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Fleck E.S.C
Discrete Opinion

Sometimes it feels like once you’ve heard one Central Processing Unit release, you’ve heard them all. All those bleeps and bloops can jade one a little. However, something seems to be different with this latest drop from Fleck E.S.C. We can’t quite put our finger on it - maybe it’s the lo...view item »


Berlin-based Kevin McHugh, aka Ambivalent, joins forces with CPU under his latest alter ego, LA-4A. His newest, 'Slackline', is a four-track EP comprising uncompromising, unrelenting techno, seasoned with interwoven break beats, refined sampling and a veritable onslaught of dance-floor-ready bangers....view item »

Silicon Scally

Do the people at Sheffield Central Processing Unit ever sleep? The label with arguably the most relentless work-rate in the clubsphere drop yet another EP of good-time throwbacks, in this case from the stable of Carl Finlow’s Silicon Scally alias. Finlow’s decades of experience - he ...view item »

96 Back
Provisional Electronics

Given that they seem to release at least one new record every single week, it’s quite surprising to find out that Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit have never previously dropped anything by a Steel City artist. That honour goes to Evan Majumdar-...view item »

Secret State
Zero Zero One

The bloops and bleeps and synths don't stop. Here is the latest release on the always consistent CPU records and the mysterious Secret State makes repetitive and harsh bleep music that you may want to find in a dank underground club. Some warmth appears in the form of soft synths and electro funk grooves so it's not all bang ban...view item »


Maelstrom brings us up to date with current acid electronica, dishing out all our favourite squelches drenched in sci-fi space pads, skittering beats and arpeggios. At times contemplative, at other times approaching a frenzy, and often both extremes at once, this album is a constantly moving orgy of machine song....view item »

Co Intel Pro

Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit continue on their quest to be the label to drop the most amount of acid house records ever with this latest release from S>>D. Well, actually Co Intel Pro isn’t pure acid through and through, though it does contain a liberal dose of 808s and 303s. Wh...view item »

C P Smith
DJ Tools Vol​.​1 - 808 Tracks

With CPU standing proud as one of the most reliable outposts for proper, no-messing electro business, it’s time for the boss man CP Smith to step up with some robo-grooves of his own. There’s no mystery behind a release title DJ Tools Vol. 1 – 808 Tracks and why should there be? This package does just ...view item »

Neil Landstrumm
A Death, a Mexican and a Mormon

Heroic figures of bleep techno don't come as frequently as acid pioneers or techno luminaries, but this doesn't dent the worth of Neil Landstrumm. He continues his legacy with a four track 12" EP on CPU, arching back to the roots of the genre in a drum machine, circuit riff storm of a release for floor and brain dancers everywhe...view item »


After basically only just releasing his debut album Sagittarius Andy Brown AKA AB2088 returns to Sheffield Central Processing Unit with some follow up trea...view item »

Jensen Interceptor
Carter's Green Factory

Jensen Interceptor wollops us with an electro hurricane in the form of Carter's Green Factory. Out on CPU, Carter's Green Factory is a three track barrage of electro squelches and beeps ...view item »


It’s 5 years of the electronic label, CPU. To celebrate they are releasing some classic bleep techno. Move was recorded in Sheffield in 1990 by Detromental ...view item »


As part of their 5th anniversary celebrations, the Sheffield based Central Processing Unit label bring their first foray into remixes with this double 12” compilation. Bringing a wide selection from their back catalogue remixed by their own roster. Including mixes from B12...view item »

Pip Williams
Outer Limits

Phil Ventre makes up one third of London Modular Alliance alongside Koova and Yes Effect, and works under his solo alias Pip Williams. None of that cheating using a computer here (pfff), self professed to being “devoted to electro” expect nothing but...view item »

Fuel Cells

Tight electro-funk with an aesthetic so detached and machine-derived, the producer is simply known as 214. Fuel Cells is a well-chosen title: these 4 tracks are like energy injections to be applied to dancefloors where necessary to keep the party moving. Totally functional music, but in a really good and funky way. 12&r...view item »

Alek Stark
Blueshifted People

Analogue electro freakouts aplenty from Alek Stark. With multiple releases through Fundamental, Transient Force, and Titan’s Halo, Stark has long had his name carved from modular synths and 808 drum machines. No crossover or genre blending here, just pure, nay, the purest electro. Cold and groovy....view item »

Nadia Struiwigh

Shades of early Warp on this debut from this Rotterdam based producer. On 'Lenticular' Nadia Struiwigh heads on a journey towards synthesised soundscapes that produce downtempo electronica that hints at ambient techno and could fit in pretty nicely thank you with Warp's Artificial Intelligence series. ...view item »

Paul Blackford
Light Years

Returning to Sheffield’s Central Processing unit Paul Blackford dons two sides of a 7” with some heavily grooved and spaced out retro-futuristic down tempo electro hip hop. Mouthful? It’s hip hop at a Boards Of Canada pace. Think Nightmares On Wax, only just on synths and playi...view item »

Subtle Variance

This is the latest release from Microlith, aka Rhys Celeste. Sadly it may also be the last, as Rhys recently passed away. The release of Subtle Variance is a worthy tribute to the man by Central Processing Unit, one of the labels who worked most closely with him. This EP contains severa...view item »

White Silence

Ukrainian composer, artist, and designer Andrew Noumen drops an EP and his first full length in the same month on Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit label. Both feet firmly planted in the Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin camps White Silence features one track from the album and three exc...view item »


Here’s a rare thing: a full-length album, presented on CD, from the Central Processing Unit label. Clearly, the funky IDM music that Noumen presented them with just had to be released as a whole suite. Apeiron is a multi-angled beast of a record, with weird and enticing edges sticking out of fundamentally funky el...view item »

Federico Leocata

Something a little different here from CPU, which is always welcome. This time round it’s a guy called Federico Leocata who I haven’t heard before but he’s a self-described audiovisual artist, apparently delving into ‘sound based analysis of the human psyche’. Sh--should we really be listening to this then? Isn&rsqu...view item »

Online Dating

Tiphaine Belin is Tryphéme, a producer with a fresh and lively sound that is as much about the rich melodies as the drum patterns. Plus vocals too! All that means that the tracks on Online Dating present an unusually fun and human version of IDM: perhaps what the genre could have been if fewer se...view item »

DMX Krew
Space Cucumbers

Space Cucumbers sound delicious don’t they? Full of nutritious cosmic goodness. That’s more or less what DMX Krew delivers here on this CPU 12”: a handful of tracks that mix Italo disco and acid techno into a funky electro brew. Heady material really. Released by Central Processing Unit, with the catal...view item »

Daddy Long Legs
Intergalactic Lover

Here is the debut of a new project from Tom Parker of City Guys, in which he indulges his old-school electro-funk passions. Daddy Long Legs has two tunes to show off: the vocal jam Intergalactic Lover and the 80’s electro dancefloor smasher The Club. Both cuts revisit the...view item »

Weightless In The Void

Weightless in the Void is an incredibly accurate title for this 12” vinyl EP from Plant43. The five tracks meander across light and subtle techno, dreamy electro and into a lovely dystopian kosmische that we should be beaming into space to prove our sophistication to alien species. Brought to you by S...view item »

All Abandon All

Another week, another CPU 12. This time, the vinyl’s white, which should be enough to excite most of you, but for the rest, you’ll be wondering whether it’s funky electronic business as usual. Funky e-commerce is partially suspended for this session -- the classic drum machine beats, bubbly analogue sequences and distant sunny ...view item »

Humanoid X

Synth-wash electro from Texas producer Blixaboy, with a heavy Detroit influence. Humanoid X flies along with gorgeous robotic sleekness and melancholy synthetic chords: this is future city music. These four tracks are extracted from Blixaboy’s album, and represent the most dancefloor-primed select...view item »

Vs Endboss

A generously-proportioned set of pulsing synth-acid jams from Megatraveller, who has also been sighted under the names Master Jet The Destroyer and Art Brunell. Over the course of a c90 cassette, Vs Endboss channels the feeling of live-in-the-studio funky creation: it’s irresistib...view item »

Dance With Me

CPU rarely if ever go wrong and this latest release will appeal to all fans of melodic techno. Confusingly you get either a 4 track 12" or an 12 track CD, I know which I'd have. Musically this Maltese artist mines the same rich seam as AFX did on the Analord series. Bleepy, tuneful acidy techno and pure squelshy fun.  ...view item »

Annie Hall
Tenured Positions

Detroit Underground co-boss Annie Hall drops some high-grade electro cuts. Tight digital rhythms whip-crack relentlessly, propelling the dance quite mightily. Tenured Positions is dedicated to some of the amazing female scientists who don’t often get a look...view item »

Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor (now there’s a great name) is the solo pseudonym of Mikey Melas, formerly one half of Light Year. 4 tracks of electro action, including one that samples classic anime Ghost In The Shell, signalling the robot-lyf vibes of these floor-fillers. M is cut in...view item »

Warning Score

Mikron are a production duo who are also a family duo, being two brothers. Warning Score is made up of big bass-wobbly dancefloor tunes with hooks that can’t help but lodge in your head. Although some tracks have an IDM feel, melody is always at the forefront. 4 track 12” or 9 track CD, on Central Processing...view item »

Mirror Comparator

Detroit-influenced electro from Finnish duo Morphology. Mirror Comparator, on vinyl 12” from Central Processing Unit, is a ridiculously funky exercise in sci-fi house and dense techno. The pair clearly borrow their minimal drum machines and evocative synth arpeggios from masters like...view item »

Carbo Flex

Love Central Processing Unit. They can do no wrong. And look at ‘em now, shredding Soundcloud in search of new artists to promote and support, that’s democracy in action right there. Applause please. Carbo Flex (great name btw) a.k.a Greame Evans takes me right back with this amazing three track 12” debut for CPU. Epic ...view item »

Hello 307

Good solid electro tunes from space (via Detroit). On Hello 307 Microlith jams out catchy numbers using a classic palette of analogue drum machines, cosmic delay and acidic synths. This 12” release on the utilitarian-styled Central Processing Unit label is limited to just 250 copies, so act fast....view item »

Radical User Interfaces

Cygnus drops four new pieces of funky electronics on the Sheffield-based label Central Processing Unit, one of the main outlets for his work so far (this is his fourth for them). Radical User Interfaces sets synths dancing a merry jig around clipped machine-funk rhythms. White vinyl, limited to 300 copies....view item »

Sync 24
Twilight Zones

Ultra-modern electronicisms from Sync 24. Twilight Zones is four weirdo grooves, packed with wonky dance inducing noises. Mr 24 definitely deals in darkness, with these tracks spouting out all sorts of sketchy synths and tripped out lasers to oppose mainstream electro and EDM. It would also be a...view item »

Mrs Jynx
Diving Loop

Central Processing Unit bring us another great 12 inch. Limited to 250, this is a four-track EP from Manchester’s own Mrs Jynx aka Hannah Davidson. First track is a plinky synth groove in the style of ...view item »

Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, only to find a dark figure standing at the foot of your bed, staring you down while playing dark and terrifying 808-fuelled electro? That’s exactly what Sleep Paralysis is. Bringing their British style from Australia, Mikron are a big force for a small name, and t...view item »

This Is Not My Future

Koova is, in this instance, the pseudonym of Gavin Pykerman. His day job is being one third of London Modular Alliance. This Is Not My Future features four tracks of exemplary electro. Side A recalls the genius of Kraftwerk, whilst the flip has production which recalls ...view item »

Automatic Tasty
The Life Parochial

Bouncy Irish-origin funky electronic action here from Automatic Tasty, who lashes his grooves with generous quantities of acid, baby. Lots of attention has been paid to the melodies and the texture here, as well as to the groove. The Life Parochial is pressed to 12” of wax and released by the Central Processing Un...view item »


Norwegian artist DJ VLR, aka Livar Særheim returns to the desk to demonstrate the craftsmanship of mixing as an artform. Including tracks by the likes of MNLTH, DMX Krew, Automatic Tasty, Cygnus, ‘CPU II’ covers nearly 3 years of DJ VLR’S back catalogue mixed into the perfect sampler. The release also includes a bonus tra...view item »

Scape One

Kurt baggaley a.k.a Scape One twinkles his way onto CPU with the heady sci-fi cut Recombination. Rich analogue tones combine with a real sense of space and forward motion to push these works into the stratosphere. From Morodor to John Foxx these are synth journeys that pay respect to history. Out on vinyl 12” from...view item »


You would be mistaken if you thought that Dave Monolith was pandering to the trendies with the vowel-less take on his usual moniker - the binary catalogue numbers on the CPU releases show where his real loyalties lie. Machines over douchebags any day. Machines abound on this one - hazy synths combine with acid bass and processed 808s and...view item »

They Rave Us

Central Processing Unit present a limited (250 copies) 12” from Japan’s Missqulater. The influence of 1990s rave is strong with this one, overpoweringly so, the infamous Juno hoover noise bringing the Vicks flashbacks as well as memories of, um, other substances. Missqulater is so enthusiastically meta, he even sampl...view item »


 Electronic artist Cygnus grace the also quite electronic label CPU with his presence on 'Tesseracter', his first musical release since 2012, when CPU launched with his debut record 'Newmark Phase'. Here, we get tracks that are influenced by all that wonderful nerd shit: there's a science fiction bent to these melodies and Cygnus claims to ...view item »

The Return of the Megatraveller

I'm used to hearing limited 12"s full of acidy fun from the likes of CN and DMX Krew from CPU, but I don't recall having seen a tape from them before. This artist is unfamiliar too - the press release tells me that Megatraveller is a Skegness-based Japanese person and that the recordings on...view item »

DMX Krew
A New Life

Acid legend Ed "DMX Krew" Upton keeps on churning 'em out, and this week we've got a new six-tracker from him that goes out to all the electro purists. 'Crawl Space' opens very strongly with crisp head-nodding beats and a cheeky little 808 bassline along with some bright staccato synth chords and a cute subtle little squelchy squiggle that turns...view item »


Norway’s Stian Gjevik has been wowing everyone of late with his ecstatic neo-acid house alias EOD, and on this new 12” he’s back to another of his alter-egos, CN, to drop four crisp, upbeat modern house cuts which you’ll never tire of. Sadly the track titl...view item »

Paul Blackford
The League of Shadows

Big fan of the Central Processing Unit label. Not massively familiar with all the artists but almost every new release has at least one or two beautiful electro/house/party bangers on there. Favourites worth seeking out are CN, Automatic Tasty, Morphology...view item »


On the mysterious, binary Central Processing Unit imprint, this is a blast of icy electronica from the abyss...or Finland to be more accurate. Immediately the opening tune ‘Intercal‘ is full of the kind of eerie late night soundscapes that you may be used to if you have spent your formative years worshipping the Rephlex and Skam labe...view item »

Automatic Tasty
Sentimentalist's Choice

Ltd to just 250 for the entire universe, this is a really nice EP of heartwarming old school bloopy electronica. Or, I thought it was - then played the other side which is quite different.  So one side is slow-mo textural electronica, the other side more ravey, more acidy and harder edged. Lets call them the ‘warm’ and &...view item »

DMX Krew
Cities In Flight

It’s hard not to think of John Shuttleworth’s ‘Pigeons in Flight’ when looking at the title of this latest installment of DMX Krew’s lifelong attempt to define and redefine electro-funk. It’s a neat little six track 12” full of the usual retro electronics. The sounds are no...view item »

Radiant Flux

Emile Facey used to be a regular on the AI label and here has a debut for the central Processing label. This is pure electro that recalls SCSI, Silicon Scally, Satamile etc. The cold robotic grooves ...view item »

Newmark Phase

Central Processing Unit is a fantastic name for a label. Really wish I’d have thought of that one...not to worry. Let’s get on with it shall we. Cygnus is a Dallas-based producer and though I’ve never heard...view item »

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