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Black Belt Eagle Scout
Mother Of My Children

Black Belt Eagle Scout seems to be taking off. The solo-project by Katherine Paul brims with the different musical influences from her youth--from her Native family’s powwows to old grunge mixtapes, and is already a big hit on the blogs and streams. And we get it, Mother of my Children is a fuzzy and also ver...view item »

At Weddings

Sarah Beth Tomberlin is the daughter of a pastor, and attended a Christian school before dropping out. Through the plaintive folk of At Weddings, she searches for an identity distinct from her faith. At the same time the album is inspired by Christian music, creating a profound tension at her music's heart....view item »

Young Jesus
The Whole Thing Is Just There

Los Angeles quartet Young Jesus have turned a few heads in recent times, particularly with 2017’s excellent eponymous record. Now less than a year on from that album we get this new six-song set. The Whole Thing Is Just There has a little more of an emo feel (we’re talking Desaparecidos rath...view item »

Adrianne Lenker

A collection of new and unforgotten songs from Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker. The songs on Abysskiss are much more intimate than those Lenker plays with her band, giving us a more complete vision of her abilities as a songwriter. The guitar playing is plaintive and tender, and ...view item »

Sam Evian
You, Forever

From the music of his sophomore LP You, Forever, It’s easy to see how New York songwriter Sam Evian has scored opening slots for bands like Whitney and Teenage Fanclub. The influence of the former is particularly strong on this album, a collection of wistful jangles that owes quit...view item »

Bright Eyes
I'm Wide Awake It's Morning

One of the main drawbacks of this job is that every couple of years or so I have to write about a record by Bright Eyes, for the only reason that out of the 3 Norman Records staff, I will be the one who is the least rude. Today I have to write about two new Bright Eyes albums. It must be my lucky...view item »

Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Blessed are the emo at heart as Hop Along, royalty of woe and heart-wrench, returns with another record of skewed songwriting. Painted Shut progressed her sound further from its entrenched sparsity and its follow-up doubles down on the dynamism: Bark Your Head off, Dog, is a record that coll...view item »

YMCA Pool / Sea Of Blood

The fourth release in Saddle Creek’s ‘Document’ series - other drops have come from Yr Heart, Kismet and New Streets - sees the label hone in on Boston’s Palehound. Group leader Ellen Kempner is a magnetic presence, bringing guts and emot...view item »

Young Jesus
Young Jesus

The third LP from these LA post-punkers Young Jesus is a hyper eloquent affair reminiscent of Slint and Ought. Frequently tender, often wistful, occasionally raucous, S/T covers a lot of musical bases while still remaining a cohesive aesthetic hole. The singer’s voice is nice too,...view item »

Big Thief

Brooklynite 4-piece Big Thief bring us their eagerly anticipated sophomore full-length release, Capacity. Adrianne Lenker's songwriting is concerned with identity and the many faces we present as women and men. The band continue to train ever brighter lights upon the wonders of the world, while drilling down into t...view item »

Stef Chura

A DIY hero in her home state of Michigan, Stef Chura’s LP for Saddle Creek is a smart and confident grunge revival record. Shades of Colleen Green, Angel Olsen and Girls colour Messes, and Chura’s voice is a commanding presence. She shows go...view item »

Bright Eyes
A Christmas Album

Who let this happen? My idea of hell is Conor Oberst flopping his fringe over my Christmas turkey. However, he originally recorded this album of seasonal favourites to benefit Nebraska AIDS project, so we'll let him off. In any case, lots of you out there are in love with his sheep-like braying and boyish good looks. He owns two houses you ...view item »

The Mynabirds
Be Here Now

This entire album was written AND recorded in two weeks, yet listening to it you really wouldn't think it at all. Be Here Now is the latest release from The Mynabirds. Never a stranger to bring politics into their music, lead singer Laura Burhenn speaks about how the album is a voice for those left behind by current day...view item »

Hand Habits
Yr heart

Yr Heart from Los Angeles’ Hand Habits is the third release in the Document series. This single presents Meg Duffy: singer-songwriter and guitarist from upstate NY, hot from tours and studio sessions with Mega Bog and Kevin Morby Band; she has the personality and the skills. Ltd edition 7” on Saddle Creek....view item »

Stay Cool

Taking a step back from the in your face poppier productions from their last album, Twinsmith have stripped back and gone for a more personal touch. Stay Cool brings softened and hazy pop-rock that lands smack in the centre of a venn diagram consisting of Phoenix, Fleetwood Mac, and ...view item »

Land Of Talk
Life After Youth

Elizabeth Powell has had a somewhat rocky love affair with her Land Of Talk project, with everything seeming to go wrong a forced hiatus occurred 7 years ago, but of course catharsis was found in building the project back up, reunited with original drummer and featuring guests Sharon Van Etten, ...view item »

Wilder Maker
New Streets

Coming out of New York, here is Wilder Maker and their single New Streets, a pleasant pair of rich, life-driven indie songs. New Streets is the second release in Saddle Creek’s Document series, which aims to present fine artists who’ll be new to the label’s listenership. 7” single....view item »

Big Thief
Mythological Beauty

Apparently finding its way on 'countless Best of 2016 lists', this two track release from Big Thief is their first of 2017 and is available on a limited pressing, yellow vinyl 7". Other than containing some decent music, the vinyl is very aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to any collection - if colour is your thing. Limited to 700 copi...view item »

Bright Eyes
Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil

A reissue of Bright Eyes' 2002 full length release, Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil. With equal parts folk and indie, frontman Conor Oberst's authentic and well-crafted songwriting is accompanied by his shaky Nebraska voice and diverse instrumentation including orchestral elements, a roc...view item »

Bright Eyes
Fevers and Mirrors

Most people either love or hate Conor Oberst (singer/songwriter of Bright Eyes). His voice is full of emotion to say the least. Yes, he warbles at times, screams at times, sounds like he's on the verge of tears pretty often. This would probably annoy me but it doesn't because his voice fits his lyrics. There is a sense of put-on and a slight sense ...view item »

Bright Eyes
Digital Ash In A Digital Urn

'Digital Ash In A Digital Urn' is the sister album to the Bright Eyes classic 'I'm Wide Awake It's Morning'. Somewhat out-shined by its counterpart, 'Digital Ash In A Digital Urn' is an electronic affair with loops, drum machines and sampling -- something totally new in the Bright Eyes catalogue. However, as ever with Conor Oberst, he puts ...view item »

Big Thief

Dandelion is an excellent taster for (or bonus to, depending on your perspective) the debut album by Big Thief, Masterpiece. The band centres around the core partnership of guitarist Buck Meek and songwriter Adrianne Lenker, and the two songs they present on this 7” are r...view item »

Bright Eyes
The Studio Albums 2000 – 2011

Here, have a massive motherload of Bright Eyes: six full albums from the era 2000 - 2011, each of them remastered to perfection. That comes to 6 CDs, or a back-breaking 10 LPs if you choose the vinyl box, which also includes photo prints and a new essay on Conor Oberst’s prime project. Limited edi...view item »

Sam Evian

Premium is the debut album of Sam Evian, who makes classic-sounding soulful pop music through a shiny contemporary dream-electronic filter. It’s an effective (and affecting) approach! Personnel include Shahzad Ismaily, two members of Here We Go Magic and the saxophonist from the C...view item »

Big Thief

Big Thief is the next evolution of the music of Adrianne Lenker, drawing in her long-term creative collaborator Buck Meek and, for the first time, a regular rhythm section. Masterpiece (a bo...view item »

The Thermals
We Disappear

The Thermals are an old-school punk-rock band, their tracks bursting with a sense of abandon. The Portland trio have been doing this for years, so all the elements (howled vocals, guitars to put a smile on your face) are perfectly in place; time hasn’t dulled their thrill though. Available on CD, or in a clear vinyl editio...view item »

Lovers Know

Lovers Know is the third album by The Mynabirds. It’s been three years since their previous album. During that period, founding member Laura Burhenn has toured as a member of Ben Gibbard’s The Postal Service, driven coast-to-coast in the US twice, played solo shows in London...view item »

Bright Eyes/ Neva Dinova
One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels

"One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels" is a split EP by Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova, a band who were named after one of the band member's Grandma and like Bright Eyes hail from Omaha, Nebraska. Each band brings three songs to the table and they are quite similar in style. If anything, Neva Dinova lack whatever Conor Oberst has that got Bright Eyes notic...view item »

Hop Along
Painted Shut

The announcement of a new album by Hop Along is like receiving a letter from a disappeared friend. Ever since the formidable Wretches EP, when the band was still known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis (Queen Ansleis having apparently hopped along by now), any news from the band is good news. Singer Fran...view item »

Alligator Years

Alligator Years is the second album by Twinsmith and follows on from their 2013 self-titled debut and follow-up single, Honestly. The four-piece from Omaha, Nebraska have an anthemic indie-pop sound that sits somewhere between Vampire Weekend, The Shins and MGMT...view item »

The Ugly Organ (Deluxe)

Back when the emo revival didn't exist yet, and writing concept albums about break-ups and domestic struggles was the done thing, there was Cursive, and there was Tim Kasher. Released after the potent and disturbing 'Domestica', with its mathier approach to heartbreak and its stark, violent lyricism, 'The Ugly Organ' saw Kasher's band ...view item »

Orenda Fink
Blue Dream

'Blue Dream' is singer-songwriter (and one half of Azure Ray) Orenda Fink's third record, based around her newly-found fascination with dying in dreams. The result is an eerie record of vocal whispers and subdued electronic sounds, all evident on early single and opener "Ace of Cups". 'Blue Dream' appears to offer more subtle songwriting th...view item »

Nasty, Brutish and Short

Nasty, Brutish and Short is the tenth release in two-years from the indefatigably prolific Pujol. After making records with many small labels, Pujol left SXSW festival clutching a deal from Saddle Creek and the opportunity for releasing music on a larger scale. Available on 10” vinyl + downlo...view item »


Weezer indebted Twinsmith follow their self-released debut album with Honestly. A well produced slice of radio-friendly pop. B-Side features "1 30" and "Big Deal". Perhaps thinks it's catchier than it is. Out on vinyl 7” on Saddle Creek. Limited to fifty copies in the UK....view item »

The Thermals
Desperate Ground

The Thermals are a band who started very strongly with a couple of storming albums of righteous power-pop on Sub Pop and then it’s been diminishing returns ever since ‘06’s ‘The Body The Blood The Machine’ as they’ve headed in a more str...view item »

Read Music / Speak Spanish

The music of the Conor Oberst-led Desaparecidos may come as a shock to some but any fan of Bright Eyes could see the angst and torment in his voice put to punk music. Read Music / Speak Spanish is one of the finest post hardcore albums ever released. Desaparecidos cry out in protest against organised war, capitalism as well as fashion in this fa...view item »


I'm really not even sure where Mynabirds came from or why I haven't been listening to them sooner. "Generals" is Mynabirds' second full-length album, and it sounds markedly different from its predecessor. Singer/songwriter Laura Burhenn's latest effort feels more purposeful and more direct. "Generals" never sounds angry or angsty, but it sounds ...view item »

I Am Gemini

Cursive have given themselves a difficult challenge and in a lot of ways it is a triumph. Often hailed as a post-hardcore band, 'I Am Gemini' to me is much more Tim Koster challenging himself to write unique pop punk music. The melodies are catchy, the guitar is fast and unpredictable and the over-arching story is of two twins separated at birth...view item »

Adam Haworth Stephens
We Live On Cliffs

I'm a Two Gallants fan and was really curious to hear what Adam's first solo album would sound like without Tyson on the drums and in the larger band format. It's definitely a departure from the Adam Stephens we are used to, but I'm totally sold on this sound. The way he crafts each song and builds them up is amazing. He even solos on one of the...view item »

Two Gallants
Two Gallants

The Two Gallants third full-length CD continues to mine the percussive drums-guitar-and-voice country-punk of their earlier works, but with an expanded emphasis on dynamics and a step up from the lo-fi production of their debut. Adam Stephens continues to rough out pain and anguish with his vocals, with Tyson Vogel propels most of the tracks wit...view item »

Georgie James

The 12 tracks that make up Places are pure pop bliss that look towards the future but are undeniably rooted in music from generations past. Openers "Look Me Up" and the yummy "Cake Parade" are so good that they hook from the first listen. "More Lights" shows the interplay between the two vocalists that makes the band so great; the squeaky screec...view item »

Two Gallants
The Scenery of Farewell

Coming off the release of two great LPs is another record full of amazing songs. The Scenery of Farewell is an excellent record for any Two Gallants fan. Even though this is an EP, it's just as good as any of their LP's. The only big difference is that this is a mellow acoustic record, quite similar to their usual style just with a lot less punk...view item »

Happy Hollow

Cursive have always been a band driven by themes and policies, but Tim Kasher upped the ante on Happy Hollow, crafting a majestic concept album about the failed application of the American dream. It's a change up from the sinister romances of Domestica and The Ugly Organ, and the result is a ...view item »

Two Gallants
Steady Rollin'

I quite enjoyed that Two Gallants album. It kind of fills in the gap which The White Stripes appear to have left behind. Stripped down poppy blues rock with possible hints of The Walkmen at times. Though occasionally I can't help but think of Rod Stewart when I hear the singers voi...view item »

The Good Life
Lovers Need Lawyers

Tim Kasher once again displays his well seasoned song writing ability in Lovers Need Lawyers. The album is another chronicle of the trials and tribulations of his relationships and ongoing self inventory as an entertainer. For the Love of the Song and Leaving Omaha display the raw melodies and smooth song writing many have come to enjoy from The...view item »