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It Must Be Grubs

Superband three piece Grubs are Roxy (Two White Cranes, Towel, Joanna Gruesome) drummer Jake and Owen (Caramel, Joanna Gruesome). Their debut ‘It Must Be Grubs’ is a very limited co release from the excellent, home grown Tuff Enuff and Reeks Of Effort record labels. Grubs music consists of beautifully crafted, vocal lead harmonic pop...view item »

As Ondas

There is a sadness affiliated with this record: the Tuff Enuff label will be wrapping up operations after Mares is out in the world. But! There is also happiness in how good Mares is, and in seeing so many wonderful musicians working together: As Ond...view item »

Martha EP

These young scamps from Durham are always flying about playing and making their merry brand of power-punk-pop. Martha is Martha’s debut EP, but it is only now seeing proper, serious vinyl release. We have Tuff Nuff Records to thank for that. Contains ‘1978, smiling politely’, a real gem of a track titl...view item »

Milky Wimpshake
Velvet Pants / Interior Exterior

Milky Wimpshake, who have the best, most self-aware indie-pop-punk name imaginable, have 2 nice new slices of their energetic sound to deliver. Velvet Pants / Interior Exterior is full of happy bounce, all produced with full DIY credentials. Limited edition of 250 7” singles, released on the Tuff Enuff label....view item »

No Ditching
Face Ache

Featuring members of Fashanu, Martha, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park, No Ditching are politically-conscious DIY punks from Durham who play pop punk inspired by Rats, Gilmore Girls, Bell Hooks and bed. Their inspirationally titled debut demo ‘Face Ache’ has now been repressed on to vinyl after the original tape run sold out....view item »

Ye Nuns
Nun More Black

​TUFF ENUFF RECORDS ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE, FEMALE TRIBUTE ACT TO THE MONKS, YE NUNS!​ Ye Nuns are the world's premier all-grrrl Monks tribute act. Taking the legendary music of The Monks (60s garage-perverts/american GIs) and giving it a fierce lady sensibility, Ye Nuns suceed where so many have failed, they add something vital and f...view item »

Slum Of Legs
Begin To Dissolve

Hailing from Brighton's excellent DIY/queer-punk scene this week are Y-chromosome-free sextet Slum Of Legs, who are rocking a rather unconventional sound. 'Begin To Dissolve' begins with a Geiger-counter-buzzy synth which is joined by some riot grrrl-ish singing and violin scraping that reminds me a bit of Jethro Tu...view item »

I Know Why The Caged Grrrl Sings

Here’s the third annual compilation LP from Brighton’s Riots Not Diets collective, and as you would imagine it’s full of lo-fi DIY post-punky stylings informed by the riot grrrl movement and all featuring girls. It’s a nice little selection of bands whose styles vary from the dinky sunshine pop of ...view item »

Roseanne Barrr

Not to be confused with prime-time-sitcom-legend-cum-political-oddball Roseanne Barr, Roseanne Barrr are a boy-girl bass-and-drums duo of DIY queer punkers from London who I’m mostly aware of through their affiliation with Leeds anarcho-banshees Etai Keshiki. Their sound is a throbbing,...view item »

Why Diet When You Could Riot

This comp comes with a load of bumph so it’s proving quite hard to review because I keep getting distracted by all the reading material. What I’ve gathered, though, is that this is a collection of songs donated by bands who’ve played Brighton’s riot grr...view item »