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What type of -wave is this? The type that a graphic designed and a synthesiser lover make. Dense atmospherics overlaid with the deadpan delivery that reaches all the way back to Joy Division. are well practiced in dynamics and are adept at delivering a pointy gut punch when needed....view item »

Gold Class
It’s You

Gold Class are a Melbourne, Australia based gang of post-punk independents. Straight away you’ll notice the especially deep voice of thing singer, irresistibly recalling certain Northern UK indie originals… It’s You is their debut full-length, and it makes a strong impression. LP on Felte....view item »

The Recognitions

Coming out whiffing as much of Beach House as Zola Jesus, the latest album of New York’s Exitmusic (Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church, who is not a church in Devon but a person) also carries the dramatic and uneasy scent of the duo’s recent divorce. Wailed and repitched vocals are st...view item »

Soviet Soviet

There’s days in your life when you need a guy yelling at you through a megaphone. And for those days, there will always be Soviet Soviet. With the vocals laced over heavily reverbing guitars, these Italians sound like they warbled the essence of post-punk to create something even more apocalyptical, especially on their 201...view item »

Ritual Howls
Their Body

Alright Ritual Howls, I demand to know what the hell a 'death jangle' is. I guess it's similar to a 'disco in hell', which is how this lot have been described, combining samples with their band instruments to make some dark pop that'll tickle your jiminies and ruffle your gizzard. This excursion into the macabre is provided...view item »

Gold Class

A record built on heartbreak, on the feelings left behind and on the sofa in the house of a friend of a friend. Drum is the ten-track record from Gold Class. The release highlights the struggle that we go through in the time of relationship breakups with hints of Morrissey-esque vocals throughout. Avail...view item »


Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles return to the Felte label for their sophomore full length as Au.Ra. For fans of Slowdive, Pale Saints, Primal Scream, Cultivations has grown from Au.Ra’s previously succe...view item »

Albeit Living

LA gang Sextile give us their second album, Albeit Living. These ten tracks take the gnarly debut album’s sound and makes pretty much everything a bit better, from the production to the songwriting and composition. But don’t worry, these synth-driven post-punks still have plenty of bite and bile to them. ...view item »

Public Memory
Veil Of Counsel

Public Memory make a shuffling kind of music out of slithering bass tones, slow-swaggering drum machines and Thom Yorkie vocals, all put through a dubbed-up and tripped-out production style. Veil Of Memory is a three track EP that sonically stands in between last year’s debut album and their forth...view item »

New Spirit

Former Warp Records artists PVT, aka Pivot, return with another album of electronic songcraft. New Spirit’s songs move like rock / pop songs, but are built from shapeshifting synths, pitch-shifted vocals and stern ...view item »

Soviet Soviet

Soviet Soviet, who are Italy (as opposed to any post-Soviet country), release their second full-length album Endless. They plough a slickly energetic furrow, with several songs showing off that windswept epic-indie-swoop sound that people used to call ‘anthemic’. Released by the Felte label....view item »

On The Legs of Love Purified

San Francisco duo Jess Labrador and Shannon Madden purge the stresses of being artists in almost hostile cities with My Bloody Valentine esque walls of sustained guitar chords that aren’t quite drones, with straight hitting drum programming all topped with subtle vocal harmonies that ...view item »

Ritual Howls
Into The Water

Detroit three-piece Ritual Howls make a dark country goth sound with a widescreen view. Their third album, Into The Water, brings you rumbling, distorted bass and controlled feedback over synths and drum machines that provide the platform for Paul Bancell’s deep, growling voice. Nightmarish and grisly but with a p...view item »

Soviet Soviet

Soviet Soviet, who are, curiously enough, an Italian band, created and self-released the tracks on Nice as a variety of singles from 2008 onwards: they they were digitally compiled in 2011, and now they are at last pressed to wax together. This is the band’s earliest ma...view item »

Soviet Soviet
Summer, Jesus

Italian post-punkers Soviet Soviet gained most of their popularity for heavy touring and some self-released EPs in the late 00s. Their first EP recorded for release on the Italian Tannen label, Summer, Jesus, is now up for reissue on Felte in anticipation of the band’s second full-length....view item »

Odonis Odonis
Post Plague

Odonis Odonis smashed the radar with 2011s Hollandaze which was a bizarre blend of lo-fi shoegaze with punk aggression. Post Plague shows similar genrte bending and smashing, with Nine Inch Nails and Laibach industrial groove and dark brute force, with the impassioned vocal scr...view item »

Ashley Shadow
Ashley Shadow

Having previously worked with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lightning Dust and The Organ, Ashley Shadow is now ready to make her debut as a solo artist. This self-title album contains 9 songs that are lyrically grounded in Shadow’s experiences with ma...view item »

Public Memory
Wuthering Drum

Very hard to pin down vocal electronica from Public Memory. On Wuthering Drum abrasive electronic textures, hip-hop drums and neoclassical piano are all held together by Robert Toher’s melancholic vocals and lyrics of alienation. A thoughtful and minimal record with a trip-hop sensibility. CD and vinyl LP ...view item »

Service Industry

Service Industry is the new album from Brooklyn duo, Lushes. It is a raw rock record which ditches the moments of serenity from their first album, What Am I Doing, in favour of focusing on the primal and visceral aspects of guitar and drums. The album was recorded and mixed by long-time Sonic Youth...view item »

A Thousand Hands

A Thousand Hands is the debut record from Sextile, and it is quite an interesting proposition. The music strongly gives off the vibe of both surf-rock and industrial post-punk, two genres you wouldn't necessarily put together but which sound great combined here. A few sections of thick ambience too. On the Fe...view item »

Flaamingos / The KVB
Split EP

Nice and direct split release from Felte Records, who have selected two groups they reckoned might compliment each other well. Flaamingos sound pleasingly deep and danceable in their bright synth-pop-haze, which The KVB's electronically souped-up shoegaze compliments very nicely. Three tracks for each artist, 12...view item »

Jane’s Lament

New full length album Jane’s Lament from Sydney’s Au.Ra who are Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles. Inspired by jamming sessions, the sounds build up through drone, looping melodies and drums, and reverbed instrumentation. Dreamy, psychedelic pop music. Chilled out meditative sounds. CD and vinyl on Felte....view item »

Nite Fields

A polished and atmospheric take on post-punk from Aussie band Nite Fields. Leaning on the shoegaze end of the spectrum, Depersonalisation is all jangly guitars and reassuring chord progressions. If Danny Venzin’s vocals are anything to go by it’s clear that Interpol have just about reached the Australia...view item »

The Tower Of Light
The Tower Of Light

The Tower Of Light is a mysterious one-man bedroom project from Brooklyn, New York. This eponymous album is his debut. The music is paradoxically captivating and soporific with poetic lyrics that distort reality. The album is full of musical contradictions and will appeal to fans of the early days of 4AD, ...view item »

New Age Music Is Here

Strange, strange record from Mysteries, an outfit shrouded in such er, mystery, that apparently a billion name bands have had fingers pointed at them. This could well be a complete red-herring. Loads of bands wear masks for attention-seeking purposes. I've no idea and little care to be honest but the first...view item »

Ritual Howls
Turkish Leather

One of those gloomy guitar bands that also use a healthy dosage of gloomy synth (oh, wait, there's a word for that? Post-punk? Okay.), Ritual Howls are releasing their second record, 'Turkish Leather', which they've described as "sound design turned pop" -- so experimental with indelible hooks, then. Ritual Howls have attempted to up the cinemat...view item »

White Hex
Gold Night

Female/male duo White Hex (Tara Green and Jimi Kritzler) released their debut album Heat in 2012 released on Avant! Records. 2014 sees their return with the follow up full-length, Gold Nights. The album is the second in a series of three thematically connected records which is based on a period of three years. The album's themes include tackling...view item »

What Am I Doing?

This record has been a nice surprise today. I've not come across Lushes before but this Brooklyn duo have come up with a fascinating debut LP in 'What Am I Doing'. The pair mix bare-bones indie pop with lots of clever, intricate drum grooves alongside swells of wibbly synth and spidery guitar lines. Opener 'Harsh' kicks things off in real style,...view item »


Sometimes it makes me wonder how Americans can make such bleak music. What with their nice food, delicious beer, feel good TV adverts and prozac piped into the water they are generally quite a happy bunch. Eraas, however, are a Brooklyn, NY duo who have made the kind of grimy, dark album which usually emerges from some dark housing compl...view item »


Flaamingos are not to be confused with globetrotting adventurers Flamingods, their self-titled album of an altogether greyer hue. Surprisingly, they hail from LA and lace their gloomy post-punk/new wave with psychedelic washes and a number of memorable tunes. Kind-of like a high-res Blank Dogs. ...view item »