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Lost Harbours
Towers of Silence

Hauntingly beautiful folk from the ever shifting line-up that makes Lost Harbours. Led by Richard Thompson and Emma Reed, they bring in some extra vocalists, and paint a drone inspired picture of alt-folk. With influences coming from Current 93, Six Organs Of Admittance, Coil and Wolf Eyes. LP on Liminal Noise Tapes.

Lost Harbours
Hymns and Ghosts

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Elizabete Balčus

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Any Love is Good Love

Collated as a response to the hateful Daily Mail’s outing of a transgender person, which led to a violent assault, this compilation is a roaring collection of everything from defiant punk, indie pop and more introspective pieces. With a foreword by Stonewall campaigner Peter Tatchell. Proceeds go to Youth LGBT Manchester. CD from Liminal Noise.