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Michael Giacchino
Speed Racer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2008’s Speed Racer is a post-Matrix epic from the Wachowskis, adapted from a ma...view item »

Michael Giacchino
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

You may not know him by name, but chances are you've heard the music of Michael Giacchino. He's one of the current big-hitters in the world of film-scoring, and in the past couple of years he’s composed for ...view item »

Bear McCreary
God Of War

Even if you don’t know anything about gaming, you know about God Of War. It’s been inescapable these past few months. Now, even if you’ve no interest in playing it, you can at least get a grip on what it sounds like. Bear McCreary - composer for, among other things, 10 Cloverfield Lane and ...view item »

John Williams
Jurassic Park - Original Soundtrack

Wow, literally everything gets reissued on deluxe vinyl these days doesn’t it? Here we have the John Williams score to Jurassic Park, a film I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with. It is a classic soundtrack to be fair, and now you can luxuriate in its epicness without interacting with Steven Spielberg! 18...view item »

John Williams
Jaws (Music From The Motion Picture)

Classic film, classic soundtrack: its Jaws! John Williams’ creeping shark-theme score is literally one of the major cornerstones for any film soundtrack that applies tension, so it's pretty much a must. Here we have a release of Jaws’ soundtrack over two LPs, featuring some tracks that haven’t...view item »

Eric Serra
The Fifth Element

Eric Serra's soundtrack to the 1997 Luc Besson film The Fifth Element is both stunning and baffling in equal measures, in places sounding like Vangelis's Blade Runner score but interspersed with dialog and sound effects from the film itself, it's a heady mixture of pop, classical film score and sci-fi comedy which is surprisingly entertaining....view item »

Jerry Goldsmith

This is the exquisite and haunting soundtrack to the modern cinema classic known as Alien. Not even Jerry Goldsmith himself could have envisioned the legacy of this work of art, but he sure did make an exceptional job of this audio companion. Tense, bold and atmospheric; this will keep y...view item »

Konami Digital Entertainment
Silent Hill (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

The famously extremely-scary Playstation game Silent Hill still has tendrils of fearful memories left embedded in the minds of those who played it in when it first came out in 1999, and part of that power is down to the highly effective soundtrack, now released on vinyl for the first time! Double LP with new artwork on Mondo....view item »

Atomic Blonde - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Soundtrack to the Charlize Theron/James McAvoy fronted action flick Atomic Blonde. With original tracks from ...view item »

Trevor Morris
Marvel's Iron Fist - Original Soundtrack

The cinephiles at Mondo are back with yet another record of top-draw soundtrack music here. With Marvel’s second season of its Iron Fist series set to drop on Netflix in 2018, what better way to tide yourself over than with Trevor Morris’s score for the first series. Contains a feature from ...view item »

Howard Shore
Dead Ringers

Howard Shore is a man of many movie soundtracks: this is what he did to accompany David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers. As with anything Cronenberg, there is an underlying strangeness to this score: it sounds lush and beautiful, but has a really sinister undertow nagging at the listene...view item »

Shirley Walker
Superman - The Animated Series

This LP is virtually an art object in its own right, a totem for fans of the early Superman animated series. One side of the die-cut red vinyl contains Shirley Walker’s title and credit music from 2 series of the show, while the B-side has a screen-print of the mighty Superman ‘S’. And the sleeve art i...view item »

Danny Elfman
Batman Returns

Classic soundtrack alert!!! It's the musical aspect of Batman Returns, put together by Danny Elfman in 1992, and its full of catchy high-drama themes and Bat-sounds galore. As well as Danny’s music, this reissue also includes Siouxsie and the Banshees’ sparky song ‘Fac...view item »

Michael Kamen
The Iron Giant - Original Score

The fully orchestral original soundtrack to the classic animated film version of The Iron Man, written by Michael Kamen. A very dramatic suite of music. Never sighted on vinyl before, so the record label, Mondo, went the whole hog and pressed it to 180g wax, presented in a double gatefold. Remastered too obviously....view item »

David Arnold
Hot Fuzz

As Edgar Wright's film turns 10, Mondo have seen fit to release the soundtrack to Hot Fuzz.  Never before released in its entirety, the soundtrack as as wild a rode as the film with '60s retro pop, orchestral techno, cop-show theme music and everything in between. Fans of both the film itself and David Arnold need ...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club

Mondo present the latest in their Konami Kukeiha Club series of original early video game soundtracks. Here we have Contra, the classic shooter celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. It has never been released on vinyl before, and just for good measure Mondo have included both the NES version and the original arcade ver...view item »

Bear McCreary
Colossal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to the Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis fronted film Colossal. To match the cross genre style of the film...view item »

Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave
Phantasm - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

For the first time in 35 years the soundtrack to Phantasm gets the vinyl treatment. Deliciously creepy, Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave’s legendary work offers a familiar sound for Goblin fans. Featuring new artwork and liner notes from the director this is sure to be a horror collector's dream. Vinyl reissue LP o...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Super Castlevania IV (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Konami Kukeiha Club is the collective name for the music production team at Konami. Among their countless game series, here we have the soundtrack composed for Super Castlevania IV, which was released on the SNES in 1990. Genre defining stuff straight from the source. Double LP from Mondo....view item »

Christophe Beck
Edge Of Tomorrow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer Christophe Beck is well known for his wide range of soundtracks. Working on the scores for Buffy The Vampire, The Hangover, Ant-Man, and the Peanuts Movie. Here we have his epic score for Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt led sci-fi/groundhog day with guns flick...view item »

Master Of None - Series Two

Soundtrack to the second series of Aziz Ansari’s highly acclaimed Master Of None. 12 tracks of genre spanning tracks that follow the Italian theme and then spreads further afield. Including tracks by Pino D’angio, Bobby Charles, Mina, Soft Ce...view item »

Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead
Shaun Of The Dead - Original Score

The soundtrack to the classic Pegg / Frost / Wright zombie comedy Shaun Of The Dead has, remarkably enough, never been released, like, ever. Unlike the film, Daniel Mudford + Pete Woodhead play it relatively straight, the music alluding to familiar horror film favourites. Beautiful sleeve, clear red vinyl, on Mondo....view item »

Jim Williams
Raw (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Julia Ducournau film Raw is making waves with its creepily effective portrayal of *shock* cannibalism. It also comes with a very nice original score from soundtrack composer Jim Williams, with lots of dramatic organ themes and ornate acoustic constructions. The whole soundtrack to the film is here, ...view item »

The Dust Brothers
Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score)

Available again on vinyl for the first time in a decade and a half, The Dust Brothers’ specially-sequenced original soundtrack to Fight Club is a wonderful thing. This release (sort-of) reflects the film’s anti-consumerist angle by packaging the record in such a way that you will have to tear the sleeve in o...view item »

Bruce Broughton
The Monster Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Monster Squad is a cult movie in which a whole gang of classic horror villains (Wolfman! Dracula!) join forces and have to get beat by some kids. With a set-up like that, you know that this movie is going to have an entertainingly dramatic soundtrack, and Bruce Broughton’s original orchestral score does not di...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Contra 3: Alien Wars - Original Video Game Soundtrack

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Contra game franchise Mondo bring us the soundtrack to the 1992 sequel on vinyl. Because Alien Wars was on the super nintendo the composers had so much more to work with in terms of production and could seriously let loose. The result is pretty mad, and filled with insane percussion...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Rich and influential chip music from the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. This Konami Kukehiha Club music is now getting pressed to vinyl for the first time ever, and if you are wondering whether this is th...view item »

Konami Kukeiha Club

Music that was originally composed for the tiny 8-bit chips of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1986 is now receiving a full vinyl release for the first time: could composer Kinuyo Yamashita ever have predicted such an outcome? The Castlevania soundtrack is brief but memorable, with an amazing range of so...view item »

Dario Marianelli
Kubo and the Two Strings (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Dario Marianelli’s sublime score to Kubo And The Two Strings. Marianelli’s previous scores include The Boxtrolls, Atonement, and Pride and Prejudice. To work alongside the theme of the film he utilised a lot of japanese instruments and techniques to mind blowing effect. Features an...view item »

Franco Micalizzi
The Visitor

MONDO is pleased to reissue the original soundtrack to the cult classic THE VISITOR and because you've been so nice there's 8 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl in this exciting package. Pressed on 180 gram Black vinyl with randomly inserted Yellow & Orange swirl vinyl. Music composed, arranged and conducted by Franco Micalizzi....view item »

Ludwig Goransson
Creed (Original Motion Picture Score)

The soundtrack to the boxing-tastic movie Creed, available on vinyl for the first time ever! Ludwig Goransson’s compositions for orchestra are just as dramatic and bombastic as you’d want from such a big hitter of a movie. This double LP release includes four bonus tracks that have not previously been releas...view item »

Bear McCreary
10 Cloverfield Lane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Thanks to Mondo the original score to the love/hate sequel to the love/hate film Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane is now available on double vinyl. Bear McCreary cut hi teeth a long time ago as a classical composer, and has scored soundtracks to the new(er) Battlestar Gallactica, The Boy, and...view item »

Jerry Goldsmith
Planet Of The Apes - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jerry Goldsmith has written scores for loads of hollywood films, including Gremlins, L.A. Confidential, and Hollowman. But his score for Planet of the Apes was one of his greatest works, tense and terrifying. His off-kilter choices of instrumentation emphasised the warfare of the film, and got...view item »

David Wingo
Mud - Original Motion Picture Score

Mondo present the first pressing on vinyl for the soundtrack to the 2013 Matthew McConaughey film Mud. Original score tracks by David Wingo, as well as featuring tracks performed by Lucero, Ben Nichols, Jeff McIlwain and The Dirty Three...view item »

James Horner
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Star Trek franchise. Undoubtable this is the first of many things to commemorate this fact. Expanded edition of the Wrath of Khan soundtrack by James Horner (Aliens, Titanic, Avatar) features sections made available on vinyl for the...view item »

Howard Shore
Crash - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Howard Shore is responsible for scoring all but one of David Cronenberg’s films, and Mondo have brought his Crash score back to wax as part of a trilogy of Shore/Cronenberg, It is a grating and metallic score that supports and deepens the dark themes of the film. Celebrating it’s 20th annive...view item »

Alan Silvestri
Back To The Future III - Complete Original Score

Alan Silverstri’s original soundtrack to Back To The Future III is dramatic, romantic and cinematic: all you could ask for to accompany such a major franchise. This double LP release, presented in a gatefold sleeve embellished with some stylish original artwork, also features 20 minutes of previously unreleased ma...view item »

Alan Silvestri
Back To The Future II - Complete Original Score

Shockingly, Alan Silverstri’s original soundtrack to Back To The Future II has never been released on vinyl before! No longer. This is a double LP release, presented in a gatefold sleeve embellished with some rather stylish new artwork. And it even features 20 minutes of previously unreleased material too. Release...view item »

Howard Shore & Ornette Coleman performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Naked Lunch - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Easy to forget that free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman and movie soundtrack composer Howard Shore (he scored Lord of the Rings y’know) once collaborated, but they did: and on a William Burroughs adaptation too! The accompaniment to the famously disgusting Naked Lunch is pr...view item »

Van Cleave
Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Robinson Crusoe On Mars is a 1964 space adventure movie, and we are happy to report that Nathan Van Cleave’s soundtrack has the gorgeous sweeping sentimental dramatic sound common to many films of the era. And here’s the thing: this soundtrack has never been issued on vinyl before, not even a little bit. Hea...view item »

John Williams
Black Sunday - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Black Sunday is a 1977 terrorism thriller movie, soundtracked with typical dramatic aplomb by John Williams himself. This soundtrack has never previously been released on vinyl, and Mondo have really embraced the occasion, die-cutting bullet holes into the gatefold sleeve of the double LP, which includes a side’s-...view item »

Clint Mansell
Black Swan - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Clint Mansell’s soundtrack to the 2010 Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan is a remarkable thing, taking key elements of Tchaikovsky’s original Swan Lake and recontextualising them, just as the film does. Familiar themes rise and fall, surrounded by more modern orchest...view item »

The Connection - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Connection is a 2014 pastiche of a classic 70’s crime thriller, and it comes with a period soundtrack to match. A tracklist packed with essential artists like The Velvet Underground, Blondie and Serge Gainsbourg are sprinkled with the contemporary likes of Lykk...view item »

Joe LoDuca
Army Of Darkness - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The 1992 instalment of the Evil Dead franchise featured an aggressive horde of the living dead: an Army Of Darkness if you will. Naturally this epic horror has a mighty soundtrack to drive it along, fully orchestrated by The Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Chorus and scored by Joe LoDuca. Gatefold LP w...view item »

Ennio Morricone
The Big Gundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ennio Morricone soundtracks are always worth hearing, but it is his Spaghetti Western work that really brought him his fame, at least in English-speaking countries. The Big Gundown is just such a soundtrack, sweeping memorably across the landscape. Remastered double LP in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. On Mondo....view item »

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal: Original Television Soundtrack Music

To prepare eager viewers for the imminent premiere of Season 3 of charming-serial-killer drama Hannibal, Mondo are putting out Brian Reitzell’s soundtrack to the first two series. That equals a whole twenty cues, ready and waiting to bring the horror come rushing back to mind. Limited to 250 copies!...view item »

Howard Shore
Scanners / The Brood

The soundtrack to David Cronenberg’s psych-body-horror classic Scanners (yes, the one with the exploding head) paired with Cronenberg’s lesser known The Brood. Experienced film composer Howard Shore is the man behind the music, presented by Mondo on green splatter vinyl with excellent brand new artw...view item »

Jay Chattaway
Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 2 is of course a film, although I would truly love the band who chose it for a project title. Released in 1990 and following the spree-based adventures of an undead law enforcement official, the film was soundtracked by Jay Chattaway, released now by Mondo. Includes an array of cues, plus the compelling &lsqu...view item »

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