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Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa + Good Willsmith
Exit Future Heart

This is the dream team. Meet them: Dustin Wong made music with the fevered math noise group Ponytail before going on to make more cerebral solo records based around convoluted, narratively driven guitar loops. Good Willsmith are the clowns of noise music, jamming out some of the most intense debauchery I’ve ever heard with their previous U...view item »

Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics

It’s time, readers, for the second of today’s influx of new and novel delights from ‘Hand-numbered-120-copies-on-cassette-only-please’ Umor Rex and as ever, it’s Pro-Dubbed Chrome Plus. (But don’t worry, of course there’s a download card included). This one’s from Kohl, and it’s as warm and f...view item »

Byron Westbrook
Confluence Patterns

Somehow, only a few short months ago in fact, Byron Westbrook’s electro-sonic abstractions (on his LP ‘Body Consonance’) got out in the open and in the process managed to freak out our reviewer Ant’s pet cat. You’ll be relieved to learn we’ve taken precautions this time and these (very lively indeed) sounds --...view item »


If you like it cold you probably like it UMOR, too. In praise of synth workouts, the label readies its latest tape batch, which includes this chrome nightmare flick from LogarDecay. A mix of old-school electronica radiance, robot ghost drone and clinical sound effects, it’s another example of the label’s prime aesthetic of neutral di...view item »

Colliding Contours

This piece of electronic blippery was handed to me by Clint with the words “it’s not very dark”, shortly before Robin walked up to me and said “it sounds very cold”. So now I’m just sitting here trying to work out what in the world is warm but dark instead of reviewing this wonderful beast. In conclusion, peop...view item »


'Illumina' offers up a blend of processed acoustic percussion, drifting keys and loads of ambient textures, paying homage to electronic benchmarks like Global Communication and Biosphere. In referencing the past, Leo Maymind has not forgotten to enlist the present, with contemporary dance rhythms and glitched out drones....view item »


Let’s be honest, the exclamation marks are a little unnecessary, but what really jumped out at me about this one is the mention of “off grid” electronic music. I’m all for a bit of barely-rhythmic bleepy growlery, as it feels a lot more free form and makes less presumptions about what you’re supposed to do with it. ...view item »


Beamed in from the South Western tip of Lake Geneva is this lo-fi tape from machine music purveyor Levels. Apparently that’s all we’re gonna get regarding the musician’s identity. This is the second video game-related tape to be reviewed this week, with each new track representing a new level in an imaginary game. Taking the wh...view item »


The debut synth excursion for Cologne’s repeat conjurer Veit Konig aka Mikrovolt, summoning the classic krautrock sounds of Moebius, Roedelius and the Neu brigade on this lil tape for Umor Rex. I honestly thought that the opening track was gonna be a Penguin Cafe cover (‘Perpetuum Mobile’ ?? Maybe it is and I don’...view item »

Phantom Horse
Als Ob

German experimental electronic duo Phantom Horse have readjusted their sound for their new album Als Ob. Fans shouldn’t worry too much though, their unconventional minimalist approach à la Moondog and the Cabaret Voltare-influenced electronica still form much of their sound adding a...view item »

S ND Y P RL RS (Sunday Parlours)

We’ve got a beautiful LP here from the Berlin’s enigmatic S ND Y P RL RS (or Sunday Parlours) and it’s a very curious beast indeed. The dominant textures here are a muddy, spluttering, fuzzed out guitar, ethereal droning organs and very occasional, very minimal beats with bur...view item »

Shareek Hayaat

Oh nice! I’d heard that this was happening so it’s a pleasure to see the finished article plonked in my review pile. Safiyya is the remarkable combination of two of your favourite prolific and mind-bending minimal dark ambient arty types; in the red corner we’ve got Brad Rose aka The North Sea...view item »

Dino Spiluttini & Nils Quak
Modular Anxiety

Synth drone fans will like this one - Nils Quak and Dino Spiluttini take a side each to showcase their modular synth tweaking prowess over ten tracks, all pressed onto a shiny gold slab of vinyl. I’m listening to Spiluttini’s side first, bursting into action with the desolate and slightly industrialised ambience of ‘Anxiety&rsq...view item »

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