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Boy Azooga
1, 2, Kung Fu!

Hotly-tipped Cardiff four-piece Boy Azooga drop their debut LP via Heavenly. As its title suggests, 1, 2, Kung Fu! is a fun listen, full of youthful abandon and some smart songwriting choices. Tracks like ‘Loner Boogie’ are fuzzy romps ala early Tame Impala, wh...view item »

Saint Etienne
Tales From Turnpike House

Saint Etienne switches moods as easily as most people change clothes. Tales From Turnpike House is a lovely example of how a seemingly dull topic -- suburbia -- can yield unexpected beauty. From the folk delicacy of "Sun in My Morning" to the more upbeat "Milk Bottle Symphony," Sarah Cracknell's lyrics again evoke a stunning portrait of place. "...view item »

Y Dydd Olaf

Gwenno Saunders has had quite the roller-coaster life having been in the Pipettes, had a role in Welsh Language soap Pobol y Cwm on S4C and been touring keyboard player with Elton John. Meanwhile I’ve done nothing but sit on my big fat lazy arse. This album was rel...view item »

Halo Maud
Je Suis Une Île

She was part of the French dream pop scene that spawned Melody's Echo Chamber so that should give you some idea of where this French songwriter is coming from. She mainly sings in her native tongue rather than a language I can understand but this doesn't matter on excellent little pop songs such as 'Du Pouvoir/Power' which has a lovely infectiou...view item »

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood
With Animals

Mark Lanegan - former Screaming Tree, part-time Queen of the Stone Age - teams up with his old chum Duke Garwood for their second LP in a half-decade (though they’ve worked on some stuff together in between). Lanegan’s vocal performance on With Animals is ro...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Gumboot Soup

“I am the Lizard Queen!”, Lisa Simpson once exclaimed, but until now we never knew who the Lizard Wizard was. A mystery as old as time has now been solved: in a shocking coincidence, he too is a monarch. King Gizzard and/AKA the Lizard Wizard, is several people combining like the Power Rangers into one cohesive person who likes bubbl...view item »

Amber Arcades
European Heartbreak

Dutch native Annelotte de Graaf (aka Amber Arcades) is a bastion of dreamy psych-pop, her sweet vocals floating peacefully over '60s-inspired twanging guitars, driving beats and jazzy horns ('Simple Song'). It's as contemplative as it is exciting, with light-footed synths peppering a deeply cinematic record. ...view item »


The hard grafters at Burger Records have dug up another rough diamond here. Mattiel’s sound is a heady brew of influences from the grittier end of American garage rock. The White Stripes, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, it’s ...view item »

Confidence Man
Confident Music For Confident People

Debut LP from enigmatic four-piece Confidence Man. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the group have made a name for themselves with outlandish performances and a small collection of irresistibly catchy releases with pleasingly cynical lyrics. For disillusioned youths who still like to get down. On Heavenly....view item »

Saint Etienne
Home Counties

Like Madness, Saint Etienne really like London. Many of their albums and songs have been about London but unlike Madness they are unafraid to look outside London for afresh challenge and have here written an album about the place they grew up - the home counties. As is the wont of ageing indie poppers at this stage in their career Saint Etienne ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon

I spent at least five minutes yesterday thinking about why and how Seals and Crofts ‘Summer Breeze’ is so damn good. Try this one over the Isley Brothers hit. If you do that then want something just as laid back and chill check out this King Gizzard record. Did I miss a memo or som...view item »


In a bid to outdo their previous moniker the Bees and make it something even more inconsequential this Isle of Wight collective have now renamed themselves 77:78. Remember it if you dare. The Bees were always great and this promises to be too with influences ranging from 'Smiley Smile' era Beach Boy...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Clint’s insistent belief that psych rock is the greatest genre of all time and that we must protect it at all costs became suspect to me long ago, and the final nail in the coffin probably came when I saw King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard name their last record ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’, a terribly on-the-nose phrase tha...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band
Still Life With Roses - Gargoyle Remixes

Ol' growler gets parts of his recent pretty decent 'Gargoyle' album remixed by all this years hottest remixers such as Andrew Weatherall, Adrian Sherwood, Not Waving and the always busy Pye Corner Audio culminating in a six tracker annexe to the album that you can play at home a...view item »

Le Kov

Gwenno Saunders’s award-winning 2015 debut Y Dydd Olaf was comprised of songs in Welsh, with one in Cornish. This follow-up is exclusively dedicated to the latter language, which is spoken fluently by the artist. The lyrics are partly based on local legends of sunken cities, which have par...view item »

The Orielles
Silver Dollar Moment

The Orielles are very polished for a band who claim to have met pretty recently at a 40th birthday party of a friend of their parents (cue: reviewer feeling old for the millionth time today). I mean you'd read their back story and think that 'Silver Dollar Moment' would be a ramshackle punky moment of youthful vigour but the musicianship here is...view item »

Anna Burch
Quit The Curse

Music is everywhere. Literally everyone makes it and...let's face it....most of it is bang average. Anna Burch is another one I haven't heard of taken on a punt by a medium sized English Record Label, this time Heavenly. Opener '2 Cool to Care' immediately shows promise though by way of an aching skyscraping chorus which tries to drag the previo...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Flying Microtonal Banana

They have released a small galaxy of records in their brief time as a freak rock unit (n.b. that’s what I’m going to start calling certain psych bands from now on to make things less tiresome) but King Gizzard can always be relied upon to do something a little bit different each time -- which is a relief, because most bands of their ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz

With one of the laziest but also most apt affixes of all time, ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ acts as a sort of psych rock primer, an archetypical record of spiralling riffs, hazy production and distant pounding drums that coalesces in the genre’s spooky headquarters. It feels like a Dummies’ Guide, in one sense, King Gizz...view item »

Saint Etienne
Sound Of Water

I suspect that Wiggs, Stanley & Cracknell may have been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson before recording "Water". With this album, the group sounds like it has harnessed a much more mature, if somewhat melancholy, sound. You just get the feeling that, after Good Humor, the band simply wanted to push the envelope, creatively. I can't help ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Another one. There’s rarely a week in which King Gizzard aren’t flexing a new record, and this happens to be their fifth of the year -- can someone do a count for how many riffs per annum that is? The Ozzie psych crew dropped ‘Polygondwanaland’ not a week ago, sharing it as a seasonal gift to their ever-merry fanbase. It ...view item »

Saint Etienne

Continental is Saint Etienne’s rarities collection, released in Japan in 1997 and featuring material from the preceding five years, much of it not previously available (though it does also feature that lovely hit song ‘He’s On The Phone’. Now Continental is receiving its first ever vinyl...view item »

Saint Etienne
Good Humor

1998 saw Saint Etienne release their fourth album Good Humor, which was recorded in Sweden and marks a movement away from the band’s dancier origins. As well as more of a balance between acoustic instruments and synths, the album has quite a loungey soft vibe, almost like a flipside to what Stereolab...view item »

Saint Etienne
So Tough

“So Tough” was the second album by Saint Etienne and was released in 1993. I think it is by far their best work and is a bit of a classic. It works really well as a whole with all the songs being linked with samples of dialogue from films such as “Billy Liar” (“A man could Lose himself in London”). The first f...view item »

Saint Etienne

The best music takes time to blossom for the listener, and anything worth doing takes work. Saint Etienne, underneath their glossy pop shimmer, can have this amazing, sinister undercurrent. Bob and Pete have a way of introducing melodic elements over the course of an entire track that gradually deliver the final crescendo, almost by insinuation....view item »

Saint Etienne
Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay was the second half of Saint Etienne's great one-two punch -- So Tough and Tiger Bay. So Tough was a much more experimental album, melding sophisticated pop songs with samples including everything from Rush's 'Spirit of Radio,' to Marc almost saying, 'non-stop erotic cabaret.' Tiger Bay, on the other hand was a much more direct record ...view item »

Baxter Dury
Prince of Tears

So he's heard Sleaford Mods then....and his own dad.  'Prince of Tears' is like a grimy gritty take on his last (rather good) album 'It's a Pleasure' except he swears (a lot). Opener 'Miami' is the sort of track a knobbly knee'd teenager plays to his elders to try to show how grown up he is. He's ...view item »

Lomond Campbell
Black River Promise

We've all thought about running away from it all haven't we? About 15 million times this year for me to be precise-ish. Well FOUND frontman the very Scottishly named Lomond Campbell actually did run off from the city and into a dilapidated hut to make this his first solo album. What resulted is a string-l...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard With Mild High Club
Sketches Of Brunswick East

What is it now???? Leave us alone. Yet another album from King Gizzard but this time with a twist. This one is a collaboration with Stones Throw hipster troupe Mild High Club in which the two bands jam out an exploratory album which is influenced by Ethiopian music, Miles Davis and Tropi...view item »

H. Hawkline
I Romanticize

When you clean your room so it’s tidy, but it’s still weird and upside down and accidentally a surrealist painting. That’s my domestic metaphor for how I feel about H Hawkline and other excellent songwriters of his ilk -- they make something so smooth and accessible that you almost forget it’s got a weird secondary twinkl...view item »

Amber Arcades

The new EP from Amber Arcades was recorded over the course of two days in New York. Cannonball features a lovely cover of Nick Drake’s ‘Which Will’ and a track with guest vocals from Bill Ryder-Jones, plus three more original Arcades numbers. Quality p...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band

Mark Lanegan sounds like… what does he sound like? I used to think he was some super gravel-toned grump, his voice all twisted and soured and cracked, but listening to ‘Gargoyle’ I’ve come to realise how light it is, his post Screaming Trees work carrying a melodic lovelines...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have already pretty much mastered that pulsing garage rocky sound, but they are still aiming to release five (yep, five) albums in 2017. Murder Of The Universe is the second, and it seems to be aiming to summon up the spirits of the 70’s hard rock gods, even going so far as to ...view item »

The Wytches
Burn Out The Bruise

Psych-infused garage rockers the Wytches deliver a nice 7" release for "Burn Out The Bruise", the third single fresh from their debut, 'Annabel Dream Reader'. On the flip, the band complement the rough, blustery tune track with 'Darker', an all original Wytches cut that didn't make the record. ...view item »


Modern rock band career trajectory....   - First album: Promising. Lots of sounds that appeal and actual good songs. - Second album:  Added synths. Bigger production. Fewer good songs. More hype.  - From then on in: Trying to find again what was so good about that first album.  ...view item »

The Parrots
No Me Gustas, Te Quiero

The Parrots are a Spanish rock band with a singer who sounds like he's garbled a sackful of sunflower seeds. They play a kind of hispanic sounding noisy rock. It sounds ok but I don't think they've reached their beak yet (you're fired - Phil).   ...view item »

Duke Garwood
Garden of Ashes

Duke Garwood operates out of South London, but comes fully-equipped with all the accoutrements of the heavy, god-fearing blues. Garden Of Ashes has a simmering sound to it that feels like it could erupt (though it tends not to), with darkly gorgeous imagery of apocalypse and love. It is released on CD and LP by Heavenly...view item »

Clear Shot

Here’s a band called Toy from the North City of The South that is Brighton. We’ve been ever so slightly observing their sub-meteoric rise to garagedom since 2012 when they released an eponymous debut of Broadcast-influenced guitar band stuff, but we’ve since listened to that ...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Big Box of Chocolates

I don't know what happened here.  Hooton Tennis Club burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with a couple of smashing singles but their debut 'Highest Point in Cliff Town' had the air of a band who had been thrust into the limelight before they'd had time to write any songs. They have an agreeably unpolished slacker sound but la...view item »

The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

Once upon a time I didn’t know who the Wytches were or what garage rock was and I wasn’t even alive. And it was fucking great. Now I’m alive and I’ve heard so many riffs. ‘All Your Happy Life’ is the newest one by the pop-oriented garage rock band, whose riffs shuffle about in the back so as not to disturb the...view item »

We Are Nots

They are Nots; we are not. Chanting their fury atop a torrent of no frills punk songs comprised of guitar scuzz, headaching basslines and gloopy synths, Nots create a sound that’s both reproaching and gloriously invigorating. On first take, ‘We Are Nots’ might sound like a pretty simple indie punk record, but it has the noisy d...view item »

Night Beats
Power Child

Psychedelic Indie-rock band Night Beats have recently released their third album, Who Sold My Generation through Heavenly Recordings after impressive UK shows. Power Child is taken from that album whilst the b-side Wolf is exclusive to this 7”. The band, who started life as a duo...view item »


Nots are almost a straight-forward noisy indie-punk band: indeed, they play that role with tremendous success. But they also have prominent daubs of synthesiser all over their sound, sometimes supporting the tune, sometimes adding fizzing texture-blasts. Plus a little riot grrrrl bite: all very good. Cosmetic is out on ...view item »

M. Craft
Blood Moon

Moving away from the constant clang of fixed wheel bikes and clink of craft ale glasses that soundtracks Dalston life to the near silence of Joshua Tree must have been quite the shock to the system for Martin Craft and as a result his music has changed inordinately. This his third solo record has been created using a piano rather than th...view item »

The Parrots
Los Ninos Sin Miedo

The Parrots are a Madrid band of psychedelic garage-men, and Los Ninos Sin Miedo is their debut album. That chunky orange 70’s-style lettering on the old-school sleeve art is pretty indicative of the band’s sound, where a thick low-end groove drives along big, cool-guy lashings of guitar. Out on Heavenly....view item »

Amber Arcades
Fading Lines

Probably not sounding all that much like Beach House despite the press release reference, the dreamy sound and that title is Amber Arcades who is one lady, Annelotte de Graaf, joined by menbers of Real Estate and Quilt. Opener&nb...view item »

Night Beats
Who Sold My Generation

Like the Fat White Family,  Night Beats play grim psych in a manner which you could describe as either laissez-faire of lazy depending on your viewpoint. Nightbeats are more pulsating and don’t go door to door trying to shock but they have the same sense of subterranean sleaze. The second track here is called ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

Psychedelic skin-shedders King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (oh my God with that name) can be your favourite band one week and your least the next, depending on where you park your sub-genres and what your mileage for impulsive guitar improv is. Their last three records alone have been exercises in escapology: ‘I’m In You...view item »

Dry Food

When this played to the inattentive ears and fickle hearts that comprise our cold office, I observed two separate truths: the first song sounds a lot like Ought, and the rest of the record sounds pretty much exactly like Speedy Ortiz. Those are two things I can ver...view item »


Palehound, which is basically just songwriter and guitarist Ellen Kempner, release Molly on vinyl 7” through Heavenly records. Although the stand-out feature is Kempner’s jagged and wired guitar playing, this miniature indie classic is also powered by tight repetitiv...view item »


Nots are an all-girl four-piece from Memphis. They bring their savage blast of DIY post-punk to the UK via Heavenly Recordings. Reactor is the first single to be taken from their album We Are Nots. Reactor is backed with a previously unreleased demo version of the album track Televangelist...view item »

Fever The Ghost
Zirconium Meconium

It seems I’m mixing them up with someone else. It’s obvious from looking at their history and listening to some of their tunes on Youtube that I have absolutely no idea who Fever the Ghost are. So at least I can start with a clean slate. They play the kind of wild wandering proggy psych pop that Oh...view item »

Laying Down Rock

Drinks is a collaboration between Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon and White Fence main man and American, Tim Presley. Their sound could be described as Arthur Lee-meets-Nico on the verge of self-destruction. Laying Down Rock is take...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair

By the sounds of these breezy pop tunes Hooton Tennis Club's debut due later in the year could be an enjoyable slacker pop romp. The prosaicly titled 'Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair' is a bit more exciting than that title suggests. It has the laid back charm of the Lemonheads when Evan Dando's...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Highest Point In Cliff Town

Ach. When debut single ‘Jasper’ piped out of the airwaves I thought Hooton Tennis Club could be the next great British hope for slacker guitar pop. This debut however disappointingly falls way short of finding us a new Teenage Fanclub for the post mp3 generation. Concerns start early, ope...view item »

Hermits On Holiday

This makes a sort of sense. Cate Le Bon has been confounding us for the last few years with records that sprint between singer-songwriter strums ‘n’ observations and laid-back psychedelia, while Tim Presley has long abandoned his time with punk music in favour of all the weird exce...view item »

Hermits On Holiday / Eighteen Teenage Revenge Fair

Drinks are Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley. Both have surnames that could suggest that they are related to someone famous but they are not. They are sorta semi-famous in their own right though, Le Bon as quirky folk singer-songwriter Presley as White Fence dude. They de...view item »

Kid Wave

By gawwwd Heavenly aren’t half pumping out the records this year. From the sublime (Temples), to the interesting King Gizzard to the ridiculous (The Voyeurs). They seem to be throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall in the hope that some of...view item »

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs
Evil Mothers

‘Evil Mothers’ is a new tune from the ever glamorous CB&V’s that DOES NOT feature on their debut album ‘Clarietta’. It’s an exclusive see. Expect a tuneful glam-stomper in that Reed meets Bolan style they’re are beginning to perfect. The recording is dodge but the tune is okay....I guess. The...view item »

Kid Wave

Swedish/British/Australian quartet Kid Wave’s debut album Wonderlust channels ’90s American indie like every other band does these days, and there’s not a great deal here to separate them from your usual slacker rock copyists. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as the band do a good ...view item »

What Green Feels Like

If anyone has recently driven towards York on the A64 you will have noticed that something is going on with the pylons. They are building some new ones or something. Head back along the road to Leeds and you’ll find Eaves plucking his guitar and singing about them. The opening song ‘Pylons’ is an earnest singer songwrit...view item »

Stealing Sheep
Not Real

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. If any other inventive quirky pop bands are thinking of downing guitars and picking up 80’s synths in the future can they please use this album as an example of why they should refrain from doing so? Stealing Sheep’s debut ‘Into the ...view item »

Duke Garwood
Heavy Love

So freakin’ loud in here today. I’d rather be anywhere else but in our concrete hellhole. Luckily ol’ Duke Garwood knows how to live an easier life. He relaxes all over this new album on the increasingly, consistently good Heavenly. He just ambles about basically, growling quietly over some Tom Wai...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Phantom Radio

Lanegan's voice is constantly and without fail described as if it were an immovable object: stony, gravelly, brooding, it's a force that never wavers. When I hear it, though, I find it more akin to Vic Chesnutt's than Bill Callahan's. The best thing about Lanegan is that he t...view item »

H Hawkline
In The Pink Of Condition

I adore the name Huw. I really like most things Welsh apart from Stereophonics. Or climbing Mt. Snowdon in an icy gale in January with a poorly knee. This album is made by a modern Welsh genius called Huw Evans and his obscure DIY releases thus far have been creeping out over the last half-decade on a bewild...view item »

The Voyeurs
Rhubarb Rhubarb

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs have dropped the Charlie Boyer bit and re-emerged simply as the Voyeurs. Previously they sounded a bit (a lot) like Television. Here, they stick to their 70’s template but move into a Sparks/Glitter Band territory...view item »

As Old As The Grave

This Leeds lad plays a vibrant style of folk rock that on the title track reminds me somewhat of Jeff Buckley. It has the powerful arrangements and sense of the unease but he ploughs a folkier furrow with some nods towards Fairport Convention and even ...view item »

Sun Structures

Are you wanting an unrelenting hit album that you will sing all through the summer? If so then this could be it. Temples early singles impressed; variously recalling Teardrop Explodes, Love, T-Rex, Tame I...view item »

The Wytches
Annabel Dream Reader

Brighton based The Wytches have been scoring some sweet hype in the run-up to the release of 'Annabel Dream Reader'. They're one of those bands I've read more about than actually heard. The first thing that strikes me is their resemblance to Detroit garage punkers The Witches...view item »

Cherry Ghost
Herd Runners

Our ever-industrious post-it imp has taken a listen to this new Cherry Ghost CD despite already knowing he doesn't like the band. "Sounds a bit better than normal", he concedes, before nominating me for the job of reviewing it. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this auspicious opportunity, but I'll take it.   ...view item »

Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha

Saint Etienne's debut is quite brilliant. The music, is mainly a blend of house, hop-hop and classic 60's pop, but many other styles are added to the mix. The vocals (in almost all of the songs, by Sarah Cracknell) are breezy and sensual. Songs like "Spring", "Nothing Can Stop Us" or "She's the One" are catchy, beautifully constructed pop gems. But...view item »

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