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Stereo Total
Yéyé Existentialiste

Stereo Total have been around for 20 years apparently and here they have a well deserved best-of compilation, Yéyé Existentialiste, taking form as a double vinyl LP. The Stereo Total sound is generally joyous French pop which whistles along at a pace and has an air of chic that can only be achieved from a French female vocalist. However they bridge many genres along the way, from indie to electro to New Wave and the 28 tracks on this compilation reflect their diversity.

David Woodcock
Normal Life

Even Men With Steel Hearts Love To See A Dog On The Sleeve. Look at that little beauty. My perfect dog almost. Lucky old David Woodcock a singer-songwriter straight out of Southend with a particularly English strand of songwriting that has seen him compared with Ray Davies, Blur and Ian Dury. This is his second album for Blow Up, his previous self-titled effort gained strong support from the likes of Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley.   

The Bongolian
Outer Bongolia

Back in the 00’s, The Bongolian opened a time-portal to import the best high-energy percussion from the funk of ages past. In recording Outer Bongolia, Nasser Bouzida created one of the most accessible and richest modern funk records, which is now reissued in limited edition by Blow Up. Great get if your b-boy group is looking for some fresh tunes!

Baltic Fleet
The Dear One

The new Baltic Fleet album engages with the landscape and imagined history of the Pennine region: the conceit at the centre of The Dear Ones is that a 19th century diary has been discovered, although the sound palette used is very far from a 19th century one. The diary’s characters are expressed through shimmering melodic electronics: I’m sure they would approve. On Blow Up.

The Bongolian
Moog Maximus

How about a ride in a bongo-funk inspired time machine? Ever since Nasser Bouzida, known for his role in Big Boss Man, locked himself up with a bunch of synthesizers, his project The Bongolian has resulted in severely synthesized funky bongo tracks. And Moog Maximus continues dropping those b-boy-friendly funkbombs.

Fay Hallam

A trip to Italy inspired the songs on Fay Hallam’s new album, Corona. Upon her return, she was bursting with ideas and wrote all of the songs in just two days. A melting pot of influences helped create this eclectic album from Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto to Beck via The Carpenters and Frankie Laine. There’s even a cover of Paul McCartney’s classic Maybe I’m Amazed.

Big Boss Man
Last Man On Earth

Big Boss Man aren't a one-genre band: they make boogaloo music, formally, but will often delve into jazz, psychedelic, Latin rythms and whatever else they feel like. 'Last Man On Earth' is their fourth record, and their first in four years, too: it collects fifteen tracks varying in their particular dance aesthetic of choice, including the smooth jazz single "Aardvark". Expect this quartet to play it loud, whatever it is they choose to play.   Tracks: Theme From Last Man On Earth Aardvark Blow Your Own Last Man On Earth (Feat. Princess Freesia) Hail Caesar Changing Faces (Feat. Al Greener) Bombay Mix Crimson 6t's The Bear Project No. 6 Le Dernier Homme Sur Terre Shot Down Trans Adonis Painted Rainbow (Feat. Princess Freesia) Sladey

Exclusive Blend Volume 2 (Featuring KPM Allstars)

Reissue of Volume 2 from the classic groundbreaking Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend music library series sees Paul Tunkin, DJ & founder of legendary Blow Up club, entering the vaults of De Wolfe, Amphonic and once again KPM. As with a bulk of Exclusive Blend 1, many of these tracks were receiving their first commercial airing on this album’s release. Released in 1997, the album also introduced James Clarke’s Wild Elephants to the world, which was subsequently picked up by Gap and used on the 1999 ‘Khaki A Go-Go’ worldwide campaign. As a thankyou from the writer it was re-titled ‘Blow Up A-Go-Go’ and became the title track for the successful V2 / Blow Up compilation ‘Blow Up A-Go-Go! Dancefloor Classics from The Legendary Blow Up Club’.
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Exclusive Blend Volume 1 (Featuring KPM Allstars)

Here is a re-issue of Volume 1 from the legendary Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend music library series where founder Paul Tunkin searches deep into the KPM music library for lost classics. It features all the best bits of the KPM library featuring uptempo and hammond-heavy 60's classics regularly aired at the Blow Up club. 
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