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James Place
Living On Superstition

Born from a Manhattan high-rise, Living on Superstition is an album based on the paranoia and disdain that come with living above a big city. James Place, also known as Phil Tortoroli, treating us to more of his introverted techno, somehow clearly produced in surroundings overflowing with decadence....view item »


Berlin duo Driftmachine return to Umor Rex for their fifth LP. Shunter is a heady listen that sits at the nexus of a few genres. Kosmische, electroacoustic music, post-dub techniques, IDM, found sound, avant-garde sound art and more mix together in this hallucinatory collection. The end product recalls ...view item »

M. Geddes Gengras
Hawaiki Tapes

The new LP from Californian synth experimentalist M. Geddes Gengras is a little quieter than his usual fare. Composed at a hotel desk, at night, with minimal means, the ambiences and detours that make up Hawaiki Tapes are soothing things reminiscent of the more tranquil end of Eno, Aphex...view item »

Phantom Horse
Als Ob

German experimental electronic duo Phantom Horse have readjusted their sound for their new album Als Ob. Fans shouldn’t worry too much though, their unconventional minimalist approach à la Moondog and the Cabaret Voltare-influenced electronica still form much of their sound adding a...view item »

Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa + Good Willsmith
Exit Future Heart

I for one am extremely excited about this. Dustin Wong is the guitar knotter and looper known, in addition to his past service in noise rock band Ponytail, for making majestic records out of simple, riffed ideas. The ecstasy of his music will here be paired with noise pranksters Good Wills...view item »

Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics

New year, new UMOR tape batch! Granted it's March by now but let me live. Kohl offers some melodies here while deviating through forms that ambient's lived through and new ones it could take on. Dub techno makes an appearance, but the record maintains warm, textural bliss in every shift it takes....view item »

Byron Westbrook
Confluence Patterns

Umor Rex welcomes experimental ambient electronicist Byron Westbrook to the fold for his third album, following releases with Root Strata and Hands in the Dark. Made with manipulations of tape and electronics, Confluence Patterns is mixed so that sharp contrasts of tone and style occur between the tracks, making continu...view item »


LogarDecay’s second LP sees the Mexico City duo crafting heady electronica in the mould of Boards of Canada and other Ghost Box acts. Cuts like ‘To Be Kind’ feature whirring keyboard drones that flicker with chattering voices, and like other cuts here it later reveals a neat wa...view item »

Colliding Contours

Driftmachine absorb the techno-club vibes of Berlin (it's just in the air if you live there) and filter it through their abstracted sensibility. The 8 tracks of Colliding Contours are so thick and weighty that they feel like tangible physical objects, with dub-grade bass and industrial textures ruling these compositions...view item »


'Illumina' offers up a blend of processed acoustic percussion, drifting keys and loads of ambient textures, paying homage to electronic benchmarks like Global Communication and Biosphere. In referencing the past, Leo Maymind has not forgotten to enlist the present, with contemporary dance rhythms and glitched out drones....view item »


A range of musical and non-musical influences have been poured into this disquieting and hypnotic journey from TüTH, AKA Chicago's Damon Carruesco. Over the course of the tape there's a distinct nod to contemporary electronic styles; it's emotionally sparse, sometimes brutal, and wrapped up in tension....view item »


Umor Rex continue a prolific release period with another cassette of electronic explorations. This time it's a minimal workout for drum machine, synths and samplers. The result is a dynamic and detailed sound world with shades of Selected Ambient Works, electro and electronica influences and primitive era techno....view item »


Mikrovolt opens this synth adventure with a piece of upbeat and shimmering motorik groove full of synth squelches and machine drums. We're taken on a journey through Tangerine Dream, Jarre and Neu! textures, with even some loose links to instrumental synth pop. A dynamic, colourful and bouncy af...view item »

Rafael Anton Irisarri

Pro purveyor of thespian ambient Rafael Anton Irisarri delivers another few tunes for Umor Rex, following best-of-2017 list staple The Shameless Years. Sirimiri is designed to play in a loop, so you’ll find the whole thing on both sides of the cassette. Also featuring guitar by Carl Hultgren and piano by ...view item »

Rafael Anton Irisarri
The Shameless Years

After releases on Miasmah, Immune, and Room40, Rafael Anton Irisarri’s compositions mix drone, dark ambience, washes of noise, highly processed guitars and field recordings. The Shameless Years...view item »

James Place
Voices Bloom

James Place is Phil Tortoroli in re-contextualised kosmische techno mode, and Voices Bloom is a particularly dreamlike example of the project’s sound. The album’s tracks are built out of many many jams, later distilled into the crystalline product you hear before you. Features extensive samp...view item »


Driftmachine are a Berlin-based electronic duo comprised of Andreas Gerth (Tied & Tickled Trio) and Florian Zimmer (Saroos). This, their debut album, offers up seven weighty chunks of immersive, dub inflected, late night electronica. Claiming to have been inspired by Alex Ross’ The Re...view item »


ダメ人間, which translates to ‘useless person’ in English, was apparently recorded live in one single take, with no after-the-fact overdubbing allowed. Mukqs (Max Allison of Good Willsmith) achieved this feat with a four-track and a some loop pedals, pulling all sorts...view item »

Missing Organs
Old Speakers

Missing Organs is the production alias of Tristan Bath, also fondly known for his reviews of out-there tapes. Old Speakers is his Brexit album, built around field recordings and musical fragments recorded across Europe, framed here with sturdy beats. A dark and enveloping listen. Limited edition of 105 ...view item »

Thé Déluge
Forest Structures

Thé Déluge is new music from Vincent Caylet, formerly of Cankun. Forest Structures, the project debut, is an analogue synth journey that dubs night-time vibes over the brightness of Caylet’s previous work. Edition of 105 cassette copies, packed in a ...view item »

Terence Hannum

Terence Hannum (of Locrian) uses his voice as his instrument, multilayering and heavily processing himself into grand compositions that follow in some of the footsteps of Georgian polyphonic vocal music. Hannum considers Impiety as an inversion and a deconsecration of choral music. Edit...view item »


Though this is billed as the Berlin duo’s fourth full-length, Radiations is as much a gathering up of loose ends as it is a collection of new music. ‘Call Mr Morbia’, for instance, was a digital-bonus on their 2014 debut album, and the first side of the vinyl consists of two remixes by Shackleton and ...view item »

Koen Holtkamp
Voice Model

Huge and expansive electro acoustic compositions from Dutch drone man Koen Holtkamp. Well known for his work as one half of Mountains, released on Thrill Jockey,or setting up the Apestaartje collective/record label. Holtkamp’s solo work pushes the organic composition further, with piano, brass, bowls which...view item »

Absolute Delay

The line-connecting name Maar belongs to two electronic folks who make cold, minimalist music that booms out of your speakers and into your refrigerated heart. It could only be Umor rex. ‘Absolute Delay’ brings together Michael Vallera, who’s been about on Opal Tapes before, and Joseph Clayton Mills, known previously for Haptic...view item »

Siavash Amini & Matt Finney
Familial Rot

Siavash Amini is a real keeper. He weaves clear and distorted textures together gently and destructively at one, as was clear from the violin-aided 'What The Wind Whispered to the Trees'. Here, he joins forces with Matt Finney, who supplies vocals for another record that puts Amini's brooding...view item »

Brett Naucke
Executable Dreamtime

Executable Dreamtime is Brett Naucke mapping reoccurring dreams with modular synthesis. Creating a patch per dream. Using Melody generators and sequencers that evolve and play off one another, so that once he sets the patch going it grows and develops itself, but with certain set rules that he has created. These pieces ...view item »

Alexandre Bazin
Full Moon

It's tape time over at Umor Rex! 'Full Moon' is the work of French composer Alexandre Bazin, whose music straddles the classical with the electronic with the crazy thought they could be one in the same -- expect a restrained, minimalist approach to the synthwork on display here, with lowkey movements under a tidy, full...view item »

Good Willsmith
Things Our Bodies Used To Have

As might be clear from their name (and the excellent track titles), Good Willsmith have a sense of humour. But on Things Our Bodies Used to Have they also show their serious side, with an extended suite of dense and hypnotic improvisation. They draw on noise, drone and free improv, blending loose synths, pr...view item »

Felicia Atkinson
Visions/ Voices

Here’s a new 2LP from Umor Rex, whose S ND Y P RL RS LP was a surprise highlight of last year. They’ve been kind enough to send us a handful of copies of the green vinyl edition, too, which has been pressed in an edition of just 150 (which w...view item »

Shapes / Melfi

Shapes (formerly part of Phantom Horse) shares this Split cassette with Oliver Koch’s project Melfi. Both delve into old synthesisers, producing woozy, semi-ambient soundscapes. Umor Rex have produced 110 copies of this cassette tape, which is packaged in silkscre...view item »

M. Geddes Gengras
Two Variations

Keen collaborator (he has worked extensively with Sun Araw) M. Geddes Gengras goes solo for this cassette release on Umor Rex, presenting Two Variations on a particular modular synth patch. The notes give a comprehensive...view item »

SR Hess + RM Zuydervelt

RM Zuydervelt (better known as the mind behind Machinefabrik) has joined forces with SR Hess (of Cleared, Haptic and more) to produce this set of intriguing droney atmospheres. The process behind Re:collecting involved Hess rummaging th...view item »

Phantom Horse
Different Forces

Phantom Horse are hamburg-based minimalist electronic duo Ulf Schutte and Niklas Dommaschk. Different Forces is their second album and takes it cues from electronic pioneers such as Cluster and Harmonia with a touch of Moondog. Polyrhythmic, hypnotic, highly recommended...view item »

Kara Lis Coverdale and LXV

12” vinyl on Umor-Rex, limited to 300 copies. Sirens is the first collaborative LP of Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV. Layered sampling amidst an enveloping and ever growing dronescape that would do Alva Noto proud. Uplifting and evocative soundscapes that would fit nicely alongside ...view item »

James Place
Interpretations of Superstition

James Place’s debut record is called Living In Superstition, but this is not that album. Instead, Interpretations Of Superstition sees Place returning to his own work to perform it afresh, live and direct to tape. These versions are maybe more powerful; rawer than the originals. Released ...view item »

Gultskra Artikler
Destroy Music

Destroy Music isn’t just a fun title: for this tape release, Russian producer Gultskra Artikler takes samples of music he has been listening to and tears them down to shreds. Then he builds the scraps up into new forms, usually rendering the source material unidentifiable. Also notable for the hilarious tracklisti...view item »

M. Geddes Gengras
Collected Works Vol. 2 - New Process Music

For some reason I had a preconceived idea that ‘Collected Works Vol.2’ would be another collection of Moog tracks from M. Geddes Gengras. That was before I knew the title, which gave the game away. ‘New Process Music’ was created on Modular Synthesizer. Yes... Yes... I know every ...view item »

Local Agent

Brad Rose is a busy man: he runs the visionary US label Digitalis and now makes it to his fourth (count 'em) abum, now eagerly clutching plastic techno shapes and experimental dub bricks to his busom in order to sculpt "his most realised work to date". Minimal legend John Tejada has given the album his own brand of sonic dusting. ...view item »

Tank Battalion Attack & Roma Dune
Elegy Of The Machine

Stylishly designed cassette reissue of one of the Umor-Rex label’s first releases, Tank Battalion Attack EP. Nice industrialish atmospheres from Oklahoma. That takes up the A side of the cassette, Side B contains Tank Battalion Attack member Aaron Nigh Herndon’s new solo project Roma Dune. O...view item »

S ND Y P RL RS (Sunday Parlours)

We’ve got a beautiful LP here from the Berlin’s enigmatic S ND Y P RL RS (or Sunday Parlours) and it’s a very curious beast indeed. The dominant textures here are a muddy, spluttering, fuzzed out guitar, ethereal droning organs and very occasional, very minimal beats with bur...view item »

Shareek Hayaat

Oh nice! I’d heard that this was happening so it’s a pleasure to see the finished article plonked in my review pile. Safiyya is the remarkable combination of two of your favourite prolific and mind-bending minimal dark ambient arty types; in the red corner we’ve got Brad Rose aka The North Sea...view item »

Good Willsmith
The Honeymoon Workbook

We do stock a lot of weird shit here at Norman, don't we? This week's review marathon has turned hallucinatory today as wave after wave of the very trippiest sounds our emporium has to offer have been bouncing around my head for the last few hours. I don't pick them that way, it's just how the cookie crumbles. In contention for oddest ba...view item »

Dino Spiluttini & Nils Quak
Modular Anxiety

Synth drone fans will like this one - Nils Quak and Dino Spiluttini take a side each to showcase their modular synth tweaking prowess over ten tracks, all pressed onto a shiny gold slab of vinyl. I’m listening to Spiluttini’s side first, bursting into action with the desolate and slightly industrialised ambience of ‘Anxiety&rsq...view item »

M. Geddes Gengras
Collected Works Vol. 1, The Moog Years

Finally our copies of this absolute heart melting LP have arrived. M. Geddes Gengras has serious underground credentials, playing in LA Vampires, ...view item »