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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Live 1966-67

Everybody gets the blues -- Captain Beefheart just got them in some very strange ways. This live compilation, creatively titled 'Live 1966-67', documents an understated side of one of avant-garde's most important figures, capturing them as a more overtly blues-oriented band with none of the experimental bluster yet incorporated. The record comes with some rare shots of the band in their embryonic stages. 

Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart
Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975

Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart were childhood friends. Both men viewed music from a different perspective than most - twisted, original, musically adept. Beefheart had fallen out with Zappa after Trout Mask Replica was released, Beefheart accusing Zappa of marketing him as a freak. The Pair reunited for the tour which included the Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 gig, finding both artists in scintillating form. They would go on to make Bongo Fury together which was released later that year.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (KH3LP9028)

The Velvet Underground
Boston Tea Party, December 12th 1968

The first of the alternative rock progenitors' legendary Boston Tea Party shows from late 1968, showcasing the band at a transitional phase with Doug Yule replacing John Cale. These historic recordings show a band veering from hard-edged thump and drone to fragile melodic tenderness. Accompanied by photos and informative liner notes. 

The Ramones
WBUF FM Broadcast, Buffalo NY, February 8th 1978

Just because punk is dead doesn’t mean we can’t love it, right? Imagine you were trying to tape a show off the radio, but then you did it in perfect quality, got it pressed on vinyl and added a sleeve and nice cover for it. Also, the band you were taping was the Ramones while they were riding the peak of their potential in 1978, and you still get to be mad at your parents. What more could you possibly want from life?
  • Vinyl LP (KHLP9037)
  • Label(s):
  • Keyhole

The Velvet Underground
Boston Tea Party, March 13th, 1969

Historic recordings of the alternative rock primogenitors' third legendary performance at Lou Reed's favourite venue of the late 60s. The whole set featuring tracks spanning their whole career up to their third album has been remastered for this heavyweight vinyl relese and come accompanied with extensive notes and photographs. 

Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico

By 1972, this configuration of Velvet Underground were a distant memory, but they got it together for a one-off show at the Bataclan club in Paris. Some wise soul recorded the whole thing off of the soundboard, capturing these classics played in a largely acoustic setting. Its back on vinyl here with a couple of extra rehearsal cuts and some new liners.

The Velvet Underground
At The End Of Cole Avenue - 2nd Night

Pressed up on vinyl for the first time, this release captures a notorious Velvet Underground performance from 1969. Apparently this is one of only two sets recorded live properly with the proper gear. At The End Of Cole Avenue - 2nd Night has all the trimmings - remastered, new liner notes and a 2xLP set. From Keyhole.

The Velvet Underground
La Cave 1968

John Cale had just left the Velvets in a state of confusion and despair, being that he was responsible for much of the band's most challenging and impressive work curving around people's idea of punk. La Cave 1968 sees newcomer Doug Yule in the early stages of his tenure with the band -- at the time of recording, he'd only been an official member for a couple of days. But here they are, performing deftly and doing lots of things with their guitars in spite of it all.
  • Vinyl Double LP (KH2LP9001)