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Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Yes, the black metal darlings of Pitchfork are back with their answer to Stereophonics' Language. Sex. Violence. Other?, and thank goodness. They follow up New Bermuda with their first LP for ANTI-, offering a more romantic, smitten sound than ever that we hope will chug at least somewhat. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092758214)
  • CD (8714092758221)

Tom Waits
Closing Time

  • CD (8714092756524)

Tom Waits
Glitter and Doom Live

  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092705331)
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Tom Waits
The Heart Of Saturday Night

The second Tom Waits album is still in relatively earnest singer-songwriter territory, but with an extra injection of jazz into the mix. It’s the work of an artist still trying to define his identity, but coming out with plenty of impressive songs in the meantime. Diamonds On My Windshield wears the beatnik influence on its dashboard, while you can imagine Bruce Springsteen taking notes on the title track.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092756616)
  • CD (8714092756623)

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of goodies. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Brawlers is of course the fightiest set of the three, being full of blues and bar songs delivered with a lusty eye and the smoke of whisky. Reissued by Anti.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092755015)
  • CD (8714092755022)

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of goodies. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Bawlers is immersed in Celtic folk and American country, exploring stracks of territory within these areas. On Anti.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092754919)
  • CD (8714092754926)

Tom Waits

In 2006 the living legend that is Tom Waits released a 56 song triple album named Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, featuring all manner of new and rare materials. Now, for the first time, the three albums are being released as separate units! Bastards is the most experimental of the three sets, with Waits weaving plenty of strange stories in his inimitable style. CD and double vinyl reissues from Anti.
  • CD (8714092755121)

Tom Waits
Small Change

Small Change was a significant leap forward in Waits’ career, a varied batch of songs that  balance humour and pathos and are full of character. It opens with the mournful classic Tom Traubert's Blues. Then there’s the burlesque romps Pasties and a G-String and Step Right Up, the painfully hilarious The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) and the Runyonesque noir of the title track.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092756814)
  • CD (8714092756821)

Neko Case

Ace songwriter, musician, producer and member of The New Pornographers, Neko Case has enlisted the help of Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John to co-produce her new album, Hell-On. She’s called in a few favours for guest appearances by the looks of things too - Joey Burns (Calexico), Beth Ditto, AC Newman, KD Lang and Laura Veirs are just some of the people adding their talents to the record. 180g black vinyl 2LP and CD on Anti.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092741216)
  • CD (8714092741223)

Tom Waits
Nighthawks At The Diner

Waits’ third album is arguably the pinnacle of his early beatnik barfly persona. Taking a different approach to his more mannered previous albums, the 1975 LP was recorded live in a pseudo small club setup. It’s jazzy and deceptively loose and boozy, though Tom knows exactly what he’s doing, whether delivering jokey banter or vividly narrative songs like Spare Parts and Putnam County.
  • CD (8714092756722)

Tom Waits
Blue Valentine

This 1978 release is a real mixed bag that displays the contrasting extremes of Waits’ muse at the time. The album is bookended by a widescreen orchestral version of Bernstein’s standard Somewhere, and the smoky jazz guitar of the understated title track. In between there’s the tragicomic Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis and the raucous r’n’b of Whistlin' Past the Graveyard. Kentucky Avenue is the obligatory killer tearjerker.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092757019)
  • CD (8714092757026)

Tom Waits
Foreign Affairs

1977’s Foreign Affairs is Tom Waits at his most big budget and nostalgically cinematic. The filmic feel is exemplified by the forties style epic Potter’s Field and Bette Midler duet I Never Talk to Strangers. It's heavily string and brass laden when the singer’s not mostly alone at the piano, as on standout Burma Shave. The furthest Waits would go in this direction, though Barber Shop hints at his ramshackle, bellowing future.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092756913)
  • CD (8714092756920)

Tom Waits
Heartattack And Vine

Waits’ sixth album was his last non-soundtrack work before his reinvention on Swordfishtombones, but it’s already a shade less polished than his previous few outings.  Standouts include the raw blues of the title track, later adopted by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and future Springsteen hit Jersey Girl. The ballads are particularly devastating - the lover’s reluctant abscondment on Ruby’s Arms and On the Nickel's lament for the destitute.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092757118)
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  • CD (8714092757125)

Neko Case
Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule

Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule is an 8-LP box set by Neko Case. The collection contains all 8 of her studio albums from 1997’s The Virginian, which appears on vinyl for the first time, to 2013’s The Worse Things Get, the Harder I fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You and her 2002 classic, Blacklisted. Singer/songwriter, Case hails from Virginia but moved to Vancouver in 1994. Both of these locations inform her music as she has straddled genres from alt. country to indie. Most notably a solo artist, Case was also a member of the A.C. Newman led Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (0045778737215)
  • Limited edition

Glen Hansard
Between Two Shores

If the name Glen Hansard sounds familiar, odds are you’re a fan of The Commitments which he starred in back in 1991 or a fan of his band the Frames. In 2018 he’s releasing Between Two Shores, a new solo album of lushly self-produced and heart-wrenching folk with the wonderful Anti-. Available on CD, black vinyl, or limited transparent blue and gold vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092755619)
  • CD (8714092755626)

Tom Waits
Blood Money

Blood Money was Tom Waits 2002 album which featured songs written for the play Woyzeck. It was originally released simultaneously with the album Alice, another album with songs written for a play. Blood Money contains some of Waits best melodies but as always they come from the dark underbelly of existence. 
  • Vinyl LP (8714092662931)

Tom Waits

  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092663235)

Curtis Harding
Face Your Fear

Atlanta’s Curtis Harding turns in an album of hard-bitten funk and soul that bears great reverence for the titans of 70s American black music. Shuggie Otis, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye are obvious touchstones for Face Your Fear, and Harding’s fabulous voice and strong songwriting chops means he deserves to be mentioned in the same bracket. Production from Danger Mouse sees the LP straddle the old- and new-schools with aplomb.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092753714)
  • CD (8714092753721)


Powerplant is a surprising move from Girlpool: it features their tight duo expanded to a full band: now they’ve got a drummer! But this doesn’t change the fundamentals of the Girlpool sound, it just increases its power with fierce rhythmic drive. Noisy power-pop, released in a very limited translucent red vinyl (while stocks last). 
  • CD (8714092753127)

The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

The Drums have released a twelve-part full length record entitled ‘Abysmal Thoughts’. The release can be described as a glorious delirium of multi-instrumental excellence. Pierce has found himself in full control of every aspect of this record, including the songwriting. This mix of cool vocals, indie and soft rock is available on Vinyl Double LP and CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092752311)
  • CD (8714092752328)

Sean Rowe
New Lore

Sean Rowe is a singer-songwriter in a vintage style, travelling the road and playing shows wherever they appear. Especially notable is his deep deep voice, which sounds like it’s really seen some things man. New Lore is a powerful set of American songs. Released by Anti and Epitaph, working together to bring this music to the people.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092752533)
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (8714092752519)

Cameron Avery
Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams

Cameron Avery, best known as the bass player in Antipodean psych-rock outfit Tame Impala, presents some solo work. It turns out that Avery has a lovely deep voice and a skill for writing smooth soft-rock tunes as well as a dab hand at playing the bass. Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams is released by the Anti label.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092750911)
  • CD (8714092750928)

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Japandroids have been delighting fans of straight-down-the-line noisy indie-rock for years now, though they’ve left it four years since releasing their last album. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, their third full-length, apparently dispenses with the rules the band imposed on themselves beforehand, meaning that such things a synths(!) creep into the songs here and there. Still sounds fully Japandroids though. Out on Anti.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092745511)
  • CD (8714092745528)

Springtime Carnivore
Midnight Room

Springtime Carnivore is the highly evocative name for Greta Morgan’s solo musical project. The Midnight Room album grew out of a monumental relationship break-up, providing plenty of fuel for deep-emotion songwriting and melancholy melodies. There is a strong middle-americana feel to Midnight Room, which is out on the Anti label.
  • Vinyl LP (0045778070817)
  • CD (8714092070828)

Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

Cass McCombs is now established as a songwriter of the highest order. Mangy Love is lyrically his darkest record yet, all seen with his uniquely aware and often humorous eye. Musically it’s experimental soul, warped psychedelia, rock, hip-hop and beat poetry that shapes the album's upbeat and immediate sound. Guests include Angel Olsen and Blake Mills. Mangy Love was produced by Rob Schnapf.
  • CD (8714092744521)

Daniel Lanois
Goodbye To Language

Daniel Lanois produced Goodbye To Language using his pedal steel guitar, with a little support from Rocco Deluca on lap steel. The playing and processing techniques must be considerable though, as this music is frequently far abstracted from the expected Americana atmospheres. Gorgeous stuff. Goodbye To Language is out on Anti.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092747119)
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  • CD (8714092747126)


The low-key name case/lang/viers and the subtle promotion around this album shields the fact that this is Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Viers we are dealing with here, 3 top-of-the-line singer-songwriters. The star quality shines through this smooth collection of grown-up pop music, released by Anti.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092747317)
  • CD (8714092747324)

Beth Orton

Beth Orton drafted in Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons to Co-produce Kidsticks. Whilst her voice is familiar, the music pushes the singer/songwriter genre to the limit. Beth Orton broke new ground mixing acoustic and electronic music on her debut album Trailer Park back in 1996, On Kidsticks she tears up the rule book again.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092742619)
  • CD (8714092742626)

Dr. Dog
The Psychedelic Swamp

Dr. Dog are at last releasing their long-schemed big concept album: and so, The Psychedelic Swamp. For a taste of just how psychedelic the record is, just take a look at the cover art… In fact, the band somewhat recall The Flaming Lips here, both in sound and in grand sweeping ambition. CD and ‘swamp green’ vinyl editions.
  • CD (8714092740622)

Prism Tats
Prism Tats

Prism Tats release their debut full-length album, a groovy rock thing. Garett van der Spek‘s vocals are bold and soft at once, mixing up the vocal traditions of rock and R&B to compelling effect. Behind him, the band follow suit with a sound that struts and pulses. This self-titled record is out on the Anti label.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092746112)
  • CD (8714092746129)

Sturgill Simpson
A Sailor’s Guide To Earth

Sturgill Simpson has deep country heritage, not to mention a premium country band backing him, but third record A Sailor’s Guide To Earth isn’t quite a straightforward country album. For one thing there is the cover of Nirvana’s In Bloom, but there is also the modern twist to the production, and the brass of The Dap-Kings. On Anti.
  • Vinyl LP (0075678668296)
  • CD (0075678666698)

New Bermuda

New Bermuda is Deafheaven’s debut for the ANTI label. It’s their second album and follows-up the commercially and critically successful Sunbather album. Deafheaven take their musical cues from black metal band Weakling and the feedback-drenched shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine. It’s fair to say that commercial success was not expected with their debut! Now they hope to repeat the feat with New Bermuda.
  • CD (8714092742527)

Star Wars

The new Wilco album is named Star Wars; I guess there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. It finds the band in loose, fun mode, tightly jamming out their swiftest record in some time. We have the regular black LPs, but also a few copies of the nice coloured vinyl versions! Both come with a download code for the album plus some live material.

Glen Hansard
Didn't He Ramble

Solo-projects come and go, but Glen Hansard keeps coming back. While taking a break from The Frames and The Swell Season, he has recorded his second full-length Didn’t He Ramble. Featuring collaborations with Sam Bean and Sam Amidon, his new album is sure to be the cream of this year’s Irish folk crop.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092741919)
  • CD (8714092741926)

Doe Paoro

Doe Paoro is a bright new voice in the indie electro-pop world. Working with past associates of Bon Iver and The Tallest Man On Earth, she has built up a series of dense productions infused with original 80’s synth-pop spirit. Just as well suited to a road trip montage in a film or to a yacht party DJ set. Released by the Anti label.
  • CD (8714092740929)

The Frames

Irish band The Frames celebrate their 25th anniversary with a new compilation, Longitude. The songs were chosen by the band and features new versions of fans favourites Revelate and Fitzicado. There is a brand new song too, None But I. The Frames were formed in 1990 by Glen Hansard (The guitarist from The Commitments).
  • Vinyl LP (8714092743319)
  • CD (8714092743326)

Christopher Paul Stelling
Labor Against Waste

‘Labor Against Waste’ is modern day troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling’s debut album following a character building four hundred shows in three years. His melodic, blues influenced finger-picking style carries his dramatic and deeply personal storytelling baritone vocal, accompanied by stomps, claps, french horn, flugelhorn, kettle drums, string quartet, and a chorus from members of the Low Anthem.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092741018)
  • CD (8714092741025)

Marketa Irglova

A single poached quail's egg from Marketa Irglova. Muna is her second album as a solo artist. All the songs are based around her vocals and a piano, with various instruments joining her along the way. It has moments of Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom and general folksy vibes. Out on vinyl LP from Anti records.

William Elliott Whitmore
Radium Death

It’s folk-punk time. What a great crossover. William Elliott Whitmore gives us some gravelly voiced, thumping guitar blues. Radium Death is proper storytelling to a fast beat which requires a few stomping hillbillies, a couple of barrels of something strong and a few tyres for the kids to play with. Electric stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (8714092738216)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • CD (8714092738223)

Daniel Lanois
Flesh and Machine

Daniel Lanois is one of those amicable dudes who's happy to stay behind the curtain while all the important faces of innovative music do their thing: he's been associated with Brian Eno and Jon Hassell. Now he gets to experiment on his own terms with 'Flesh and Machine', which shows how deftly he's absorbed sounds as wide as avant-garde and IDM. Instrumental and beautiful and totally Lanois! Never mind the rest of those experimental posers, huh?

Simian Mobile Disco

Odd how Simian Mobile disco emerged out of the now forgotten leftfield rock band Simian but you can't really argue with the enormous success they've had since with loads of sales all over the world and curly haired James Ford becoming a sought after producer of note. Incredibly on this album they swapped laptops for one synth and sequencer each and recorded the whole thing in front of a live audience. This approach has paid dividends with a series of subtle and refined tracks which contain ambient beatless explorations, cosmic German and Italian synth influenced tracks and splendid future techno as on the title track which has all the late night twinkling of any early Warp track.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092736519)
  • CD (8714092736526)


On 'Sukierae', dad rock gets literal: initially set to be his first solo record, Jeff Tweedy enlisted his son Spencer on drums, making the record an ensemble Tweedy affair. The record recalls the light, airy folk rock of latter-day Wilco records, especially 'The Whole Love', while retaining some of their weight and complexity. 'Sukierae' is a wistful and intricate double record from a man who never gets tired of making rock songs.
  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092734416)

Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe makes elegiac, uplifting folk music with ornate arrangements on guitar and piano, supplemented with Wilco-esque soft drumming and his own soft, deep voice. 'Madman' is his latest record for Anti Records, and focuses less on knotty lyricism than it does on simple, cyclical songs that become more layered over time. It makes for a hypnotic and trippy kind of gentle folk music.
  • CD (8714092732429)

They Want My Soul

Spoon are an indie rock band from Texas known for crafting groovy, sly and unpretentious songs and releasing a slew of consistent guitar rock records. They're fronted by songwriter Britt Daniel, who uses similar vocal formalities as the National's Matt Berninger and the Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser but in songs with sprier, quicker melodies. 'They Want My Soul', released on Anti-Records through Europe, is their first record in four years and their eighth overall; singles released from it so far include the snarling percussive rock of "Rent I Pay" and the relentless pop jam "Do You". Both hint at more of the same band who made the infectious guitar records 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' and 'Transference'.   Tracks: Rent I Pay Inside Out Rainy Taxi Do You Knock Knock Knock Outlier They Want My Soul I Just Don't Understand Let Me Be Mine New York Kiss

Broken Twin

May is the debut album of Broken Twin, aka Danish singer/songwriter Majke Voss Romme. The album was self produced but mixed by Ian Caple who has worked with Kate Bush and Tindersticks among others with the help of Brian Batz. She has recently toured with London based band Daughter and singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow. May is available on CD.

Dark Arc

Saintseneca are an emo-tinged indie rock and folk act from Ohio, with principle songwriter Zac Little leading the way. Their Americana reflects the ambitions and uncaring attitude of folk punk artists old and new. 'Dark Arc' is their first record for ANTI-, and adds more flourishes and orchestrations into the mix, for good measure.
  • CD (8714092729320)

Kronos Quartet & Bryce Dessner

  • CD (8714092729627)

Neko Case
The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You

  • Vinyl Double LP (0045778729111)

Islands (Arcade Fire)
A Sleep & A Forgetting

One of indie rock's most inventive and cruelly underrated bands, Islands craft deliciously kinetic and creative twee pop that careers off for nine minutes or keeps it short and sweet. With members of Arcade Fire and the ability to swap sparsely produced songs for big, boisterous moments, A Sleep & A Forgetting offers everything that makes Islands the heroes of your heart.

Tom Waits
Bad As Me

Bad As Me by Tom Waits was his seventeenth album and was released in 2011. It was lauded by critics and fans alike. It brings together all the styles Waits has used throughout his career, from his early, more straight-forward songwriting to his later avant-garde approach. It also features a wide range of guest musicians from Keith Richards and Charlie Musselwhite to Flea and Les Claypool.
  • CD (8714092717723)
  • Vinyl LP (8714092715132)
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The Whole Love

  • CD (8714092715620)


  • CD single
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  • Anti

Screaming Lights

  • Label(s):
  • Anti
  • Label(s):
  • Anti
  • Label(s):
  • Anti
  • Label(s):
  • Anti
  • Label(s):
  • Anti
  • Label(s):
  • Anti

Bob Mould
Life And Times

  • CD (8714092701425)

Screaming Lights

  • Label(s):
  • Anti

Tom Waits
Real Gone

  • Vinyl Double LP (8714092754810)
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  • Label(s):
  • Anti

The Weakerthans

  • Label(s):
  • Anti

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