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LA Vampires With Maria Minerva
The Integration

On this album Maria Minerva cross-pollinates her synthy lo-fi weirdpop with LA Vampires’ distant, sun-bleached house bump for a sultry album of hazy, distant synthpop w...view item »

Les Halles

As soon as I got word of a new Les Halles record being up for pre-order a soothing ray of Spring sunshine radiated behind me and I knew everything would be okay. Not Not Fun have the pleasure of issuing Zephyr, another collection of ambient vitamins that Baptiste Martin chose to record on computer this ti...view item »


Downbeat sounds from what sounds like a snowed-in St. Petersburg, what X.Y.R has made here is a record of pop music obscured in ambience. His keyboard works sound muted, even untouced here, as if the keys are serving themselves from an attic corner -- with its foggy beats and low-key melodies, his music sounds like a l...view item »

Jonas Reinhardt
Mask Of The Maker

Ye olde synths. Yesteryear is distilled in the nostalgia electronic inclinations of Jonas Reinhardt. Solo work Mask Of The Maker mixes the komische end of krautrock with beaming ambient work. These compositions are based on atmospherics that could be considered both warm and robotic, echoing a time w...view item »

LX Sweat
City Of Sweat

Sweat. Its not much fun is it....the fatter you get, the more you sweat. But sweat makes you thin doesn’t it? Is that not why people go to saunas? This record has a strange sleeve which doesn’t really give us an indication of what is contained within. I can answer that for you. Its kind of a squelshy take on R & B with some heavy...view item »

White Poppy
Natural Phenomena

Crystal Dorval, the woman behind White Poppy and a great name, went to a farm in Vancouver for nine months on her own to write Natural Phenomena. I’ve heard of bands having more fun writing an album but White Poppy’s mix of glistening synth and layered vocal humming isn’t meant...view item »

Daughters of the Sun
Ride To Die

'Ride to Die' is the fourth record from psychedelic rock trio Daughters of the Sun, based in Minneapolis formally but only brought together to make music rarely. 'Ride to Die' proves that the band have gotten exponentially heavier and more ridiculous with every release, this time employing overwhelming percussion and ominous synth...view item »

Group Rhoda
12th House

Group Rhoda’s last full-length ‘Out of Time - Out Of Touch’ was a genuinely intriguing bit of minimal synthpop, and now Mara Barenbaum (as she’s known to her mum) has come up with another album of slinky skeletal pop nuggets for our enjoyment. Her sound is a stripped back one which falls somewhere between ...view item »

White Poppy
White Poppy

Not Not Fun have slowed down their intensive release schedule to just a handful of records a year now which I think is a good thing on the whole as there’s just too many records released these days. It also means you can put more energy into individual releases which is undeniably a good thing. W...view item »


Given the rise in popularity of horror soundtracks over the past year or two, artists like Umberto suddenly find themselves transformed from retro fetishists to hypermodern visionaries, versed in the mysterious language of the synthesizer.This record I’m listening to now was supposed to be out last Halloween at the same time as...view item »

Holy Balm
It's You

Don’t know a huge amount about Holy Balm other than they are a trio from Sydney, Australia. Musically they’re on a ultra-hip minimalist dance pop tip with ragged rhythms and primitive synth work making up the foundation of the trio’s output. Kinda brings to mind a lo-fi v...view item »

Videotape EP

The great Not Not Fun have this 12” (which the lovely people at the distributor strangely sold to us as an LP) from Profligate, which as I gather from the press release is the new stage name of Noah Anthony, who has previously recor...view item »

Moon Pool & Dead Band
Human Fly

Dave Shettler (The Sights) and Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young return with a second outing under the Moonpool and Dead Band moniker to delivery three new crusty electronic party jams for Not Not ...view item »

Mother Rhythm Earth Memory

Iowa has some great things going for it. Many a Iowan(?) has left his or her mark on culture in one way or another, such as Grant Wood (the artist who painted American Gothic) and Laura Leighton (actress in Melrose Place) to name but two. It also has some absoloute zingers when it comes ...view item »

Maria Minerva
Cabaret Cixous

This young Estonian/Amazonian lady (currently residing in London) has had a cassette out on NNF and also a 12". Business Lady and I are just discussing how the bassline on opener 'These Days' recalls Adamski's all-time classic 'Killer'. That's where the sim...view item »


Following two albums and a split 7" of classic horror movie score homages, Matt Hill is back on Not Not Fun and switches up his style for a 7" of four tracks featuring his unique take on the relatively untrawled terrain that is the cop movie soundtrack. To begin, you simply cannot hold back a huge grin when you glance at the sleeve with its comi...view item »

Weyes Blood
The Outside Room

Despite the somewhat ridiculous name, this is actually the work of a solitary lady, best known as Natalie Wiseblood from Jackie-O Motherfucker. It's a collection of downbeat torch songs predominantly backed by organ or guitar and drums, but with some mysterious clanks and screeches going on in the background too. She has quite a low voice and a ...view item »

Les Halles

Les Halles is the project of self-described ‘excoticist’ Baptiste Martin, who works to transport himself and the listener to far-off orientalist realms that may never have existed. Transient uses recordings of South American flutes as the backbone of these 8 tracks, looping, echoing and trea...view item »


Matt Hill, aka Umberto, is a man deeply in love with the giallo sound, his every musical move ready to soundtrack some 80’s slasher horror flick (he did produce a live score for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so he knows what he ...view item »

Dylan Ettinger
Lifetime Of Romance

Everyone seemed to go nuts for Dylan Ettinger's 'New age Outlaws: Directors Cut' LP, so much so that, at the time, I assumed it was a classic reissue of some sort before discovering it - properly - for myself. Well 2010's masterpiece sees a justified follow-up in 2012 with 'Lifetime Of Ro...view item »

Temple Room

Upon handing this 12” to me this morning, Phil said “Do this one first. It’s that good Umberto song from the good Umberto album. You know, the opening track.” As it turns out it’s ‘Temple Room’ from ‘Prophecy of the Black Widow’, or a reinvention of that track which Matt Hill was forced to ma...view item »

Holy Strays

This new 7" on Not Not Fun is a solo effort from Frenchman Sebastien Forrester, who builds fragile little tunes on synth and vocals. It's billed as experimental pop but the primary influence from where I'm sitting seems to be '80s goth...not that this is a bad thing, that's just what I'm hearing. Gothy minimal wave stuff. That said, though, ...view item »

Reconsider Lounge

This is a lot. Rangers are playing with about five different types of guitar fire on 'Reconsider Lounge', which is actually kind of an inadvertently excellent title for this record: it offers an alternative universe where dreadfully distorted psych rock and fuming garage rock could serve as elevator music and smooth waiting room jazz. It's filth...view item »

Antoni Maiovvi

Recorded in Madrid via Berlin -- and Norwich -- Avrokosm moves Antoni Maiovvi away from the dancefloor and into outer space. Following on from The Hook and Pull Gang collaboration with Umberto, Maiovvi has more than proven his worth as a creator of pulsating atmosphere. Out on vinyl 12” from Not Not Fun....view item »

Mind Holding Pattern

Cuticle's techno is sliced into as many pieces as is humanely possible, creating tunes that metamorphose over their course, stuttering in and out with flourishes of silence and ambient haze. 'Mind Holding Pattern' has hints of a dated krautrock aesthetic as well as signs of Jason Urick's influence, while retaining a propulsive rhythm you'd only ...view item »


Not Not Fun delve further into new-age weird-loner America with this evocative LP from Swanox. Duskrunner marks the first vinyl transmission for Anthony Orion, and contains more heady, heavy, abstracted vibes. Only 299 copies pressed of this blissful Californian detritus exist. Sounds like ...view item »

Finding The Floor

It's protocol to call it "industrial-strength" when you're talking about industrial work these days, but Noah Anthony makes crackly sounds that sound wonderfully fractured, as if he'd hunted down scraps and pieced them together the best he could. 'Finding The Floor' takes cues from pulsating genres with serious micro-aggressive tactics, from tec...view item »

Phase 3

Vibrations from distant galaxies, transformed into earthly sounds by Skeppet. Phase 3 is the debut full length from the Swedes. Full of cosmic synthesisers, stratospheric harmonies and all sorts of lasers, guitars and other stuff. It's all very open and reassuring, one to certainly float you out of y...view item »

Maria Minerva

Am I missing the point if I say that the vocals on opener ‘The Beginning’ are waaay out of key with the track? Its sounds like a young lass singing along to a backing track in some kind of ‘get the kids off the streets’ youth programme. Get the lady a copy of melodyne before my ears explode. On the second track th...view item »

World Arena

Bronze impressed us a lot when they released 2011's 'Copper' LP but nobody else seemed to be paying much attention so they're back at you with another one, 'World Arena'. I'm going to review it as if I didn't already know what they sound like since nobody bought that last one. This lot have a clever and woozy aesthetic which pairs repeti...view item »


I've not encountered Afterhours before but I'm immediately enjoying this mini-LP on the ever-reliable Not Not Fun. This guy conjures up a distinct style of trip-hop with the woozy nocturnal Los Angelisms of FlyLo amid a post-dubby spaciousness that brings to mind both Sun Araw and ...view item »

Sapphire Slows

After the triumph of debut EP ‘True Breath’ and a split with Magic Touch on 100% Silk it’s a pleasure to see Sapphire Slows back so soon with a full length LP on the ever dependable Not Not Fun records. This Tokyo based bedroom producer’s debut ‘Allegoria’ is a genuine treat successfully expanding on previous ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Fever Logic

Brian Pyle is back this week with the latest installment from his ever-changing Ensemble Economiquealias. The last thing we got from him was a split with Heroin In Tahiti which knocked my block off with its murky tropical chills, and now he’s got another LP on Not Not ...view item »

High Wolf
Kairos: Chronos

Your favourite French hippie globetrotter High Wolf returns this week (well last week, but this turned up late on Friday so he’s only getting a review now) with another LP on Not Not Fun, ‘Kairos: Chronos’, which sees him distil his laid back post-du...view item »

Golden Donna
Golden Donna

Punny name alert but don’t worry, the music on this sublime disc of wax is no joke - this is one of the best things NNF have put their name to in the last couple of years. A five track LP is this and from the kick off you’re i...view item »

Rites Wild
Ways Of Being

The final review before Christmas and we’ve just had our resident comedy customer in store. After forcing Mike to feed him a crisp [This actually happened! - Mike] he went on to announce that he’d have the taste of that lovely thing in his mouth all day. I’m sure I’ve h...view item »

Samantha Glass
Mysteries From The Palamino Skyliner

Samantha Glass is in fact the pseudonym of Beau Devereaux (which seems like a pretty cool stage name in its own right if you ask me), who makes soft synthetic bedroom psychedelia with a drifty kraut edge and some upbeat almost housey touches with occasional muffled and reverb...view item »

Maria Minerva
Will Happiness Find Me?

I really like Ms. Minerva gear, her last EP was a tremendous record in my eyes. Just checking what direction she's going in here as she's a bit of a chameleon within her loose framework of R'n'B-flecked dreampop and ethereal astral house...view item »


If I’m honest I couldn’t tell you a thing about Afterhours as I’m totally unfamiliar with them. The press release says they’re from LA and flirt with the idea of an infinite nightlife filled with ‘gho...view item »

Ether Island
Season Of Risk

I’ve been beggin’ and pleadin’ and wishin’ and hopin’ for a record for a record to call my own and just like last week it turns up at the very last minute. Here is a duo from New Mexico whose sound is as foggy and  murky as a wet November morning on the ...view item »

Russian Tsarlag
Midnight At Mary's House

NNF regular Carlos Gonzalez (no...not the Venezuelan-born baseball star) a.k.a Russian Tsarcasm a.k.a Russian Tsarlag drops a proper full length record for the label that showcases his bog-swamp lo-fi surf-dirge to the max. ...view item »

Peaking Lights

Dear Mister Record Purchasing Addiction Counselor, I've been doing great recently and not been blowing all of my wages on records... But this new plate came up and I need it so much in my life you wouldn't believe > You need it too. I played this record five times already on promo, it is more addictive than c...view item »

Prince Rama
Utopia = No Person

I really enjoyed these girls' previous albums on Paw Tracks and they were great when I saw them live a while back so I'm intrigued to get my ears around this newie on the ever reliable Not Not Fun. To start with, all the pictures on the sleeve are totally bold and wacky and I think it loo...view item »


This is the debut outing from Rangers associate Peter Berends A.K.A Kwjaz and features two side long tracks on one tasty looking 12". Not an easy one to pin down without at least whispering the name James Ferraro, this debut is full on cosmic mix tape madness. Opener 'Once In Babylo...view item »

Xander Harris
Urban Gothic

Xander Harris a.k.a Justin Sweatt crafts decaying 80s gore synth progressions using classic analogue synths and drum machines. The result is a celebration of the VHS age of American & European horror. Much like the recent Umberto tributes to various golden ages of soundtrack music, Sweatt pays respectful homage to his heroes whilst not stray...view item »

Cruise Family
We're In Heaven

This is the debut release from abstract dance merchants Cruise Family. Cruise Family peddle a space age style version of dance music. It has synthwave elements and you could call it electro as it has elements that are...electronic. It sounds like dance music beamed in from the outer reac...view item »

Pacific Drift

I've not been totally sure about the rockier direction these lads have been taking recently but this one's doing it for me with it's super dark and ritualistic, Sylvester Anfang-y lead track that's all crunching, distorted bass, buried melody and high priest wailing. The first track on the B-side sounds something like the way I imagined Black Re...view item »

Too Down To Die

They're back! Not Not Fun co-impresario Britt Brown's Robedoor project continues its unstoppable upwards progress with yet another superb platter of psychedelic throb and drone gumbo. These guys create amazing tone structures, bridging the gap between cosmic psychedelia and the churning doom sludge of ...view item »

Pan Am Stories

Rangers is Joe Knight...or should that be Joe Knight is Rangers? Who knows or dares to dream? Following on from his last album “Suburban Tours”, Rangers still dabble in floaty, almost freeform guitar pop, but this time Rangers seem to be preoccupied with direction and travel, rathe...view item »

Sapphire Slows
True Breath

Sapphire Slows is a girl from Tokyo. I bet Sapphire Slows isn't even her real name, but then I thought that about Lady Gaga too so what do I know? This EP on the consistently wonderful Not Not Fun contains five longish tracks of her dreamy shoegaze-meets-Italo stylings. Thoughtful laid-bac...view item »

Family Underground/ Quintana Roo

A 7" has just arrived on the ever crazy Not Not Fun Label. This is a split from FAMILY UNDERGROUND and QUINTANA ROD. The Family Undergound track 'Vengeance Valley' is a brooding nightmarish soundscape. A real bad trip. 'Horses Neck' is just as evil sounding. Not unlike Wolf Eyes in their more restrained horro...view item »

High Wolf

This chap is a French geezer. Yes, you can be a chap, a geezer & French all at the same time. I'm sure the esteemed Serge Gainsbourg had no problem flicking his cigarette ash into all three of those pigeon-holes. After collaborations with Astral Social Club under the Iibiis Rouge moniker have bolstered the High Wolf reputation, this deeply a...view item »

Sex Worker
Waving Goodbye

This is sounding like somewhat of a departure from my recollections of Daniel Martin-McCormick's last record for Not Not Fun. Damaged lo-fi loner crooner ballads are the order of the day with the man sounding totally on the edge at various points and at other times kinda playful. Especially worth noting is the echo'd up cover of 'Rhythm Of The N...view item »


After a spat of excellent tape and CD releases and just a little bit of interhype we finally get a full length record from Matt Mondanile's Ducktails and it's a total winner!! And Ducktails, props on the name fo'sure!! Nine tracks of distinguished lo-fi surf folk/space pop cover as much ground as is possible on this 's/t' debut. It' begins with a l...view item »

Prophecy of the Black Widow

Bloody hell! This sounds utterly amazing! Within minutes all I can think of is the finest elements of Goblin & Zombi rolled into an evocative driving, behemoth of an album! You know, the real striding prog-horror deal. I can take or leave a lot of this stuff to be honest - taken out of the context of a quality 70's/80's shocker, this de...view item »

LA Vampires ft. Ital

This is a damn good 12". I didn't really hear the last Ital record but I heard Business Lady talking it up a tad. LA Vampires previous collaboration (with Matrix Metals) was amazing though so I'm eager to get my sweaty shell-likes around this. The overall feel I'm getting is not that dissimilar from the aforementioned LP. Streetwise' has a ...view item »

Jonas Reinhardt
Music For The Tactile Dome

I seem to recall somewhere in my frazzled mind reviewing a JR record and thinking it was by an artist called Jonas Reinhardt which seems fairly logical. However further reading reveals it is the alter ego of core member Jesse Reiner, here teamed up with drummer Damon Palermo and Phil Manley. Like with a zillion r...view item »

Dylan Ettinger
Lion of Judah

Mister Ettinger busts out his Moog and his Alesis for his second 7" on Not Not Fun which follows his excellent New Age Outlaws LP on the label. As the title suggests things are in an ultra stoned sounding mode on the A-side with bleak cinematic futurist vibes hitting me, over slow, drawling detached vocals. Absolute beauty of a synth on this one...view item »

LA Vampires ft. Matrix Metals
So Unreal

I proper likes this LA Vampires stuff. With the current U.S. underground climate being steadily infused with sparkling clouds of drugged, sludgy tropical pop & woozy, submerged grooves, this is Manda Beth Brown's time to shine. In a smacked-out wobbly way of course. The rhythms on this superb sounding collaboration with Matrix Metals are so ...view item »

Wet Hair
Radiant Lines

Impressive lo-fi psych weirdness from Not Not Fun. The first side's a proper fuzzy freakout with lots of organ and the man is really shouty. The second side's a more reserved affair with more of a '90s slacker feel to it and serious late night nodding along potential. It makes me want to sit in the park with a bottle of red wine. Plus it comes p...view item »

Sun Araw
Heavy Deeds

Now I know everybody liked that Beach Head album but the Sun Araw record that did it for me was 'The Phynx'. Thought that was well Captain Marvelous. That Cameron dude has a new vinyl 12" record out called 'Heavy Deeds', it begins with some wonky DIY tropical swamp blues like Spiritualized & Alan Vega peyoted off their face in a humid bog. T...view item »

Sex Worker
The Labor Of Love

This is news to me but Daniel McCormick, guitarist in Black Eyes and Mi Ami has a slow record out this week under the pseudonym Sex Worker. The album 'The Labor of Love', dedicated to 'all trafficked humans and enslaved bodies', is a strange and potentially mighty beast. The first side is made up of one lengthy track entitled 'PTSD' which begins li...view item »

Ducktails/ Rangers

This is a review to encompass all of the Bored Fortress 2010 singles club set: Something quite special here which has made me go all gooey just handling the things. When the Not Not Fun singles club comes around I'm a happy man and this year is no exception. The deal here is that you can either score any of the singles individually or...view item »

Ensemble Economique

This is some chap from Starving Weirdo's or to be more precise his name is Brian Pyle. I like the sleeve to this one. Looks like the kind of thing you'd see on Finders Keepers I reckon. Very Italian horror film and kidna eerie. I'm enjoying this one and it's only been on for a few minutes. Unsurprisingly it's cinematic sounding and the cove...view item »

Psychic Reality
Vibrant New Age

Or Psychic Real-ale-ity as the current vogue would have it. Ant said he thought this sounded a bit ropey from the bits that he'd heard but I'm proper liking it. The first tune sounds kinda like The Knife playing a slowed-down version of 'Good Life' in the tropics. How could that possibly be a bad thing? As with the fantastic Peaking Lights LP th...view item »

Dolphins Into The Future
... On Sea Faring Isolation

Heyyy, it's time for more ambient-y kosmiche sounding synth stuff, this time from hippyish Belgian mister Dolphins Into the Future. I'm loving the fact that all this stuff is totally fashionable these days although I'm sure I'll probably reach saturation point with it before too long, somewhere around the time an average Klaus Schulze LP starts fet...view item »

Daughters of the Sun
Ghost With Chains

Speaking of Not Not Fun, here come those pesky kids now with yet another sweet outing. Where do they get the cash to put out all this stuff? Who knows. Anyway, this one's the debut outing for Daughters Of The Sun a Minneapolis based outfit that combo up kraut grooves with kosmische synths and all out psychedelic rock guitar. The result is a dron...view item »

Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern are total heads. yeah dude. Everyone at the moment seems to be going through some mad druggy Woodstock revival. I don't quite know what to do about it all..... I mean, this album is called Platoon, has a picture that could be an aerial view of Saigon on the sleeve & the opening choon consists of big massive acid-y wah-wah licks...view item »

Outer Limits Recordings
Foxy Baby

Surely this can only be the work of the ultra mysterious Sam Meringue (Matrix Metals, Flashback Repository, Explorers) etc. I believe at one point this guy was actually suspected to be James Ferraro which isn't difficult to believe as their work has very similar qualities. Anyway this is apparently an "esoteric glam-damaged concept record about ...view item »

Gnod/ Robedoor

This is a review to encompass all of the Bored Fortress 2010 singles club set: Something quite special here which has made me go all gooey just handling the things. When the Not Not Fun singles club comes around I'm a happy man and this year is no exception. The deal here is that you can either score any of the singles individuall...view item »

Bored Fortress Singles club 2010

Something quite special here which has made me go all gooey just handling the things. When the Not Not Fun singles club comes around I'm a happy man and this year is no exception. The deal here is that you can either score any of the singles individually or grab the full set and save yourself a couple of quid. The artwork on this set is awesome ...view item »

These Songs Are Ghosts- Hungry Doors

Records like Mudboy's 'These Songs Are Not Ghosts' reward you for sticking with the vinyl format. The sleeve is as gorgeous as any record I've seen. It's a complex laser die cut job with a printed inner that sits beneath. Ace metallic print and blood red vinyl. Fantastic. The sounds are brooding. ritual style magic drones and off the...view item »

Ex Cocaine/ Yellow Swans

Yellow Swans are most famous for being friends with Ant on his myspace page and making various styles of fuzzy, malevolent noise. On this split LP with Ex(ocaine, they offer up the sound of a tramp's head mangled on special brew in a subway before some acid cadet lands nearby and starts busking with some hollow, trashed stratocaster whilst tripping...view item »

Cloudland Canyon/ Mythical Beast

I always await a new Not Not Fun Release with open arms and this week we have a split 12" or LP (I cant decide) from Cloudland Canyon and Mythical Beast. Initially I played the Cloudland Canyon side on the wrong speed and thought it sounded brilliant, really druggy and fucked sounding. On the correct speed (45rpm) it's equally as entertaining....view item »

I Turn Into You

Scorces are a far more ambient proposition, yet no less creepy. 'I Turn Into You' is the kinda music you'd expect from some lo-fi psychological horror about heroin addicts turning into baby horses and eating babies. Well maybe not, that's just my kerayzee imagination running riot. So yeah, this is well Eraserhead this music, hardly -there wonky, wo...view item »

Topaz Rags
Crown Center

Man this is a dark brooding eerie piece of music. Some female vocals moaning in the background... some grumbling bass.... the drums are clearly being caressed by someone who is possessed.... lo fi distorted guitars.... slowly slowly this builds up into a brooding filth pit of squalor. It's what I expected Pocahaunted to sound like before I actua...view item »

Dylan Ettinger
New Age Outlaws: The Director's Cut

I'm digging the sleeve art on this one, excellent future retro paintings by Dan McPaharlin. Originally this was issued on cassette but has been reworked and given a new master for vinyl and it's sounding super sweet. Not Not Fun describe this as "new age sci-fi ambient drift jazz vision" which is totally on the money and saves my lazy ass conjur...view item »

LA Vampires / Zola Jesus

.....and they embarked on a one way mission into the darkest corners of the soul..and they concocted an album that sounds bleak, but blissed out, unerving but strangely uplifting. Aliteration aside, this slab of deep frequencies and otherworldly noises is a black hearted tour de force that combines the talents of Manda Beth Brown (LA Vampires) a...view item »

Inca Ore
Silver Sea Surfer School

More Not Not Fun records are heading your way....this time we got 'Silver Sea Surfer School' from Inca Ore. Representing with some seriously spacious ambient moves. Inca Ore (Oakland, California's Eva Saelens) is lo-fi at the most extreme. Feedback punctuates every corner of 'Sliver Sea...' and makes for a slightly unnerving yet commonly rewarding ...view item »

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