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Cristian Vogel
Mind Control

A new 12” from experimental icon Cristian Vogel, his first release of any description since a 2017 self-released live album. 'Mind Control' fits neatly into the Chilean musician’s immense back catalogue of work that’s seen him win awards and cement his reputation as one of house and techno’s most fearless innovators. 


David Burraston / Dave Noyze releases a new NYZ album on The Wormhole. The result of an invitation from the label to release a new album on CD, Burraston revisited a pile of unreleased work recorded between 2016 and 2018 with the help of old technology and sequencers, and ROMTYZ is what he came up with. 

Blood Music
GPS Poetics

Fancy sounds from Simon Pomery’s project Blood Music, where poetry and poetics are key. GPS Poetics is a set of text-sound compositions, with electronic and non-electronic accompaniment to Pomery’s vocal delivery. A lot going on here. Released by The Wormhole, the disc-based sub-label of The Tapeworm.

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian
Laughing Out

Croydon Kings Dale Cornish and Phil Julian consummate their friendship with this tasty 7” single on Tapeworm non-tape spin-off sub-label The Wormhole. Laughing Out is pop music as reimagined by proper sound-weirdos, with attitude-laden Cornish spoken-word and stutter Julian fizz everywhere. Rare-sounding stuff.

drcarlsonalbion & The Hackney Lass: Modern
Modern English Folklore Volume One: Hackney

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Paul H Williams
Fallen To Earth

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The Swifter
The Swifter

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