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Amish Boy
Laika Test Project

We don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Power Vacuum label since its inception in 2012, but if you haven’t then we suggest that you familiarise yourself post-haste. Amish Boy’s Laika Test Project is the twenty-first drop on the label, and like the other twenty it’s a brilliant collection of hardcore club fare. The six tunes here may be a smidge less abrasive than, say, the brain-melting industrialism of Oleka’s Ostentiferous, but Laika Test Project is still a punchy mix of raggacore, techno, grime and rave styles.
  • Vinyl 12" (POWVAC021)
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  • Power Vacuum

Alma Construct

Taking a break from usual home on R&S Records for a release with Power Vacuum, Alma Construct suck up the vibes from some classic ‘90s electro such as B12, A.R.T., Rephlex and the Detroit scene from the period to influence a new EP. Circulator is thinking person’s techno. 12” EP on Power Vacuum.

Sensational & Kruton
You in the Right Spot EP

Sensational & Kruton have 6 whole tracks for keen groovers to enjoy, nice and bass-heavy. The tracklist includes an instrumental version and a demo version. You In The Right Spot is released on the Power Vacuum label, 12” vinyl with a sharp black, white and lime-green colour scheme for the sleeve.
  • Vinyl 12" (POWVAC014)
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Duran Duran Duran

That's THREE Duran's....no..including the title that's four. This has to be at least doubly better than anything Le Bon and co have come up with. Duran Duran Duran is the nom de plume of Philadelphia based producer Ed Plume and here provides more of his thumping and transcendental club music. Perhaps Sir would care for a fifth Duran? 

Drvg Cvltvre

Drvg Cvltrve have taken us all back to 1991 with their latest two-piece release, ‘Bunkerpunch’. The record has a hard-hitting early 90’s club vibe surrounding it, with subtle hints of modernity that push through the old-school electronica. A well produced mix of techno and experimental house that is available on Vinyl 12”.

Mind Mechanixx

EDMX have some real good and gnarly beat trax for you to enjoy on Mind Mechanixx. Heavy, pounding electro-industrial rhythms leave no room for maneuver: you will submit to the distorted 4/4 thuds, like it or not. Flares of acid squeeze in round the sides too, it’s all very nice. 5 track 12” on Power Vacuum.

Various (Beau Wanzer, Pan Daijing, Bleaching Agent, Duran Duran Duran etc.)
Vectors 3

Here’s a compilation from the Power Vacuum label, showing off their strong roster of producer talent. Vectors 3 features exclusive material from artists including Beau Wanzer, Pan Daijing, and the excellently-named Duran Duran Duran. High-quality dark electronics to brood over and shuffle to. Double 12” set.

Scalameriya & VSK

Heavy industrial techno from the duo of Scalameriya & VSK. The first thing these four tracks made me think of was a club remix of the kind of music you’d get for an end-of-video-game boss battle and the subsequent high-pressure fleeing of the exploding base: sounds good eh? On Power Vacuum.
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  • Power Vacuum

Inflatable Hope

12” vinyl EP on Power Vacuum. Ooo cheeky! If you love those little acid freakouts that Squarepusher does every so often, check this out. Sounds like it’s speeding up all the time, and with the press release reading like (I’m actually pretty sure it is) a message that was not meant to be sent to us, the confusion just kept coming.
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  • Power Vacuum

Vectors 2

The 2nd Vectors compilation 12” from the Power Vacuum roster, welcoming five new producers on board. Mighty techno and electro sounds from the likes of Jerome Hill, Vacated, Cylob and Anklepants; not to mention a spoken word(!) track from Cornwallis to round off the disc. This ought to do the trick.


Techno for metalheads. Bintus whips up another storm with the appropriately titled Lightnin. After 2013’s Live* & Locked, Milo Smee continues his unique and frantic trip into acid territory on his own Power Vacuum label. Like a sugar rush in an arcade. Out on vinyl 12” from Power Vacuum.
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  • Power Vacuum


Techno and house experiments from Bristolian mad scientist JoeFarr. These tracks strike a nifty balance between metallic industrial techno and pure dancefloor hype. The harsh factory vibes remind you just how weird big-room club culture can be. It sounds like it’s been nicked from a factory production line, yet you still want to nod your head...
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  • Power Vacuum
  • Label(s):
  • Power Vacuum