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Octo Octa
More Times EP

Octo Octa is American DJ and producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison. 'More Times EP' contains various flavours of house, from twitchy and heavy to dubby and breakbeat - the latter coming with a heavy nod to LTJ Bukem. Club-ready tunes, but while the club is not yet ready at the pandemic-addled time of writing your front room will have to do. Repress on Running Back.

Prins Thomas

Norwegian producer Prins Thomas is mostly noted for his psychedelic disco tunes but on his latest release he produces a series of trance tracks that rather than being a euphoric glowstick party concentrate on the more private, home listening side of the genre. Thinking (wo)man's trance he calls it and each track differentiated only by a number is presented across this double LP. 

Leon Vynehall
Rojus (Designed To Dance)

Leon Vynehall unveils a rich and varied collection of house cuts. On Rojus (Designed to Dance) the producer’s lush, spacious deep house is in full effect. Vynehall uses jazzy samples and soulful vocals to create a unique, organic dance music, and this double EP contains two 12” of the good stuff.

Neil Landstrumm
Shitting Diamonds On Jupiter

For more than 20 years, producer and DJ, Neil Landstrumm, has been putting out innovative techno tracks on a variety of top labels. From Peacefrog to Planet MU and Tresor - he’s been everywhere. Now, for the first time he lands on Running Back with what could be his best titled 12” yet - Shitting Diamonds On Jupiter.

Pink Eye

Once you get past the title, Pink Eye - the third LP from Maurice Fulton’s Syclops project - is a nice wedge of leftfield club fare. Alongside a band including Mim Suleiman, Fulton has produced eleven tunes that range from relatively straightforward bongo-techno workouts (‘Spin Cycle’) to a weird sort of acid-disco-funk hybrid (‘The Skipper’, ‘Caryll J The Superhero’). We suggest you … keep an eye on it (har de har). Out via Running Back.

Vibe Telemetry

The creative mind behind Telephones is keen that Vibe Telemetry be seen as a fully ‘proper’ album, as opposed to the ‘bunch of floor-fillers’ approach some electronic artists take. So there is a proper development here, with some tracks avoiding beats for sheer atmosphere. Also, big respect is due for the fact that the 2x12” edition has sides ‘V I B E’ rather than ‘A B C D’. Little details like that show you how serious Telephones is about the vibes.

Todd Terje

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Tornado Wallace
Lonely Planet

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Cosmin TRG

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A Blink Of An Eye

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