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The Green Kingdom
Expanses Remixes

The Green Kingdom’s somewhat classic Expanses album reissued five years later in Expanded form. The original material is, to begin with, utterly gorgeous: lushly-textured ambience with unhurried techno beats fading in and out. The ten tracks are matched here by ten remixes, by artists like Tobias Hellkvist and Hotel Neon. Double CD reissue on Dronarivm.
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A Different Definition of Love

Indefatigable sadbienteer Brock “bvdub” Van Wey has certainly been bashing them out - we’re now at album number thirty. And A Different Definition of Love is a biggun; it could fill entire valleys with the weighty cine-romantics of its sprawled, forlorn tunes. All the bvwey techniques you know and love are present: Indistinct voices, layers of slow, wilting synths, ropey dub bass and a whole lotta release envelope.

Endless Melancholy
Fragments of Scattered Whispers

Endless Melancholy. Not (necessarily) a description of life in the Norman office, but the alias of Ukraine's Oleksiy Sakevych. His latest collection of achingly sad ambience is on its way via Dronarivm, titled 'Fragments of Scattered Whispers'; wherein gentle, feathery piano melodies melt into crystalline ambient textures. With tape explorations. Sounds nice. Nice and hazy.
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Ryonkt & Offthesky

For The Summer, Or Forever

Northern Irish Halftribe’s (Ryan Bisset’s) third album and Russian imprint Dronarivm’s fifty-third catalogue entry arrives punctually to soundtrack the coming summer - or eternity, apparently, if you like. It is indeed suitably warm and familiar stuff, going straight for the bliss-out button with dreamy, droning pieces mixing airy synths and calm field recordings.

Bruno Sanfilippo

Unify is the latest instalment of music from Bruno Sanfilippo and is guaranteed to take you on an emotional journey. This record is available on CD and is released from Dronarivm. This copy of Unify on CD is one of 250 copies and is finished in a 4-panel matte finish digipak. Some really cool album art, too. 

Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek

After their Cello Recycling / Cello Drowning collaboration for Type in 2007, always-on microsound sculptor Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) and reputable ambient cellist Aaron Martin next joined forces in 2012, scoring a dance piece for Ivan Peréz. Here are the fruits of that commission, with layers of cello and vocals treated in various ways to produce quiet and dramatic textures.

Sven Laux
Paper Streets

Luscious compositional material from Sven Laux. He builds up layers and layers of neo-classical instrumental sounds (strings, piano and other rich melodic instruments) and then applies loops, drones, reverbs, decays… Until the results feel like they’ve been dredged up from underwater memories. Paper Streets is a highly cinematic suite, out via Dronarivm.

Devils for my Darling

Their previous outing came on the loveliest of warm drone labels Eilean, and now omrr show up for Dronarivm with a release of densely textured microambient. Full of sounds as tiny and active as little insects, Omar El Abd creates busy but beautiful music, both recording environments and processing them back into glitched loveliness.
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Enrico Coniglio & Matteo Uggeri
Open To The Sea

Enrico Coniglio and Matteo Uggeri are two composers and sound artists with equal passions for field recording and audio landscapes. Coniglio has worked in groups such as Herion and Lemures with releases on Touch and Silentes, while Uggeri is in Sparkle In Gey. Open to the Sea plays out like a more tender Jacaszek, weaving field samples, processing and live performance.
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This release is a great resource for Pleq fans, gathering up various remixes of his music that have been released since the start of the decade. Remixers include Christoper Bssonnette, offthesky, Olan Mill and Aaron Martin, among others, each pulling out something new from the vivid ambient drone originals. Re:composition is released by Dronarivm.

Olan Mill
Cavade Morlem

Olan Mill is proud to present Cavade Morlem, a richly textured album of drone-based composition, built up from original tracks of voice, organ, violin and guitar (though much of the time, the origins of the sounds are obscured). A calming slice of sound, appropriately released on the Dronarivm album.


Pausal, the duo of Alex Smalley (Olan Mill) and Simon Bainton, make thick hazes of rather lovely ambient drones. Avifaunal, which grew out of sessions in a village hall in rural Wales, is an intuitive exploration of textures, with various synths, processes and turntable fragments folded into the mix. CD release on Dronarivm, limited to 200 copies.

Lorenzo Masotto
Aeolian Processes

Lorenzo Masotto’s piano playing has a dramatic feel to it: you could imagine his music soundtracking the emotional cinematic climax. New record Aeolian Processes is not a set of wind-driven recordings but a suite of tender and melancholy piano pieces, each inspired obliquely by Masotto’s unconscious memories. Limited edition CD release on Dronarivm.

Chihei Hatakeyama
Above The Desert

Above The Desert is the latest album by drone alchemist Chihei Hatakeyama, using what sounds like heavily-treated guitar to carve out long spirals of graceful tonal shimmer. The listener floats slowly Above The Desert, looking down upon the gentle eddies of the sand. Digipak-housed CD release on the Dronarivm label.


Sound designer and film composer Tommy Jansen, aka Elegi, explores the meeting point of expansive drone, found sound manipulation and neoclassical minimalism. Bånsull, beautifully packaged on digipak CD from Dronarivm, takes its time to develop rich ambient soundscapes full of melancholic textures and haunting piano motifs.

The Green Kingdom

The Green Kingdom here sets out to provide the listener with the atmospheres of calmly drifting Harbor waters. He achieves this with calming suites of droning ambience that use both new-age-tinged electronics and fragments of acoustic instrumentation, all tinkered around with to provide satisfaction. Edition of 250 CDs on Dronarivm.

Cyril Secq / Orla Wren

A blend of acoustic guitar, nature-inspired soundscapes, and minimal electronic production can be found on this ambient/experimental collaborative project by Cyril Secq and Orla Wren. The minimalistic and organic nature of the record makes it a peaceful and intriguing piece of sonic art. Released as CD on the Dronarivm label.

The Voynich Manuscript

Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten’ Legiac project paints places with ambient sonic textures, field samples and modular synthesis. Sounding at times like a great hall or religious/historic place, you’re taken somewhere akin to Jacaszek or Deaf Center, swamped in reverb until a deep, organ like tone appears.

Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci

The pieces on Agoraphonia have been devised and assembled by Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci, but credit should also go to those who contributed sound samples in response to a request for ‘town square’ sounds. The results have the lively bustle of communal spaces, underlined by creeping drones and electro-acoustics. Edition of 250, on Dronarivm.

Dag Rosenqvist

Elephant by Swedish composer and musician Dag Rosenqvist takes the quiet/loud dynamic to its extremes at both ends of the scale. At times it is subtle and fragile, whilst at others a furious wall of distortion will converge on the listener. The six tracks will steal phrases, structures and melodies from each other to create a musical concept connecting the album as a whole. CD on Dronarvium, limited to 300 copies.

Cyril Secq / Orla Wren

Orla Wren and Cyril Secq produced this collaboration over a great distance, between France and Scotland, but managed to do so without sacrificing the intimate feel of this subtle music. Branches is composed of acoustic guitar, Richard Skelton-eque violin, and assorted field recordings, all processed and tweaked into delicate shapes. On Dronarivm.
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Rezo Glonti

Rezo Glonti is a Georgian producer, who you might also know under the name of Aux Field. This is his second full-length album, following on from releases on Umor Rex and Flaming Pines. While not a dance record, there is a pulsing sense of propulsion present throughout Budapest’s semi-abstract drift. Budapest is released by Dronarivm.

Aidan Baker
Ecliptic Plane

Ecliptic Plane by Aidan Baker is an album of evolving, layered guitar loops. The title refers to the sun’s orbit around earth as we mere earthlings would view it. The sounds on the album, all made by electric guitar, reflect the orbiting whilst investigating perspective. And boy oh boy is it good!
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  • Dronarivm

Temporal Enhancement

Temporal Enhancement is a record all layered up with enticing hums, clicks and whirrs. Autistici bring together these sources and many more, assembling each piece with the sensibilities of a an abstract modern classical composer. All pretty wonderful and microsoundy! CD release on the Dronarivm label.

Wil Bolton

Wil Bolton built this album out of tantalising materials: most sounds here are either field recordings from the streets of Tallinn or “loops I lifted from the quietest sections of old dusty charity shop records”. All this was reprocessed, rearranged, and rounded off with instrumental tracks to form Inscriptions. Released on Dronarivm.

Anne Chris Bakker

Some cognitive excursions with Anne Chris Bakker. Reminiscences is the 6 tracker from the dutch artist. Focused around the 6 stringed wonder and a load of pedals, Anne creates lavish tapestries of drones in a somewhat post-rockish fashion, combined with a strong ambient aesthetic. It's very introverted and is all about memories and the weird states your mind gets into. Out on CD from Dronarivm.

Marsen Jules

Some inter-planetary communications from Marsen Jules. Sinfonietta sweeps across the astral plain - seeking out various textures and timbres to slowly weave around the sonic landscape. It's a mixture of acoustics and electronics, blending soft and warmth synths with fresh and intense strings. It has a cinematic narrative quality which links each of the compositions together. Out on CD from Dronarivm.

Marcus Fjellstrom
Lichtspiel Mutation 2 : Alechsis

Something sinister is stirring in the distance and I think it might be Marcus Fjellstrom. Lichtspiel Mutation2 : Alechsis is an updated haunted house, full of suspense, record crackles and ominous production. Taking stock from musique concréte, eerie string arrangements and twisted ambience, Fjellstrom has give us a reason to keep our eyes and ears wide open. Out on CD from Dronarivm.
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  • Dronarivm

Sentimental Machines

Crackling ambience and field recordings combine on this melancholy album by Sentimental Machines. A collaboration between Attilio Novellino and Saverio Rosi, Less brings together simple piano motifs and an array of delay and echo FX to create mournful landscapes. Limited to 100 copies in box with string bound booklet. Out on 3” CDr from Dronarivm.

Giulio Aldinucci

Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra
Drowning In The Sky

The Green Kingdom

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  • Dronarivm

Aaron Martin / Christoph Berg
Day Has Ended

Machinefabriek / Minus Pilots

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  • Dronarivm