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The Bluetones
Expecting To Fly

It’s been 2 full decades since the release of The Bluetones’ debut full-length, Expecting To Fly. Landing square in the middle of the 90’s, the time was right for the Tones’ melodic britpop sound, merging Stone Roses longing with Oasis attitude. ...view item »


Varying from ten to eleven tracks depending on which version you get, Cuckoo is the dark and almost gothic release from Curve. The record explores a completely different world from other release by them, an open book of new personal ideas. Available on Vinyl LP and CD and is released on 3 Loop Music. ...view item »


Doppleganger was the debut LP for this sandblasted shoegaze outfit who were a ton heavier and danceable than the wan indie strummers of the day. Then pulverising record has been re-issued on vinyl but it might be the double CD you want which collects all their earlier EPs and features an Aphex Twin remix! ...view item »

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Hello, Good Evening, Welcome. And Goodbye: Live At Maida Vale

An hour long live session from the late 80’s indie rockers, recorded at Maida Vale for Steve Lamacq. This was the last radio session and Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine would stop playing as a group two weeks later. Features 14 songs from across their back catalogue and covers of The Pet Shop Bo...view item »

Earl Brutus
Your Majesty... We Are Here

Much-missed cult favourites Earl Brutus have their work reissued by 3 Loop Music. Cutting post-punk super-pop. Your Majesty… We Are Here (an admirably bold title for a debut album) comes with a bonus CD, full of all the contemporary B-sides, alongside extremely rare remixes from David Arnold and ...view item »

Earl Brutus
Tonight You Are The Special One

Much-missed cult favourites Earl Brutus have their work reissued by 3 Loop Music. Cutting post-punk super-pop. The CD edition of second album Tonight You Are The Special One comes packaged with a comprehensive B-sides collection on the second CD, which also contains the last track from the band’s last ever gig....view item »

Kitchens Of Distinction

The arrival of the long awaited new album (about 20 years to be exact!) from Kitchens Of Distinction sparked a debate here at Norms over which was their best album, Chris and Phil say 'Love Is Hell' but I say definitely 'Death Of Cool'. After such a long absence though, this is a bit of an odd comeba...view item »

The Bluetones
Return To The Last Chance Saloon

Reissue of the 1998 album by The Bluetones. Return To The Last Chance Saloon was one of the group’s most popular records, and it is itself returned to by this expanded reissue. The full original album is boosted with a live Newcastle gig, BBC radio sessions from the period, and each band member’s favourite B...view item »

Sea of Bees
Build a Boat To The Sun

Sea Of Bees a.k.a Julie Ann Bee follows her confident first two albums with a positive, major key effort Build A Boat To The Sun. Backed by a full band it’s a more bombastic effort that’s packed full of catchy summer-ready tunes. Mixed by Jesse Lauter from The Low Anthem. Out on CD and vinyl LP from 3 Loop M...view item »

The Pre New
The Male Eunuch

Featuring members of both World of Twist and Earl Brutus, The Pre New have captured a place in our hearts with their minimalistic and sardonic electronic music. The Male Eunuch is their second full length album and expected to feature a bunch of curious, catchy and addictive tracks, appealing to all your potentially gen...view item »

Lost Girls
Lost Girls - Expanded Edition

Lost Girls' self-titled debut LP has been a long time coming: the original duo (Kitchen of Distinction's Patrick Fitzgerald and 4AD's Heidi Berry) formed in 1998 as somewhat of a work in progress, wrote some songs and played a handful of live shows. The band soon expanded with the addition of three more members (Ashley Wood, Dave Morgan and Kim ...view item »

Jack Adaptor
J' Accuse!

The Family Cat frontcat Paul Frederick has a new album with his duo Jack Adaptor, who also feature co-songwriter Christopher Cordoba, with Frederick covering the lyrics and vocals and Cordoba taking care of the instruments and production. It's sophisticated up-tempo indie rock and features homages to the Velvet Underground and Big Star. Frederic...view item »

Beth Orton
Central Reservation - Expanded Edition

It was released in 1999 as a follow up to the acclaimed Trailer Park and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in 2000 for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album featured the hit singles Stolen Car and Central Reservation and is n...view item »

The Auteurs
How I Learned To Love The Bootboys

As songwriter Luke Haines began to focus his energies on new musical projects, such as Black Box Recorder, his output with the Auteurs began to dwindle, and 'How I Learned To Love The Bootboys' became their final document, a moody, typically downbeat record with a dramatic, end-days feel (those strings!). Now it gets the reissue treatment from 3...view item »

The Auteurs
After Murder Park

'After Murder Park' is the third record from British indie pop act the Auteurs, created around the vision of songwriter Luke Haines. Released two years after 'Now I'm A Cowboy', the record is arguably darker, even in its brighter moments (such as the acoustic, trumpet-supplemented "Unsolved Child Murder", which juxtaposes a bright key with shady...view item »

The Auteurs
Now I'm A Cowboy

Luke Haines' indie pop outfit the Auteurs released their second record, 'Now I'm A Cowboy', in 1994, and made it big off the back of their sizeable hit "Lenny Valentino". That tune puts this stellar record on the map, and now the whole thing has been affectionately repackaged by 3 Loop Music, who sought out Haines curation skills to bring about ...view item »

Leave The Straight Life Behind: Expanded Edition

Coming on strong with a name so indiely non-descript that it paradoxically becomes almost impossible to forget, it’s Bob! Leave The Straight Life Behind was their debut, and it is reissued here with an extra disc containing four BBC sessions, three of which were with Bob’s spiritual king Joh...view item »

Baader Meinhof
Baader Meinhof

A concept album from Luke Haines as Baader Meinhof between Auteurs albums, the record and band name comes from the names of two of the Red Army faction and details the history of the group. With five new bonus tracks, four of which were previously unreleased. Also the name of a weird type of synchronicity. Googl...view item »