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Now (in a minute)!

21-year old artist Evangeline Ling and looks-like-he-might-actually-be-dead singular producer David Wrench team together for the unlikely and hard-to-Google duo audiobooks. Now (in a Minute)! is their debut album, and consists of Ling’s short stories and dreamy vocals, set to Wren...view item »

Y Dydd Olaf

Welsh groove-pop from Gwenno on Peski. Y Dydd Olaf is an ode to story telling, the preservation of language and the modern sounds of the Welsh underground. The undeniable influence of krautrock giants Neu! and the psychedelic rock sounds of the 60's, are mixed with contemporary poppy grooves and production akin to bands...view item »

Confidence Man
Out The Window Remixes

Confidence Man’s debut LP Confident Music For Confident People currently lurks in the background of 2018, waiting for the moment to step forward and present the Melbourne group as the true saviours of pop. While we wait for their big break, we can gorge ourselves on these excellent remixes of Confident Music&h...view item »

Saint Etienne
Home Counties

Finally not an album about London from the veteran pop charmers as they pay tribute to the Home Counties where they grew up. This is a song suite about that area of the UK that spawned Depeche Mode, the Prodigy and Sutton United. Constantly finding new ways of keeping their electro-pop fresh, Saint Etienne are a true British ins...view item »


Nots are an all-girl four-piece from Memphis. They bring their savage blast of DIY post-punk to the UK via Heavenly Recordings. Reactor is the first single to be taken from their album We Are Nots. Reactor is backed with a previously unreleased demo version of the album track Televangelist...view item »


In a bid to outdo their previous moniker the Bees and make it something even more inconsequential this Isle of Wight collective have now renamed themselves 77:78. Remember it if you dare. The Bees were always great and this promises to be too with influences ranging from 'Smiley Smile' era Beach Boy...view item »

Sugar & Spice EP

Brisbane’s Hatchie debuts on Heavenly. Sugar & Spice is prime ‘90s fetishism that has arrived just in time for this heatwave we’re having at the moment. Mazzy Star, Lush, Ride, a little Cocteau Twins, you get the i...view item »

Chilli / Dubwood Allstars ReRub

Right you lot this is very limited (just 150) and it's the first fruits of the new outfit from Aaron Fletcher & Tim Parkin once of excellent summer pop people the Bees. Forget the forgettable name this could be pretty great (and collectible) and the Dubwood All Stars is meant to be something special.&nb...view item »

Boy Azooga
1, 2, Kung Fu!

Hotly-tipped Cardiff four-piece Boy Azooga drop their debut LP via Heavenly. As its title suggests, 1, 2, Kung Fu! is a fun listen, full of youthful abandon and some smart songwriting choices. Tracks like ‘Loner Boogie’ are fuzzy romps ala early Tame Impala, wh...view item »

Saint Etienne
Tales From Turnpike House

Saint Etienne switches moods as easily as most people change clothes. Tales From Turnpike House is a lovely example of how a seemingly dull topic -- suburbia -- can yield unexpected beauty. From the folk delicacy of "Sun in My Morning" to the more upbeat "Milk Bottle Symphony," Sarah Cracknell's lyrics again evoke a stunning portrait of place. "...view item »

Halo Maud
Je Suis Une Île

French singer-songwriter Maud Nadal releases the debut LP from her Helo Maud project via Heavenly. Nadal's time as a touring member of Melody’s Echo Chamber and Moodoid have clearly had some influence on the Paris-based artist. Tracks like ‘Tu Sais Comme Je Suis&rsqu...view item »

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood
With Animals

Mark Lanegan - former Screaming Tree, part-time Queen of the Stone Age - teams up with his old chum Duke Garwood for their second LP in a half-decade (though they’ve worked on some stuff together in between). Lanegan’s vocal performance on With Animals is ro...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Gumboot Soup

Clogging up pressing plants everywhere once again are King Gizzard. Their last one came on so many formats that we almost had a nervous breakdown so we are pleased that this comes on just two. Orange vinyl or CD. Simples. Expect more enthusiastically diverse psych rock from the band who never know when to stop. ...view item »


Well this is so not an audiobook. There's not a Stephen Fry or Harry Potter in sight; instead, the duo of Evangeline Ling and David Wrench have made a weird collection of tell-tale nonsense with strange, noncompliant electronics. They talk, but they don't read from a book, and the abstraction from reality is so much you'd be d...view item »

Amber Arcades
European Heartbreak

Dutch native Annelotte de Graaf (aka Amber Arcades) is a bastion of dreamy psych-pop, her sweet vocals floating peacefully over '60s-inspired twanging guitars, driving beats and jazzy horns ('Simple Song'). It's as contemplative as it is exciting, with light-footed synths peppering a deeply cinematic record. ...view item »


The hard grafters at Burger Records have dug up another rough diamond here. Mattiel’s sound is a heady brew of influences from the grittier end of American garage rock. The White Stripes, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, it’s ...view item »

Confidence Man
Confident Music For Confident People

Debut LP from enigmatic four-piece Confidence Man. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the group have made a name for themselves with outlandish performances and a small collection of irresistibly catchy releases with pleasingly cynical lyrics. For disillusioned youths who still like to get down. On Heavenly....view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon

For their new record, titled Paper Maché Dream, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have cast aside the electricity that previously drove their massive psych-rock tracks. Instead, they present a suite of acoustic numbers, still thoroughly psychedelic but this time more reminiscent of a 70’s children’s ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard return hot off the heels of their very overtly, if exceedingly awkwardly titled record I'm In Your Mind Fuzz. Quarters offers more of the same listless, meandering psych rock from the masters of the much travelled genre, with four songs that hit ten minutes and ten seconds apiece. A...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band
Still Life With Roses - Gargoyle Remixes

Ol' growler gets parts of his recent pretty decent 'Gargoyle' album remixed by all this years hottest remixers such as Andrew Weatherall, Adrian Sherwood, Not Waving and the always busy Pye Corner Audio culminating in a six tracker annexe to the album that you can play at home a...view item »

Le Kov

Gwenno Saunders’s award-winning 2015 debut Y Dydd Olaf was comprised of songs in Welsh, with one in Cornish. This follow-up is exclusively dedicated to the latter language, which is spoken fluently by the artist. The lyrics are partly based on local legends of sunken cities, which have par...view item »

The Orielles
Silver Dollar Moment

The Orielles are a three-piece made up of a Post Office Christmas temp, and English Lit. student and an A-Level student. Despite their tender years, the trio have made a very enjoyable indie-pop record in Silver Dollar Moment. It is reminiscent of many bands you loved in the ‘80s and ‘90s, whilst maintaining a certai...view item »

Anna Burch
Quit The Curse

Detroit’s Anna Birch writes beautifully crafted, melodic songs with glorious harmonies then adds lyrics that cover the plethora of dark subject matter synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll. Failed relationships and drug abuse. The songs on Quit The Curse come via a childhood love of ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Flying Microtonal Banana

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have already pretty much mastered that pulsing garage rocky sound, but they are still aiming to release five (yep, five) albums in 2017. With that in mind, it makes sense to try something a little new right? Flying Microtonal Banana finds them playing around with modified microtonal ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz

The psych rock well is running dry at this point so there's only a limited amount of names albums in the genre can have: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have opted to just add the word "fuzz" to the end of any sentence -- their newest effort, I'm In Your Mind Fuzz', might cause a squiggly green line in Microsoft Word, but is actually anothe...view item »

Saint Etienne
Sound Of Water

I suspect that Wiggs, Stanley & Cracknell may have been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson before recording "Water". With this album, the group sounds like it has harnessed a much more mature, if somewhat melancholy, sound. You just get the feeling that, after Good Humor, the band simply wanted to push the envelope, creatively. I can't help ...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

The exclusive coloured vinyl version is now sold out - sorry. Too slow! They're at it again. The Melbourne-based seven piece have released five records this year...a work rate that makes Robert Pollard look like Kevin Shields. Lots of music, then, but is it any good? Of course it is. An album of jazz and groove laden gems...view item »

Saint Etienne

Continental is Saint Etienne’s rarities collection, released in Japan in 1997 and featuring material from the preceding five years, much of it not previously available (though it does also feature that lovely hit song ‘He’s On The Phone’. Now Continental is receiving its first ever vinyl...view item »

Saint Etienne
Good Humor

1998 saw Saint Etienne release their fourth album Good Humor, which was recorded in Sweden and marks a movement away from the band’s dancier origins. As well as more of a balance between acoustic instruments and synths, the album has quite a loungey soft vibe, almost like a flipside to what Stereolab...view item »

Saint Etienne
So Tough

“So Tough” was the second album by Saint Etienne and was released in 1993. I think it is by far their best work and is a bit of a classic. It works really well as a whole with all the songs being linked with samples of dialogue from films such as “Billy Liar” (“A man could Lose himself in London”). The first f...view item »

Saint Etienne

The best music takes time to blossom for the listener, and anything worth doing takes work. Saint Etienne, underneath their glossy pop shimmer, can have this amazing, sinister undercurrent. Bob and Pete have a way of introducing melodic elements over the course of an entire track that gradually deliver the final crescendo, almost by insinuation....view item »

Saint Etienne
Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay was the second half of Saint Etienne's great one-two punch -- So Tough and Tiger Bay. So Tough was a much more experimental album, melding sophisticated pop songs with samples including everything from Rush's 'Spirit of Radio,' to Marc almost saying, 'non-stop erotic cabaret.' Tiger Bay, on the other hand was a much more direct record ...view item »

Baxter Dury
Prince of Tears

His first release on Heavenly Recordings, Baxter Dury continues his lo-fi pop forays with Prince of Tears. Dury’s fifth album is brimming with his usual downbeat musings on relationships and excess but this time includes an orchestral score which melds with Dury’s usual synth instrum...view item »

Lomond Campbell
Black River Promise

Lomond Campbell put together his debut album Black River Promise in the manner of several lonely-eyed young men before him: by decamping to somewhere remote (in this case, an abandoned school in the Scottish Highlands) to be alone with his thoughts and his music. The pop-folk results are deep and remarkable, augmented w...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard With Mild High Club
Sketches Of Brunswick East

What is it now???? Leave us alone. Yet another album from King Gizzard but this time with a twist. This one is a collaboration with Stones Throw hipster troupe Mild High Club in which the two bands jam out an exploratory album which is influenced by Ethiopian music, Miles Davis and Tropi...view item »

H. Hawkline
I Romanticize

Making the sort of wandering oddball pop music that could be filed alongside fellow Welsh people Super Furry Animals and Cate Le Bon, Huw Evans (aka H. Hawkline) gets closer to greatness here helped by Ms Le Bon as well as Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. He says ...view item »

Stealing Sheep

Everyone seems to be going ape shit for Stealing Sheep’s ‘Noah & The Paper Moon’ EP so I reckon there’ll be a bit of buzz around ‘Geneviene’, the first single from the trio’s new album on Heavenly. As you may know, they’re from the fair city of Liverpool whic...view item »

Amber Arcades

The new EP from Amber Arcades was recorded over the course of two days in New York. Cannonball features a lovely cover of Nick Drake’s ‘Which Will’ and a track with guest vocals from Bill Ryder-Jones, plus three more original Arcades numbers. Quality p...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band

The gravel-voiced ex-Screaming Trees frontfella Mark Lanegan created this new album with substantial help from ex-Exit Calm man Rob Marshall, who donated ten pieces for Lanegan to add to. The resulting Gargoyle album is a gothically moody epic of altern...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have already pretty much mastered that pulsing garage rocky sound, but they are still aiming to release five (yep, five) albums in 2017. Murder Of The Universe is the second, and it seems to be aiming to summon up the spirits of the 70’s hard rock gods, even going so far as to ...view item »

The Wytches
Burn Out The Bruise

Psych-infused garage rockers the Wytches deliver a nice 7" release for "Burn Out The Bruise", the third single fresh from their debut, 'Annabel Dream Reader'. On the flip, the band complement the rough, blustery tune track with 'Darker', an all original Wytches cut that didn't make the record. ...view item »


Here's a new one from curly mopped psych pop fans Temples. Their previous record 'Sun Structures' was the type of psych record you could take home to meet your mum so we are expecting more radio-friendly vaguely '60s tunes to hum when you put the bins out of a night. Lead track 'Certainty' sounds like MGMT gone ...view item »

The Parrots
No Me Gustas, Te Quiero

Ease yourself into the world of the The Parrots with this single, issued as a preview for their forthcoming debut album Los Niños Sin Miedo. There’s a real-fine swagger to No Me Gustas, Te Quiero and its B-side ‘Let’s Do It Again’: jangling garage rock with a strongly Spanish touc...view item »

Duke Garwood
Garden of Ashes

Duke Garwood operates out of South London, but comes fully-equipped with all the accoutrements of the heavy, god-fearing blues. Garden Of Ashes has a simmering sound to it that feels like it could erupt (though it tends not to), with darkly gorgeous imagery of apocalypse and love. It is released on CD and LP by Heavenly...view item »

Clear Shot

They are a strange lot Toy, they never completely blow you away but they are very pleasant to listen to. This is their third album and they recorded it themselves then sent it over to the states for a bit of gloss. It carries on the moody krauty template from previous albums and lead track 'Fast Silver' has some rather mood...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Big Box of Chocolates

Although it may not sound like it from the title, Big Box Of Chocolates sees Wirral indie band Hooton Tennis Club come of age, exploring themes of love and loss. The band recruited the legendary Edwyn Collins to produce the album. It is their second album and follows on from their vivacious debut Hi...view item »

The Wytches
All Your Happy Life

Second album from The Wytches, the darkly psychedelic English rock and roll band. All Your Happy Life manages to sound groovy and guitar-gnarly even while the band seem lashed with despair. All Your Happy Life was recorded and mixed by a Grinderman (in the form of Jim Sclavunos...view item »

Night Beats
Sunday Mourning

Desert-dwelling psych-rock trio Night Beats provide a cool, shades-wearing look back to the good old days of acid-fried rock bands ruling the roost. But this 12” release takes a sharp turn in the other direction, letting producer Jono Ma apply the remixers scalpel and a drum machine, creating a somewhat di...view item »

We Are Nots

Nots are Natalie Hoffmann (guitar) Charlotte Watson (drums), Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synthesiser). This grrl band are reminiscent of L7 and Bikini Kill, full throttle, loud and punk, with Eastburns synths bringing something a little different to the table. The Memphis girls are angry, aggressive and ready t...view item »

Night Beats
Power Child

Psychedelic Indie-rock band Night Beats have recently released their third album, Who Sold My Generation through Heavenly Recordings after impressive UK shows. Power Child is taken from that album whilst the b-side Wolf is exclusive to this 7”. The band, who started life as a duo...view item »


Nots are almost a straight-forward noisy indie-punk band: indeed, they play that role with tremendous success. But they also have prominent daubs of synthesiser all over their sound, sometimes supporting the tune, sometimes adding fizzing texture-blasts. Plus a little riot grrrrl bite: all very good. Cosmetic is out on ...view item »

M. Craft
Blood Moon

M. Craft plans his music in a lonely desert cabin: his sound is very much a personal response to this beloved isolation. Bloodmoon began as several hours of piano improvisations, which were then cut down and pressed into the format of proper songs, with Craft’s vocals, percussion from Seb ...view item »

The Parrots
Los Ninos Sin Miedo

The Parrots are a Madrid band of psychedelic garage-men, and Los Ninos Sin Miedo is their debut album. That chunky orange 70’s-style lettering on the old-school sleeve art is pretty indicative of the band’s sound, where a thick low-end groove drives along big, cool-guy lashings of guitar. Out on Heavenly....view item »

Amber Arcades
Fading Lines

Heavenly records release Fading Lines, the dreamy debut from Amber Arcades. Beach House’s slow melancholy is an obvious reference for the group, but they add enough unique instrumental touches and electronic textures to stand out. This inventive indie-pop is perfect to dri...view item »

Night Beats
Who Sold My Generation

Night Beats are a trio who have apparently been hibernating in some kind of hemp cupboard since 1969, which is to say that they sound precisely like the psychedelic rock overlords of that era. Nothing wrong with that of course, especially when the music is dispatched with such verve. Third album Who Sold My Generation i...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

Not only is Nonagon Infinity a berserk, psychedelic piece of prog-metal, but it is the fourth album this Australian band have released in a year and a half. This vinyl LP or CD from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard borrows the sound of 70s hard-rock but connects it with their distinctive improvisational soun...view item »

Dry Food

The kids are coming up from behind… Ellen Kempner is a very skilled 21-year old, which means she combines the ability to sound just as you want your punkish-indie singer-songwriters to sound with the electric energy of youth. Dry Food is her debut full-length under the Palehound moniker, out on H...view item »


Palehound, which is basically just songwriter and guitarist Ellen Kempner, release Molly on vinyl 7” through Heavenly records. Although the stand-out feature is Kempner’s jagged and wired guitar playing, this miniature indie classic is also powered by tight repetitiv...view item »

Night Beats
No Cops

Night Beats are up to their third album of psych-garage pop songs. Who Sold My Generation is out soon, but right now we have the single No Cops, a slick tune that drives forward on a krautrock-inspired rhythm line. Lots of that specifically psych-garage echo on the everything too. 7” single, released on t...view item »

Mark Lanegan and John Robb
A Conversation with Mark Lanegan

In Hebden Bridge earlier this year, as part of the 25th anniversary weekend for Heavenly Recordings, Mark Lanegan played a show. But what we have here occurred the next day, when Lanegan sat down with journalist John Robb for a little chat. Lots of revealing details about Lanegan...view item »

What Green Feels Like : Deluxe Edition

Eaves aka Joseph Lyons is a 23-year old folk singer/songwriter who seems to be on the fast-track to the top. Eaves has batted away comparisons to Jeff Buckley but will admit to being influenced by the late singer. My ears hear After The Goldrush-era Neil Young too. ...view item »

Fever The Ghost
Zirconium Meconium

Zirconium Meconium showcases the sound of Fever The Ghost, a weirdo-pop four-piece. A psychedelic core certainly runs through the ideology of the group, but the sounds they work with marshal synths, drums, guitars and heavily-reverbed, lightly-unhinged vocals. Comes out sounding quite nice. On Heavenly....view item »

Laying Down Rock

Drinks is a collaboration between Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon and White Fence main man and American, Tim Presley. Their sound could be described as Arthur Lee-meets-Nico on the verge of self-destruction. Laying Down Rock is take...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair

Hooton Tennis Club have their full-length debut lying just around the corner, but for now here is another single to whet appetites. Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair is a friendly slice of indie pop, with some mega-twee lyrics about going for a walk in the park / going swimming. Sweet. 7” on Heavenly....view item »

Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club issue a sneak preview of their forthcoming debut full-length, Highest Point In Cliff Town, with this 7” single. P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.P.I.E.R.R.E. is the somewhat cumbersome title of this slice of indie pop, and the track is backed with ‘Crackers’ on the B side. 500 copies of this...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Highest Point In Cliff Town

Wirral based, indie rock four piece Hooton Tennis Club gained attention with debut single ‘Jasper’ on Heavenly Recordings, having signed to the label after being spotted only three gigs into their careers by Carl Hunter (The Farm). ‘Highest Point in Cliff Town’ is their debut album release on the label and if the taster s...view item »

Hermits On Holiday

Drinks appears to be the bizarro-side-project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, in which they cast aside their usual singer-songwriter / hardcore punk focuses and get unusual. Hermits On Holiday has odd spoken word over the top of nervously bouncy instrumentals, and forms a satisfying, an...view item »

Hermits On Holiday / Eighteen Teenage Revenge Fair

Drinks appears to be the bizarro-side-project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, in which they cast aside their usual singer-songwriter / hardcore punk focuses and get unusual. Hermits On Holiday is the initial example of their unexpected sound, out in advance of the full album of the same...view item »

H Hawkline
Moons In My Mirror

H Hawkline, aka multi-instrumentalist Huw Evans has friends in high places: Gruff Rhys and Cate Le Bon to name but a few. He is from a line of succession that includes 70s radio DJs and Welsh horror movie stars, apparently, although he remains something of an enigma. He likens his sound to Kraut...view item »

Kid Wave

Beach pop forever, right? It's kind of weird that this record is called 'Gloom', considering Kid Wave's emotive guitar tones, slick bass and wide-eyed melodies. These songs have the feel of despondent garage rock, but remind of acts like Best Coast and Beach House, giving off waves of that summery, nostalgic sound that used to rule our live...view item »

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs
Evil Mothers

‘Evil Mothers’ is a new tune from the ever glamorous CB&V’s that DOES NOT feature on their debut album ‘Clarietta’. It’s an exclusive see. Expect a tuneful glam-stomper in that Reed meets Bolan style they’re are beginning to perfect. The recording is dodge but the tune is okay....I guess. The...view item »

Kid Wave

A tsunami of adolescent energy on Kid Wave’s full length album: youthful distorted guitars, angelic background vocals and grooving bass and drums perfect the band’s poppy shoegaze sound. Wonderlust makes you feel like you're about to discover the whole gamut of emotions all over again. And that's a...view item »

What Green Feels Like

Fingerpicky downbeat folk from Leeds-based Eaves. What Green Feels Like is the 20-something’s debut album following last year’s As Old As The Grave EP and continues to showcase his natural abilities as a young songwriter. The production is sparse but lush enough to embrace strings to emotive effect....view item »

Stealing Sheep
Not Real

Stealing Sheep’s second album, Not Real, comes packaged within enticingly curious cover art: you know that these are legs, but how many, whose, and in what configuration? The music may prompt some of the same questions, as Stealing Sheep’s sound is a surreal and colourful form of pop music....view item »

Heavenly 25

Heavenly 25 is a box set featuring seven 7” singles by a number of artists to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary. Contemporary artists such as Temples and Stealing Sheep contribute along with Heavenly veterans such as Pete Wiggs (St. Etienne) and ...view item »

Caitlin Rose / Kid Wave
Been Thinking About You All The Time / Listen To Her Heart

Split 45 on the Heavenly label here, with Caitlin Rose on the one side and Kid Wave featuring Ben Romans Hopcraft on the other. Originally part of Heavenly’s 25th anniversary box-set, the 7” was allowed to separated from the mothership for Record Store Day 2015: a few copies still ar...view item »

Jimi Goodwin / Pete Wiggs
Didsbury Girl (Tear Down Dub) / We've Got The Moves

It’s easy to let yourself forget that thoughtful indie rock group Doves used to be floor-filling dance makers Sub Sub. But they did, and Jimi Goodwin is thus fully qualified to release a track with ‘(Tear Down Dub)’ in the title. He and Pete Wiggs put this toge...view item »

Stealing Sheep / The Voyeurs
Murmur Earth / Rhubarb Rhubarb (Third Webb Rhubarb and Custard mix)

Split 45 from Heavenly here, between Stealing Sheep and The Voyeurs. Murmur Earth and Rhubarb Rhubarb (Third Webb Rhubarb And Custard Mix) was originally part of Heavenly’s 25th anniversary box-set, but the 7” was allowed to separated from the mothership for Record Store Da...view item »

TOY and Jane Weaver / H Hawkline
Fell From The Sun / It's A Drag

Not much info on this but it looks like London psych rockers Toy have collab'd with folky, krauty everywhere girl Jane Weaver on one side whilst Welsh Gruff Rhys mini-me H.Hawkline takes up the B side. Heavenly are releasing some great records at the moment so this will be a highly sought after one to add to your collection.  ...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Jasper / Standing Knees

Indie band! 7” single by an indie band! Hooton Tennis Club have all your favourite indie band tropes firmly in place: three white dudes with guitars and another one playing drums. And some singing is in the mix too, obviously. The Jasper / Standing Knees double A side is released courtesy of Heavenly....view item »

Mark Lanegan Band
A Thousand Miles Of Midnight - Phantom Radio Remixes

The man who plays rock paper scissors and beats scissors with his voice, Mark Lanegan, released new record Phantom Radio last year, a collection of songs that tested out his interest in more conventional avenues -- also, New Wave. That's all well and good, but how about some remixes? A Thous...view item »

Duke Garwood
Heavy Love

Duke Garwood is known for his collaborative works with everyone from The Orb to Mark Lanegan. he’s once again given up on teamwork for this new album on Heavenly, his first solo work since 2011. I hate teamwork too. It’s why I do this instead of an office job. Well played, Duke. Smoke voiced and eloq...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Phantom Radio

Nice to know old gravel larynx Mark Lanegan is releasing an album he composed largely on his phone. Apparently this is his krautrock/post-punk inspired album. Nice to know the singer from The Screaming Trees was soaking up lots of British and German music in his youth rather than digging Alice Cooper and Blue Cheer. He explains, kindly, that he'...view item »

H Hawkline
In The Pink Of Condition

Inspired by the early solo work of Paul Mccartney and taking his name from American author Richard Brautigan’s The Hawkline Monster, this stunning album from H Hawkline is his first full LP on Heavenly Recordings, and the third album from Huw Gwynfryn Evans. Clever wordplay and sharp smart guitars. Surreal, clever, melodic...view item »

H Hawkline
Salt Ghoul Box Ghouls

Eccentric psych-pop finally making it to a lavish vinyl LP after a cassette release. A primer for H. Hawkline's witty and weird garage, it’s a distinctive vision of weirdo British folk and beat music, complete with surreal tape collages. Out on Heavenly, it’s limited to 150 hand-made records screen printed in four co...view item »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard really do have an ace name. There are also seven of them, so which one is the King and which are the lizards and wizards is hard to work out. They describe themselves as 'Completely fried theramin-wielding psychopaths', so how much do you want to hear their new single 'Cellophane' now? Yep, us too. ...view item »

The Voyeurs
Rhubarb Rhubarb

This lot used to be called Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs but have now mysteriously changed their name to the Voyeurs. Their music has changed ever so slightly and instead of evoking Television's 1970's New York guitar stylings, they now evoke Lou Reed's 1970's New York guitar stylings. The track I'm listening to sounds like an absolute mess so w...view item »

As Old As The Grave

Leeds local Eaves is a singer-songwriter with a knack for supreme sparsity and modesty. His newest EP, 'As Old As The Grave', depicts him as a masterful pianist and understated guitarist, using both to create dramatic songs with a bare minimum of supplementing. These songs are simple but grandiose, with lyrics about getting stuck in bitter cycle...view item »

Sun Structures

Are you wanting an unrelenting hit album that you will sing all through the summer? If so then this could be it. Temples early singles impressed; variously recalling Teardrop Explodes, Love, T-Rex, Tame I...view item »

The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs (who have changed their name from Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs)' second album has been much (if not long) anticipated, following the critically acclaimed 2013 debut 'Clarietta'. Their first studio record (the first album was a live recording) features songs about Eastern Europe, transvestites and travel, drawing comparisons to Iggy ...view item »

Fever The Ghost
Crab In Honey

Stoner rock plus psychedelic tendencies multiplied by giant crabs equals Fever The Ghost, a band out of L.A. who've just signed to Heavenly Records to release their new record, 'Crab In Honey'. Sounds like a tasty snack, but it's also an EP of heavy guitar riffage produced by Bob Ludwig, who's worked with crabless but important acts from Radiohe...view item »

Cherry Ghost
Herd Runners

Our ever-industrious post-it imp has taken a listen to this new Cherry Ghost CD despite already knowing he doesn't like the band. "Sounds a bit better than normal", he concedes, before nominating me for the job of reviewing it. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this auspicious opportunity, but I'll take it.   ...view item »

Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha

Saint Etienne's debut is quite brilliant. The music, is mainly a blend of house, hop-hop and classic 60's pop, but many other styles are added to the mix. The vocals (in almost all of the songs, by Sarah Cracknell) are breezy and sensual. Songs like "Spring", "Nothing Can Stop Us" or "She's the One" are catchy, beautifully constructed pop gems. But...view item »

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