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Ratgrave is the new project from Julius Conrad and Max Graef. From squelchy electro-funk to smooth, chilled vibes via some more erratic beats, this album has everything you want for a good night in or out. It was recorded over a three year period in three different locations, although they are k...view item »

Steven Julien

Apron Records boss Steven Julien (you’ll probably know him as Funkineven) drops a ‘mini-LP’ in the wake of his 2016 record Fallen. The meaning of Bloodline’s title is manifold, referring to Julien’s family, his musical influences, and the passing o...view item »

SSJJ and Devin Dare

What could very well be the heaviest and most thudding sounding bass drum I've ever heard on an opening track, APRON32 is the release from SSJJ and Devin Dare on Apron. This two track split Vinyl 12" is a cracking addition to any 'sort-of' hip-hop record collection and is a genuinely decent attempt at the lo-fi vibe.&nb...view item »

Apron EP

Newly signed to Steven Julien’s (AKA Funkineven) Apron Records label, the enigmatic Londoner Molinaro unleashes the Apron EP. Molinaro’s style and sound fits nicely into the Apron aesthetic, making soulful techno grooves with just the right amount of bite. Previously, Molinaro appear...view item »

Not Phazed EP

Dreams is not only a musician, but a visual master, a producer and a DJ which sort of makes him an pretty hot artist in the underground electronic scene. His tracks bring together elements of electronic music that are not only traditionalist, but that also add something incredibly new. Not Phazed is available on vinyl 1...view item »

Fruit In Failure EP

Los Angeles based producer AshTreJinkins (Brown Irvin) cut his producer teeth with the Low End Theory gang, but has been push outwards towards experimental techno and house with small releases on NCA. Now making his debut on FunkinEven’s Apron label he takes that MPC cut feel to the uptemp...view item »

Shanti Celeste & Funkineven

Shanti Celeste resides in Bristol but hails from Chile, giving her potential ties to some very weighty scenes indeed. After recent releases for Secretsundaze and Future Times, SSS lands on the Apron label. Celeste’s original shuffler is backed by a tantalisingly-titled ‘90’s Cut’...view item »

The Never End

Working within the multi-faceted, often overlapping dance music milieux commonly known as 'deep house' and 'techno', Hanna has been sought after amongst cloud-scrapers and bassbin-nodders. His hazy chord structures and wispily drifting harmonics adorn this 6-track EP sprinkled with moments of heavenly, serene ambience. 12" ...view item »

J M S Khosah
Still Human

Based in Tokyo, J M S KHOSAH has released a 4-part, debut EP entitled; Still Human. An epic journey describing how society has become twisted and sickening. The record contains a creative combination of techno and experimental house, even an element of dub-techno...view item »

Moon Theory

Three short new pieces from soulful producer SMBD, who here toys with spacey ambient and deep house styles with playful aplomb. Moon Theory is a single-sided 12” vinyl release, but SMBD squeezes in more than enough goodness to justify the pressing, especially with the attractively marbled design. ...view item »

Steven Julien (FunkinEven)

Probably best known for his collaborative project with Kyle Hall - FunkinEvil, and after Having put out a couple of 12” releases on his own Apron Records Steven Julien brings his first solo full length. 12 tracks, in two definite halves. Starting light and breezy with almost jazz-like perc...view item »

Max Graef
Apron EP

Max Graef has become quite the big name. If you haven’t heard of him, I’d encourage you to check out his debut LP, Rivers of The Red Planet, and then surely you’ll want to find out more. Apron offers another glimpse into Graef’s compositions, this time with darker themes ...view item »

Games and Dreams

Experimental house artist, Shamos, is back with his second release that brings much of the same in terms of music experimentation but this time with a much more rounded and intimate feeling that starts to look outside the house genre, and begins to touch on techno and more solid beats. Games and Dreams is a four...view item »

Adam Feingold

Canadian producer Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial (1080p, Temple, Pacific Rhythm) returns to Steven Julien's label for a second twelve, featuring two cuts of the rugged style house/techno that Funkineven seems to hoover up for his imprint. 'Ascension' is raw and emotive with a smattering of acid, while the blue 'Inner Zone' is melancholy a...view item »

John T. Gast

Man of mystery, John T Gast barely moves out of the shadows for his latest release and debut for Apron. 'Overseer' features a sinister spoken word performance over a chugging 808 drum pattern, trademark kick and lurking strings. One for the advancing evenings. Limited single-sided 12" on Apron records....view item »

Greg Beato
Who's The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here?

This is Greg Beato’s second 12” for Funkineven’s Apron label. People have been falling over themselves to get this guys tunes, thankfully both the EP on Apron and his 12” for L.I.E.S. were repressed recently. Beato is part of the c...view item »


Cheap and wonderfully nasty sounding DIY techno from Brassfoot. Realms, on vinyl 12”, is refreshingly agro and unpolished, mashing together house drums, lo-fi samples and abrasive textures. This free-form and abstract electronica, on the Apron label, reminds us of Actress ...view item »

Road Works Part 1

Eerie and off-kilter house-not-house from Shamos. Road Works Part 1 on 12” vinyl, from Funkineven’s Apron label, is the debut from this secretive artist. The four tracks are balanced between raw and minimal electronic grooves and a deft use of samples and arrangements. The final resu...view item »

Greg Beato
When Monkeys Attack

Greg Beato has previously released on Russian Torrent Versions and L.I.E.S., but Apron Records has been his favourite label to work with, and he returns to them for When Monkeys Attack. Three tracks of uptempo thumping techno / house for the heads to enjoy. Please note that this is a strictly limited vinyl edition, so o...view item »


I really hope that the artwork for APRON15 is giving us an accurate portrayal of Brassfoot’s working methods. Shades indoors, having a smoke, using a foot spa, Macbook off to one side tweaking his beats. Either way, the stuff sounds good, as casually thrown together as the image suggests, but with a real mastery....view item »

Funkineven & Greg Beato

Let the good times roll with this 12” platter from Funkineven & Greg Beato, a pair of bright and funky rollers. Funkineven turns out ‘F’s Diss’ on the A side, followed by Beato’s ‘B’s Diss’ on the flip. Each track slinks its way along in the di...view item »

St. Julien

St. Julien (aka Apron records boss Steven Julien, aka FunkinEven) has been busy making a name for himself collaborating with a host of quality artists in recent years including Jay Daniel, Kyle Hall and Delroy Edwards as well as working on a new FunkinEven album due out later this year. Following an impressive, self released debut EP, St Juliens...view item »

Mighty Baron III / Sun Runners 女神の恋人達
Screwe'd / The Finest

Two very strong rollers here on this 7” released by Apron. On the one side we have Mighty Baron III with a track, Screwe’d that does indeed sound both mighty and screwed. On the flip is Sun Runners 女神の恋人達, with The Finest, a track that sounds like a resurrected 80’...view item »

Seven Davis Jr.
P.A.R.T.Y (Live Bonus 12")

Getting untied for the floor with Seven Davis Jnr. P.A.R.T.Y (Live Bonus 12") are 4 tracks of funked out and jacked up frolics from LA's finest. The track titles tell you that Seven is on a hot party tip, providing 110% booty moving NRG. Packed with electro-funk synths, 4 to the floor and tight&...view item »

Funkineven (featuring Jay Daniel)
Discipline / Abyss

London's transmitter of all things slinky Funkineven teams up with upcoming Detroit houser Jay Daniel to deliver a slab of big beats on Apron. The A side is armed with a dirty acid bassline that harks straight from the scene of the late 80s/early 90s, complete with a vintage drum machine groove. The B side takes it down a notch, teasing a f...view item »

Adam Feingold

Canadian tech-face Feingold delivers a strong three-headed beast here that will take you into various eclectic electro-funk territories occupied previously by the likes of Dopplereffekt, NY's defunct Satamile recs, the more atmospheric house end of LIES recs. and the pounding, progressive Levon Vincent/Kassem Mosse axis....view item »

St. Julien
St. Julien

Way back in 305 AD, St. Julian was sewn into a sack filled with scorpions, vipers and sand and thrown into the Mediterranean. Now he’s altered his name and returned from the dead with some ill acid techno tracks. St. Julien’s self-titled 12” is filled with poisonous hooks and smooth beats. Get on it or repent!...view item »