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Aaron Turner & Daniel Menche

Aaron Turner, best known for his role at the core of the much-loved post-metal outfit Isis, here teams up with an even more ferocious sound-maker: Daniel Menche! Together the two have worked up a single thirty-two minute piece, densely laden with field recordings, noise electronics, vocals and guitar. Nox is released by SIGE in an edition of 400 LPs.

Bonds Of Prosperity

Thalassa is, in fact, William Fowler Collins paired with Aaron Turner of Isis and Sumac, working in a dark drone mode. Bonds Of Prosperity feels like it alludes to a wealth of the heavier genres (black metal, sludge metal etc.) without ever actually crunching into a song: it feels like the long eerie calm before a storm. Double LP on SIGE.

Daniel Menche

Careful noise-crafter Daniel Menche presents a particularly hefty set of new works, filling up three CDs. Sleeper taps into the minimalist tradition of Charlemagne Palestine, through of course his essential Menche-ness shines through in the form of harsh tones and rhythms. Made with various instruments, field recordings and electronics and released on SIGE in an edition of 500 3CD sets.

The Deal

Sumac might even be called a supergroup, if people are still using that phrase: the band contains members of ISIS, Russian Circles and Baptists. The Deal is a nice and heavy one, lingering lovingly on thick guitar crunch. This was released on CD already, but this vinyl edition is a deluxe double vinyl set limited to 800 copies only,

Daniel Menche & William Fowler Collins
Split LP

  • Vinyl LP (SIGE028)
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Mesa Ritual
Mesa Ritual

  • Vinyl LP (SIGE026)
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The World Unseen

The new album from Mamiffer is a major work of probing, dark minimal beauty, with a sound pallette expanded with the help of collaborators including Eyvind Kang (the go-to strings man for dark experimental types including Sunn O)))) and Joe Preston of Thrones. Nice duotone printed sleeves for both CD and 2LP editions, on SIGE.

Jessika Kenney

Jessika Kenney is known for having worked with all manner of the avant-garde, but on the evidence of Atria, her debut solo album, she is an even better leader than she is a collaborator. Kenney’s vocals and viola meld with gamelan ensembles for a deeply atmospheric and satisfying whole. Wow. Limited to 300 copies, on SIGE.

Old Man Gloom
The Ape Of God pt. II

With each group contributing members and styles, ISIS, Converge and Cave In become Old Man Gloom. Part two of the new album seems to be more of a deviation from previous work. That means more electronics and more atmospheric textures, although there’s still plenty of really loud riffs, vast, seemingly unending crescendos and Aaron Turner’s agonised vocals. Coloured vinyl LP limited to 2000 worldwide.

Menace Ruine
Venus Armata

Menace Ruine are evil noisemakers from Montreal who bring together all the extreme sounds they can count on their hands: there's black metal in their sound, of course, but also industrial pastiches and eerie Death In June influenced neo-folk. 'Venus Armata' is the band's fifth record, and this time they lean towards an ambient sound.

Old Man Gloom
The Ape Of God pt. I

Combining the talents of ISIS, Converge and Cave In, Old Man Gloom produce the monolithic and high intensity doom/sludge/metalcore hybrid racket you would expect. Releasing one album split into two parts, part one follows previous work much more closely. Although it’s still a daring mixture of extreme harsh noise, D-beat aggro and dense guitar. Coloured vinyl LP limited to 2000 worldwide.

Statu Nascendi

Their second LP following 2011’s Mare Decendrii, Mamiffer bring crepuscular drone to Statu Nascendi. A menacing Throbbing Gristle meets moments of blissed-out vocals which conjure imagery of something enthralling, beautiful and at times dangerous. 700 copies of the LP with a booklet and coloured vinyl.

Mamiffer & Circle
Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)

  • Vinyl Double LP (SIGE020)

Mare Decendrii

Mamiffer is a group led by Faith Coloccia, apparently dedicated to crafting minimal monoliths of experimental metal. Members of bands including Isis, Earth, Circle make up the rest of her ensemble, so plenty of talent included on Mare Decendrii. Coloccia’s instrument is the piano, and it is certainly interesting to hear that instrument taking a leading role in this kind of music. Nice atmospheres.