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Marquis Hawkes

Through releases from the likes of Denis Sulta and Posthuman, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams have only ever done one thing, and they’ve done it very well. A DABJ release always consists of some sexy, sweaty, hard-as-owt techno or house. The trend continues as Marquis Hawkes re...view item »

Big Miz
Build / Destroy

Big Miz dropped three EPs that caused a stir in the electronic music world. Now, inspired by the destruction of buildings in his hometown of Glasgow, Big Miz unleashes his debut album Build/Destroy via Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. A collection of alien funk grooves created with modified samples and live instrumen...view item »

Posthuman feat. Josh Caffe
Preach / Temptation

To celebrate their fifth year in production Dixon Avenue Basement Jams have offered up some of their rawest cuts yet. I Love Acid hell-raiser Posthuman burns through three rave workouts in quick succession. While the two Josh Caffe collaborations fuse the singer’s sil...view item »

DABJ Allstars Vol. 2

The Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label showcase some of their roster on DABJ Allstars Vol. 2. Dennis Sulta, Fear-E and CT Trax all contribute rough ‘n ready underground house, with plenty of sultry cut-up vocals, mechanical percussion and powerful bass. These are raw tunes d...view item »

MAP Vs DJ Haus
X-Mod EP

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams celebrate their twenty-fifth release in fine style with a collaborative effort by Mak & Pasteman (aka MAP) and DJ Haus! The X-Mod EP contains three of the finest heavyweight boomers you’ll hear this year, rich with acidic synths, vintage drum machine...view item »

Enter The Sponk

Kalla is a new producer from Ireland, but his sound fits right into the hard-jackin’ dirty sound of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Enter The Sponk has four powerful tracks, each of which focus on those firm and funky low-end rhythm kicks that’ll override your mind. Edition of 300 12”s, each one hand-stamp...view item »

Santini's Ghost

Four tunes of grotty underground house and acid from Fear-E on the ever-reliable Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label. The Santini’s Ghost EP has a raw, improvised feel, but never loses sight of heavy bass and distorted drum machines. There’s even a little bit ...view item »

Big Miz
The Bomb

Glaswegian producer Big Miz drops four new cuts into the mix via the beautifully named Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. The Bomb has deep-plunging basslines and all the vintage drum machine clatter you could ask for. Sheer, high-efficiency dancefloor weaponry. This EP is pressed to extra-fetching pink-coloured vinyl too!...view item »

Denis Sulta
Sulta Selects Vol. 1 [The Remaster]

True dancefloor power comes from Scotland's Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label. Here they offer up some homegrown goodness from Denis Sulta, who adds to the label's penchant for all things raw with 'Sulta Selects Vol. 1', with some gritty sounds and claustrophobic production and brief touches of the soulful. ...view item »

DABJ Allstars Vol. 3

The word ‘Allstars’ holds such fun and promise: I’m pleased to report that this 12” of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Allstars doesn’t let down on that promise. The stars in question are O.D.D., Casio Royale and Modini (the latter presenting the incredibly-titled &lsquo...view item »

Jared Wilson
Communing With Ghosts EP

With a steady release of EPs on Lux, Blank Artists, 7777, and Super Rhythm Trax Jahred Wilson’s deep acid jams will melt your brain as well as your heart. And if the completely nonsensical press release is anything to go by, I think that’s exactly the effect he is aiming for. 303 lover? Get on this!...view item »

Casio Royale
In Basements Vol. 2

Casio Royale takes another trip down to Dixon Avenue Basement, where it sounds like a killer party is going down. Gorgeously squelchy acid synths and thick, thick bass ensure that a good time is had by all (apart from maybe Tories: take a look at the B2 track title…). In Basements Vol. 2 is out on Dixon Avenue Ba...view item »

Casio Royale
In Basements Vol. 1

Casio Royale (very strong pun-work) produces an excellent contribution to the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label roster. As the label name suggests, these are no-nonsense tunes, thrown out on the fly to whip tight-packed crowds into ecstasy. In Basements Vol. 1’s four tracks each tear energy out of their analogue ge...view item »

Big Miz
Midnight Man Handle

Four new rolling bangers from Glaswegian practitioner Big Miz. Miz is one of the founding members of the highly respected Offbeat club night, and Midnight Man Handle showcases the kind of quality attendees might reasonably expect. Carefully nuanced techno house, released on the Dixon Avenue Basement Jam...view item »

Tart EP

Modini return with another EP on the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams Inc. label. Tart is the follow-up to last year’s Turk EP. The bass on this will shake your innards more than its predecessor did. Perfect if you’re planning on hiring out a warehouse for a massive party soon. This won't be around for lo...view item »

Denis Sulta
L.A Ruffgarden EP

This guy… Whenever you’re having a chill rooftop party with all your buddies, Denis Sulta comes by with his thick summer nighttime house and turns your friendly gathering into an ecstatic dance party. The two a-sides of the L.A. Ruffgarden EP lean towards the dancing side of things, whereas the b-side ...view item »

TX Connect
Trixxter EP

Getting dangerously loose with TX Connect. Trixxter EP is the new release from the mysterious Texan. This synth-centric record will frazzle all yer brains with the squelchy groove of "Trixxer" before spooking you into dancing with the unearthly "Intramountains", and finishing with a journey...view item »

TX Connect / CT Trax
DABJ Allstars Vol. 1

A side each from CT Trax and TX Connect, DABJ Allstars Vol. 1 continues the good work of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Opening with a hearty 303 workout, with rough synths and house-y chords, it’s a nostalgic opening. The flip side delivers driving rhythm and a slice of distinctive Detroit qual...view item »


The Dixon Avenue Basements Jams star ascends to the heavens and beyond with a cold crushin killer from Modini. These are BONAFIDE summer jams, just in time for the lick of heat we're having and perfect for slamming on whilst you scrape the melted tarmac off the road with a twig and guzzle bombastically coloured fizzy drinks. Or alternatively, if...view item »


Modini brings four better-late-than-never summer tracks on 'Turk', a new release for The Dixon Avenue Basements Jams imprint. Modini's electronic and funk affectations come out fully formed on this EP, his house chops about for all to see: it's a record with propulsive rythms and good vibes, made for dancing and partying ...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Feed The Beast

This is a real treat for followers of Marquis Hawkes and indeed the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label, marking their tenth release with the fourth 12” for the imprint from Marquis Hawkes and to celebrate with the initial pressing they’ve included...view item »

New Beats

VerNoN returns with his third release for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. New Beats is essentially four tracks of thumping beats to throw on just after midnight. Rich synth arpeggios, chunky kicks and hearty claps are the order of the night. Jam-packed with grooves as ever. Out on 12” transparent blue vinyl from Dixon...view item »

Marquis Hawkes
Sex, Drugs & House

Fun and funky house from the unknown Marquis Hawkes. As serious as its title, Sex, Drugs & House is aimed squarely at the dancefloor spitting out repetitive samples and 4/4 kicks like nobody’s business. Be warned - it’s chock full of cowbells. Best wait until the early hours. Out on vinyl 12” from ...view item »

Jared Wilson
Unknown Desires

Teeth-grinding acid house artist Jared Wilson goes raw, and Unknown Desires continues to go down the rabbit hole with tunes that climax as if they're descending further down a stairwell to hell. This is fiery hardware split into two behemoth tracks: "Why Trust" takes up the A-side and "Unknown Desires" ta...view item »