmark’s Scenatet ensemble. If I recall correctly the origi...view item »

Touch. 30 years and counting

These are virtually no labels on this planet that are in my thoughts as much as Touch these days, I have releases in my collection by almost the entire current roster, strange news for a lad brought up feasting on various strains of indie pop and muscular guita...view item »

Mika Vainio

Vainio is back with his fifth album for the esteemed Touch label. if you’re not massively familiar with his work then he’s the king of dark sonic processed sounding sounds. I’m six m...view item »

Islands Inbetween

Strange record this, taken from an obscure 28-year-old cassette dating back to Touch’s embryonic days as a field recordings tape label and now mastered lovingly onto vinyl. These recordings were made on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali and claim to represent merely a small portion...view item »

Thomas Koner
Novaya Zemlya

I’m not really the best person to review this sort of thing. It’s not that I have a problem with it but, well, I like my music to have a little more music in it. Thomas Koner has been going for years and years ...view item »

Hildur Gudnadottir
Leyfdu ljosinu

I don't know a lot about this lady but she did a thing on Sonic ...view item »

BJ Nilsen

It's a shame that Touch with their back catalogue of superb artwork have chosen to release vinyl in such cost cutting 'white label' sleeves. Oh well, there's a recession on don't you know! In another review today I proposed that the bloke who cut the record will be getting a credit on the press release soon so ridiculous are tenous credits getti...view item »

Oren Ambarchi
Audience of One

I never know what to expect from this guy cos he changes styles quite a lot. You never know what each album is gonna be like so he's one of those artists that needs special attention as I think he makes something for everyone. Even if you're not a fan of the bulk of his stuff I think ther...view item »


Our Brian's a big fan of Biosphere apparently, but I'm not super familiar with this guy's somewhat intimidating body of work to be honest. On the first side of this 7” you've got a load of hiss and whistle before a swooshy noise that repeats and repeats over a bit of mid-end hiss an...view item »

Jana Winderen

There's so much going on with Jana's sonic research and field recording manipulation that it is impossible to truly convey with words. This Oslo-dwelling artist's favoured noises are of the watery variety and she utilises some pretty powerful equipment to record, in minute detail, the oth...view item »

Chris Watson
El Tren Fantasma

Chris Watson, world renowned sound recordist, has a fascination with, in his own words, “putting a microphone where you can't put your ears”. On this, his fourth album for Touch and first in about eight years, he puts your ears in the past, with an album based around recordings...view item »

Fennesz + Sakamoto

This is the third full on collaboration between these two heavyweights of your neo-classical ambient genre or whatever you want to call it. It came about when Sakamoto played an improvised piano piece in a different key to open up each show of some world tour or other. He then sent the ta...view item »

Lawrence English
Incongruous Harmonies

Nice release here from the Room 40 mainman, whipping up a frenzied whirlwind of satisfyingly noisy ambience on the highly elemental A-side while the B-side strikes me as somehow more architectural despite a superficially similar sound palette. I find that he really excels at creating truly deep environments, ones which feel completely tangible t...view item »

Johann Johannsson
Virthulegu forsetar

This is a vinyl edition containing a recording of one hour-long piece for 11 brass players, percussion, electronics, organs and piano. The first two sides contain trumpet drones, the second two sides also contain trumpet drones. I'm not sure what the 11 people do (squeeze Johann's toothpaste perhaps?) as its very, very minimal throughout with no...view item »

Oren Ambarchi & Joe Talia
Hit and Run

Oren Ambarchi you probably already know of but Joe Tali is an Australian percussionist/ sound artist chap and here they've collaborated for one of those back to basics Touch white label LP's which are all limited and sell out pretty much straight away so don't hang about! Here Ambarchi ex...view item »

The Sight Below
N-Plants Remixes

I'm unsure whether this should actually be listed up as a Biosphere record? I mean, it's Geir's music that's been tinkered with? Maybe a co-credit would be nice, huh? Oh, you want ALL that cake and chocolate filled glory do you? You fat bastard! Well, the first track here doesn't deviate that much from the...view item »

Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini Bristol

Using a track or two off all his previous Touch Music label albums except Antour de la Lune, Geir Jenssen opens and closes set with new material - Pneuma. In doing so he crosses a threshold unprecedented nor heard in his music before. Label mates Chris Watson assist with the live recording and B J Nilsen ably handles mixing and mastering. This i...view item »


Geir Jenssen is total zen-master when it comes to producing ambient landscapes. Viewed reverentially as something of a visionary spirit within the techno world, his albums all carry a rich individuality and strong identity. What is remarkable and somewhat spooky about this eagerly a...view item »

Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson
Cross Pollination

Chris Watson is pretty much the lord of recording the natural world. He ventures all over the planet armed with his microphones. For the first recording here 'Midnight At The Oasis' he presents a time compression from sunset to sunrise in the Kalahari desert. Most of the wildlife in this habitat is nocturnal and so these recordings represent...view item »

Location Momentum

Okay I confess… I've been having a secret love affair since 2006…When my Wife leaves the house I play my Eleh records LOUD. When she's asleep I listen on my headphones. I've found both listening methods have different effects on me. High volume is more of a physical experience while the use of high quality headphones is a more internal s...view item »


Shenzou is Biosphere’s 2002 record, upon which most of the tracks were built out of scratchy old vinyl samples of Debussy recordings, which lends the album a Gas-like classical flavour beneath all that nice shimmering looping ambience. This reissue of Shenzou also contain...view item »

A Hidden Place

This is the first thing I've heard from this young Iranian artist and as far as I'm aware his first physical release finding a suitable home at camp Touch. Sohrab creates unique soundscapes using Reason software with superb results. From the slowly building evocative bubbles of 'Susanna' to the emotionally resonant 'Somebody'. Sohrab also uses f...view item »

Rafael Toral
Violence of Discovery And Calm of Acceptance

It's great that Touch have seen fit to re-issue this gem from this esteemed Portuguese artist. It originally came out on vinyl on the Staubgold label in the year 2000 with the first CD edition appearing on Touch a year later. All the sounds present come from electric guitars except for some background noise on 'Mixed States Uncoded' which is a r...view item »

BJ Nilsen
The Short Night

BJ Nilsen I've not heard of before. I was wondering what the BJ stood for? I do hope it's not rude. Anyway 'The Short Night' is an older piece of work by him which originally came out on Touch in 2007 on CD only. Now it gets the ultimo primo wax treatment and now you can get it on black DJ friendly wax with a brand new sleeve. It looks nice. It sou...view item »

Philip Jeck
An Ark For The Listener

The arrival of a new Philip Jeck album is always a good day, with this, his sixth fresh out of the box and straight into the CD player. This sounds wonderful, but then I expect nothing less from Jeck who over the years has become a master of his artform. This has been created using extracts from live performances and has been remixed at home. Hi...view item »

Mika Vainio
Black Telephone of Matter

Would you believe that a new Mika Vainio album has arrived and I've not even got the time to listen to it all the way through. 'Aineen Musta Puhelin Black Telephone Of Matter' is out on Touch and has Vainio at his most visceral, strange quite bleak distant industrial sounds, field recordings, drones, hisses etc. it's quite a spacious album and it's...view item »

Phillip Jeck / Marcus Davidson

It's been a little while since we've had a 7" on Touch and now two arrive at once! 'London Tenderberry' was recorded live at The Museum of Garden History in London and features Davidson on keyboards and Phillip Jeck, master of record players, doing his stuff on the old wheels of steel along with overdubbed bass and editing. How much work was don...view item »

Jana Winderen
Energy Field

These aquatic field recordings were made in the Barents Sea, Greenland and Norway using those fancy hydrophones. It's amazing to think of the sonic possibilities of the ocean, worlds unheard until technology allowed us. The audio captured is extremely dramatic and you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a new experimental/ electronic/ ambient ...view item »

Eleh/Nana April June
Observations & Momentum

Is Eleh a person or are Eleh people? I genuinely don't know but I kind of like the idea of various people squabbling over which particular note they'll be using for their new release. As ever you're in droney minimalist territory, with interest added by the fluctuation of the very purest of tones, but I think Observations and Momentum sees th...view item »

Oren Ambarchi
In The Pendulum's Embrace

Oren Ambarchi has a new CD out called 'In The Pendulum's Embrace' on Touch. This is beautiful atmospheric gear made with strings, bells, guitars, piano, etc and it's very soundtrack sounding. It's a bit like a more reduced stripped down version of the recent Earth stuff. It's certainly very listenable.... moorish like biscuits. ...view item »

Jim O'Rourke
Despite The Water Supply

Jim O'Rourke is a man. He lives in a house. And he makes music of the experimental kind. Most people would love him to do another 'Eureka' but instead he's put out a 7" that sounds like a chamber orchestra on absinthe and mogadon. It's on Touch records and has some tranquil woodland on the sleeve. It makes me want to sit with an old battered v...view item »

BJ Nilsen
The Invisible City

The news of a new BJ Nilsen album coming out had me anxious. I must admit that I got into this Swedish sound artist quite late on, but better late than never as they say. His latest album for Touch 'The Invisible City' has arrived and what a thoroughly absorbing listening experience it is. The use of field recordings, concrete techniques, DSP and e...view item »

Oren Ambarchi
Intermission 2000-2008

I snuck in at the weekend to tie up some bits of work-related detritus that we had fallen behind with and was perusing the new stack of promos when I noticed a new thing from experimentalist Oren Ambarchi. I must admit to being slightly nonplussed about the majority of his previous work but pumping this baby up loud in the absence of my twittering ...view item »

Oren Ambarchi
Destinationless Desire

Oren Ambarchi: Destinationless Desire (Touch) 7" 5th in Touch's tremendous series of singles. Who'd have thought such avant garde angles would transfer so well to the pure-pop format.On this offering Mr Ambarchi glistens with warm tones and crackling rythmatics.Well worth seeking out if you like further trawls through the clicks & cuts/lap...view item »

KK Null

Moving away from pop towards more marginal tastes is a newie from KK Null: "Fertile" aka Kazuyuki Kishino, ex guitarist now cult electronic sound artist bracketed alongside Merzbow in his explorations in noise and sound works. This particular set on Touch follows collaborations with Zev, Chris Watson and includes compositions as well as f...view item »

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