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Vindication Blues

Second full-length album from Luckless, a New Zealand solo artist who holds her PJ Harvey-esque voice in between moody, fuzzy indie rock backing. There is a strong 90’s alternative feel to his record, very capably pulled off. Vindication Blues is Luckless’ first outing on vinyl, and is released by the Beautiful Strange label.

The Sinclar Sinclair
Breaking the Waves

Second EP from mystical Estonian alt-pop band The Sinclair Sinclair. The tracks of Breaking the Waves tend to build the rhythm section up around an electronic core, while vocalist Keit Kukk (singing in English) draws her singing straight from the history of ethereal vocalists. Released by the Beautiful Strange label.

Space Daze
Follow My Light Back Home

Danny Rowland's songwriting is based around startling guitar playing -- knotty acoustic riffs complemented with fragments of guitar twang -- and the hushed tones of his own voice, which brushes up against his songs modestly and comfortably. 'Follow My Light Back Home' takes these soft arrangements and gives them elements of grandiosity, with whirring keys and propulsive drumming that make our standard singer-songwriter sound a little more aspirational and ambituous.

Souvenir Stand

The Sinclar Sinclair
The Dreamers Of The Dreams

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Easily Led/ Repetition

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Tape Waves

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Big Wave
Only You

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Camera Shy

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