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Burma Camp
Burma Camp

Burma Camp is the electronic side project of The KVB, a male/female duo that blend shoegaze and minimal electronics. Burma Camp’s self-titled cassette is somewhat different mixing techno, drones and electro, wrapping them up in a heavy industrial blanket. Cassette only, limited to 50 copie...view item »

The Friend + L/F/D/M
Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting

A 12” with the tile Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting was never going to be interested in taking it easy: true to form, these tracks are mostly full-bore heavy techno. The Friend’s stuff is especially so, while L/F/D/M...view item »

Suffocating Brothers

After a couple of singles and EPs, Suffocating Brothers is the debut LP from Autumns, out on Glasgow’s Clan Destine. The solo project of Derr...view item »

Change Room Violation$

Straight from the off, Huren doesn’t do slow builds for Clan Destine’s short release cassettes, he goes in with both hands. This is strobe light filled, pitch black basement, sweat on the walls and floor, cages on the DJ booth, latex shorts wearing stuff. Industrialised techno to the Nth degree. Limited to 50 copies....view item »

Under The Eyes Of Augustus

An hour’s worth of intensive movement music from L/F/D/M, aka Love’s Flaccid Disco Muscle, aka Richard Smith. Under The Eyes Of Augustus powers through the genres (here some acid, here some disco), but always with eyes on the prize: dance you bastards! Limited edition of 50 ...view item »

Sean Pierce

One half of experimental electronic group ASSS Sean Pierce has had releases on Mannequin and Motor and now turns to Clan Destine for a small batch cassette release (50 only folks!) of probably the most appropriately titled mini album ever - Battery. A distorted and floppy arpeggiator, distorted metallic...view item »

Music From The Insider II

Matt Weiner’s TWIN project makes very much 80s inspired new/synth wave but with his Music From The Insider series he darkens it further, cassette only releases (limited to 50 so don’t delay) push the bassline and slamming drum post punk of Joy Division and Bauhaus...view item »

Spit Mask

Spit Mask are a duo made up of Bryan Jackson (vocals) and Rachel Jackson (electronics). They make shouty, industrial music bound with fetishistic overtones and imagery. Their influences come from Ministry, Sleep Chamber, Leather Strip and Women of Sodom. Cassett...view item »

Cold Gemini EP

Matt Weiner is pulling the strings on this new 12" from TWINS (a shorthand for That Which Is Not Said), following up on his last release, a split with Os Ovni. The record is a collection of in-your-face techno tunes that head straight for the darkest avenues, while keeping one eye on the dancefloor at the same time. Full of squeaky beats an...view item »

Ian Hicks

After spending six years with synth-pop band Soft Metals, Ian Hicks has resumed his solo career. With VIY he has explored the weirder, darker areas that synth music can take you to. Hicks reconfigured his equipment as he recorded to create different sonic textures whilst taking in the influences of horr...view item »

Da Goblinn
Deejay Fou A L'extereur

Murky hard-jacking acid squelch from deep within Da Goblinn’s cave. The jams on Deejay Fou A L’extereur are too no-nonsense and direct for a vinyl pressing: instead they’ve been bumped straight down to cassette. Lots of Goblinn originals, but also remixes from Orphan Swords...view item »

Orphan Swords
Weehawken EP

Orphan Swords last release was as part of the Dark Acid V compilation, and that's as good a descriptor as any for their music. Their thick electro murk does deserve a fuller exploration though, so this Weehawken EP should be welcomed. The du...view item »


KVLT ACID brings the heavy stuff out to play, with properly gnarly acid / techno flowing freely. We have tracks from DRMCNT (who drums with Hey Colossus), Satin Doll, Lord Real, and Bronze Teeth, which is a collaboration between Dom Butler...view item »

Dark Acid V

We all need some acid in our lives from time to time, and Dark Acid V will more than satisfy that need. Producers include Shady P, Orphan Swords, Gregor Garnutsi and Marshall Applewhite, and they lay down tracks that range from straight-up classic bangers to noise-infes...view item »

Dark Acid IV

In these cold and dark days, some people go to a tanning parlor, and some go south to cook on Spain’s beaches. But we’re more of a special kind of folks: we like embrace the corosive darkness and turn it up an extra notch: and that’s when we give this fresh Dark Acid IV compilation 12” another spin....view item »

Ela Orleans & Skitter
De Flechettes

Here’s a team I’ve seen before. Experimental dreampop bon vivant Ela Orleans and experimental noise tinkerer Liam “Skitter” Stefani did a very limited 3” CD a couple of years back with some shivery noisescapes on it so I have a certain idea of what ...view item »

Shady P
Speaker For The Dead EP

How To Kill Detroit co-founder Shady P presents four tracks of sludgy techno replete with rock-solid 4/4 beats, spiralling synths and an atmosphere of moody contemplation. Neither minimal nor maximal, P instead mines the guiding spirit of house and techno for his inspiration, resulting in tracks which sound...view item »

Petra Schelm + //ZOO

Glasgow’s excellent Clan Destine have been at it again, this week sending us this 12” of nocturnal emissions from Ohio’s Petra Schelm (aka Mollie Wells) and Vancouver’s //ZOO (aka Ashlee Luk), who are both solo ladies making haunty electro acoustic post-industrial pop. I’m st...view item »

Varg & Hypnobirds
Linje 19

Glacial techno from the Stockholm duo of Varg & Hypnobirds. As murky and subterranean as the scandinavian metro line which titles the vinyl LP, this is restrained and propulsive electronic music designed for foggy cities. It’s got enough reverbed jazz chords and attentive dub tinkering to last the whole winter....view item »

Ubre Blanca
Terminal Island EP

Here's some sounds out of Glasgow courtesy of the city's own Clan Destine Records. Ubre Blanca is the synth and drums duo of Shitdisco's Joel Stone and Divorce/Remember Remember's Andy Brown, and they make gleaming soundtrack-influenced atmospherics inspired by '70s and '80s horror and sci-fi, not far removed from the likes of Zombi or Survive....view item »

OS Ovni/ Twins
Votex To Void/Graphic Edition

I’ve not heard either of these bands yet but I’m rarely disappointed by anything Carl Clandestine puts out on his excellent label. There was a wonderful four-way split between ...view item »

(Ladies As Pimps) EP

Ubre Blanca aren't the only Glasgow super-duo with a new record on Clan Destine Records. The other is LAPS, short for Ladies As PimpS, who are playing a hallucinatory brand of post-punk dub-pop full of coldly chanted vocals, acid synths and grinding guitar drones. This seven-track collection includes collaborations with other Glasgow artists inc...view item »

Glass Tears

I’ve just listened to Ela Orleans and Skitter’s latest Clan Destine adventure, a disorienting and bleak voyage into experimental lo-fi sounds. It’s made me feel a bit funny, thank goodness I’ve got this synthy thing from Pod...view item »

DNBL / Apostille

Here’s the other limited Clan Destine tape this week, and it’s the one where people from bands you like do their other thing you’re not so familiar with. I’m starting with the Apostille side, where Please man an...view item »


Skylines are entirely new to me and the press release gives scant information except that they’re members of Party Trash, Raw Moans and Top Girls and they “channel the sex funk of Prince, 'Midnight Vultures' era ...view item »

Clan Destine Records Compilation

The Clandestine Records compilation is really good!! It's a scratchy lo-fi offering with a less is more approach. It comes with a little fanzine which is roughly printed, and tells you info about the bands. This was a joy to listen to... all the songs and bands are all over the shop, there are many different recording techniques, ideas and subject ...view item »

Bestial Mouths

Bestial Mouths' self-titled album from last year was a gritty and confrontational bit of electronic post-punk, and it's up for the remix treatment on this LP here, with the likes of Dalhous and Soft Metals weighing in with a total of seven reinventions.   ...view item »

Det Stora Oväsendet

Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet is a two piece musical act integrated by the sweedish musicians Vaarg (who co-runs both Northern Electronic/Blodörn labels and records music under other several aliases) and Michael Isorinne (aka. Isorinne, Dystopiska Visioner). I've listened to their music a lot recently, first...view item »

Ubre Blanca
Polygon Mountain

Well this is pretty frickin’ exciting! Two of Glasgow’s creative underground heavyweights Joel Stone (ex-Shitdisco) and Andy Brown (ex-Divorce, current Remember Remember drummer) buddy up to present their own take on the fetishistic genre known informally as retro-futurism. Debut EP ‘Polygon Mountain’ contains fou...view item »

Bestial Mouths
Bestial Mouths

Glasgow’s Clan Destine Records are at it again this week, this time casting their net as far afield as LA with this Egyptixx-produced slab of gothy post-punk by Bestial Mouths. From the offset ‘Ceased’ gives us a good idea of what to expect, with so...view item »

Always Then

Well, there's a lot of this rumbling bleak new-wave stuff going around at the moment and this lot are particularly excellent at encapsulating that grainy, listless yet implicitly determined mood which kind of suits our current times eh? The KVB rack up somewhere between a lo-fi shoegaze Joy Di...view item »

Curt Crackrach
Lonely Holiday

Curt Crackrach, aka Nattymari, is a man I don’t know an awful lot about, although I did very much enjoy his side of the ‘80 Minutes of Funk’ split tape he did with Ela Orleans the other month. Now we’ve got a full LP of his computeri...view item »

I†† (eyedoublecross)

We got a load of stuff back in from Glasgow’s Clan Destine Records today that I thought wouldn’t be coming back in (Curt Crackrach, The KVB, Dark Acid Vol. 1) as well as a couple of brand new t...view item »

Yves/ Son/ Ace
Dead Life

We’ve got a new parcel from Clan Destine in today so no sooner have I got my head around the crumbling darkness of the new “eyedoublecross” album than I’m straight back in the murk with this droney, pulsating album of post-industrial post-dub post-pop weirdness by...view item »

World Peace
World Peace

The lovely Clan Destine Records have not only sent us the mind-melting new Femminielli LP this week but also two new and very limited tapes, one of which is this one from Glasgow DIY punky types World Peace, who’ve got former and current members o...view item »

Bernardino Femminielli
Shanghai, C'est Beau

As well as a couple of very interesting looking tapes, reliable Glasgow art freaks Clan Destine have another of their limited LPs for us this week, this time from live Dirty Beach Bernardino Femminielli, who has previously released a solo LP on Desire. It&...view item »

Control Unit (featuring Massimo)
Top Trans

Clan Destine have been sending us a lot of good LPs lately, and this one comes from the shadowy duo Control Unit, with their friend Massimo providing electronics. This little slice of madness is a post-apocalyptic deal full of lo-fi squeaks and creaks al...view item »

Ela Orleans
Ela and Thee Prophets

No more ‘thee’ please, there’s enough already! Other than that minor quibble this is another very strong record in which various artists tackle, re-work and re-make the finest work of a favourite here at the towers, Ela Orleans. Now, my fl...view item »

Curt Crackrach/Ela Orleans
80 Minutes Of Funk

How’s this for value? 40 minutes each of explorative lo-fi from the amusingly monikered Curt Crackrach (aka Nattymari, Netnanny, Ron Hardly...) and prolific citizen-of-the-world Ela Orleans, all for less than a fiver! ...view item »

Ela Orleans
High Moon Low Sun

Mike and I absolutely love Ela Orleans, she is a total outsider genius and these strange delightful things she continually makes keep creeping into this office like mischievous musical spiders looking for an eager ear-fly to trap. This tape...view item »

German Army
Cattle Border

Apparently these guys have put out previous releases on the likes of Night People, Kill Shaman and Skrot Up but I’ve not encou...view item »

Ela Orleans / U.S Girls / Slim Twig / Dirty Beaches
The Statement

On this LP, apparently the brainchild of Alex Dirty Beaches, we’ve got four top outsider weirdos each contributing ten minutes of sweet jams for your aural delight. It starts with Toronto’s ...view item »

Hey Colossus
Dominant Male

Dirgey stoner rock from these beardy( probably) Bristolians, who peddle a thick, unrelenting sound. This is their fifth record, and its very much a storming beast. It kicks off in rather intimidating fashion with searing, hellish noise...then the guitar sludges in and you're away. It has ...view item »

Ela Orleans

Ela Orleans is one of the few artists that we can pretty much all agree on here at Norman Towers, but this record threw me off a little when we first spun it yesterday. Listening to it again today, however, I'm really warming to it. Her previous two LPs have been very much fully-formed an...view item »

The Pheromoans
Darby, Joan & Fosters

Clan Destine is a relatively new label but I'm thoroughly impressed with their output so far...there was a superb and very limited comp LP with some great and relatively unknown acts on it earlier in the year, then the new Hey Colossus LP, and I couldn't be much more excited about the f...view item »