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Blue Hawaii
Blooming Summer

Um... hell yes? Of all the things to come out of the chillwave blogosphere of old, 2010's Blooming Summer was the best. Blue Hawaii are the electronic sister band of Braids and together the duo have gone on to make cold, disassociating dance music; on their first record, though, they made distraught, aching tunes the likes of their fleeting genre had never known. Blooming Summer is a short little masterpiece of visceral heartbreak and bubbling synthwork.
  • Vinyl LP (ABT11LP)

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii are back after a 4-year hiatus. Tenderness sees Ra and Agor re-combining to write songs about unreciprocated love, musing on relationships conducted via the internet -- with all the implicit and explicit, unreal / false sense of intimacy -- and the contradictions inherent in the power and efficacy of technology in 2017. The record moves smoothly through skits, songs, samples of phone calls and demos. LP / CD on Arbutus Records.
  • Vinyl LP (ABT61LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (ABT61LP)
  • CD (ABT61CD)

Geidi Primes

  • Vinyl LP (ABT7)
  • CD (ABT7CD)

Sugar At The Gate

'Third time lucky' is curiously a commonplace notion, but Montreal-born TOPS' third album addition is no fluke. The ten-track sarcasm-infused release is drowned with ambition. "Living in LA was living out a teenage fantasy" - it's this liberation that's led to such a fresh and forward thinking slab of music named Sugar At The Gate.  
  • Vinyl LP (ABT60LP)
  • CD (ABT60CD)
  • Label(s):
  • Arbutus Records

Mozart's Sister
Field of Love

Mozart’s Sister is Caila Thompson-Hannant’s solo musical project, and the core idea she had for it is that everything should be fun. Now, that doesn’t mean that everything has to be technicolour and explosive, just that Field Of Love welcomes in all listeners and puts smiles on their faces. It is indeed a good-times record. Out on Arbutus Records.
  • CD (ABT55CD)


Companion’s 4 tracks were recorded in the same sessions as Braids’ album Deep In This Iris, and carry the feel of that record while also fitting rather well with one another. Fairly beautiful stuff. Both formats of the album come with a bonus sampler disc, showing off some of the other talent on the Arbutus label (including Majical Cloudz and Michael Stasis).
  • CD (ABT51CD)
  • Label(s):
  • Arbutus Records

Grimes / d'Eon

  • Vinyl LP (ABT17LP)
  • CD (ABT17CD)


Halfaxa is the second record from Claire Boucher aka Grimes, originally released in 2010, before she became a tremendously big deal. It still has that home-grown vibe, with Boucher’s hazy productions coalescing around her remarkable vocals like a cloud. The feel is of woozy retreat, and it’s hard to resist. Reissued by Arbutus.
  • Vinyl LP (ABT14LP)
  • CD (ABT14CD)
  • Label(s):
  • Arbutus Records

Michael Stasis

The title of this record, RIP III, implies that Michael Stasis has died three times over. In reality though, that could hardly be further from the case: Stasis is far from static, having written over 200 songs already. Twelve of them can be found here, showcasing the numerous genres Stasis dabbles in. On Arbutus Records.

Deep In This Iris

Deep In The Iris is the third album by experimental pop band, Braids. The three-piece upped sticks from Montreal, Canada to record the album in Vermont, the mountains of Arizona and upstate New York. Deep In The Iris delivers both power and fragility from it’s lush acoustic instrumentation and refined electronics. Although the album has a neatly presented, almost clinical form, there is a human warmth to these songs. Despite some difficult subject matter in the songs, this is regarded as their brightest and most accessible record to date.
  • CD (ABT45CD)

Sean Nicholas Savage
Other Death

Sean Nicholas Savage makes pop music, although he does so outside of the usual pop machine. Pleasingly, this means that his tracks are littered with small oddities, first and foremost his strange, sometimes half-whispered vocal style. Other Death features a guest appearance from Nite Jewel, and is released on Arbutus Records.

Lydia Ainsworth
Right From Real

After months of drafting out songs and crafting bedroom scraps, New York composer Lydia Ainsworth is ready to release 'Right From Real', a dark work revolving around eerie melodies, sampled voices and ornamenting strings. It's informed by Ainsworth's own ambient/electronic influences, and shows her finally producing fully-formed, fluid pieces rather than mere drafts.
  • Label(s):
  • Arbutus Records